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Qwillis     Qwillis was half-way up Brutus, who stood still next to the wall of Shanty town. He had a panel open while leaning on a strap that was hooked to the ladder. From there, he had tools in a belt while he worked on something within that machine. The one thing that might stand out with Qwillis? His right hand looked metal, with 3 fingers and a thumb, while his left is flesh. That left leg also ends in a metal foot on that rung, next to the boot he wears on the right.
Victoria Victoria is coming down from the north from El Dorado Road, a children's red-faded wagon dragged in behind her, boots kicking up dust as she moseys along, unfurling behind her in a long dusty mote. A large backpack is worn over her shoulders, hung along her back, and the wagon is covered by knotted together garbage bags. As the gate is approached the olive skinned woman will tilt her head back to look at the man on the Brutus, gazing through aviator sunglasses up beneath rim of her baseball cap, wagon wheels squeaking to a stop, "Hey, you got a sec?" Whiskied voice asks, woman waiting patiently for an answer.
Rexus Rexus is doing his rounds, keeping an eye on the walls and the checkpoints and various things relating to security. He has a bit of jerky in hand, taking little bites and chewing forever, keeping his mind occupied as he wanders along. He spots Qwillis and Brutus, chuckling as he pauses next to the giant robot and peers up at the engineer. "That thing still workin down here? Or you just doin maintenance?" he inquires.
Qwillis     Qwillis looks up from his work as Victoria calls up, then glances over to Rexus. He'd smirk and gives one last tweak to a screw inside the panel before closing it and starts down the rungs.
    "Hello Miss. I certainly do have a moment of time." Qwillis would nod with a smile to Victoria. Glancing to Rexus, he'd nod a little. "There is still a portion of the wall it can work on as well as reinforce what we have. I've petition the city to let me move it to one of the sub-villages. But I have not gotten a response. yet. So it has to have maintenance done too."
Victoria "I'm looking at getting to Shantytown, and was told ..this should be the right direction." A pause as she tilts to the side to look at what's beyond Qwillis and his robot, "Is this the right way? I'm so turned 'round lately I can hardly figure out where my own toes are these days." Said in an exasperated sort of way, though Rexus has the woman jumping, left hand coming up to her chest where she clutches her coat, eyes closing tightly as she swears softly, "- crap. Sorry. Sorry." Lips curve into an apologetic half-smile, "Frick. Uh - sorry. Shanty town, straight ahead or ...." Dark brown eyes open once more, a sheepish look given to Rexus by way of apology.
Rexus Rexus gives a squint at Brutus and the engineer... then the wall. "Well... let me know if you don't hear back. I'll give ye the authorization to move it and start building the walls at the settlements.. only makes sense... keep Brutus working... won't let those pencil pushers hold back our defensive progress."
Qwillis     Qwillis nods to Rexus with a smile. "Appreciated. I'll start the calculations now for the transfer then. I should be able to time it out so he can go that way after finishing here on his own."
    Qwillis looks to Victoria and chuckles softly. He'd motion to the buildings behind Brutus. "This is Shanty town, Miss.. Ah.. I'm Qwillis. It's nice to meet you." He'd offer that metal hand to shake, unless she shied away from it, then he'd just drop it. "Is there some where specific you're looking for in Shanty Town? I grew up here.. so I know it fairly well."
Rexus Rexus chews a bit more on his jerky, nodding to Qwillis. That done, his attention shifts to Victoria, looking her over with a squint, just listening as directions are provided to her.
Victoria Victoria will listen to the convo between Rexus and Qwillis with mild curiosity, gaze drifting between both until Qwillis speaks to her and offers his hand. Hesitantly she'll reach out, dirt encrusted nails and calloused flesh meeting with those metal digits, "Vic. And no bloody way." As she squeezes his hand she'll lean back a little on her right heel, gazing at the place, "I actually went the right direction, well." His hand is released, lopsided smile plopping onto full lips as she looks relieved, "That's freakin' awesome. Uh, I have no idea. I guess where can I get a room for the night, I think this might be home, providing everything goes well .." Words drift away, Victoria settling her gaze on Qwillis as Rexus looks on, "Sorry. Just ..maybe point the way to where they rent rooms?"
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles to Victoria as she'd shake his hand. He'd shake hers back with a nod and of course let go when she does. He doesn't seem to notice the dirt or anything. "Well then, Miss Vic. I am quite happy to show you a few places. You can get a room at the hotel. Just make sure you're clear with them you're not part of the red-light group, hmm? Otherwise further north is El Dorado itself and you can get a room at the Gold Digger's.. You may also be able to crash for a little while at the medical Clinic. Camilla is a nice woman and should let you stay there for a bit."
Rexus Rexus lets Qwillis handle the new arrival. "Well let me know if you don't hear back and all." he says, giving a polite nod to Victoria before heading westward and the walls to continue his inspection.
Victoria "Not part of the red-light group ...a'ight, I think I can handle that." Vic will state as she rests her hand back into the pocket of her coat, the other still holding tight to the handle of her wagon, "So like ..which way to the hotel." A glance to Rexus, Victoria lifting out her hand from pocket to wave loosely at the man as he goes back to his business, "Just ..point. I'm pretty good at walking straight lines."
Qwillis     Q watches Rexus walk off, nods a little and then peers back at Shanty town. "Well.. that'd work if there was straight lines, Miss Vic. I am done with my work on Brutus for now. So I do not mind showing you?" he'd smile and motion back along the road. "there's a few turns. But it's not too far. You mentioned that Shanty Town will be your new home? What brought you here?"
Victoria "The wind." Vic will say earnestly, her smile fading as she looks to the robot and what it's working on, "I could help, you know. Not now, but in the coming days, with whatever you're building." With Qwillis's motion she will lean forwards to set her wagon moving, pulling it with her as she begins to walk, "Thanks, Qwillis, was it? Thank you. And it might be my home, I don't know, I guess if the town wants me, we'll see. For now just somewhere to sleep." For the time being she follows the blonde man, giving side glances to his mechanical hand and leg.
Qwillis     Qwillis chuckles quietly, shaking his head a little. "Fair enough. I would not be opposed to having assistance. But this is just a side part of what I do, Miss Vic. I am actually establishing a base for the Scientists of El Dorado.. If you're someone that likes to work on technology, maybe you'll be interested in joining?" He'd smile and lead on, that metal step a heavy counter point to the softer boot step. He didn't seem hindered by the off limbs, Just definitely different.
Victoria Victoria sets her gaze forward and will walk alongside Qwillis, the wheels of her wagon squeaking along, one wheel not rolling, perpetually stuck in place. That little hitch means her wagon is harder to pull, so she leans forward while pulling and walking, forcing the weight in the wagon to move, "I'm kind of handy with chems, but not Not really. I'm not books smart. I'm better with a pottery wheel, anyhow." Mumbled, the inside of her cheek bitten down on as she sinks into silence.
Qwillis     Qwillis shakes his head, glancing at Victoria. "I'm seeking to open a chemical wing anyways. I have a member who works a distillery rather well.. So I would not mind having someone there that can help her, hmm? You'll have a room, a place to work.. That's the idea behind the group. An unhindered location to work so that whatever challenge El Dorado faces? We can create something to stop it." Leading on, it was indeed a few turns that has him bringing her to that hotel finally. Q stops in front of it and smiles, motioning. "There you go. Just think about the offer. If you find something else, then of course, I wish you luck in it. Just know the offer is there."
Victoria Victoria almost trips over her feet when Qwillis gives his offer, "Seriously? Wow ...yeah, I mean ..yeah. Yes." Head bobs, her eyes wide with surprise, "I guess you'll know where I am ..I've not gotten any other offers. So ..yeah." She'll thank him for showing her the way to the hotel, and proceed into said hotel with a yank of the wagon.