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     Akane was in the market for a gun. Maybe 2. She was unhappy with her SMG to say the least. So she was on her way to Acme. Iris had told her to come looking if hse ever needed anything and had helped her in the past. So the crimson-haired woman had come. She entered the shop and looked around curiously, her hair long and flowing for once. She looked.. Really good for once too. No real visible bruising, no marks from violence... Well.. except her arm. Her arm was swollen and bruised pretty heavily on the forearm and was in a makeshift sling. Akane knew first aid. But there was only so much you could do with your own arm. She paused and peered around for anyone that might be there. "Hello?"
Iris Lark Iris hears someone calling to her out front and she opens the door, spotting Akane. She blinks once, not having seen the woman for a while but she quickly pastes a smile on her face and gestures for Akane to join her in the back. "Good evening." She says after they both step through. "What can I help you with?" She asks, moving back to the table where she is sewing two pieces of fabric together.
     Akane smiled in return to Iris' greeting and nodded, following her into the back. Her green eyes look around out of curiosity though little more before she returned them to Iris. "Well, I am looking for a new gun or two. Preferably, 9 mil. An automatic capability would be great. I heard you had some HKs available?" She looked sheepish. "And.. Lee will be angry with me if I don't have someone look at my arm... "
Iris Lark Iris taps her chin before she walks in the storage rooms, holding two HK's in front of her. "I do have two. She sets them down on the counter next to her sewing and her eyes move towards the angry bruise on Akane's arm. "I don't blame him, he likely wants you safe, and you can't be completely safe if you're wounded." She gestures for Akane to have a seat on the padded stool that is next to the counter. "Have a seat, and I'll look at your arm whilst you look at the guns."
     Akane nodded slowly to the 'he wants you safe' comment then blushed. She couldn't keep the tiny smile off her lips either... "I.. I know he does..." The brave one was reduced to looking like a teenager in that moment...
     She obeyed though and slipped her forearm out of that sling. On closer inspection, Iris would see a buckle pattern of bruising on top of the original bruise, indicating there had been a secondary wound possibly with a belt. The arm had been broken and reset. But that was all the treatment Akane had managed.
     As for the guns, Akane peered at them, picking up the one and peering at the other. She seemed curious and was careful when she looked down the sight of the pistol. "Hmm... Not bad. How much do you want for them?"
Iris Lark "Together they're 200 caps, otherwise the SMG is 125 caps, and the rifle is 100 caps." Iris remarks, and she gently manipulates the arm, making sure the break and set are clean. Happy with waht she sees, she gently treats the bruising with some numbing salve before she binds it and sets it back into the sling. "This is healing clean, you'll just need to keep it in the sling for a bit longer." A beat. "If you're going to be mobile and active, you might want me to cast it for you."

She glances at the guns briefly and she wrinkles her nose. "I'm trying to get out of the gunning business, honestly, it's a bit..dangerous."
     Akane winced once but Iris' attentions were kind enough not to irritate. The salve soothed it all away, though. Akane watched her closely, taking mental notes. "Thank you. I'm glad I set it properly. Using a belt like that can be a hit or miss on your own." She smiled though as if she'd not said something crazy.
     When Iris stated the price Akane seemed to consider then nodded slowly. "It's a fair price. To be honest, I'm also looking for something else, but I'm not sure you have them or would be willing to part with them."
     She let her arm be put into that sling again and then peered at Iris with a concerned look. "Have you heard about Lynnette?"
Iris Lark Iris can see the woman watching her as she works and when she's done she turns her head slightly, meeting her eyes and smiling again. "It is hit or miss, but you managed this time, and did quite a good job." She pauses and then settles against the counter, her elbows resting on the flat surface. "What are you looking for, and we'll see if I can part with them or no." Then the slight red haired woman asks a question that makes Iris blink, her brows furrowing. "Heard..what about Lynnette?"
     Akane nodded then sighed softly. "Lynnette...I know you guys are friends... I went to check on her after she was shot, just to make sure she wasn't getting an infection. But I found Chuck unconscious and there was a note on the bar... She's.. been kidnapped." Akane watched Iris closely, ready to try and calm her down if need be.
     "A..anyway I know something the kidnappers might want more than Lynn. You know these things?" She withdrew a smalls crap of paper, a fragment of a map, presumably to Vault Thirty. "I want to gather as many as I can so I can make a fae map, send them to the wrong location, maybe trade it for Lynn AND beat the Enclave to the vault at the same time. Sheriff Alpha decided it was a good idea so told me to make it happen. Now I just have to collect these things from people quietly. We don't want he Enclave finding out about it you know?"
Iris Lark Iris goes still at the mention of Lynnette being taken and she closes her eyes briefly, sighing. "I had not heard about that, thank you for telling me." She listens to Akane speak further and she turns to pull open her rucksack. "I have some, and if it will help Lynnette, all the better." She glances back at Akane briefly and shrugs. "I wouldn't know what to do with them anyway." She pulls a few scraps free of the bag and hands them over. "Any other help that you need, please don't hesitate to ask. I know a lot of people don't consider me a combatant, but I am a fair shot."
     Akane blinked but accepted the fragments gratefully. "Wow, this really will help!" She now had several of the fragments and was going to ask a few more people before trying to work them together. She didn't need all of them for the possibility of a false map. But the more the better she could do.
     "Thank you." She smiled brightly. "I will. Mr. Alpha will probably be in charge of any actual assault. But I want to get her back... It was my fault they found her to begin with."
Iris Lark "I'm glad that it will help." Iris remarks, chuckling softly. "I'll talk to Alpha about it, hopefully something can be done and soon. I'll try to gather some resources to help, something...anything." She gazes at Akane and frowns. "How did...what happened?"
     Akane looked down at the table and sighed softly. "Well, when I shot the Legionnaire and he wrecked her bar? She came out into the wasteland to find me the next day. As she was leading me back to town we were ambushed. They were after Lynnette. I just got caught up in it." She looked up at Iris, looking a little guilty. "If she hadn' come out here, we would never have run into her uncle..."
Iris Lark Iris eyes Akane, her face impassive and then she sighs and places a hand on her shoulder. "It's not your fault, they would have found her at some other point, especially if they wanted her bad enoough to go looking for her." She huffs a soft breath. "I'll talk to Matt and see if we can set our caverneers to look for her."
     Akane blinked and lifted her eyes when Iris touched her. She looked like she still blamed herself a little but rather than dragging her down it gave her more motivation to get her friend back.
     Mention of Matt and the caravaneers made her per up. "Right! I should talk to him next!" Shifting the guns away, the rifle over her back, Akane hesitated then peeked up at Iris again. "What... do people around here do .. when they get married?" She blushed faintly.
Iris Lark Iris purses her lip as she gazes at Akane, and her cheeks get pink as she seems to be searching for words. She sighs and gazes down at her feet as she begins to speak. "Uhm, well honestly Akane, I'm not sure." She sneaks a peek back up at the other woman and she looks slightly miserable. "I've only been here for two years, and honestly I'm in a relationship that ..seems kind of normal for the first time." She fidgets and then finally leans forward, her voice lowering. "If you're talking about you, just make sure the person cherishes you. If he does, then can do whatever makes you happy."
     Akane's cheeks were no lighter. Probably darker than Iris' honestly. "I.. He does.. It.. It's Lee... In the militia? He asked me. I.... I like him too." She was so red she looked like she might pass out. "I.. No... I love him too. We're going to get tattoos of rings so no one can steal them."
Iris Lark "Good for you two." Iris responds, and she fetches some water, setting it down in front of Akane. "Take a drink and a breath, if you pass out, I'll have to find someone to tow you home in a litter." She takes a seat and lets her gaze settle on the girl for a few moments. "You look happy, if not completely flustered, and that's what matters."
Matt Matt is whistling again. He whistles a lot these days. The bell for the store rings as he comes in, but he doesn't even stop anymore. "Helllooo?" Matt peers over the counter, to see if shes puttering around behind it before heading towards the storage room. "Darling? Miss Lark? I have brought you many things." He pops around the doorframe and sees only Iris for the moment. "Well one thing. Wine. Well two things. Wine and me."
     Akane covered her eyes for a few seconds then took a sip of the water. "Sorry. I'm ok.. really. I just can't believe it still. I didn't think anyone would want me let alone someone nice like that..."
     Matt's entrance did not really help her blushing, though and he apparently did not see her sitting there with the rifle and the bright red face. But when he mentioned wine and him, Akane's eyebrows went up and she GRINNED at Iris, wriggling those eyebrows teasingly. Her lips mouthed 'Matt?'.
Iris Lark Iris glances from Matt to Akane and when the red-head gives her 'that look', Iris sucks her bottom lip in and bites down on it, nodding twice. She takes the bottle of water from Akane and takes a swig herself before handing it back. "Come in Matt, I was just.." She gestures towards Akane and then glances between them for a moment. "We were discussing Lynnette, apparently she's been kidnapped." She takes the wine from his hand and sets it down, moving around to find a corkscrew.
Matt Matt takes a step, then another and another and is a bit too oblivious to notice company. Hes of a single mind. Until Lynnette his mentioned and his steps stir to a halt, and he looks over and AKANE IS THERE. "Oh! Uhhh...Hi." Matt does the mental math and realizes nobody actually knows stuff was going on. "I wasn't aware you were..tending to patients. Miss Lark." He turns back to Iris and tips an invisble hat like a buffoon. "Should I wait outside...or..."
     Akane gave Iris a conspiratorial expression like she was impressed, but followed it up with a small grin to show she was happy for them. The sip of water Iris took almost got a giggle from the younger woman. Almost.
     Akane peered at Matt as he froze in place. She just smiled as though nothing had caught her eye. "I see you're walking fine now. Glad I was able to help." She smiled and looked at Iris. "I took care of his leg when he was shot." Then to Matt. "It's fine. She's done."
     Mention of Lynn's situation got Akane to sober up a bit. "I'm collecting fragments of this old map to Vault Thirty. The ones that took Lynn want the vault so I want to get an idea of what this thing looks like and I'll make a fake. Maybe that can help us get her home faster."
Iris Lark Iris goes still when Matt gets formal, one hand on a corkscrew and the other resting on the counter. If it's a secret, so it will be. She works to open the wine, putting her attention on tht while Akane fills Matt in with what is going on. "I only had four to give her, hopefully it's useful." She says, as she gets the wine open and finds some glasses to pour it in.
Matt "Those map stuff? I mean, who tears a map up. Really." Matt chuckles at Akane. He is *also* with Rifle, but thats never not a thing for him. He is watching Iris, veryyy closely.
    He frowns when Iris gets all still, but he shakes it off instead. Matt gets a bit of a goofy grin, rolling his eyes a bit(mostly at himself) before striding across the room towards Iris once more. He lets her take the wine, his fingers hook into the belt loops of her jeans to hold her in place though. A gentle motion grabs her chin between his thumb and fingers to plant a nice kiss upon her lips
     Akane watched as Matt went up to Iris and ended up giving her a kiss.. on the lips. Akane flushed faintly and looked to the side, though she was smiling lightly. She waited a few moments then looked at Matt again. "I have no idea but... Do you have any? I want to get as good of an idea as I can so I can make the fake believable. I can buy them."
Iris Lark Iris blooms like a rose at that kiss, her cheeks go pink but she leans in happily to press her lips to his. She does manage to get loose then, and she pours out some wine, handing him and Akane a cup. She has a seat on a bench and crosses her legs, sipping slowly from her own cup of wine as she lets them haggle over bits of a map.
Matt Matt waits for her to flit away before moving towards the bench as well. Unfortunately, Akane is smack-dab in the middle of it so Iris and Matt book-end her to keep her from getting away. He has wine now and he sips from it. "Ohhh...the fragments? I've got some." His satchel comes forward and he digs through it. Maps. Papers. Steel document carrier, got it. He pulls it out, turns it away and changes some combination on it before popping it open. "Uhh...vault map..vault map. I've got two, you want'em?" He says, offering them towards Akane.
     Akane accepted the wine with a blink and then BLINKED again when she was bookended by the two. She peered between the two and then at Matt as he dug through his satchel. "Yes. How much do you want for them?"
Iris Lark Iris glances down at the other two before she chuckles softly and gets to her feet, going back to the sewing she was doing when Akane arrived. "Matt? She's trying to get Lynn back with the map, but do you think we can ask the caravans moving through the area to keep an eye out for her as well?" She glances back at him and then holds up the shiny red fabric. "I'm making a dress, do you like the color?"
Matt     Matt just shakes his head towards Akane. "Don't worry about it." Matt's rifle eases off of his back and he sets it to stand up in a corner while he is here. "I'll get it out on the radio. What exactly would caravaneer's be looking for?" He is concerned again, friends missing and stuff. "Its lovely. It'll go with your eyes very well."
     Akane smile, accepting the fragments from Matt. "I'm grateful. I only need a few more to get things moving and the sheriff is letting me work in his office so no one can steal them."
Iris Lark "They're looking out for Lynn, or..possibly Enclave people." Iris glances back at Matt, and she takes a deep breath, looking troubled. "I'll be looking out while I walk the settlements tomorrow." She turns back to her sewing again, her hands moving slowly as she stitches. "I should have gone back to check on her again after she got hurt."
Matt "We'll both be out looking." Matt amends Iris' statement, settling back against the wall behind the bench and sighing. "Its never a dull week around here, is it?" Matt asks to Akane, who is still sitting next to him. "It has been very long since I've seen you, my dear. How have you been?"
     Akane frowned slightly and nodded. "They are definitely Enclave." Akane knew quite a bit about this apparently. She'd told Iris why. Matt had seen her messed up ankle after the initial confrontation. In fact, it had been that time that Matt had seen her.
     Akane peered at Matt and blushed faintly, looking to the side and sipping her wine. "I.. might be engaged?"
Iris Lark Iris has her back to the pair of them as they talk, and her hands are working on a dress on top of a counter. "Do you have a dress to wear?" She asks, glancing briefly over her shoulder at Akane. "If you don't..would it be too bold of me to offer to make you something? Not for the wedding, just to wear at some point." She turns back to what she's doing before she adds. "I've been making clothes and giving them away, I figure it's good advertisement."
Matt Matt gapes all wide-open-mouthed like at Akane and mutters and blushes. "OH!" And he grabs ahold of her shoulders and squeezes her so tightly, back and forth shaking that the wine is ruined, onto the floor. "A wedding. Weddings are so much fun. A white dress. Vows and talking and commitment and dancing." He has *not* stopped hugging Akane. "Wait. Waitwaitwaitwaitwait. To who? Am I going to have to do murdering?"
     Akane blinked at Iris and tilted her head. "I don't.. have a dress for it I mean. We weren't going to have a ceremony or anything... I didn't think people would really notice." She peered at the sewing in Iris' lap then and raised an eyebrow... She looked about to speak again when Matt was suddenly squeezing her. She squeaked!
     " What what what now?" She looked confused. Honestly, she knew nothing about weddings. Which was why she'd asked Iris earlier what people did for them in El Dorado. "Uh.. Knight Lee... Knight. We... We chose last names. SO I'll be Akane Knight now..." And that got a dark blush again from the woman.
Iris Lark "Well the dress isn't for the wedding, it can be a jacket, anything you want really." Iris says, gathering the sewing in her arms and going to one of the deep seats, folding herself into it and shifting until she's comfortable. "I'm making a dress because someone asked me to make myself one for a date or some such." She quirks a brow at Matt and grins. Turning back to Akane she shrugs. "I think I can make just about anything, but ..." She trails off and lets her gaze drop back to what she's working on.
Matt Matt has *not* yet released Akane. "Oh good. I didn't want to have to shoot that gargauntaun asshole." He'll leave it at that, then squeeze Akane one more time. "Shut up. We'll do the ceremony at Lonestar or something. Nice big open dance floor, big floodlights. Food and music and dancin." Finallllyyyy she is let loose. "Do we have a date yet or anything? For the event, Not for. You're going with your future husband." Matt apparently loves weddings.

"A date? Oh? Whoever could have made such a silly request such as that. Asking you to wear something nice on an outing." Matt leaves Akane and the bench behind ot go fuss at Iris from behind her. "I'm sure whatever it is will have me happy. You've got nice legs, make sure they're out, eh?"
     Akane looked like a deer in headlights as Matt went on and on about a ceremony and such. Floodlights?! Why would they need floodlights?! She looked dazed and almost scared by the time he released her.
     She stuttered and had to pause a second before talking to Iris. "I... yea.. It.. I could use a jacket... What exactly is this ceremony thing?" She eyed Matt again.
Iris Lark Iris turns and she starts to eyes Matt as he gushes about weddings. Apparently he's very fervent about weddings and children, should she be worried? "Matt, dial it back a tiny bit hon, I think she's going cross eyed and slightly faint." She walks over to Akane and kneels in front of her. "Remember what I said before, it's about what you want, and what you're comfortable with." She glances at Matt and quirks both brows, almost as if she was saying. Agree with me! "I'll see about making you a jacket, it does get slightly cold here at night sometimes."
Matt Matt may have...found himself lost somewhere in his excitement. "Yeah. Mmhhmm." He'll start to agree with Iris like a smart man does. "We can just..ya'know? Dress you up in something nice, something nice for him. A nice dinner..some nice words exchanged about your hopes for the future and how much you love each other." Matt's eyes raise up to the ceiling and he starts again. "I'll find a nice band. A *good* band to play for just your friends. It'll be perfect."
     Akane nodded slowly as Iris reminded her it was what she was comfortable with that mattered and then Matt went off on another tangent. Akane leaned forward and whispered to Iris, "I think you're in trouble if he's planning like this for ME... What will he do for you guys???" Her eyes widened then, she sat back up again.
     "Um.. maybe.. a small party afterward? I.. I mean I don't want to swear to gods or promise in front of them... You know? I had enough of the Gods. And he doesn't believe in them either..."
Iris Lark Iris blinks and glances at Matt, a thoughtful look on her face, before she pushes back to her feet. She takes a few steps and rests a hand on Matt's shoulder. "She wants a small party, and you should ask if you can help them both with that." She walks back to the counter and picks up a measuring tape and walks back towards Akane, gesturing for the girl to raise her arms so she can measure.
Matt Matt did *not* miss that. "Oh. I don't think Iris and I need to worry about that. It'd probably happen in Texas and my mother wouldn't let us worry about it." Matt smiles as Iris comes to settle him down and he moves to stand next to Akane. "I'm going to get the Lonestar Headquarters cleared up a bit. We can find a nice conference room or something...clear it out. Invite your friends. A cake? Just, everyone around to be happy for you."
     That suggestion did not seem as overwhelming to Akane. She sent Iris a light grateful look and then nodded slowly to Matt's suggestion. "That... sounds ok.. I have to ask Lee though. I'll get back to you soon okay?" She smiled lightly and sat up, slipping her bound arm out of that sling and lifting both so Iris could measure her.
Iris Lark Iris gets the measurements quickly and shoots the girl a wink before she goes back to the counter to make some notes. She turns and gazes at Matt, a slightly amused smile on her face. "Oh, we're going to go get married in Texas and your mother is going to take care of everything hmm?" She chuckles softly as she turns back towards the counter, murmuring something under her breath.
Matt "Well, I mean. We didn't talk about nothing like that, yet my love." Matt backpedals real quick. "Besides. Who knows if its still standing after the horde moved through." Depressing though and Matt shakes it away before turning back to Akane. He has this...look upon his face. "Don't you need a job or something? We're going to set up a medical section in the headquarters. Send out doctors, bring in patients. Iris is in charge of it, and well me. But I wouldn't say no to getting your signature on a contract."
     Akane listened to the two of them and chuckled lightly before standing up. Her sore arm slipped back into the sling and she smiled at the two of them. And then Matt tried to recruit her... She blinked again, suddenly unsure of what she should do... It didn't sound like a terrible offer, honestly. "Um.. Maybe.. Let me think about it ok? There's so much going on right now... And I should go anyway. You two should have some private time and I need to get these pieces together... You've both been a lot of help and.. Iris, 'Ill come back to see how the jacket's going soon yea?"
Iris Lark "I look forward to seeing you again." Iris says, turning to grin at Akane for a few moments before she turns back to her work. "Let me know if there is anything else I can do, I'll try to get a hold of Alpha as well."
Matt "Oh please, come by Lonestar whenever you want. I've been trying to drag Iris down there, but she has a thing against sleeping on floors or something." Matt apparently sleeps only on floors at Lonestar? He reachs out to hug poor Akane again, minding the arm this time. "I'll find you guys something nice as a present. Next time I see you."