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Lee     Lee came back from patrol rather battered. There were several searing marks on that power armor as he'd step slowly into the house. It's only inside the house that he'd take a moment to sag, dealing with that pain, before settling himself back to work and get out of the armor, then set up the hammer in it's usual spot.
     Akane heard Lee return and instantly caught the slow pace he was moving in. When she came out and found him climbing out of his armor, the pain on his face made her stomach drop. "What happened?!" She moved over quickly with a chair so he could sit quickly before going to grab her medkit. She even took that hammer out of his hands and put it away herself. When she returned she looked him over for what was specifically wrong...
Lee     Lee blinks as Akane would take the hammer from him, chuckles and grins sheepishly. "Ahh.. I was patrollin love.. came across them enclave assholes that's been harassin people.. I chased em off.. but got a bit banged up fer it." He'd jerk a thumb at the armor. "as ya can see, yah?" He'd shrug slightly, wince, and sits on the chair. "I'm ok.. just a patch job.. bit of rest.. I'll be fine. They didn't seriously wound me or nothin.."
     Akane saw the burns on Lee and winced, starting by wetting his clothes carefully to reduce the pain and damage of removing the cloth from the skin. Next, she started applying a salve that would cool the burn and reduce his pain. She frowned when he said he'd run into Enclave, though. "And you were worried about my arm?" She scowled. Said arm was in a makeshift sling at the moment.
Lee     Lee chuckles, winces as the cloth is pulled away, then smiles with a shrug. "Sure.. this ain't nothin. I could hop inta the PA and do another round or two, fer sure. Frag, Akane, I was havin ta wrap my gut with open wounds while fightin the Enclave in the siege.. this is minor.."
     That made her frown... and scowl up at him angrily. It only lasted a few seconds though before that glower turned into a look of sad guilt. "And I treated Cleo and not you that day.... I wanted to help /you/." Yes, she was pouting a bit.
Lee     Lee sighs softly. "Akane.. I wasn't dyin.. frag it hurt, yah.. but I wasn't dead. She woulda died without ya. I know what a sniper slug does.. huh? I asked you to.. and you did. And that was the important part."
     She sighed and taped a bandage to his chest before moving to his arm. "I know.. I know." She puffed out her cheeks for a second then leaned up to kiss him lightly before wrapping the arm carefully, that same salve applied. Then she stood and moved to her kit again, returning with two pills and some water. She held them out to him. "Antibiotic and pain killer."
Lee     Lee smiles at Akane as she'd tend to him, kissing her back, then taking the pills and downing them with the water dutifully. "Thanks love.. Yanno.. I sorta had a crush on Cleo.." He'd muse, then shakes his head. "But.. there was never anythin there.. I had a crush on you too.. and.. it's turned out amazin ta me.."
     For a second, Akane looked jealous. But then it was wiped away as though it had never been there. She sat back and looked him over a bit more then peered at his power armor. "That's going to need a bit of healing that I cannot provide...." He would see through her defenses, however, and see that she had been jealous of his comment toward Cleo, and his second admission had calmed her, but she still hid something underneath. It was simple and perhaps not even conscious. A tension that was only visible in her shoulders for a few seconds. She worried about a rival.
Lee     Lee paused, realizing only after he said something about it's affect on her. He'd nod a little at her words, then reach out, cupping her cheek gently. "Akane.. I ain't gonna lie to ya and say I ain't seen no one no how before, huh? I mean.. I did notice women.. and There were those I admired. But ain't nothin comin of it.. nor ever will.. I got us an appointment fer the tats, yah? We'll get em.. and we'll be bound by em.. Speakin of.. I.. ain't religious. But I think I remember hearin you and Cami goin on in Latin, eh? So.. is there somethin yer wantin fer a ceremony?"
     Akane looked up at him a the touch and blinked a few times. "Ah... I mean.. I don't.. Lynnette asked the same thing. I don't know how it works.... I was never allowed to even view the weddings of citizens." She blushed and fidgeted with her hands. "I was trained int he ways of the gods but I don't know that I actually believe in them.... Not anymore. What.. do you want?" She looked uncertain.
Lee     Lee watched Akane and nodded a little. He'd reach out to take both of her hands with a small smile. Lifting them up to his face, he'd kiss the back of her fingers gently on each hand. "Akane.. The ring I'm gettin tatted on my finger? That's my commitment to ya. My bindin. My pledge and my focus.. I dun need somethin special or some higher whateva ta be tellin me how ta act in such a thing.. So.. ifn yer not wantin nothin.. then us gettin the tattoos? that'll be it. No goin back. ever."
     Akane blinked up at Lee as he kissed her fingers, a faint blush on her cheeks. She listened to his explanation and nodded with a smile, more confident. "Then that's it. That's fine." She didn't have anyone to really invite to a huge party anyway. "No going back. Ever." She agreed.
Lee     Lee smiles warmly to Akane, nodding and chuckles. "As fer everyone else and what they might say? Meh. Screw em. You got me. I got you.. and we're happy. That's the critical part, fer sure." He'd stretch a little, wince, then nods. "Ya did good.. and I think the meds are kickin in just fine love.. Thank ya fer the help, fer sure.. Ya help keep me goin when I deal with the crap out there.."
     Akane smiled back at him and stood up. "That's what I'm here for, Lee." She offered him a hand up and would lead him toward the bedroom. "Those pills might knock you out for a while...." She would be the one to hold onto him as he fell asleep this time....