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Owner Pose
Devlin     Knocking gently onto the door after he opens it, Devlin tries to make himself known. While his clothing looked largely harmless, Iris would easily recognize it for what it was, the usual attire Devlin had when he was between jobs and looking for another.

    Walking into the store front, the man begins to walk towards the shelves rather than go directly to the counter. Lightly tapping the containers and items on the shelves, it was easy to see that Devlin was looking for something, something largely small but he was steadily hunting for it. "Iris, are you behind the counter again?" is asked with a slightly raised tone, not yet looking back towards the counter, relying on her making a sound to tell if she was there or not.
Iris Lark Iris steps through the door, coming out of the storage room. She raises a hand briefly in greeting before she walks towards Devlin, pushing her hair behind her ears when she comes to a stop near him. "In the back room, cleaning." She says, a slight smile on her face as she glances at the shelf. "What can I help you with, Devlin?"
Devlin     "Ah, back, not front," is idly said before glancing over his shoulder towards Iris. Nodding his head, Devlin begins to offer a soft smile when he points towards her hips suddenly with his left arm, now freed from its old cast. "I sent a letter maybe a week ago through a courier, I was hoping you had a chance to look things over." Turning around, Devlin moves his hands to his jacket, hooking his thumbs into place to hang with his fingers curled into very loose fists. "There were a few chems on that list, I'm not sure I asked about that Holodisk you still had. I managed to find some cloth, along with sections of leather if you would like those and not just caps."
Iris Lark "I got the letter and I gathered the things you were asking after." Iris replies and she offers Devlin a grin before she turns towards the counter, crooking a finger at him to get him to come with her. "The holodisk is one hundred caps, the thirty 9mm ammo that I have is thirty caps. The chems that you were asking after will be another one hundred and twenty." She starts to pull things out from under the counter, setting them atop it. "Is that all right?" She pauses and tilts her head up for a moment as she considers. "The fabric, I value at about fifty caps a piece, so.."
Devlin     "Well now, I have quite a bit of fabric, though I'd like to keep a few pieces." Shifting his hands, Devlin opens his jacket to cut a cord along his chest, causing a crude satchel to slip free off of his back and brought around. Placing it onto the ground in front of Iris, he opens it to resent four spools of salvaged cloth, it wasn't much though it should be enough to make a few pieces of clothing. "There are four pieces, but it seems it doesn't quite cover the bill. I'll offer the fifty caps in trade to even the trade out but before that.. Could I look over your rifles, namely your small machine guns? I might know a buyer for them. I just needed to remember the caliber."
Iris Lark Iris glances back towards the storage room. "I don't have a lot of guns left, actually. You're welcome to come back and see what I've got left..." She trails off as she turns her head and regards Devlin again. "If you need fabric yourself, let me know, I have quite a bit of it - leather as well." She pushes away from the counter and moves to lock the door. "I don't want anyone to walk in and take things from the counter while we're in the back." She explains as she steps through the door towards the storage rooms.
Devlin     Chuckling softly, Devlin picks up his satchel before starting to follow Iris while saying "I think a thief would be foolish to steal if they didn't want to have their face melted by plasma, though the idea of being locked in with you only makes me worried if you'd drug me just to give me a check up." Once he was inside the room, he noticed first how clean everything was, and soon begins to nod his head lightly, understanding just how much had been sold. "I'm surprised you know? I didn't expect so much to be sold though.." Walking over to the sub machine gun, he taps it lightly twice. "I think this one is suitable. I'll tell them you still have a proper one in working order." Looking away from the weapon, Devlin moves his free hand into his jacket, pulling out two small pouches of caps, the usual way he kept caps in 25 count bundles. "Where should I lay the fabric?"
Iris Lark Iris moves into the storage room and leans against one of the walls, arms folded loosely over her chest. She chuckles softly at his mention of plasma and then blinks. "Would I really have to drug you to give you a check up? Seems a bit ..overkill." She tilts her head as she gazes at Devlin, watching him walk around and look at the weapons still available. She slings her rucksack off of her shoulder and kneels by it, hand open. "You can hand it here, and I'll fold it up and take it home."
Devlin     "Depends if I'm trying to hide an awkward wound or not. You take your job very seriously, so I'm not sure how far you would go," is said in a joking tone. Walking over to Iris, Devlin transfers the fabric from the tattered pack into her pack, counting four in all, then both pouches of caps. "This should settle things on my end. The contact should be around in a day or three, if not just keep an eye out for an courier." Looking away briefly, Devlin began to wonder if the supplies he asked about ahead of time was in that room or another.
Iris Lark "Probably best for both of us if you never find out." Comes the joking reply. Iris pulls her rucksack open further and pulls out a holodisk, handing it up to Devlin. "I'll keep an eye out." She says, before she moves on her knees towards a crate against the wall. She pulls out some ammo and holds it out for him to take. The chems are in little bags, carefully seperated. "I'm counting on you not to use these chems for nefarious purposes, though honestly, I couldn't stop you if you did."
Devlin     Extending his right hand, Devlin cups the supplies but then he places a hand on top of the supplies to state, "I promise I'll use them only for the good of the settlements, or to keep alive. Feel any better now?" The smile on his lips began to shift into a smirk as he waits for an answer for his mocked question, though before long he accepts the package, opening it and begins to slip things into pockets and sections of his jacket and along his vaultsuit. "I'll keep on the lookout for more fabric, though I need to see a tailor about the leather I have on me for now, should make them into a good satchel for a light rifle.." Once he was settled, Devlin stands up, patting himself, making sure everything seemed in order.
Iris Lark Iris gets to her feet and she meets his smirk with a shrug, no smile or grin on her face. "I know that they're not always used to help someone, and I accept that. I make them so that people have the option of chems that haven't been spiked or worse." She lets out a sigh and turns away, closing up crates as she makes ready to walk back out to the front. "Being softhearted shouldn't be mocked though, it would do well if more people in this forsaken place thought of others." She gestures for Devlin to go ahead of her. "I'm working on tailoring, eventually I will move on to leatherworking as well." Once they're out front she begins to clean up. "Let me know if anything else I have will be of use to you, and we'll do business again."
Devlin     "I wasn't mocking being softhearted," is quickly stated as he begins to talk off. Content with himself, Devlin raises his tone, making sure the woman behind him could hear him clearly. "I thought it was amusing you would need me to say that, I'm not a raider, never was. I protect where I lay my head, not just the home but the settlement." Looking over his shoulder, the smirk was gone yet the smile remained. "Acme doesn't have a pillow for me much, but does have someone that's almost a friend. Same with El Dorado, though I do lay my head in Jack's Town, which I am trying to clean up. Hence the drugs.. I'll be needing them soon." Once he was in the main area of the store, Devlin made his way towards the door though his eyes were on his wrist as he toyed with the holodisk.
Iris Lark "How can someone be almost a friend?" Iris asks softly, the look on her face making it obvious that she's curious for the answer. She leans on the counter, as he begins to leave, picking up a piece of paper and ripping small pieces from it. A few moments pass and she adds. "I will admit that I haven't found much difference between raiders and mercenaries, except the method of payment. It might be that I just haven't had good experiences with either." She remembers herself and walks to the door, unlocking it quickly. "I'm sorry."
Devlin     "Simple, we don't meet often enough to be true friends, yet you're more than an acquaintance, though you're not an enemy." Devlin simply shrugs his shoulders lightly but once the topics of Mercenaries and Raiders comes up, a grumble catches in his throat. "You've dealt with scum. I do what a job requires for payment. I protect where I leave myself defenseless as then those that are protected make sure I am safe when I am weak." Moving a hand under his nose, he waves his hand lightly but then he looks back towards Iris, the smile still on his lips as he says, "I'll be a living example of a true mercenary. If you ever need anything, just ask with a suited payment.. Caps, goods or in your case, medical services." Bowing his head slightly, he begins to walk out of the door after it was opened, his mood appearing high.