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Devlin     Jack's town was rather familiar with the face of Kyne Devlin, some enjoyed his presence, many questioned it from his nature of Caps themselves being his drug of choice. A few others were wary of the man for a new reason, the 'thing' over his shoulder, something too large to be called a sword, was anchored onto his back. The man, fortunately for the town, wasn't in power armor today, but he was doing something.. asking questions about quite a few different drugs, namely Jet.

    Walking into the dwelling he was advised, Devlin moves a hand over his shoulder, gently stroking his fingers along the pipelike handle. "Oi.. Is there actually a Johnny here or was that part a lie? Ya look a bit worse for ware with these supplies." Looking around, the man began to examine the front despite noone stepping up initially. Grumbling softly to himself, he could easily see there were used needles, empty packages, and over puffed inhalers.. the only thing he could find were loose pills that had gotten damp over time.
Elsie Surelda may have a good, clean source of chems nowdays, but that doesn't mean she doesn't keep track of where else they might be aquired. Multiple sources is a positive thing. So perhaps it's of little surprise that she's here. Her silver hair is left down today, but the rest of her is hidden in that grey cowl-necked poncho cloak, with the bit of blue dress beneath. She has a backpack on, and she's moving about the drug den with the ease of someone who knows these types of places, and is familiar with them. She steps over one man, passed out or dead on the floor, without much of a glance.

The sight of Devlin makes her pale face frown slightly.

"What are you doing here?" she asks, not sounding angry or demanding, but just, simply, surprised.
Devlin     "This is 'my' town.." is answered without looking, not seeming to mind if someone caught him in a den of questionable qualities. Moving his left hand into his pocket, Devlin draws out a small bottle of pills, giving it a gentle shake, it would take Surelda a few seconds to recognize the shorthand writing as 'Buffout'. Turning around, he looks towards who he was just talking so loosely to.. then to the man she was just stepping over.

    "I think I might've stepped on him on the way in.. don't remember him being there." Tossing the bottle in the air slightly, Devlin tosses it towards Surelda after catching it. "I'm looking for a steady supply without having to go to Acme, possibly a few things stronger.. I need 'Turbo', do you know what that is exactly?" Taking a step forward, Devlin moves his hand away from the weapon's grip while approaching the cloaked woman.
Elsie Surelda catches the pills reflexivly against her body, cradling them there for a moment before she moves her hand to look down at the buffout. She shakes it a little, curiously, but the downright lust she looks at some chems with seems to be lacking here.

"Your town? Don't tell Jack, then," she notes, lifting her big, black eyes to the man as he steps towards her.

"Oh, sure," she says in response to his question. "Rough stuff, though. Too rough even for the likes of me." And that's saying something. She looks over Devlin, from toes to hair and back again. "I kinda figured you more of a ... dunno. But something a bit more refined. Still, if you're looking for something in particular like that, I can ask." For a price, of course.
Devlin     "He owns the town officially, I live in it, kill for it, bleed for it.." is said as Devlin comes to a pause in front of Surelda. Looking him over, Surelda could easily notice he doesn't have a cast on any more and that his build was becoming more muscular while his hair was messier than before. In the dim light his oddly toned blue eyes were a soft violet tone. His clothes were as they had been though his outfit showed more wear marks, showing that he was in his powersuit for a long time as of late.

    Extending his right hand, Devlin motioned in waiting for the bottle back. "Anything for a job, just like those little things." Curling his fingers then relaxing them slowly, he waits but then says, "For pleasure I drink whiskey every so often. Drugs don't agree with my system like that seem to pleasure your's."

    Motioning to the side, Devlin uses his head to motion towards the back closed off section of the front. "Is pleasure the reason why you're here without your guardian? There aren't many who respect him like they do in El Dorado you know.. You aren't exactly safe."
Elsie "So does the sheriff, I imagine," Surelda points out, easily handing the bottle back to him. No fuss about it. She won't toss it, though, but will drop it neatly in his hand when he offers it.

Those big black eyes flit and her head tilts slightly to regard the direction his head moves, and then she will look back to him once more. Taller than her as he is, she has to look up a bit in order to meet his gaze, but she does. And her brows lift in surprise and ... is that a touch of amusement?

"This isn't my first flophouse," she informs him easily. "Even before Ashur, I fit in just fine in places like this." She tilts her head a bit further, curiously, but seemingly unafraid for now. "Really the only threat to me in here is likely you."
Devlin     "Aye, it's his town as well.." Rather than discouraged, a smirk twists onto his lips as he continues, "Who do you think often hires me?" Accepting the bottle again, Devlin pockets the bottle into its safe spot once again. Looking Surelda over briefly, he watches where her own hands were at the time before trying to follow her gaze.

    "Is it your flop house that is often raided by thieves and juiced Raiders?" Tilting his head to the side, Devlin waits for an answer but when she gave a different statement, he furls his brow slightly, looking at the young woman before him. "I am a threat to you now?" Arching a brow, his eyes drop some as his right hand reaches out, trying to pinch the side of her cowl and draw it back from her face.

    "Unlike the giant, I am not one to have bruised, not battered you, now have I?" Not waiting for an answer, Devlin gives her a partial answer to what he just asked, his tone growing agitated, possibly subconsciously when he does answer. "If anything is a threat, I would look towards the one who's bed you warm."
Elsie "I'm glad the work's steady for you, then," Surelda says honestly. "As for thieves and juiced Raiders, I've seen 'em before." That and more. But who wants to dig into the past? No one, that's who. Especially not when there's such juiciness in the present.

Her eyes move away from his gaze to track his hand, seeing it move to her cowl. His fingers manage to pinch the fabric and tug before Surelda is stepping back and away. She's quick, but not quick enough. He'll have time to see what frames her neck beneath the cloak: dark continuous marks, once dark purple now fading to lighter purple and blue. She brings her left hand up to tuck the cowl back into place once she's backed away. Her face is solemn, but otherwise unreadable.

"He's a threat to others more than he is to me," she points out. "And on my behalf. It's safer with him than with anyone else. As for you..." She looks over him and shakes her head. "No, I don't actually think you're a threat. Just making a point that this place isn't likely to be a threat to me."
Devlin     The smirk on his lips fade for a moment as Devlin repeats, "Safer with, than without.." Soon the smirk appears on his lips appears once again, though it appeared to be a bit forced at first but then lessens some into a more natural position. "Now now.. If that's true, then it looks like when you share his bed.." lowering his tone to just a whisper to ask, "You enjoy him almost making you faint?" Moving his hand up to his own neck, Devlin taps at the major arteries on either side.

    Studying her face for a hint of the truth, Devlin gently shakes his head before lowering his hand. Turning away, he motions towards the door that was closed to them currently and starts to walk to it. "Let's make a deal, if someone worries you, or scares you leave a message with Chuck. It'll get to me, I'll help quietly." Pausing near the door, Devlin knocks twice, pauses, knocks twice before pounding four times, "Oi!". "I don't really think you've been around the wastes long enough to know things as I do. So let me help you, even if quietly. Okay?"
Elsie "Everybody's got their different kinks, //especially// out in the wastes. I enjoy some more'n others, if you must know. And with him, I don't have to know those others." Surelda watches him, her face having settled into solemness which, surprisingly for a girl whose face is so very expressive, offers little insight into her true mind, just now.

She follows him, hanging back while he pounds on the door. She flinches at the sound. "Nothing'll get an addict into a worse mood than getting loud noises and shouts in his direction while he's on a ride," she informs Devlin. Not that most of those addicts would be in any shape to do anything about it. But won't someone think of those poor addicts and their comfort?!

"What's quiet help cost? And hey, what's that supposed to mean, not been around the wastes long? I've been out there." Not lived out there, of course, but played hop-scotch between different settlements and camps. That's something!
Devlin     "Drop the act, you've not been in a vault, but ya haven't been out in the wastes," turning to look over his shoulder, Devlin offered her a bit of a bored gaze. "'You' told me that, the giant has kept you from needing to learn to survive on your own." Turning back towards the door, he flares out a hand, sounding 'Beh..' before giving up at he moment on the man for the time being.

    "As for what it costs.. favors or what you wish to offer. Contacts, chems, ammo, repair kits, caps, supplies.." Motioning towards Surelda, she would find his smile returning to his lips, seemingly relaxing after the annoyance of the dealer diving into his own supply or simply being gone without fully locking up. "You work for Lonestar, you should know that caps aren't the only form of trade, sometimes nothing physical is needed to be traded or at times, a lot is needed."

    Extending out his right hand, still too far away for Surelda to take it, Devlin says, "The offer still stands you know."
Elsie "Well, that's true," Surelda conceeds willingly. Seems she's not a prideful sort not willing to admit her mistakes. She didn't come from a vault, and she did say that about Ashur. "You can learn a lot of things not living in the wastes, though." Just a teensy bit in her own defense as she approaches the man and the door he's pounding on. She doesn't take the offered hand, though as she draws up beside him, she looks to him once more and nods. That solemnity is still there, but not quite as tense. "I'll keep all that in mind," she tells him. Nothing wrong with having a potential outlet in times of emergency, after all.

Now, at the door, she wraps softly against it. "Is it locked?" she asks him. As the words leave her lips she reaches down, groping in the half-light to find the knob.
Devlin     Taking a step to the side, Devlin makes room for Surelda to walk around and test the door himself. "I would try and pop it, though it doesn't make someone want to hire me when I break into their home, unrequested." A chuckle escapes his lips as he begins to walk through the store, heading away from the door and the woman alike, heading towards the exiting door.

    "As for learning things while not within the wastes.. I have over thirty years living like that. Trust me.." Pausing mid stride, Devlin lets his head droop as he admits, "I sometimes miss that comfort too." Shrugging his shoulder, he turns around to glance at Surelda to more loudly state, "I have a meeting in a couple hours within Gold Digger, if you wanna talk, or make a request I'll be there for a while. Drinks are on me."
Elsie "What're you going to do with all that money anyway, once you're a rich man from caravan jobs, law enforcement jobs, and what I assume is drug protection?" Surelda asks, turning with Devlin. She allows him to lead, though it's not unusual for her to defer to others in both literal and metaphorical taking of said lead. Just another quirk of her mousish personality.

She continues along, pausing by the door to give him a quick little smirk. "Thirty? Should start calling you grandpa." It's a lame joke, and a lame tease, and Surelda knows it, and delivers it thusly. She shrugs at his loud offer, likely meant for the druggie passed out inside just as much as it might be for her. More, probably. "My talk's pretty boring when I'm not on the air," she admits, giving him a single shouldered shrug and a nod. "But I'll remember what you said."
Devlin     "Invest in better arms, armor, maintenance, supplies, chems, medical treatments.." one after another they began to be listed off, without a thought needed, the answers were known. "Just as I've always done. One job pays to make the next easier." Walking out of the Den, Devlin begins to make his way towards the main roadway.

    "If you call me that, won't your 'papi' become rather jealous?" is asked with a bit of tease in his own tone. "As for you being boring, join or not. I've yet to call you boring little one. I've called you inexperienced, weak, and vulnerable.. I've yet to call you boring, even when you were shivering, strung out and in need of some relaxation and care."

    Shrugging his shoulder, Devlin kept his pace quick but if Surelda ever seemed to be lagging behind, he would slow down, making it possible for her to catch up again. "You might have some time to see a bit of treatment from a friend I'm seeing as well, Camilla. She runs the Clinic, could make sure those bruises don't stay and helps your skin return to it's pretty tone.
Elsie "I think it'd bother him more to hear you calling me 'little one.' But that's why you do it, isn't it?" She grins, shaking her head. "I know you just like looking for ways to get under his skin." Something he says though makes Surelda drown her brows together in a light crease from her frown. "When did you ever see me strung out?" She asks. There's no embaressment at how he may or may not have seen her. She's an addict. THis is just who she is. People see her at her worst. She's not got much shame left.

No matter his answer, she'll draw up to a halt at the end of the street and shake her head. "No thank you. And if it's at all possible, if you could avoid telling folks what you may've thought you saw on me, I'd apprecaite that."
Devlin     "You came to Lyn's Bar, I gave you a bit of a massage.. you left me with a drunk Tibbie to walk home." Slowly shaking his head, Devlin looks over his shoulder as he stops, wondering what Surelda was doing, but then nods lightly. "May have thought I saw who? I just visited the Drug Den to offer my services, he wasn't there so I left."

    Turning away, he continues "Ya, I spoke with someone there. Just some chick looking for a fix. She kept her face hidden, but you could smell it on her and how she moved, she was lookin to score something, even if it was a bad batch." Lifting his left hand, Devlin waves towards noone but states, "I'd sell a massage in a few days for a tab of 'Tipper', talk to Chuck and arrange a playdate stranger." With that, the man was headed to El Dorado..