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Owner Pose
Iris Lark It's early morning in Acme, and the town is just waking up. People walk the streets as they make their way to the farms and shops that are located here. However, the light in the general store has been on for quite some time.

Iris is seated behind the counter, legs crossed, with plasma weapons laid out in front of her. One is in pieces and she seems to be cleaning it, or repairing it.

A few people walk in and out of the store, idly browsing the supplies and asking a few questions, but they wander back out the back or front door as they continue on their way.
Lowry      Lowry enters the store now, his boots clanking and dust rolling off of them. There seems to be a faint green stain on some of his clothing as well. He strides up to the counter now. "Ma''am." He tips his hat. "The shotgun is nice. But Im a' lookin' fer' somethin' different today." His eyes scan the store and the counter, "See yer' messin' with them plasma gizmos again." He grins then adds, "Any chems?"
Iris Lark Iris gazes up at Lowry walks in and brings dust with him. Sigh. It's a good thing she likes to clean. She offers him a wary nod when he tips his hat and sets down the piece of the plasma rifle that she's cleaning to give him her full attention. "I keep my plasma gizmos clean so they don't misfire." She quips, before she folds her hands and grins. "I have chems, what are you looking for in particular?"
Lowry "Well, Got my first pay not so long ago and realized I am in dire need of a couple basic things." He squints and rubs his chin. "Pry...three doses a' med-x.... Two a' calmex, and some Whiskey." He gets an awful look on his face and just barely hunches over. Looking to her now he adds, "An from one caravaner to another. I took a healthy dose a' rads out there earlier, aint' treatin' me to good. Some help with that would be grate. One o' the few things I can't just pour liquor on." He gives a little wink as he straightens back up.
Iris Lark Iris slips to her feet and walks around the counter as Lowry hunches over, without a word she leads him to a seating area near the windows where bright sunshine is streaming through at the moment. The dust motes dance around her as she pulls some Rad Away from her rucksack and sets it up so that the medicine starts to enter his system. "The chems will be one hundred caps, and the bottle of whiskey will be on the house." She sets her rucksack on the floor and kneels down as she pushes through the contents pulling out tiny bags of chems. "Do make an attempt not to take too much, or mix some of these, please?" She asks, an amused look on her face as she gazes up at the man seated in front of her.
Lowry      Lowry lets her lead him over to sit. After she is done and begins to speak he listens intently. Nodding he says, "Sounds alright." When she offers the booze he gives her a smile. "Sent from heaven, ya' are." When the iv is removed he will fetch out the appropriate amount and hand it over. "How 'bout the healin? Whaddya' I owe ya, Doc?"
Iris Lark "I don't charge the people I work with for my services, it's my job to keep you all on your two feet." Iris remarks, shrugging as she pushes to her feet. "So don't you worry about that, you hear?" She moves back to the cooler near the back door and opens it, pulling out a bottle of water that she hands to Lowry as she walks back towards the seating area. She plops down on the empty chair and tilts her head slightly. "How have you found work thus far?"
Lowry Lowry seems surprised. "Ya' don't say. Well ya'll are kinder than I'd heard around here." Taking the water he drinks deep. A nod of appreciation given. Leaning back now he ponders her question a moment before pulling a toothpick from inside his coat and placing it in his mouth. "Not bad, not bad. No lack of excitement that is no mystery. The pay is decent, on time so far. The folks are kindly enough." Another polite nod her way, "All in all I might stick around a bit. How long you been here?" He replies in the end.
Iris Lark Iris blinks, a confused look on her features as she gazes at Lowry. "You'd heard that I wasn't kind? Or heard that people in general weren't kind?" A brief look of hurt crosses her features before she gets control of herself and she smiles, shrugging her shoulders as she listens to him continue to speak. "I've been around El Dorado for over a year now, seems longer sometimes." She spreads her hands out and chuckles quietly. "Never really figured that I would end up settling anywhere, but I have a home and a store and..reasons to stay now."
Lowry "Ehh, people embelish." Shaking his head he says, "No, no. Nothing about you in particular. Just that it was a lawless, full o' scumbags an' whores. Cutthroats and pickpockets. A real gutter...Half tha' reason I come!" He starts laughing loudly. Indicating he was pry just joking. He listens intently after that. "I know the feeling. But I could get used to hot meals and beds. It's been awhile."
Iris Lark Iris looks a bit surprised and her brows raise slightly as she laughs with Lowry. "It's something when you've got a place you can loosely call home, and people who are unitied in your purpose." She glances out the door and lowersher voice a bit. "If we're being honest, there is everything that you mentioned here, but..there are good people as well. There will always be bad apples in a bushel." She chuckles softly and adds. "Well you're welcome to come here anytime you're looking for a hot meal, I cook far too much, far too often."
Lowry      "Well, much obliged." Nodding he adds, "Oh, I know there out there." He tips the hat again and stands. "How 'bout ammo? Any 12 guage layin' round? And what's this?" He moves on over to the wall looking at the poncho. Looks right out a firefight or two I been in." He is kind of admiring it. "Looks of decent quality. The old coat is gettin' a little worn."
Iris Lark "None of that ammo, I'm sorry to say, but I'll keep an eye out." She pushes to her feet and walks over to where Lowry is standing, reaching out to feel the fabric on the poncho. "It's actually rather nice, would you like a closer look?" She lifts herself up on her toes and pulls down the poncho, spreading it out. "It was purchased in Mexico when we went to see about dealing with the Enclave down there."
Lowry      "Shoot." He mumbles at the answer on the ammo. "Yea, please." He adds as she pulls it down. He looks it up and down. "Surely looks nice, not from around here that's fer' sure." At mention of the enclave he just shakes his head, staying away it would seem from that one. How much anyways?" The man asks.
Iris Lark "It's 200 caps." Iris replies, glancing over at Lowry with a smile. "Are you interested?" She folds the poncho and sets it down on the counter, walking back to her seat to settle into it.
Lowry With a considering look on his face he answers, "Yes. But not today. Gotta save some caps to throw away before the next pay comes around." He winks at her and pulls his own satchel out now putting it on the counter and rummaging through. Stuff spills out, empty bottles, a couple random caps, a straight razor, "Sonofabitch." He mumbles and then..."Ah." Here you go, came across it. Nothing special but I have /no/ idea what to do with it. Perhaps it is of some value to you? Figure it was the least I could do for the healin'." He would hand a bundle of wasteland leather over if she wanted it.
Iris Lark Iris pulls the leather closer to her and her fingers appraise it's worth as she smiles up at Lowry. "I'll keep the poncho for you then, and you let me know when you can afford it." She says, and then she turns the leather over. "I can certainly use this. I'm glad you thought of me when you found it." A grin appears on her face and she shrugs. "Keep in mind though, I'm happy to heal my friends and my co-workers, no charge."
Lowry "Ehhh, no worries. I wouldn't know what the hell ta' do with it." He gives her a little nod. Us caravaners gotta stick together. It's rough out there." He starts compiling the stuff that fell out together now to return to his pack. "Half this shit is junk." Shaking his head hi zips it back up. "I need a drink. All those rads messed 'up my guts. Join me?" He'd pull out the bottle she gave him to have one for the road.
Iris Lark Iris moves out from behind the counter, but she doesn't take the bottle, she does have a seat though - gesturing for Lowry to do the same. "I don't drink, at lesat, not very often. Feel free though if you're thirsty." She offers him a smile and leans forward a bit. "You're going to find more junk than anything else in the wasteland, unfortunately."