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Lowry      The town has a fair amount of traffic today. All the shops are open and most proprietors are out front of their rustic looking shops on rocking chairs or conversing with other citizens. The mood is a positive one in general It's gorgeous out. The sun is shining, people smiling, children running around with dirt on their face. It's a perfect day in the Town with just a light breeze to keep you from sweating.

     It's horrible day in the life of Lowry. Down the dusty trodden road he slowly makes his way along his sand assaulted horse. Bobbing along with no coordination he stops at Iris' place now. Dismounting he ties the horse and takes some slow steps inside. His garments are crispy and his breath of whiskey. He just kind of leans against the wall with a glazed look over his eyes.
Iris Lark Iris was seated in the small seating area near the windows so Iris saw Lowry coming towards the store. As he was dismounting and trudging up the steps she had pushed to her feet and moved to her rucksack, pulling supplies out slowly. When the man finally made his way inside she wordlessly moved towards him, steering him to the seats where she she gestures for him to rest. She goes to get her supplies and begins to stir some salve as she waits. "Go ahead and tell me what happened."
Lowry      Being a bit off he would take the seat, his head shaking back and forth. Finally he looks up, kind of even past her. "Hey!....." His words take a moment to formulize. "Remember.....that thing about healin' Caravaneerrr''zzzzz." The next forty seconds seem to take an hour until finally....He pulls the leathers and reveals a mess of burns. Alot of the leather is even melted in his skin kind of stuck there. "I think their Thirg gredee." He mumbles with a litlle laugh as his head falls back against the wall. He's not passed out because he starts humming some sea shanty tune about god knows what. He may have been uh...self-medicating.
Iris Lark Iris blinks at Lowry and she gingerly takes a seat on the adjoining chair, moving to start the painful process of cutting the leather away from his skin. She goes slow, her bottom lip caught in her teeth as she tries to work without causing a lot of pain. If he wasn't slightly drunk, he would probably be screaming so she takes what she can get at this point. Scooping up some aloe-infused salve she works on the burns, frowning as she sees how much of the man is injured.
Lowry "Ahhh.." He moans a litlle his eyes opening quickly when she starts. "What the!" Maybe he was sleeping a little. That first piece coming out jarred his senses though. "Thanks." He says quite slurredly now. He goes to run a hand through his hair and grunts. " hat." He wouldn't be keeping very still but he would complain much either. "How.....long I ban hur?"
Iris Lark Iris jumps when Lowry comes to and some of the salve drops on the floor and she glances from Lowry to her previously clean floor. "You're welcome.." She says, and she continues to work, her eyes moving to the top of his head. "You lost your hat huh? You've been here for a little bit."
Lowry      "Myhymmm. A little bit." He's kind of bobbing back and forth. He leans back again and winces while he pulls away. "Awwhhwhwhw" He murmurs. Seems his back is most likely burnt too from the looks of it. Instinctiveley he reaches in his coat for something to drink but only purchases burnt flesh. He looks down in amazement as if just now noticing.
Iris Lark Iris sees that he's pretty well roasted (literally almost) so instead of handing him a bottle she gets to her feet, secures a tumbler, and pours a finger of whiskey into it. Handing him the glass she settles back into her seat and continues to work. "If you want, you can sleep here for a while, so I can keep two eyes on you." She remembers Carter and his wounds and she tentatively speaks up. "You weren't caught out by a Legion patrol, were you?"
Lowry      He looks at her now, clearly confused. Takes the drink with no problem. After awhile he looks up and says, "Legion?....No.....No, it was......was...." And then a moment of clarity washes over him and he looks up. With his posion in his tongue he says, "Devlin...That dirty fuck...I'll kill'em!" Standing up he wobbles and like a magnet goes right back down against the bench. "Just as soon as I wake up..." He reaches to pull the non-existent hat over his eyes and then closes them.
Iris Lark Iris quirks a brow and glances out of the windows at the mention of Devlin as if she would expect him to suddenly appear like a ghost. She was about to pull him back down to a seated position when he shot to his feet, but it's not necessary now, so she simply continuesto clean and disinfect the wounds present over most of his body.
Lowry His eyes close heavy now. He is pry out besides the couple little flinches here and there. "ZZZZZzzzzz ZZZZZzzzz" Yea, he's done for.