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Vuk There might be a small benefit to trying to find a static emplaced weapon in this twisting system of dead ends, bones, and cut requires a relatively open space to actually be operated properly. The talking animals of the airship village actually could -easily- direct any one who came to their aid where to go. Providing a guide in the form of an overly hyper talking molerat to show our would be..heroes where to go. Also the stench of spent powder, unwashed bodies, rotting meat, and the general stench of how SuperMutants live? That might be a dead give away as well! The molerat stops and insists it's just a few hundred meters ahead around a bend in the ravine, where several large ribcages have been smashed aside...and with that, the Hyper One, who vaguely sounds like CLAPTRAP from Borderlands, is burrowing for safety. After all, these SuperMutants were firing a -Howitzer- just a few days ago!
Lee     Lee had heard of a heavy weapon being fired near new potential allies. Of course, such things should be checked out as they could potentially be used against ED. So therefore Lee, grabbing private Krysta for backup, would go show up where the others gathered to help the animals. He'd check that hammer absently, nod a little then look to who else might be helping on this endevor. "A'right. ya'll got a sit rep or what?"
     Krysta was brought along by Lee. She kept close to the Knight and listened for orders. He was looking to Vuk for a report and she would be quiet to listen to it as well.
Ashur "Yes, yes, the molerats are there," Ashur wearily intones, coming to this adventure independently of the others. Eden, her leg wrapped in a tight knee-brace, is held to the bull's massively-armored chest, carried like one might bear a tired child; there is a walking stick fashioned from a tree branch slung over the Legionnaire's shoulder. "There is some mutant or another lingering in the maze; they wish us to slay it. Perhaps you'll get more cuddles from the wrinkly things, then."

As tired as the robotic-filtered man sounds of talking animals, he's nevertheless wholly willing to help his wife play with them more. As if a baby wasn't enough, now she's going to wind up adopting fat pink mole-pugs.

"Alright, mine, careful -- mind your leg." He eases her down, unslings the stick, and walks ahead of the group they'd barged in on. "Eden, stay in cover. Should anything come for you, I will withdraw from the battle. Otherwise, just.. ugh, be patient. It's time to save the magical place."

God. Talking animals. This is what he, Legionnaire, has been reduced to.
Eden "I promise to be good. Thank you for helping them!" Eden gives his hand a kiss - it's all she can really reach. She does promise to be as good as she can... really.
Vuk There isn't any one to give a report..though honestly, there isn't much need for one. The super mutants can be heard from here, not distinctive conversation, but the gutturual speech, and the occasional sound of metal on metal, and angry noises shortly after. They don't seem to be inclined towards patrols..or much else, or they've already been sent out. That and none of our daring, animal loving heroes, are being -to- noisy, hopefully. Good luck getting CLAPTRAP the Molerat to come back out though, his pudgy bottom is quickly making through the dirt for cover. He expects the heroes to be blown up.
Ashur A black wind blows through the rot-stenched twists of the ravine; Ashur, clad in shimmering white and gold, steps forth. His cloak rises and billows out behind him, the scarlet thongs of his pteruges whispering against the metal armor like the feathers of his helmet -- and then he is off like a train, stomping his way forward with more rage than dignity, a human storm that heads to the bend and turns to face whatever forces are there. His declaration of war is simple and to the point: he clenches his hand into a fist.
Lee     Lee glances to the beast. Then over to Krysta as Ashur takes off. "Right. A'right Private. Get the others inta coverin fire position. Ya'll have us up there holdin em still.. so let em have it." He'd tap his helm for that private comm, then pulls that sledge and starts off after Ashur. He may not be storm and rage, but Lee doesn't hesitate to get up in their face either.
     Krysta had been there the day Mr Puggly (yes that was his name as far as she was concerned) had met them and peed on Caldwell... Twice. So the talking animal thing wasn't terribly surprising to her. But she trudged along with Lee in that salvaged armor.
     And then Ashur's stomping out into the fore and ..... she sweatdrops. So much for groupthink. The fist was completely lost on her.
     Lee got a response via comm and then she turned and began picking out cover for Eden. "Ma'am. over here would be good for you." She indicated a place then turned and took up her own position, lifting her weapon and watching.
Vuk Ashur and stealth don't seem to be a concern as he stomps off towards the encampment; it's got a Uhaul like truck..that had been at one point dragged here by slaves <You can see their bones and the rotting meat now!> And has supplies in it for the broken howitzer. At least it's some thing like a howitzer, but the entire firing mechanism and breach are disasembled on the back end of the truck, and a large super mutant in scavenged power armor pieces is working away at it. Partially assembled rocket like munitions are strewn apart..and half a dozen robed guards are about, gas masks over their deformed faces, and heavy pipe rifles in hand. They don't look very large..bigger then humans, but not as large as the SuperMutant working away on the weapon's firing mechanism! A heavy automatic rifle is resting beside their leader; not some thing banged together from salvage..but proper. Possibly taken from an Enclave trooper?
Eden Eden stares in slight disbelief at Krysta. "Did he tell you to keep me here?" This is more than slightly annoying. She had her own plans. "You can go you know. I"ll be fine. I'm just gonna try and talk to the molerat." It was. the first thing she intended to try.
Lee     Lee glances back towards Krysta as she'd start dealing with Eden. Well.. she'd get noted for her patience there. Looking forward as Ashur would engage them, Lee comes in on the next one in line. "A'right! Ya'll are not gonna be likin today 'cause today's the day ya die!" Lee's external comms blare at the mutants while he'd swing that massive sledge at the subhuman mutant, dropping them to the ground with that massive impact.
     Krysta had taken her position and taken careful aim. Two volleys of automatic fire and two dead mutants. She might have blown holes in their groins but hey... they were dead. Maybe, if the others were intelligent, seeing such a thing would get them to rethink their battle strategy.
Eden Eden finally realizes the woman is asking her to shoot, not stay put. Feeling sheepish, she fires her weapon. She sees the bullet hits as she ducks down until she's ready to fire again.
Vuk With Ashur and Lee banzai charging in, gunfire erupts from the camp, the heavy crump of automatic fire marking the mutants have no shortage of rounds, though it's questionable how long those home made pipe weapons will fire, it might be a moot point. Rounds pour out at Ashur before Lee joins in, and then there is the clash of bodies as Ashur takes it to the Mastermind, metal giving way from salvaged armor, the mutant using the rifle in one hand, and a sturdy wrench in the other to try and fend off Ashur... and sweet Jesus is that a Mini Nuke strapped over it's heart!?
Ashur Ashur walks without so much as a glance of acknowledgment to the robed inferiors. The clamor of the pipe rifles sweeps through, and his movements are slight, hard to see -- a pivot of a heel, a slight weave of his head aside, a rotation of the hip, and the bullets uselessly whiz past or hit angles on the riveted steel and deflect. He hurls himself up onto the back of that open u-haul, where the supermutant that had been firing at him rests, and with a lunge disorients him with a quick shouldercheck, following it up with a handful of thunderous blows. He leaves deep indents in the flesh, but the beast isn't dead by any means, even if he can crack ribs. "What are you wearing, brute?"
     Krysta popped her mag and put in another before unloading again, injuring another mutant but not killing it. Ah well. She glanced around and looked for a good angle to continue firing.
Vault Girl Meanwhile in Albuquerque

"Looks like, you took a wrong turn at Albuquerque." The gangster said to Vuk as his fellow thugs began to walk away with a weapons case that read US-ARMY Special Ordinance. Vuk had come quite a long way in search of this M2 Machine Gun, a beautiful .50 caliber spewing weapon of destruction.

The thugs opened fire on Vuk, their weapons fire pinging off of his power armor.

A spray of minigun fire swept through the area and when the barrels of Vuk's minigun stopped spinning; the criminals stood dead and the weapons case was his for the taking.

Vuk had his prize. His quest was over.. or was it?
Vuk Vuk would be -quite- happy if this was functional, though in these days, he wonders how any weapons are functional. Centuries of storage, use, or neglect..but it was of no matter. He'll pry the case open to inspect the contents. Ahh a wonderful day this could be..
Vault Girl Within the weapons case... Vuk finds... an M2 Browning Machine Gun... BODY PILLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ashur The battle rages. Ashur, lost to his bloodlust, cares not at all for it; he wants to finish the job, pick up Eden, and take her to see the talking animals. That's why he pays no mind to the explosive attached to the supermutant's chest. Indeed, when he punches right through it, and blows his hand clean through the monster's lungs, he barely even remembers it's there!
Vuk When Ashur punches -through- the Mininuke, the guards firing at him stop in panic and try to flee from the encampment, but the super mutant he was fighting? It looks shocked, angry, and not registering the hole in it's chest so much as some one -punched- a Mininuke. "Oi you git..dat was my favourite.." It never finishes as the Mininuke shudders, sparks, whirrs, and then detonates in it's glorious way. The explosion travels across the encampment, setting off the stored rockets and their fuel, turning this into a delightfully burning, explodey Firework show! Also Ashur is being at ground zero, and there is little doubt this might ..Hurt.