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Carter Griffin As of late, an extremely potent form of Jet has begun to be picked up in El Dorado. The Jet is quite strong, and is powerful enough to kill someone who doesn't have a high tollerance or a naturally strong constitution. Investigations of dealers has lead Ranger Griffin to the source, a facility far north of El Dorado that has been taken over by what was only described to him as 'a cult'.

Each interested party has been instructed to make their way out to the coordinates given by Carter on their own, the rendevous point provided for them in their instructions. Carter himself is waiting at the location, scouting out the facility through his Ranger helmet. He has spotted several guards outside of the facility, all wearing HAZMAT suits and seeming to be carrying a mixture of weapons. Shouldn't be hard to get through but they don't want to alert whoever's inside too early before the assault begins.
Ruane "hemical Analysis of Jet indicates Methane. Phermones of unknown animal." Roman observes to now one in particular, maybe the small scorpion bot that is trotting along beside him as he goes. The man will of course be exactly punctual, almost disturbingly so as he glances aside then to the robot and inquires, "Interesting meeting." Roman observes as he glances aside to Carter then upon seeing the man, taking the time to carefully study him before exhalin and looking over to where they would eventually try and get to.

"Possible Poisoning if the compound is entered. Equipment.. inequipment." Roman notes.
Ironface Jones The call to help people by fighting evil drug manufacturers has reached Ironface Jones and he has set off to join Ranger Griffin on his quest. Riding atop the mighty First Horse Jones the big tribal sits somewhat uneasily in the saddle, but he appears to be growing more comfortable there. Once he's at the meeting point he dismounts from the horse and ties off the reins, looking about at the other people assembled and giving them a, "Greetings." Based on the way he's carrying himself and how he keeps his weapons ready he seems to be all set for whatever might happen next.
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose hunkers down with the others that had gathered to scope the place out. These people were putting innocent folk at danger with their dangerous drug dealings, so its in the interests of the New Mexico chapter to prove they mean well for the locals and not be crazy zealots like others to help out. "Always someone looking to make a few caps off others' suffering."
Gordon Gordon arrives to provide Carter with the support he needs. The ambassador wearing his NCR armor approaches Carter and greets him with a strong hand shake. As Carter begins his briefing, Gordon steps to the edge to look down at the facility. He pulls out his cigar, lighting it and taking a smoke. "Is the Sword of God here? I want him on overwatch." Gordon gazes over his shoulder to Ironface, giving the man a hard look for a moment but when Ironface greets them, Gordon nods and turns fully to see what Rangers came to the call.
Sammy     Sammy checked back in at the Embasssy, and after a quick check of his gear, headed to the rendevous point, in the gathering twilight, he's a phantom, drifting low and quiet as he moves, the moonlight reflecting and highlighting the NCR bear logo on the shoulder, he's got the deftness of a stalking mountain lion as he catch up. Compared to the flare of the light from the cigar he practically materalizes out of the night, tattletale nightvision 'Red Eyes' already working their magic. A sharp salute, and helmet-muffled "Hoo-ah." as he reports in.
Molly Brown Molly Brown knows of Jet and only sees one real use for it, when something like a death claw has you cornered and your going to be killed /anyway/? That's when you pop it, it's a surival tool a /very/ dangerous one /at/ that. Nothing more, this type of jet can't even /claim/ that like normal Jet, or Pyscho which also falls under that line of thinking to Molly. She was armeored a hell of a lot better than when many of the people here have last seenhere.

"Great we could get messed up by this new jet? Or the chems related to making it?"
Barns Barns gathers with the othersm"how many we looking at sir" barns asked without checking with his sniper rifle
Gordon Gordon nods to Sammy, acknowledging the ranger. He looks on over to Rose, reminding himself of what he read about the active assets in El Dorado. Gordon nods to her and then says after clearing his throat, "This is your show Carter but... I want to see Rose and Sammy on overwatch- opposite sides." The man in the NCR officer armor walks over to Carter, pointing on the maps, "Here and here. We move in, flush 'em out..." Another toke, "Then overwatch plugs them one by one."
Neva Fernandez     "I wouldn't know about any sword of God, but with a few prayers, God will be with us regardless." Comes the cheerful tone of perhaps the most unusual answer to the call for help comes in the form of a pretty, red haired nun. Locals would know her well enough, she's Sister Neva Fernandez, and has been practically raised by a certain nun at the church prior to said surrogate mother died a year before.

    She smiles as she takes a few steps foreward, "I thought I might be able to help." She tilts her head and grins, "If that's not a problem, sirs."
Katherine Caine Katherine is the very last to arrive a mixture of cowgirl and ranger in her choice of attire, for some it might have been the last place they expected to see her for others? They were used to her taking in active part in protecting the city and its interests. Super Jet was bad for everyone, one of her girls had already overdosed on the garbage and was in the Vault Town clinic, unlikely to make it through the day.

Drawing a pair of revolver she nodded to Carter but didn't offer anything to the plan, tactics was not here strongpoint? Killing assholes? That was.
Carter Griffin Carter continues to observe the building as people filter in. He greets them one by one, nodding at Roman's observation, "This stuff is like ingesting straight poison for most folks. Terrible business model, hard to get return customers." To Ironface he responds with an acknowledging nod of his own, and then returns the handshake to the ambassador, "A bit surprised to see you out here sir, but I suppose you want to watch the Rangers work."

With the posse gathered, Carter takes a moment to look over everyone who has shown up, "I'll give you a quick briefing of what we know. I have no idea what the strength of anyone inside. The facility is large enough that we may need to take some time to clear it out." He turns back around to look over the building again briefly, "There are at least ten on patrol outside, all wearing HAZMAT gear. Weapons vary from old looking pistols to scatterguns. I don't see any long range support, but don't discount it."

He pauses for a moment, but responds to some of the questions, "All help is appreciated. As for the chemicals, they are hazardous so watch your fire once we're in the building. Last thing we want to do is blow it up while we're all inside of it." He looks back to Gordon for a moment, "I agree we will need overwatch from up here, sir. Now, we're not a hit squad. If anyone surrenders we'll take them into custody, but from what I have been told...It's unlikely. They're fanatical, and see their manufacturing of nearly pure Jet as a way to honor their god, so be ready for anything. Any last questions? If not, overwatch set up, and the rest of you, lets move in."
Molly Brown Molly Brown looks to the redheaded nun for a moment and tilts her head. "Hopeflly." She doesn't say more to Neva for the moment as she checks her gear over for a moment. "I'm ready as I'm ever going to be here. You'll also need some heads for tech and science. We'll need to dispose of this stuff rightly. We also have to nail who ever was the master mind behind the new form of jet. We can't have the foumla surive. We need to /burn/ it right? God it accept surrenders, and leave them to the Sherrif, I'm fine with that. So be ready for insane zealots high on some super Jet?" She's really glad she's got armor now, /really/ really glad. Though her armor is a bit patch work, some messed up combat armor leggings, a chain mail vcest, leather elbow pads and an Vault securityt armore undersuit as well. She's ready thouggh as she's ever going to be."

Molly won't go in first but she won't be last either as she heads on in. So there's moment "We might want to try and take those hazmat suits. The fact they are using those ... worry me."
Neva Fernandez     The nun is quick to raise her hand. "If it's at all possible, I'd like to see if we can negotiate a peaceful solution." Neva tilts her head, "Fanatical they may be, but if it's possible to get them to listen to reason, then I should hope their surrender can be arranged swiftly. I'd like to go in first and negotiate."
Ironface Jones "We must not let the poisoners continue to hurt people," Ironface says, mostly to Dusty but he's not trying to be inclusive with his words. Gotta make sure everyone has a chance to speak to him, after all. Gordon's look and nod get a return from Jones, who doesn't seem to mind in the least. Being as big as he is he gets stared at a lot. Carter, too, gets a return nod, "I like that you do not want to kill those that surrender. Those people may have value still." Ironface knows what to do when it's time to go, attempting to stay towards the front of the group. He does slow up with the lady in the habit suggests talking to them first, ready to let her go ahead.
Katherine Caine Katherine did speak up now as she reached up to adjust the brim of her cowboy hat, "Surrender? They're just going to be hung anyways, these scumbags are guilty of murdering El Dorado Citizens. Every single last one of them. If they surrender, I'll put a bullet in them myself." There was no levity in her voice, she was all business. This was about justice. Wasteland Justice.
Barns Barns barns slings his rifle over his shoulder and walks up to molly "ill cover you from my vantage point , be carfull down there kid" and with that he headed to a over watch position with rose to put his sniper to good use
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose readies her laser pistol and takes a deep breath to compose herself. "They lives they would destroy are worth more than their own, then." She reachs up to pull her goggles down over her eyes. "So if they die now or live to see their punishment really doesn't matter."
Ruane "Determining the Chemical composition will be most interesting." Roman idly comments as he crosses his arms. "Lacking protective gear and explosion risk however means that pay should be renegotiated after completion." Roman adds then for Carter then as he narrows his eyes slightly. Though he'll pause to glance aside for at Neva and Molly in turn. "Least dangerous oppportunity suggested. Also reinforces the rule of law. Risk increases very little from attempts at a negotiated settlement." Roman offers then humming underh is breath. "Furthermore, information extracted better suits our goals. Corpses contribute little."
Gordon Gordon did not see Barns at first but once he comes closer to the map to pin point an overwatch position he catches a glimpse of the fronteersman. The ambassador nods to him and then says, "Barns will also be good on overwatch." He then says to the other, Rose and Sammy, "You three set up for the op - If you want to be on the floor instead of overwatch, let me know." Gordon smokes his cigar and looks between Ironface and Carter. He chuckles at Carter and pats him on the shoulder, "You think NCR is going to send some desk jockey to be the ambassador of El Dorado?" He jest and looks up to catch Katherine infront of him. The man stares for a moment, a shit eating grin on his face as he chews the back of his cigar. He turns around, "We should do damage before we attempt to secure a surrender. Hit their morale from afar and then move in."
Sammy Sammy taptaps the throat-mic on his helmet to make sure it's on, and hasn't shorted out again, a quick glance under his duster at the battery level and a quick check over his rifle, that by all intents and purposes resembles as much a religious rite as the caressing touch of a lover, and he's about-faced into the night ....
    A few moments pass and over the NCR radios, the other s would hear the slight crackle to Sammy's voice. "Sword of God on high. Confirming headcount. Listening for 'prayers'." and there's sarcasm dripping with more than the cold night's rain in that voice.
Carter Griffin "I'm not going to stop you from trying, but I want the snipers to have you covered." Carter replies to Neva, as he turns to look back at Katherine, "Don't take this the wrong way, Miss Kitty, but we're not in El Dorado. If we can take one alive we will to get intel, see if they have any other labs or anything like that. Then we'll give them to you so you can hang them, but I'm not going to condone popping guys in the back of the dome."

He looks over towards Sammy and nods his head, before he hops down onto the ledge and slides down it towards the base. The others can move in as well, he'll let Neva do her thing, but wants Sammy to be on guard just in case. He is like 99% sure this isn't going to go the way she wants it to. Everyone else should set up nearby as well, ready to spring if things go south.
Ruane "NCR 'Ambassador' encourages violence. Then demands surrender. Will.. keep in mind for future negotations." Roman notes in response to Gordon's words as he lifts his brow slightly, "Efficent yet Cold. Could cause trouble." Roman remarks before he glances aside to Neva then and dips his chin in response, his hand remaining at the side of his firearm then before glancin aside to Carter again.

"Less bullets spent increases efficency of mission. Results in higher profit margin."
Molly Brown Molly Brown looks to Barns and nods "Thanks and I will do." She moves in and woll do what she can andshe does agree with Roman on tht it would nice to have known that little details. She has her weapon ready and moves in. If she prays at all it's simple, God I don't want to die yet. That's about it she may have issues with any deities over a little thing tht happened in October 2077 but enough of that she's focusing upon the mission of dealing with a cult dealing Jet.

"I thought tht was how raiders were Roman?"
Ironface Jones "These people will face justice," Ironface Jones says softly, eyeing the building up ahead and it's guards, looking almost as though he's eager to get going as he adjusts his grip on the bat in his hand. His gaze takes in the rest of the party again briefly, making sure he knows roughly where everyone is so they won't get lost in a melee.
Barns Barns sets up on his position aiming twords the compound once set up he turns on his throat mic to talk to the others via comms "this is barns im in position ,over"
Gordon Gordon flashes Sammy a thumbs up and says to the radio, "Hear you lima charlie, how me? Remember kids, we ain't got crypto so them fuckers could be listening in right now. Keep it clean and those eyes on team lead." Gordon motions to the Carter, signaling to the overwatchers who's who. Rolling his shoulders, he wraps his arm around Carter's shoulder and says, "I'll go down with the nun to provide covers but I think we should inject demos on one side to get them scrabbling before they learn about our snipers." He flashes a brow to Roman, "Settle the fuck down. Those down there, threaten your city. They are not allies." Gordon nods to Ironface, sighing when he catches himself agreeing with a BOS but then turns back to Roman, "But with that said, they will be treated as described in our treaties. What I am suggesting is an attack against their armed threats so that when we move to negotiate - We do not have to settle who has the bigger dick. We clear? If you looking to start a political discussion while we are on mission, gather your shit and walk the fuck back to El Dorado, the embassy has forms you file if you wish to complain." Gordon glares at Roman, flickering the ash of his cigar, "We got a job to do." He twirls his fingers, "We move at Team Lead."
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose shifts a little, adjusting to the additional armor she's wearing under her jacket this time. "Ready to move when you are."
Neva Fernandez     Neva smiles and nods to Carter, while also looking to the others to acknowledge the others here, "I won't let you down, Mister. I have faith that this mission will turn out for the best." She seems mighty sure of herself.

    She then turns to give Miss Kitty a longer look. She'd never quite seen the owner of the Gold Digger Saloon with quite the hardened expression, so she gives her a smile, "I'll be back, Miss Kitty." She gives an assuring smile, before turning back to Carter, "Let's go by the grace of God." She wasn't a preacher by any means. She was there to as a healer and an ear to turn to.

    She waits for the okay to make her attempt, she turns and slowly walks towards the lab, in the wide open. She has her shotgun at her side just in case, but that it's not in hand indicates she's coming peacefully.
Sammy     That rock over there, the rock with the long barrel sticking out the side, yeah, it's not moving much at all. But then again, that's exactly what is supposed to happen, and so Sammy scopes the targets, and starts to watch the ground team moving in, listening for targets of opportunity to be called, and hunting to see if the site has any of their own long range targets that haven't managed to make themselves completely hidden.
    Thus begins the true test of patience. OF not letting adrenaline hit the system of playing out each breath nice and slow. Not just simply sweeping and clearing, but the more challenging, picking the good targets, and removing them from their mortal coils.
Katherine Caine Katherine looks at what's about to happen. Trying to make them surrender, when they just planned to end them all anyways. It was giving up their advantage. She respected the Nun and her work for the Lord, but in their own way? They all carried out the will and plan of God if you thought about it, in every action and choice they made.

"We're going to give up any chance we have of catching them unaware. Take out of those guards and let's move in fast." Yes. She was basically trying to tell the NCR soldiers there to ignore their orders to stand down and let the Nun try to negotiate.

They could crucify her later, taking aim with one of her pistols she shot towards the first guard hoping the example set would be all the persuasion the snipers needed.
Gordon Gordon sucks on his tooth and plugs the cigar back into his mouth. He jingles the sword hanging off his hip and smirks at the nun, "Sure. God." Gordon keeps his energy pistol in his holster and checks his gear before he moves down. Katherine changes that and a nasty glare is given to her, "We couldn't talk this out before you went into action." Gordon moves to his radio, "Overwatch, hold fire."
Barns Barns curses into his mic "sorry sir but fuck orders " he then fires his rifle at the gauds looking at cathrin
Carter Griffin And just like that all hell breaks loose. A shot comes, not from the compound, but from behind Carter, "What the actual fuck?!" The Ranger turns his head back for a moment, then back to the compound, where one of the guards on the perimieter suddenly finds the glass dome of his HAZMAT suit shattering and his head splattering inside of the helmet. He hits the ground like a bag of bricks.

A second guard goes down a moment later, laid low by a shot from Barns that tears his arm clean off. The shit has hit the fan, as the other guards respond to the attack, coming around from the sides of the building and turning their weapons in the direction that the rounds are coming from. Looks like the element of surprise has been spent. Go get 'em!
Ruane Roman Raune is trying to argue for the incivility of the NCR and how dangerous they were.. and litertally not five seconds later katherine is going around shooting off her gones and trying to start shit. The man's head turns ever so slightly to catch a glance of Katherine guns in hand.. and to hear the crack of bullets from NCR snipers ring out then as well before he exhales slowly. "Dangerous. Foolish, undermining the very nature of respectable society." Roman mutters as he draws up his 10mm pistol and tries to take a shot at one of the guards nearby Neva, the first bullet plinking and grazing the leg before the second lodges straight into the arm.

All that is left is an incapictated and perhaps dead man in a pool of their blood. "Disgusting. All of this." Roman mutters even as his robot is skittering as fast as it can into the battlefield.
Barns Barns spots a sniper and shoots his arm clean off from his spot once downed he findes cover and yells into his comms "all units weapons free i say again weapons free"
Neva Fernandez     Neva was NOT planning on firing her shotgun at people. She'd never actually even done that to actual people, but she had at the very least learned HOW. THAT being said, when suddenly people are just unloading upon the encampment, Neva goes wide eyed and dives behind the nearest actual cover, and on reflex draws her sawed-off shotgun, the Sister Rosa, and fires off a shot towards a guard more or less at Random.

    Neva takes a breath, and closes her eyes while behind cover, and begins praying, even as she hears the sound of a body thudding.
Molly Brown Molly Brown has to keep moving, she's changing as a person but the wasteland does not suffer hestation, this new Jet is meance and words own't be going so well it seem as she moves in trying to give covering fire to Neva and those othersw who are ahead of her. The Vault Girl seems to be adapting pretty well to life out here after all. Maybe oneday the world will be like it once was, well at least more orderly, but for now? There's not much choice as she moves on in!
Sammy     That rock, with the long barrel rifle sticking out. It breathes fire as Sammy squeezes the trigger, lighting up the night with the distinctly unmuffled "KRAK-BOOM" of a supersonic round finding it's target.
    Unfortunately for Guard #5, the bullet found it's mark, and turned the poor fellow's head into a red mist, fountaining arterial spray over the remains of the hazmat suit.
Dusty Rose ... So much for stealth. Well at least they still have the high ground, so to speak? Dusty Rose takes aim with her laser pistol and snaps off a shot. One skims past one of the guards and burns a rut in the ground not far from his feet. Muttering under her breath she readjusts a bit, and the second laser scores an actual hit, staggering the guard but not quite dropping him.
Carter Griffin Guard 1 finds himself getting lasered square in the chest. It burns a hole through his HAZMAT gear, torso, and the back of his suit, but he's still standing, somehow. He reaches up to touch the wound, a bit surprised at how it doesn't even hurt because the nerve endings have all been burnt off.

"YOU WILL NEVER STOP OUR LORD! DIE INTRUDER!" He cries out, as he raises his 10mm pistol at Dusty and squeezes the trigger, the round striking her in the chest, but her metal armor deflecting the round into the dirt at her feet instead. It probably still stings like hell.
Katherine Caine Katherine didn't stop moving as her first set of shots connected with the arm and head of one of the guards, the spent bullets popping out of her revolvers as she watched all of God's wrath come down on the unfortunate chem-peddlers when the snipers and the rest of the team joined in.

Targets go down all around her and aiming her pistols at the last wounded guard she fires off another pair of shots, blowing the man's well manly bits apart as he drops to the ground.

Pointing both pistols at the remaining guard, fingers itching to fire she says, "It's your lucky day darling. They made me promise one of you gets to live, so, don't spit on your luck. Drop the weapon and you won't end up like your friends."
Dusty Rose The bullet doesn't penetrate but Dusty still squeaks out an eep as the armor rings from the impact. Bless whatever scavenge gods that got her hands on that body armor.

And then Miss Kitty blows his guts out before he can try and accoust her again. Whew.
Carter Griffin It's a veritable flurry of activity as soon as Kitty opens fire. Guards drop like flies, most of them not even getting a chance to realize they were being fired upon before they go down. The only guard who even manages to get a shot off in return is the first one, and all that rewards him with is getting shot in the dick. With all the damage that had been done from the laser, his body goes into shock and he falls over.

Only one guard is even still standing, and he immediately throws his weapon down, as soon as Miss Kitty turns her guns upon him, "I don't even believe in their god, they just pay really good caps!" He cries out, hands going up into the air as he drops down to his knees, "Don't kill me please, I just wanted a way to make quick caps, honest! I didn't even know what they were making at first!"

Carter jogs up behind Katherine and looks at the guy surrendering, "How many do you have inside?" The guy turns to the Ranger, staring at the black armor, "I dunno man, like a dozen? Maybe a few more? They just told me to stand outside and watch for folks! Please, let me go!"

Carter turns to lok at the rest of the group, "We're not letting him go. Tie him down and we'll pick him back up on the way out. Everybody else, get into position to breach the building."
Ruane Roman just shakes his head then as he mutters under his breath. "Unneccessary bloodshed. Two bullets wasted." Roman then takes the time to start approaching the facility then as he looks it over and examines the actual 'dryg' factory then before glancing aside at Carter. "Will this not cause an explosion? Firing in here?"
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose nods her head a bit. Easier to take one captive out here than try to drag someone from inside later. "Hogtie him and lets keep moving before they get too long to regroup from the debacle out here." It doesn't take an expert in tactics to know they probably heard all the shooting and are going to be more prepared.

Dusty tilts her gun for a moment to check the ammo charges, and gets ready to continue on. "Ready to roll here."
Ironface Jones Now that combat is joined Ironface knows just what to do: charge! It might take him a second to get going but when he does he can really move, covering distance pretty easily on his way to the bad guys. Of course, things are over before he gets into bashing range. Oh well, he slows himself down and gets to work tying up the guy who surrendered, "If you fight back I will pull off your arms." Jones more or less just manhandles the guy until he's hogtied, bound ankles to wrists behind his back. He then lefts the guy up and carries him over to where Neva can cover him, "Please do not let him escape." Then he's off to join the rest of the party again for the main assault.
Molly Brown Molly Brown See they have their collar as it were. She'll move in and she's very worried even if a shot misses anything it could set off a spark and cause the whole place to go up. Molly also knows she's not that good up close ub a melee. She does take the time to reload however while she has the chance.
Sammy     Sammy's rock doesn't move, just keeps looking for the next target of oppoortunity, paying careful mind that the soggy box guy on the roof is indeed dead and not doing a good job at pretending not to move. And that the guy he himself downed is continuing to be dead, for example, not regrowing another head. It is a strange and interesting place this Wasteland, and sometimes it's best to watch it through a scope, like he is, with his finger on the trigger, just waiting for something to present itself. But keeping an eye on the party that is going to head to the building as well. Everything's still within optimal range, unless they decide to ditch around the back of the building, but he's already eyeing the next piece of cover he'll move to.
Katherine Caine Katherine reloads her revolvers while the group gathers up and when she catches Carter's helmeted visage for a moment she says, "Sorry to rain on your parade." She seemed to mean it, even if she believed that her actions had been the best course. She'll take up the rear when they head in.
Carter Griffin Once they have their captive secure, Carter moves to the doorway to the facility and kicks the door. The first time it doesn't give, so he hauls back and kicks it a second time, busting one of the hinges and letting the door swing open. He enters quickly, leaving room for the others to go in. The first room is a reception-esque area, dusty and disused, but there's a hallway leading back to the large manufacturing area, "Everybody be ready, they have to know we're coming this time."

As the group enters the manufacturing area, they spot a group of cultists, also all wearing HAZMAT suits. Most of them are already aiming guns at the group as they enter, but the leader is standing up on a platform next to one of the large vats. Behind him, a massive banner hangs depicting their diety.

It should be noted that the cult leader is wearing tighty whities, boots and a gas mask, with nothing else. "Welcome to our sanctum, interlopers! We the Cult of Blue Sky are thankful you have decided to come! It has been far too long since we were able to offer a sacrifice to the Hydrofluoric! Our lord Heisenberg demands sacrifices in exchange for the secret of Blue Sky!"

From the platform next to him, the leader grabs a minigun, the weapon starting to spin up, "KILL THEM AND BRING ME THEIR HEADS!"
Sammy     And suddenly the rock has eyes, red eyes, and it's not a rock, it's a shadow blitzing across the ground in the darkness as Sammy sprints down to the distance, finding himself chasing the group to maintain a good field of fire on them, setting himself up back enough to get a good view, but hey, this wall he's leaning around might provide some good cover, right? He sees the Minigun spinning up and decides that's the number one most important thing to remove from the battlefield RIGHT NOW.
    "Krak-BOOM" goes the sniper rifle as he watches the round impact the leader's right leg. But he ducks back around the wall hoping to avoid the incoming bulletstorm. He chambers the next round and takes a breath.
Carter Griffin The almost naked leader laughs loudly as his weapon finally spins up to full speed, only to take a shot to the thigh from that sniper rifle. The man roars out in pain from behind his gas mask, and turns the weapon onto the position the shot came from. Bullets tear through the air from the minigun, the 5mm rounds tearing up the ground and Sammy's cover as he tries to supress the sniper with the bullet hose.
Ruane Roman Raune is now in the middle of hell itself, civility is not a thing that can be argued for here as the fighting starts almost immeaditly. The man's 10mm pistol is already up and two rounds unloaded into one of the cultists. The bullets go ight through.. unfortunatley and the person he's popping rounds into looks more than a little pissed no doubt and eager to return the favor.

His robot isn't in much of a better position. Ol'Sparky is trying to vulcan nerve pinch one of the bandits on his shoulder but instead gets a disgusting fat roll which the robot tugs on. "Inefficent!" Roman shouts out. "Should of concentrated efforts. OH well.. "
Katherine Caine Katherine watched the shot from Sammy hit the cultist leader in the leg and she couldn't help but follow up with an attack of her own, "Save the speeches for the afterlife." It was the only reply the man got from her as she unleashed a salvo of bullets from her revolvers; one of them of course, slamming right into the man's private bits.

While there was still enemies to fight, Katherine couldn't help but raise her revolvers up and blow the smoke away from the barrels as she looked for her next target. When she sees Molly come under attack she calls out, "Get to cover! Don't let them close in on you!"
Molly Brown Molly picking up tht armored vault suit has just proven to be a /very/ wise idea for the Vault Dweller. There's so many damn cultist about it's geting pretty insane. She is going to certainly be eyeing those combar armor arm guards in town if she surives this. It might be a wise idea to invest a bit more in armor when it comes to this. She also knows as she taken a hit but the armor's held it's not perfect but it wasn't beached she'll not be dealing with serious injury at the very least she also making for better cover but she ends up having her shot go wide even with the VATS system on her pip boy kicking in.
Carter Griffin One of the cultists wielding an assault rifle turns the weapon towards Roman, just in time to catch two rounds to his body. He stumbles and squeezes the trigger on his old Kalashnikov style Chinese rifle, the rounds digging into the ground in front of Roman, "Stop resisting the might of our lord! Give in and your sacrifice will help us to spread the word of Blue Sky to the wasteland!"

The leader, so focused on trying to pin down Sammy, never sees the shot that kills him. He only realizes it at the very end, as he looks down and sees his sacred garments turning red. The spray of rounds stops, and he falls into the acid vat he was planning on sacrificing our heroes to.

The cultist who was attacked by the scorpion bot is armed with a machette. He cries out in pain as he's torn into, and swings the blade at it, metal on metal with no effect on the robot.

A shotgun blast tears up the ground near Molly, and a moment later, another shot rings out, a cultist to her left hits home, but the .357 magnum round lodges in the leather armor. Bullets are flying everywhere. One of the cultists has Ironface in his sights but when he pulls the trigger nothing happens. Turns out he forgot to rack a round into the chamber.

Carter takes a round to the chest, but keeps coming as his black armor absorbs the hit.

Bullets fly every which way, as Carter rushes up to the Lieutenant, the woman turns and grabs the shotgun in his hands, hauling it off to the side as he fires, "Fool." She says to the Ranger, before putting her revolver up against his thigh and pulling the trigger, blasting a nice hole clean through it. Everything has gone to hell pretty quick.
Ironface Jones This time around Ironface is able to get himself into the action and he doesn't hesitate. When it comes to smashing faces he leaps forward to bash in the skull of one of the cultists. There's a mighty THUMP! as the barbed wire bat crushes the skull of his first enemy. The second manages to keep his distance from the huge tribal and Ironface is unable to close on that one.
Dusty Rose Despite her best effort at keeping focused Dusty Rose can't help but marvel at Roman putting his scorpibot to work. Clearly he's as good with robotics as he said he was. She knows who to ask if she needs any help with repairing the heap of collected robot parts currently sitting on the workbench of her shop, most definatel--

Oh right, fighting.

Dusty yelps as she snaps back to the hear and now, just in time to step away from one of the cultists to get out of the direct line of fire. But instead of turning on him she moves off to the side to get herself a better position, and fires off a laser at the Lieutenant turning Carter's leg into swiss cheese. "Sacrifice this, bitch!"
Sammy     And then the minigun stops chewing up and raining shrapnel on Sammy, he nods and swings over his covering wall, seeing that his boss has indeed, charged up and missed with a shotgun. That's going to be a lot of paperwork unless he does something about it, therefore, another round is sent, and his one turns the Lieutenant's head into red mist and gristle raining down on Carter. Maybe red really is his color?
Ruane Roman Raune is standing now with gun in hand as the rest of his companions focus so intensley on the people in charge that.. a large number of the little guys are still up and about. Luckily at least, Minion three, though distracted by his robot and someone trying to take a swing at him (thanks Jones), a coupel bullets in the back will do the trick.

Then we got our little robot buddy scampering around to pinch and claw at another fucker, the robot getting inbetween people, legs and cubboards like a crazy robot does and starts pinching and eating.
Molly Brown Molly gets a hit in but even keeping to cover doesn't save her at all as she takes s slug tot he chest finfing a gap in her armour,a nd she foes down, hard. Very hard she hits the gorund bleeding, alive but she's messed up pretty bad. They shot the team medic, this could be a problem.
Katherine Caine Katherine dodged bullets as they came her way, one of them ricocheting off a near-by piece of machinery and narrowly missing an explosive tank of chemicals. Yet again, her revolvers shot out again in a pair of rapid fire snap shots towards the closest two cultists. They were both rewarded for their faith in their god with a bullet to the skull and groin respectively before she called out, "Everyone ok?"
Dusty Rose This is turning into one hell of a firefight. But they... are slowly winning? Maybe? Dusty Rose is still on the learning curve here. With the Lieutenant down she turns, picks out another cultist that's still fighting, and squeezes the trigger twice. This time both shots are pretty accurate, burning through fabric and flesh. "Don't let them get close to the wounded!" Not that the wounded aren't capable of holding their own, as Carter proves with his own firepower.
Ironface Jones With a powerful roar Jones begins to froth at the mouth, leaping towards one of the remaining cultists and swinging his bat around mightily! It collides with the man's skull and his head just about turns all the way around before the body slumps to the floor. The next guy in his way doesn't fare any better as the big tribal delivers an overhead blow that caves his head in. Still raging, he lets out a yell towards one of the remaining bad guys, spittle flying from his mouth, "You're all gonna DIE!"
Carter Griffin With their leader down, the cultists are worked into a frenzy. They scream in rage and violently lash out at the infidels that have violated their sanctum. The team does an amazing job of working their way through the remaining cultists, with the lieutenant's head splattering all over a far wall after she reels back from Carter thanks to Dusty's laser blast, one being cleaved into peices by Ironface, and two more dropped by Katherine's fancy gunplay.

The remaining cultists turn their weapons on her, opening fire with everything they have at the very elusive target. Unfortunately for Sammy his sniper's nest has been uncovered as one of the cultists has flanked him and opened fire with a double barrel shotgun, raking over the Ranger with double ought buckshot.

Molly fires at the cultist, only for him to return fire and strike her in the armor, finding a vulnerable spot in the armor where his 10mm round will penetrate. Carter, still bleeding badly from his leg, rapidly reloads his shotgun and turns it on the closest cultist. Before the guy can react, Carter fires both barrels from the weapon, sending a massive spray of pellets at the man and shredding him and his HAZMAT suit into meaty chunks.

Dusty nails another one with her laser, making him spin around into Ironface and get cut down for his trouble.
Sammy     Yeah, that's it, Sammy, shot in the chest and really hating life now. Do you realize how much that stings? Buckshot vs. chestplate is fine and dandy, but at this range, he's still got crunched ribs and he can taste the copper of blood in his mouth, muttering under his breath, "Nobody makes me bleed my own blood." And with rage illuminating those eyes, levels another shot at the next cultist still chanting, still screeching.
    "Krak-BOOM" in the confined space, the shot reverberates and the red mist flows..
Ruane Roman Raune just exhales then as he pulls up his pistol and unlaods two more bullets and glances about then as he exhales softly and grunts. "Find evidence of chemical usage. Determine source. Simple enough." Roman recites to himself then as he steps forward to look about the room then even as the body that just hit the floor is still a bit warm.

Got a job to do after all. Help robo-buddy
Carter Griffin As the last of the cultists goes down under the hail of gunfire from Sammy and Roman, Carter finally allows himself to sit down, in his own blood, "I think that's the last of them." He says, "Everybody alive? Say so if you're not!" He calls out to the others, peering through the smoke and dust and who knows what else is floating around at this point.
Dusty Rose Dusty Rose lowers her pistol and lets out the breath she was holding as the final cultist goes back down. Then overhears Roman's remarks, bobbing her head. "Yeah, find something to help prove what they were doing here. Just to keep things legal." She tucks the pistol into her belt and gets to looking as well. "And prove we actually cleared them out."
Ironface Jones Now that there's nothing left to kill, Ironface Jones takes a moment to get himself back under control. It takes him a second of looking around once more to make sure that the threats are, in fact, no longer threatening. Then his shoulders sag and he takes a couple of deep breaths to put his anger away, down into the belly, where it belongs. Wiping the rest of the spit from his mouth he looks around to make sure his people are okay, moving towards the Ranger, as he's the closest. "Stay still while you are healed. I will help move you if you need it." Calling out he offers, "If you need it I will help you move."
Neva Fernandez     Perhaps was better that Neva spent a little bit of time outside of the building while the rest of the battle was going on. While she has a pretty good strength of will, she's never KILLED a man before, so that was a shock that she was letting soak in, and it's probably a good thing the rest of the group left her outside for the time being.

    Once the fire fight died down, she took that as an opportunity to make her way back in, and calls in, "Is everyone okay?" It doesn't take long before she spots the wounded, and quickly goes to tend to them, and reaches to her side to to pull out a medkit and focuses first on Molly.
Molly Brown Molly Brown is very not okay she's down and she's got Neva working to stop the worst of the beleeding she'll even offer a pointer or two if Neva would hear her out it seems the team other medic got shot so she's not much good helping for the moment. She's not in danger of bleeding out though at the very least.
Ruane "Legality not issue. Civility is however." Roman observes in response to Dusty then as he turns aside to offer a dip of his chin to the woman then. He'll take a few steps forward then to look things over before humming under his breath as his arms cross and begin to pick things over.
Carter Griffin "Alright folks. Gather what you can and lets get out of here. Don't want to hang around any more than we have to.." He pushes himself back up to his feet, reaching down to grab the bandana around his leg and move it up to cover his wound.
Sammy Sammy coughs a bit more, and looks over his cover, before standing, taking the magazine from his rifle, placing some more rounds in it from a pouch in his fatigues, the metal box is tapped to line all the shells against the back of the magazine, and then slid back in the rifle, nonchalantly, stooping to pick up the spent brass and pocket, he begins investigating the rubble, Looking rather forlornly at the congealing puddle of minigun in the vat of acid where the cultist leader's body is boiling at the surface. Really, truly thankful for his respirator. He heaves a few more breaths, and begins to sweep the perimiter, "Everyone seems to be doing ok... I need a drink."