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Qwillis     Qwillis had gone to that gate in the morning with Serena to look in on Brutus. It was the massive robot's general maintenance cycle and that included dealing with the sand. How? Well Qwillis was working on his pipboy as he'd watch the robot for a moment. "You ever see a robot dance, Serena?"
Serena Serena was sitting on the ground not far from Qwillis and his robot. Taking a deep breath she would look up at him then back to the robot. "Why would it dance?" Glancing over to him she would smile then. "Does it need to?"
Victoria Victoria is back. Which is obvious, since she's here. Coming out of the gates with dust kicking up behind her, Vic carries a backpack per usual, looking from behind sunglasses and beneath rim of baseball cap to see where Qwillis is, "Hey, what about dancing robots?" Asked, a half-smile given to Serena before she glances to Qwillis to get his response.
Tesla The sound of a violin can be heard, faintly at first, but growing louder as someone approaches the gate from the El Dorado side. The violin pauses briefly to make way for the recording of a guitar to respond to the notes from the violin, the live instrument picking back up quickly. The two sounds continue to 'duel' back and forth as a woman comes traipsing, skipping, near dancing down the street. Her companion quickly becomes visible as well, rolling smoothly down the street on a single treaded tire, its arms mimicking the strumming of a guitar despite it holding no instrument while the sounds of the guitar echo from its speakers instead. Its a rather large robot, though perhaps not quite the same size as Brutus. Anyone that's been up north might recognize it as a Robco PDQ-88b Securitron model, though it lacks the police face on the screen and instead shows simple emoticon faces instead. The woman herself is less remarkable, average height, on the thin side, with white-streaked auburn hair and fair skin that carries some smudges and dust. "That's it, Leeroy! Bring it, big guy, show me what you got!" Fingers deftly dance along the strings of the violin while she saws away with the other hand, encouraging the bot to 'step up his game'.
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles to Serena with a small chuckle. "need to? No.. But.. it's a lot more fun than it just vibrating.." He'd pause at the music coming from futher within Shanty town, watching Tesla with her bot. They're studied a moment and then Q looks to Victoria. "Watch."
    With that, Qwillis finishes that command on the pipboy. Brutus stirs, the jukebox embedded in it's chest comes to life and christmas music would BOOM from the massive robot. Easily able to be heard for quite a distance as Brutus starts to.. shuffle dance.
    Watching closely, the truth of why it was dancing would come appearent. The massive machine catches a lot of blowing sand from the wasteland and the movements of the massive robot helps to shake it all out around it's feet. That it's dancing? Just seems a perk at this point.
Serena Standing up slowly she would dust herself off then looked up at the large robot. "....vibrating?" Going silent she seemed to be deep in thought then nodded slowly. "Sure." As she heard music she'd turn to see another robot and just....stared. Those brows would furrow a bit before looking to Vic. "I don't even know what's going on honestly...." But then that music started blasting. Widening her eyes she'd step back and just stared. "What....the....?"
Victoria Victoria's mouth will drop open just a little, one brow quirking up as she lifts her hand up to take off her baseball cap, letting it drop in her hand to her hip as she stares, "That's so creepy ..." Low whiskied voice drawls out the words with amusement, her dark brown eyes dancing, "But cute, in a way. Just don't get under his feet." Her voice raises up to go over the sound of the music, though it's likely her words have been lost in the music and the shuffling noise the robot is making.
    Shortly after the music Vic will pop her cap back on her head, hands now coming up to place fingers over her ears to block the music from destroying her eardrums, shoulders coming up slightly to her ears as well, a look given to Tesla and her bot, their music drowned out unfortunately. This day is just weird and weirder.
Tesla The sound of the Christmas music has Tesla halting in her tracks, the violin music coming to a sudden stop as she grins. Looking to her companion, she gives a quick command. "Looks like its time to get jolly, Leeroy!" The 'face on the robot changes to an ASCii santa hat, and the woman starts to pick up the song on her violin, matching the tune as they continue towards the trio at the gates. Well, quartet if one includes Brutus. And Tesla certainly does! She waves her bow towards the group as they approach, twirling and high-stepping it down the street. Pitching her voice up above the booming sound of the Christmas tunes belting out from Brutus, she calls out a greeting. "Hello!!"
Qwillis     Qwillis chuckles quietly, lost in the boom of the massive robot of course. He'd smile towards Serena as she'd see exactly what he meant and then glances to Victoria. Whatever was said? Would definitely be lost in the massive sound from the reverberating Brutus. The song isn't that long, only 2 minutes before the recording finished and Brutus stopped mid-shuffle. Slowly, it'd return to that neutral position as the jukebox goes dark. The silence is almost more deafening than the volume of music that had started.
    "And that.. is the maintenance that I normally do for Brutus. I have to keep the gears clear. Most people know to avoid the area.. those who aren't new." Q's voice is a bit loud, but he's having to deal with the after effects of the music too. He'd look to Tesla and her robot with a wave. "Nice to meet you. Welcome to Shantytown."
Victoria Victoria waits for a minute or so after the reverberations from the music and dancing die down before her hands tentatively lift from her ears, testing out whether or not she can hear anymore. Her voice is raised as well, due to the initial blast of the music, and she'll ask, "Qwillis, I wanted to report to work, but I have no idea where I'm supposed to go." Hands are busy pulling her ponytail back in through the baseball hat strap hole as she stands there, a few steps taken back so she can take in Tesla as well. Tesla will get a nod, Vic curving a lopsided smile at her, ears ringing, "Hello." Again. Sort of, "Also, Qwillis-" Her voice tamps down slightly as she realizes she's nearly yelling, "Where do you recommend I find a place to live. I don't know the good or bad areas. I've been staying in the hotel but I'd prefer to have my own place."
Tesla "Thanks! That's a great bot you've got there. Are you..." she pauses her question when Victoria labels him as Qwillis, then grins. "Yep, you are. Hi, I'm Nikki Tesla. I heard you're looking for fellow scientists to work with you?" The grin is passed along to Victoria as well, with a chirped, "Hi!" Settling the neck of her violin into a hook on her belt, she slips the bow into a holster and hooks a thumb back towards the robot. "This is my Autonomous Wasteland Optimized Laborer... Mk III. But you can call him Leeroy. I repurposed a Securitron, reprogrammed him, built him up a little. His gatling laser is still offline, sadly, no fusion core to power it. But someday soon!"
Qwillis     Qwillis watches Serena move on to clear her head of the volume. He'd muse himself, then shrugs a little as he'd look to Victoria. "Hmm? Work? Where are you working at, Victoria? Did you get hired by someone? I can recommend Shanty Town. It's a nice enough area.. Just don't try to live in Jack's Town. Or.. Dunwich." Qwillis shrugs a little at that.
    Looking to Nikki as she'd compliment Brutus, he smiles. "Nice to meet you. That is Brutus. He's actually owned by the city of El Dorado. I'm just the one that helped to rebuild and program him.. and maintain him.." Q muses, glancing up, then back to Tesla. "Ahh.. Nice to meet you Leeroy. I can see a few of the modifications. Not bad on the work overall. I can definitely see how the additional power would be required. You may be able to relay the power via the controller chip to help enforce it's output once you do have the gatling online." Q smiles to Tesla then with a nod. "We are recruiting, Miss Tesla. We're covering all branches of science and accept anyone who is willing to not only work on their focus, but work with others together to a betterment of life for everyone."
Victoria Victoria blinks. Her hands will unwind from her ponytail and tuck into the pockets of her coat, dusky cheeks darkening a little more in a flush of embarrassment, "Oh, well." Her smile falters a little as fingers play with items in her pockets, an unsure look slanted to Tesla, then back to Qwillis, "That is the thing you recruited me for a few days ago, unless the offer is taken back? I mean ..I know I work primarily with chems but you said you had a division for it .." Oof. Looking crestfallen Vic will try to recover, "You know what, it's okay ..uh. I'll ..get out of your hair, thank you though."
Tesla Tesla flashes a bright grin and claps her hands once, loudly, then rubs them together with an eager gleam in her eyes. "Excellent! That sound sexactly what I was looking for. Like-minded individuals looking to make the apocalypse a better place for all! Tell me, do you have a lab set up already or do I need to build one myself? If so, I may just try to get one of these empty shanty-houses for that purpose. Preferably one set a bit farther away from the rest. Accidents are few and far between, but I would hate for the rare one to happen to the sweet little grandmother just trying to bake a Dandy Apple pie!" She looks back to Victoria, blinks, then looks back to Qwillis, pointing one finger towards him, and the other hand crossing over to point towards Victoria. "Are you... should I... this sounds like ther emight be a misunderstanding brought on by miscommunications. Leeroy and I can come back later if you need some time."
Qwillis     Qwillis blinks, then laughs and shakes his head. "Right right! I'm sorry Victoria. Actually, it sounds like I caught you both at the right time. I can show you to the bunker.."
    Qwillis smiles with a nod to Tesla then. "We have a lab. And a bunker. So you'll be able to do your experiments within your own lab. Once I get the engine fully working for the elevator of course." He'd muse and look between them. "It's still a work in progress. But at the least I can show you where it's at, and we can go from there? For now, the lab has my stuff in it.. But we're going to expand so everyone can have their own room and lab."
Victoria Victoria's chest rises and falls heavily, relief there. And so much more emotion. Cheeks still dark red she'll nod her head, managing a half-smile, "Okay, so, a room to live, or just like" Clarifying, her voice a little saturated with emotion; her heart nearly broke! "Or should I stay in the hotel for now and then when expansion happens move there - or ..what."
Tesla "We have a bunker?! How cool is that!! And I can totally help you with the elevator. Electricity and moving parts are sorta my wheelhouse. So if you need a hand there, I'm your scientist!" Tesla hops up and punches a fist into the air, doing a little dance before leaning over to nudge Victoria and grin. "Man, this is gonna be great, huh? So you do chems. Have you ever tried refining recipes to lessen the drawbacks on some of them? I got close once with Mentats, but then the refinement process I was using actualy gave it a whole NEW drawback that was... um... interesting. So I stopped working with them for awhile."
Qwillis     Qwillis chuckles quietly. "I found it. Took me almost a month to crack the code on the bunker door. Then it took me another two days to get it wrenched open with no power.. So.. like I said, it's very much still in rough stages. I have a portable generator actually running main power. I had to disengage the sub-system for the elevator or the whole thing dies fast." He'd nod a little. "I also have a dunwiched item with some interesting information on it.. But.. not something I want to spread out here." he'd look up at Brutus, then look around for Serena a moment. Sighing, he'd shake his head then looks back to Tesla and Victoria. "Shall we go ladies?"
Victoria Victoria evades the nudge with a sidestep, a hand coming up as if to shield herself. It's a whole bodied flinch, reflexive and without much thought, "Oh - wow. You are just ..intense, aren't you." Said with some embarrassment, "No, no. I haven't." Head shakes a few times, Vic taking a few more steps away from Tesla just so she can maintain her personal boundary, "Yeah, I'm ready." Chin tilt forwards, though there is a little uncertainty. But here she goes anyway, hefting up her backpack with a tug on both straps, nodding to Qwillis to lead the way.