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Ashur The group has left the skeletal graveyard with a fresh army of corpses; the scavengers will gorge and feast this night, when all traces of the armed warriors fade. But for now, the evening sun has begin to set, bathing the clouded sky in gentle reds and yellows. Akane and Lee have ventured northward together, Vuk has agreed to help ferry the wounded with his bike, Prism his horse -- but some of the people could use more immediate attention, before attempting the long trip back to El Dorado.

What good fortune it was, then, that the Legionnaire had sent word of this trip to Lua before it ever happened, and though the logistics of travel time meant she was not there for the battle itself, she is here in its aftermath, potentially passing the others in transit.

That Legionnaire stands, helmet buckled to his belt of thongs, at the edge of the dirt road near the gulch's entrance. It is warmer here, the shadows not so cruel or deep. His cloak has been removed and laid out in a massive blanket, and Eden, unconscious and her leg all twisted, lays upon it.

Tibbie, too, is there!
Tibbie Completely exhausted at this point, our dear Tibbie's been in an out of consciousness from pain during the wait for medical help. The optimistic gal's now sitting and awake fighting her wounds searing pain with her loudmouth, telling distracting stories of Dave and herself trying to find a three-headed brahmin, luckily all the threats we're destroyed as her tall tale echoed throughout the graveyard,
"but it turns out it was a rancher, but it was so dark at the time it sure looked like one!" She ends her story and takes a moment to try and dust off her shirt, one top of it being stained it now has holes eaten out of it from the acidic bile of the strenuous adventure, the holes revealing glimpses of her petite under bust. The acid has burned most of her flat stomach and some of her arms, she carefully prods the wound and winces,
"Haaaaaheeyeah, still hurts! You sure help's comin' boss?" she flails her loose wrists in response to the pain.
     Lua arrived in a timely manner, wearing full roman style armor, helmet and all. This pretty much obscured her figure and made her appear male. She approached the small group on Ashur's cloak, that same cloak she had been so careful of before. And paused. Removing her helmet, her face was serious but effeminate. Her hair was golden and held up in strict coils around her skull.
     She tilted her head at the Clearly-In-Pain-crying Tibbie then peered at Ashur quizzically.
     "You summoned me, Eres?"
Ashur The soldier folds his arms over his chest as he waits. His armor bears dents, nicks and mars, where the hydrant struck with severe blunt force; though the body beneath is strong and unbroken, the impact necessary to twist the riveted steel of his power armor like that has surely left injury and fractured bones. "She will come, little Tibbie," he rumbles, eyes glancing up the road, toward the distant trees and rolling hills and plains. "Shh, now. Don't speak too loudly. Let my Eden sleep."

In the meantime, he kneels next to the burned woman, stripping off his gauntlets and prodding her flesh with his bare hands. His fingers are rough, warm, a little sweaty, from the battle, but his touch is gentle enough in intent -- exploring the wounds, idly ripping open her shirt, glancing over the stomach. She prods it and he slaps her hand, grasping the wrist and pulling it away. "Do not poke the acid burns," he chastises. He'll idly wet her torn shirt fragments with water from his water bottle and clean her injury as she waits in preparation for Lua.

When the other woman arrives, she'll find the Legionnaire looming over the other girls, one still fast asleep, the other probably babbling. "My Lua," he greets, rising to his feet and waving her in. He'll place a kiss atop the crown of her head. "The battle was a complete victory; our domination of the mutants is complete, and the... talking animals," god he's really saying it, "will surely be grateful. But these two injured their legs, and I'll not have them make the trip back without some care."
Tibbie      Taking orders well, Tibbie pantomimes quickly zipping her lips per Ashur's order but they curl up baring teeth as she's being cleaned up, she also cups her femininity in her hands so he can work and also keep her unhelpful hands to herself.
"Been needin' a good excuse for new digs anyhow! Hey there!" She chirps and addresses Lua as they enter the scene.
     Lua peered at Eden, the most gravely injured, but Tibbie's voice seemed to turn her attention to the other female. It only took Lua a moment to spot what the issue was. Oh, this was going to hurt.
     "Lady Eden is unaware. I will deal with her momentarily." Triage, the prerogative of the doctor. The armored woman looked at Tibbie's leg then drew her sword. If thine eye offends thee... Oh, wait... >.>a
     The sword was used to cut the epyphysis off each end, leaving only the diaphysis of two bones behind which she collected. The she knelt beside Tibbie's dislocated knee.
     "This is going to hurt her, Eres. Please hold her still." As soon as Ashur complied, Lua took the girl's lower leg in one arm, her hand on the other and .. YANKED. Well, it wasn't as rough as it might sound, but she had to separate the joint to pop it back properly. Swelling would make it painful.
     That done she would use the two diaphysi as splints and wrap the girl's leg. "Cool it. Stay off of it for a while. It will heal."
Ashur Ashur is in no rush to awaken Eden. Once the adrenaline of battle wore off, she was quite distraught over the agony of her leg, and that she managed to pass out from sheer exhaustion he considers a marvelous blessing. "Yes, after Tibbie," he agrees, scooting around behind the Shantytown girl to give Lua the space she needs. He hands over the bones when she gestures to them, and once commanded to restrain the girl, does so -- one hand on her shoulders, the other near her pelvis, to pressure her center of gravity and keep her still.

Always tricky having to restrain a man versus a woman. More than once he's gotten kicked in the head because he defaulted to a woman's shoulders.

Once splinted, Ashur backs off, letting Tibbie lie down and rest quiet. Then he, too, slips out of his armor, revealing his bruised and cut flesh, sternum the most swollen from where the hydrant blow dented the armor and drove it right into his chest.

"Let her sleep for a little while yet," he suggests, looking down toward Eden. "At least until I catch my breath."

He rolls his shoulders and walks along the dirt road, circling around to face Lua. "They performed admirably, for women; not warriors, but stern in spirit, all the same. One of them, Akane, cleverly buried a swarm of the mutant beasts beneath a mountain of bone."
     Lua watched Tibbie pass out, eyeing the acid burns. It would take a few seconds for her to pour water over them to reduce the PH levels. It would lower her pain in any case.
     Her pale eyes then shifted to Ashur. The removal of the armor and exposure of his wounds caught a furrowed brow from the woman and she stood to move over to his side. She checked him over with a skilled eye. "Your armor looks a bit roughed up, Eres." She eyed his sternum. The man had ribs like iron bands...
     "Such a blow would have killed another." She reached forward, feeling for anything broken, though her touch was strangely gentle and caused little int he way of pain. When she found that there was nothing broken she opened her pouch and withdrew a bandage with a jar of salve.
     Carefully she bent and applied the salve which would feel cool and soothe the burn from the swelling. It would also lower his pain. Once applied she would tape the bandage over it to keep it clean.
Ashur There are no fractures of note easily detected by her gentle hands; beneath the mottled, golden-baked flesh she kneads, though, there are microfractures, leaving him more vulnerable to an actual break. Still, he is unaware of them, beyond a general recognition of soreness. "One of the mutants was of a different breed," he explains, gesturing to his armor and then his own bruised chest. "Black hide and crimson eyes, some shadow of the damned risen up from that blighted earth; a specter that stalked us unseen. I have fought a few of them.. they are more cunning, more skilled, the officers that direct other mutants like grunts."

A pause, and he curls his own hand against his chestbone, trailing it down that thick forest of hair to caress his bruising side. "He ambushed us during the battle, swinging a fire hydrant on a bar of concrete and rebar. It crushed power armor like it was paper -- I admired his strength."

Ashur's suit, back near the girls, still has skull and brain fragments on the heel.

He lifts his arms as she bandages his ribs, sitting on a nearby rock that she might more easily reach. "Have you ever heard of talking animals before?"
     Lua raised an eyebrow at the story of the mutant with the black hide and red eyes... Apparently a monster large enough to wield a hydrant like it was a simple club. It was no wonder the power armor cracked as it had.
     It was his final question that got her to squint up at him. For a moment she wondered if he had taken a blow to the head.... And then she simply shook her own as she continued tending to his various cuts and scratches. "Only in old fairy tales, Eres."
Ashur "Enter the mountains," he replies, pointing back off the road toward those rising peaks that obscure sight, "and descend the ravine, crossing bridge and treacherous path; lower, through the winding dead-end trails, until you find the ruins of a crashed airship."

He rolls his neck and mmrs as it crackles and pops, waving Lua over. He takes her wrist with force and twirls her behind him as he sits, placing her arm to his neck and shoulder. The muscle is thick and knotted, tight with tension. He hunches forward, elbows digging into his knees.

"I thought myself dreaming, or inhaling some fumes; but no, there is a settlement, built from the ruins of the flying machine. A flying machine! Homes, small and smaller -- and what lives in them but some fantastical impossibility? Talking animals! Deathclaws wearing armor, wielding swords and spears rather than tooth and claw! It is some mad garden, tended by man, but lived in by clever beast."

He sounds completely sincere.
     Lua squeaked as he grabbed her wrist and moved her behind him. The indication that he wanted a massage was plain and she indulged him, first running her hands over his shoulders to find the worst of it. She would work in a formation, first using light touches to soothe the worst of the muscles and then gradually getting stronger to work out the actual knots.
     The fantastical story did not seem to bother her. He seemed sincere and she had not detected any serious head wounds.... "I see. Deathclaws wearing armor..." It seemed odd, though... "Well, there were stories in the temple of half man creatures. Perhaps the Gods are finding new toys to play with."
Ashur "It sounds insane," he rumbles when she falls silent, his great, braided head falling until his chin touches his chest. Those eyelids flutter shut against his golden gaze. "I will take you there myself, when this trip is at an end; I will show you this mad slice of the world, as shining and splendid as it is." He shifts, pulling his weight off his elbows, which have driven red dents into the meat of his lower thigh right by the kneecaps. The forearms flatten to the legs and his hands hang useless in the space between.

After a few minutes, the work of her hands produces its first clear result: the man audibly purrs, his sigh of relaxation deep rumbled. A lifestyle like his, and that heavy armor, produces no small volume of minor discomforts and aches -- places where the armor hangs heavier than others on the shoulders, especially, leaves him sore.

"Perhaps. Speaking of the Gods -- I tasked a Ranger of the NCR I know to help me investigate the traitors who stole relics from the temple back home. The items were not recovered, but the location of them was. She is scouting the area now, and I intend to lead an assault to recover them."
     Lua blinked, pausing in her ministrations as he seemed to fall forward and .. purr... Had she broken him? Ah, no. It was just signs of him relaxing. So she continued. Her hands were skilled and deft, seeking out the knots but not triggering them directly.
     Listening to him promise to take her to the airship she tilted her golden head and pondered. "I believe that would be interesting, Eres. Perhaps it would make scavenging easier as well. The smaller animals can get into places humans could never reach." She saw the positives of such an alliance.
     But his shift of subject to the New Roman temple made her frown, her brow creasing faintly. "Whoever did so is cursed. To steal from the Gods is to bring the fires of Tartarus down on your own head. One must be careful that they perform the appropriate rituals to alert the gods that you are there to retrieve the property and not another thief, est the curse spread to you."
Ashur A man needs to be broken to enjoy the feel of a woman's hands? The bull snorts at some internal thought, breathing slowed and deepened as he contemplates. "You've a very practical mind for a woman," he remarks. "The thought of talking animals and you ponder logistical concerns." His visage might be masked by the falling braids of his hair, but the faint smile can be heard in the lilting, teasing tone of his voice. He seems to be in a good mood, better than most people see him in -- but, then again, few see him directly after a successful battle.

There's always pleasure in the wake of killing. A paradoxical fusion of calm and excitement, arousal and relaxation. Blood is his narcotic and aphrodisiac.

"Rituals? I am not familiar with those," he admits; he was never the most religious of Legionnaires, the cult of Mars be damned. "But I would not taunt the gods. What must I do?"
Tibbie      The unconscious Tibbie is starting to wake now, she feels sore but a thousand times better than earlier as she sits up and looks down at her splinted swollen knee.
"Crimeney y'all got me good again! Just a lil' sore now though!" she titters while collecting whatever strips of tee-shirt there was left and making a makeshift bandeau bra from it.
"That's better. So what do I owe ya doc?" Tibbie asks while digging a hand into her short's pocket. She now notices the massage going on between the two and adds,
"Uh, should I be over there snorin' or somethin?" she says thumbing over by Eden with a smirk and a flush to her cheeks.
     Lua continued her massage. She could hear the chuckle in his voice when he teased her or having a logistical mind. For a woman. She did not take offense at least.
     "I was forced to be Commander for my people for some time, Eres. It simply becomes second nature after a while." She had always had a practical mind, of course, but the time spent as a commander in the wasteland had definitely honed such things in her. Had she been there, the understanding of tactics that had brought that one woman to use the terrain to her advantage would probably have impressed Lua. If she herself had not thought of it as well, of course.
     "Aye, Eres. Rituals. For something such as this, a small offering. A bird would be appropriate. Give this to the priestesses who will inform the Gods on the wings of the bird's soul that you are acting for their betterment. Once it is done they will anoint you with its blood. Only a trifle on your forehead and perhaps some on your armor. Do this one day before you set out on your quest and the gods will know you are not an enemy scrabbling for their wealth."
     That was when Tibbie woke up. The woman peered at her with those piercing green eyes and seemed to ponder. "Thirty caps will cover the salves and bandages. I am Lua Tanaquil, and though I know medical arts.. I .. Am not a doctor." She never considered herself one anyway.
Ashur The brute lifts one hand and rotates his shoulder beneath Lua's hand; the muscle coils and flexes beneath the skin, all deep-grooved and striated, before he gives her kneading digits a quiet, affectionate pat. For only a moment he holds that hand, curling his fingertips across her knuckles ticklishly -- and then his arm falls, and he hrmms.

"A bird's blood to mark brow and breast," he repeats, clasping his hands between his legs as he ponders that. His brow furrows and his lips press to thin line. "Understood. I will fetch a bird, then -- my home has a few that like to drink from the small pond nearby. Well done, Lua."

It's then that Tibbie wanders over, careful not to put too much weight on her leg, and the bull's eyes open and cut over to her. The makeshift top exposes much of the skin, and his.. appreciation of the female figure is unsubtle, even with the burn. No one will accuse him of being a gentleman.

"There is no shame in an audience," he remarks, straightening his back. "Turn away if her hands dip a little lower, that's all."
Eden Eden's eyes flutter as conciousness creeps up on her. Followed by pain. OH shit, that's a lot of pain. Her leg feels like it is on fire, and every breath stabs her from the inside. "Daddy. Daddy!!" just a whisper, but paniced. If she was hurt, then where was he? He never lets her get really hurt! She tries to sit up, but only manages a wiggle. "Uggghh" escapes her as she tries to bend and fails. Where even is she?Completely disoriented she opens her eyes.
Tibbie     The now cherry-red flushed-faced-from-Ashur's-comment gal fishes out the price plus a small tip, as she's the generous sort and kindly hands it to Lua when her hand is momentarily free from massaging Ashur's muscles,
    "Thanks there not-doc Lua! I hope yer chargin' him double that for all that muscle lovin' rubbin'!" she beams and chuckles as her pain's dull enough to get back to her bubbly self again. Her eyes dart to the now waking Eden and hoists a thumb to her direction,
    "Looks like she's up now too, you sure are in the biz today not-doc! Hope ya brought enough!" she chimes and finds a spot of dirt to settle in as she's not ready for marathons anytime soon.
     Lua continued her ministrations as Ashur pondered her prescription. His praise got a surprised look, however. One that was swiftly followed by confusion. Eden and Tibbie could see this easily, though Ashur might not considering the fact that she was behind him.
     Tibbie's comment about her massage and Ashur's comment about hands going lower conspired to make the woman blush faintly. Which she covered with a scowl.
     Eden would garner her attention more, however. She squeezed lightly on Ashur's shoulders before pulling away and moving to kneel beside the prone woman. Some light probing that would cause minimal excess pain was done and Lua nodded slowly.
     "You have pulled the tendons pretty badly but nothing is broken or dislocated. I will splint your leg as well and you must keep off of it and keep it elevated for a week or so. Ice it if you have the ability."
     She would go get two more bones and once again remove the epyphysi again, taking the shafts back and placing them along side Eden's leg. Then she bandaged the woman to form the splint.
Ashur Ashur chuffs at Tibbie's scarlet embarrassment. His eyes remain locked on throat and breast, then slide upward with all the languid weight of hands to her face before she turns away. "Careful with the leg," he mentions, and then hrmms. He'll rise to his feet then and brush aside Lua's sweet touch as she moves away. A quick adjustment of the knot of his toga near his shoulder and a little shift sees that thick white fabric unwrinkle and fall from where it had benched around his knees, dragging along his calves. "Rest with Eden, Tibbie," he suggests, though the tone of voice is more authoritative command than anything else. He'll raise his voice and call over to her, one hand cupped around his mouth, "Settle, little one, and let the medicus tend you; she is close to me, and can be trusted."

After that, he'll.. walk away from three vulnerable young women, his heart having grown three sizes this day. There's a nearby copse of trees, old, gnarled, thick-branched, though taller than any of the women can reach or likely climb, especially wounded. What might he be doing there, out of earshot on the other side of the road?
Eden Eden hears his voice and wants to go to it, but is still feeling pretty weak. "Where, where is he going?" His words sort themselves in her mind. 'close to me' she looks at the doctor and wonders a few things. She smiles faintly at her and just says, "Hello." The disorientation is passing, but she dearly wants Ashur to just... be there. It hurts.
Tibbie     Tibbie settles down by the other ladies, per Ashur's instruction and looks around, watching Ashur leave to do who-knows-what
"I sure miss them ratties already, they were soo cute, them big ol' chompers n' whiskies!" She coos at the thought of the molerats from earlier, then watches the not-doc Lua and the disoriented Eden.

    "He'll be back probably, cause who else gonna carry ya home gal!" Tibbie adds.
     Lua peered at Eden. "By the look of it, he's going to make a litter for the two of you." She leaned up to check the acid burns and began to clean them with water before dusting them with a strange powder that... took away most of the pain. At the very end, she would dig around in her pouch and withdraw two pills and a bottle of water. One pill for Eden and one for Tibbie. She distributed it and unscrewed the cap of the bottle offering it to Eden first.
Ashur Ashur looks up at the trees and paces. He reaches one brawny arm up, up, trying to snag a branch; it is just barely out of range. A flex of knees, and the brute jumps, grasping onto the thick wood with a white-knuckled grip. He huffs and pulls himself up, lets himself lower and rise; once, twice, testing the strength of the branch. When he hauls himself up onto it, climbing the heavy tree, he hrms..

And with a savage thrust of his hand, and the thunderous WHAPASH of his power fist's pistons activating, he punches the branch clean off near the root, leaving but a nub for his foot to balance on. A long step, a hop, and he swings to another tree like an acrobatic child, repeating the process on another branch.

He drops to the ground, toes pointed forward, and tumbles down, rolling ahead and decelerating in practiced fashion. Few ever see his non-martial athleticism at play!

The branches in tow, he hefts them up, each roughly as tall as he is, and carries them back across the road. Before the eyes of the girls, he'll grab his massive cloak -- scooting Eden off of it -- and spread it out. One heavy pole is placed about two-thirds between the edges; the shorter side is folded over, the second pole placed at the new edge, and then the remaining cloak is refolded back over.

What lingers is a makeshift litter big enough for Eden and Tibbie both to sit on.

"Mm. What are you all doing?"
Eden Eden grins as Ashur starts to pick her up, then is confused for a moment when he only scooches her. Once she sees what he is making, it makes sense however. That cloak turns out to be all sorts of useful, doesn't it! She is glad Celeste showed her how to make the extra strong stitches. Still a bit groggy to how she got from there to here, Eden asks "So what happened?"
Tibbie     Seeing Ashur put together their transport lifts her spirits as Tibbie applauds the man's creation. "Y'sure got brains on top of all the muscle boss!" she compliments him and hobbles her way over to the cape-mobile sitting herself on it properly.
    "I'll let the boss fill ya in on the details since y'all seemin' so close n'all, but we lived is the short version! And there was talking ratties too!" She says while wagging her good leg, eyes locked on the landscape in hopes of seeing them again somehow, but alas the area is dull and drab.
     Lua watched Ashur shoo Eden off the cloak then turned back to the woman, still holding the pill and water out to her. Seeing as neither female was paying her any mind, Lua put the medicine away and capped the water before scooping Eden up in her arms and carrying her to the litter herself, expression stoic.
Ashur "Pay attention to the medicus," the Legionnaire says with a measure of sharpness, as he pulls on the poles to make sure the cloak-bed is secure. Their weight will keep it in place. "It is but a litter; no marvel. You'll be carried faster than either would hobble with walking sticks." He snaps his fingers in the faces of the girls and points to Lua to remind them who the boss is.

The bull rises to his feet, dusting his hands off with a few rubbing smack-claps and brushing away the detritus gathered on skin and wool. He turns, and catches sight of the bandeau-clad Tibbie idly looking over the landscape -- all green-brown plains, faint hills, the dark peaks where the path to the boneyard lie, and that dirt road stretching on and on.

"A bleak land, is it not? El Dorado's rejuvenation with the GECK was quite the miracle; New Rome could do with pilfering one, too."

He hums and folds an arm behind his back. "You lost consciousness, my Eden, from the pain. We slew the mutants, and though many were injured, none died. The molerats promised to report our success to their village. That was..." He considers. "An hour ago."
Eden Nodding, Eden looks to the woman carrying her. "I'm sorry I got distracted. Was that pill you were offering for pain? I could really use something to help with the pain. I mean, I'll take whatever you meant to give..." Eden gives up on trying to talk. The extra breaths hurt to much. Being carried is not exactly plesant either. It moves her ribs into uncomforatble posistion. The healer is careful, she notes, but it still hurts.
Tibbie     Being hopeful about her molerat friends was distracting dear Tibbie as she's forgotten about Lua offering pills and even Ashur's pondering aloud to her. She snaps back to reality when she hears Eden's question on pain medication though,
    "Oh yeah! I should prolly take somethin too huh not-doc, I sure am glag y'brought water too I am so thirsty!" She says while looking to Lua and smoothing her hands on her own thighs for comfort.
     Lua's tone was not harsh as she set Eden into the litter. "It was, Lady." And once again she withdrew the medicine and held out the pills one for each the offered the water, again to Eden first. Once Eden had taken the medicine and water they would then be offered to Tibbie. Lua would wait and take the bottle back whenever the two were done before capping whatever was left and putting it away n her pouch. She then turned and retrieved her helmet from the ground, putting it on her head and once again became Marcus. Even her walk was masculine and her curves were well hidden by her armor. She waited for Ashur to begin the trek, taking up a guard position.
Ashur The mammoth of a man wanders away from the litter and fetches his armor. The process of opening it, closing it around him, and latching it shut is a simple enough one, the enormous weight of the steel plates a familiar pressure bearing down on his shoulders and back. "Good girls," he tells them all, casually chauvinistic, affixing his feather-crested helmet, the angles shaped like an old Corinthian helm, once more upon his head. His voice is roughened by the filter of his rebreather.

He stalks forward, tread like thunder, like a stampede of hooves, kicking up dust and coming to the front end of the litter. A pause, as he looks down on it, face obscured, eyes hidden behind pale gold bulletproof glass. "Dragging you would be tedious," he remarks, thinking of all the bumps and agitations they'd get. And while he could ask Lua, he's certainly not going to demand manual labor of a woman.

He scoots aside, squats, and tilts the litter to the side. His arms slide beneath the poles, underneath where the wounded girl's rear ends push the padding down, flexes his hands around the branch on the opposite end, and deadlifts them right off the ground.

This is a bit of a pain for his forearms, and they might, on occassion, tilt toward his giant metal chest, but otherwise they're basically floating.

"Let's go," he declares, and begins to walk. "Tell her thank you, Eden."

Manners are important. Ashur's not a monster.
Eden "Thank you Doctor", Eden says. She had not actually needed the prompting, but has no time to think much on that. She is suddenly on very close terms with Tibbie! Cuddled forceably into the woman she laughs a little, grimaces cause that hurts, then says "Well hello. I'll be your pillow for this little trip. It's nicec to meet you. ER, really closely!"
Tibbie     "Woo-ho! Good thinkin' boss!" She cheers while keeping her balance during Ashur's lift, "Oh! And thanks for the drink too Lua, here ya go!" she finishes while maneuvering with Eden to get a fistful of caps from her short's pocket and dangling them out to Lua from her vantage point atop Ashur. She beams wide to Eden
    "You might be my lil' pillow for the trip but you sure kicked ass out there on them gross-o's gal! Good Job!" Tibbie says quick to give others exactly what they need in tough times indeed.
     To Eden's and Tibbie's thanks, Lua bowed her head once to acknowledge it. Then she blinked a few times as Ashur deadlifted them... By the gods, there were easier ways of doing that without the poles to cause aches later..... Men. Always wasting energy...
     Everytime the litter would dip, Lua would be there to keep it from actually destabilizing or jarring them. "I could easily bear half that load, Eres." Though her tone showed she doubted he would allow such...