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Lynnette Mid afternoon and the bar was....empty. The door was wide open, music still playing softly on that jukebox but there was not a single person seen. Chuck? Well he isn't seen there least not immediately. When one would look around the only thing that seemed out of place were a few chairs that were knocked over and a broken bottle in front of the bar. On top of the counter was a folded piece of paper and if one leaned over that bar...there was poor Chuck, knocked out cold.
     Akane had come to check on Lynnette and make sure she was healing properly. What she found was a messed up bar and an unconscious Chuck. Akane bent to check for a pulse before picking up the note and reading it... Her green eyes narrowed... and she set it back on the counter as if she'd never touched it. Then bent to check more thoroughly on Chuck.
Alpha     Alpha is a bit later. The bar is a regular hang out and check in on his patrol, but he had been held long with some squabbling at the edge of JT. So while he was finally able to sort out the two guys and how much of the keg they had to share between them, it put him there later than normal. Stepping in, he'd frown, looking around, then over to Akane who seemed to be rummaging around behind the bar? "Wha the hell? Akane? Didja kick everyone out or somethin? what's goin on?"
     Akane looked up at Alpha then turned back to Chuck. As per her usual style, she did not answer the question. "I need something or something.. can you get me some? He might have a concussion."
Lynnette When Akane started to poke and prod at Chuck, he's groan a bit before put a hand to his head. Looking up he'd groan and slowly sat up as he saw it was her. " frickin' head...." Shaking his head a bit he'd look around then widened her eyes. "Aw shit, where's Lyn?" That hand quickly went back to his forehead. "Ugh....there's that bucket..." He'd point not far from them. "But screw that....where's Lyn?"
Alpha     Alpha sighs a little. Well.. so much for straight answers. He'd walk over further and peek at Chuck, then start getting some ice to wrap in a bar rag for Akane. "Wha? whatcha mean where's Lyn? She was here.. wasn't she?" The ice is offered to Akane as he'd frown at Chuck. That's about when he notices the paper, picking it up to read it slowly. "What.. the.. frag..."
     Akane accepted the ice from Alpha and continued trying to tend to Chuck. "Calm down. that will be handled. You need to be careful how you move Chuck." She glanced up as Alpha took that note and looked away, pointedly focusing on Chuck despite the man at least being ok.
Lynnette "I don't know, Sheriff. Some men came in here looking for her....and for once I was hoping she was downstairs sleeping or something. But nope....out she comes...." Frowning he'd wave his hand at Akane then groaned. "I'm fine. That just clocked me good...." He'd look up at Alpha holding the note then sighed. "Well....shit....the hell did Enclave want with her anyway?"
Alpha     Alpha shoves the note into his duster. "Well Akane? Ya know somethin.. what is it?" He'd look over at her with a raised brow. "I know a bit.. but.. whatcha got, eh? Ifn yer willin ta risk gettin arrested ta help her.. I know I'd rather have yer help than silence.."
     Akane frowned at Chuck, rather annoyed at being ignored. But she stood up and looked at Alpha, calculating how much he knew and how much of her small amount of information would possibly help the situation. She sighed softly. "I know she didn't want it to be well known. But it's probably the same guys that tried to take us before."
Lynnette Chuck would slowly stand up and sighed. "Don't give me that look....I'm more worried about Lyn...." The man would just hold that ice on his head and leaned on the bar. "All I remember hearing is something about an uncle...or something....I don't know. I was half way out at that point."
Alpha     Alpha eyed Akane, then snapped a look over at Chuck. Frowning, he'd finally sigh, shaking his head. "Fraggit.. Thought they woulda learned from the last frag heads I sent packin ta em in chunks.." He'd ball his hands at his sides a moment, frowning. "Thanks Chuck.. I guess.. it's time ta go huntin.. 'cause ya sure as hell dun go kidnappin someone in JT.."
     When Chuck said 'uncle' Akane flinched and closed her eyes. She took a few moments as Alpha and Chuck went back and forth and she turned toward the bar, eyes down and quiet. She finally sighed. "You remember when I twisted my ankle? And Lynn didn't want to talk about how it happened? Right after I shot Ashur...."
Lynnette Chuck would just stare at Alpha before looking to Akane and just shaking her head. "I'm....gonna go lie down....." Pointing to the kitchen door he'd just move his way from between the two.. "I don't know what the hell.....and I don't wanna know..." And with that....he'd just make his way to the kitchen."
Alpha     Alpha glances to Chuck, sighs and looks to Akane. He'd turn to face her fully, moving closer. "Yah. I remember it quite well. I knew there was somethin.. but I didn't push it. I should have. I'm sure. So.. spill. What the hell happen, Akane?"
     Akane watched Chuck go into the back and then sighed and folded her arms. "She came out looking for me and was forcing me back to town when we were ambushed. We managed to break away and were running but.. I saw the grenade and took her to the ground to avoid it. Twisted my ankle int he process. They brought us back to their leader."She shook her head. "Apparently that was her uncle. Enclave. He let us go that day.... I... I thought she would have told you and then everything else exploded and I didn't think about it again."
Alpha     Alpha sighs softly, shaking his head and frowns. "She didn't tell me all of it. Just that.. they were hunting her. She tried to run, Akane. She was packing to flee.. and I didn't let her.. I made her stay." He'd start pacing, frowning. "So they waited until no one was around to take her.. frag.. the disturbance at the edge of town was prolly a ruse to let them have time to take her.." He'd stop pacing to look at Akane. "I have to get her back.. it's that simple.."
     Akane's eyes were on Alpha the entire time she spoke and he responded. She could see the effect this was having on him... Could see the worry. She let out a small breath then stepped up and put a hand on Alpha's arm. She was gentle and soft and her expression was kind but also firm. "We will, Alpha. But we can't do that by going with our passions. We have to keep a straight head and keep our courage." She squeezed lightly. "I'm here to support you in that."
Alpha     Alpha paused as Akane's touch, focusing on her as she'd talk to him. He'd study her, that hard look of a man use to betrayal and weighing if it'd come from her or not. Finally, a small nod is given in agreement. "Yeah.. yeah.. yer right. First I should get a post ta the sheriff department so they all know to watch.. and we should get to tracking.. keep it level.. find her.. get her.. and then.. then the killin can happen.."
     Akane kept her expression open, kind and firm. Her courage was there for him to draw from if he would accept it. When he seemed to calm just a bit she nodded and offered a small smile and another light squeeze to his arm.
     Then, she turned and began pacing idly, her thumbnail in her teeth. She as pondering something then paused then shook her head and paced again.
Alpha     Alpha watched Akane, nodding slightly as he'd see she was completely serious about being backup. He'd move to the bar slowly and pull out a small pad along with a pencil to start writing something down. "Enclave.. that'll make it rough.. but.. tech dun do jack fer ya ifn ya catch em off guard.. I'll see who did it.. when we rescue her.. I'll watch em.. and.. I'll know who I'm goin back fer.." He'd glance at his rifle. "I'll need a better sniper rifle though.. fer sure.."
     Akane continued pacing and the let out a small sound of annoyance. She didn't seem to pay any attention to Alpha. And then she paused and looked up again. "Sounds like an OK plan but... We need to not bring the Enclave down on El Dorado prematurely either... So far they've been leaving us alone... But if we piss them off..." Odd to say after the siege and spider mech perhaps.
Alpha     Alpha shakes his head, waving a hand. "This isn't the full Enclave. This is just one guy that needs ta die. So.. we catch em 'fore they get back to the main group. Isolate, recover and then destroy.. If they don't know who did it.. then they won't know who to hit back.. So.. we need legionare outfits.."
     Akane sighed then sat down at the bar, turning to watch Alpha for a while. She tilted her head and made a face at the thought of wearing Legion gear... But then she shook her head and propped her chin on her hand. It was pretty clear she was contemplating /Alpha/ specifically. Wondering if he could concentrate on work now that they found this damned note.
Alpha     Alpha paused in his contemplation as Akane would sit and.. stare at him. He'd blink, looking at her, frowns, then sighs. "What? What is it Akane? You have something on yer mind and yer not just saying it.."
     "I do but I'm not sure it's worth your time and if it /is/ worth your time I'm not sure now is the best time to deal with it." She sighed and looked sheepish. "I'm pretty stupid about some things and I know how important this is to you so... Maybe it can wait? I.. was trying to figure that out."
Alpha     Alpha purses his lips, then shakes his head a little. He'd settle at the bar and motions for her to talk. "Let me figure that out. Ifn ya got something.. share.. better now.. so I can sort out how to handle it all.. than be blind sided, Akane.."
     Akane lifted her head from her palm and peered at Alpha for a moment then nodded slowly. "Vault Thirty. I told Lee what I found out but he said it was a Sherriff's thing. So I figured I'd talk to you when I came to check on Lynn... But then this happened."
Alpha     Alpha frowns a little, then nods and motions for her to keep going. "What about it? I've heard this and that of course.. ain't ever found a reason ta track it down though.."
     Akane nodded and continued. "So I was told that the Enclave wants it. Bad. That they were taking prominent citizens from El Dorado and that they're not full on wiping us out because they want the vault and think maybe we know how to get there. I was... trying to think.. But.. Lynn's not 'prominent' really right? But.." She paused and shifted then looked at Alpha with a very concerned expression. "Alpha... If they have only been taking prominent people to grind for information... Could.... Could this mean they're about ready to come down on top of us again? I mean.. Maybe her uncle was extracting her."
Alpha     Alpha frowns, then shakes his head slowly. "There's a few key people they ain't taken yet.. family is one thing.. but they haven't taken the mayor.. or the sheriff in ED.. and it's those two who know the most.. They mebbe close.. But the rats ain't been fleein JT yet.. so I ain't sure they're quite to that point Akane.. Even so.. It's something we need ta work on.. soon." he'd sigh softly. "Fraggit.. what a fraggin mess.."
     "on that we agree. A mess indeed." She sighed lightly the reached out and put her hand on Alpha's hand. "I know you're worried... But... Her uncle doesn't want to hurt her yet. We have time. Maybe not a lot but some... Hey.. Do you have one of these?" She pulled out a small piece of paper, a fragment of a map."
Alpha     Alpha nods slightly in response, although he didn't pull anything out. "yah. I got one.. Had it for a while.. But.. ifn we were to start collectin them? That'd probably have the Enclave come hunting us.. you realize that, right?" He'd frown and sigh. "So many fraggin pieces.. I know.. I know.. a lil time.. Just.. further away she goes.. harder it is ta get her back.."
     Akane tucked her fragment away again and shook her head, a little gleam in her eyes. "If we could get enough of these so I could get a look at how it's drawn... Why couldn't we make a fake? Send them away from El Dorado? Trade the fake for Lynn. Or save it for putting them in the wrong direction later...I.. Maybe that's a stupid idea."
Alpha     Alpha muses thoughtfully. He'd shake his head a little and smiles her way. "no.. Actually that's not a bad idea. It certainly has potential, ta be sure.. So.. yeah.. should get on that.. here." He'd reach under that duster to pull out his own piece, offering it to Akane. "Start gatherin. Ifn ya need a safe place to store em.. we can set it up in the jail."
     Akane blinked... THen blinked again and then, if she hadn't been skilled at deception she would have gawked as Alpha slid his fragment over to her. She took it carefully and tucked it away to safety. Then she nodded. "I will probably take you up on that offer at the jail... Makes you wonder how the damn thing got so torn up to start with. I'll also need some local maps though. Where can I get those?" Se had been shocked that he suddenly not only trusted her with this crazy ass plan but gave her his piece It only served to harden her resolve.
Alpha     Alpha nods slightly. He'd shrug then. "That works.. as fer tearin it up? Well.. it ain't surprisin. But I'm surprised they didn't just torch it.. or any of the pieces got lost ta fire.. yanno?" He'd shift on his feet a little. "Ya saved her ass once, Akane.. I'm trustin ya ta help me save it again.."
     Akane smiled then, her brightest most aura-inducing smile that would turn the background into pastels around her.... "Of course." But then she broke the effect by opening her eyes, and displaying a level of bloodlust that was so incongruous with the smile it felt odd. "And I'll be certain to bring you her enemies so you can take their heads personally."
Alpha     Alpha hesitates, eyeing Akane with that first one look.. then.. well.. that was just creepy as frick. He'd stare at her a moment, grunts and shakes his head a little. "I'mma sniper, Akane.. ifn I'm takin someone's head? It's gonna be a 50 cal at a click out, yah? I.. just.. need a 50 cal.." he'd frown then, before shrugging. "I got the desert eagle.. but I really need a better rifle fer this work.."
     Akane chuckled and seemed to go back to normal, her creepy self tucked safely away again. "I can see what Iris has in her shop but... I think you're better off finding that gun yourself. I am still learning about them." She leaned on the bar pondering a few things.. "Well, I suppose I should go and try to find more fragments...."
Alpha     Alpha sighs, then nods in agreement to Akane. "I'll start searching too Akane. I'll letcha know as soon as I find out anything.."