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Vuk Vuk wasn't in his power armor, though the Harley is a dead give away when he rolls up on it. Possibly the heavy pistol he always seemingly carries. Still, if he isn't in his armor, it must mean he isn't expecting trouble. No, it's because he's walking in and barking "Where is the Medicae!?" Though even -that- sounds pained when he barks it out.
     Akane blinked oddly at the man as he walked in bellowing about needing a Medicus... She stood up and tilted her crimson head. "Can I help you?" She indicated a chair for him to sit in so she could examine his injuries.
Vuk Vuk is used to..well, being normally told if he gets injured and shows up, some one will bash his knee in with a crowbar or the like, so it's a nice change to not have bodily harm threatened as he settles in and begins stripping off his shirt. "I believe I have fractured ribs." His chest certainly has some lovely bruises on it!
     Akane blinked again. As he stripped off his shirt she winced. "Good gods what did you have hit you?!" Instantly the woman was in doctor mode and gently checking the ribs in question. There would be some pain of course, but she was gentle. She sat back and shook her head. "Not fully broken at least."
     She walked away from him for a moment then returned with a medical bag in tow. First, she set out some pills and water for the pain, letting him take those. Then she started to apply salve to the worse of the bruises. It would feel cool on his swollen skin. "This will help with the bruising." She smiled at him.
Vuk Vuk grunts a bit, but takes the pain killers, it's an improvement over when people told you to bite down on a piece of wood and do a few shots. "Super mutant, with a fire hydrant. My armor took the worst of it fortunately." He needs to eventually finish the rights of activation, engage his internal pain dampners, in time. But he seems pleasently surprised by how Akane is acting. No one tried to tie him to a bed yet so he can't escape! "I've had worse..I think..." He says, not -entirely- convinced of it. "So Bruising then is the worst of it?"
     Akane nodded a bit and continued applying the salve. Then she began wrapping a bandage around his ribs, just a bit snuggly. "Looks like it. If you get hit in the chest again anytime soon you /will/ have broken ribs though. So be careful. This should help reduce the swelling some and thus the pain. I'll give you a few herbal pain killers to take home with you too." She smiled up at him again, seemingly oblivious to their proximity.
Vuk Vuk doesn't mind proximity, that isn't overly a concern..unless it turns into that weird flirting like Lyn does. He'll never figure out when she's serious or not. "Wonderful, I'll just dump then in my tea and hope they don't taste any worse then iodine." He remarks, if he's joking or not..whom knows! "So Medicae..what do I owe you?"
     Akane chuckled and offered him an honest smile, one hand resting on his shoulder. "I only charge what covers my cost. I'm not as good as the actual doctors after all." She smiled again. "Something worth thirty caps or so should be good."
Vuk Vuk moves to draw forth a small bag from around his waist, counting the caps out in five piece stacks and letting Akane see they are all there. "Wonderful! If I come across any medical supplies, I will deliver them to you." He says, at least, in theory he knows what proper medical supplies look like. "Or over stocks of food from my farm."
     Akane smiled brightly at the offered words and accepted the caps. "I would be appreciative."
Vuk Vuk will move to put his shirt back on, making sure not to undo any of Akane's work before inclining his head towards her. "Thank you Medicae. May Saint Di Ode protect you and yours." He says before moving to disappear as quickly as he came, marked only by the growl of his motorcycle.