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Devlin     It was almost a week since Devlin had made an offer for Camilla to join him at the Gold Digger Saloon and finally he was taken up on it. Devlin was mindful though of where they were and picked out a table well before Camillia arrived, one a fair distance from the upstairs rooms, and close to the Jukebox.. A combination of things he hopped to keep the noises from becoming an issue for the doctor.

    Already sat at the table, Devlin has something resting along his right side along the ground.. it was a wide piece of forged and hammered metal, longer than Camilla was tall. It could be described as a sword but it was unnaturally large and thick to be an actual sword. With a smile on his lips, the man sat at the table alone, with a pair of empty shot-glasses, a half a bottle of whiskey along with two bottles of Sunset Sarsaparilla.
Camilla     Camilla had waffled for those few days, unsure if she should take Devlin up on his offer or not, but you only live once and he was nice. She walks in and takes a moment to look the place over and once she sees Devlin she makes her way over to him. "Hey.." she says softly as she arrives, standing there with her hands calsped together at her stomach. She's dressed in a very simplistic, black, long sleeved /maxi/ style dress made out of wool.

    "Sorry I took so long to respond, it's been, busy.."
Devlin     Lifting his gaze from the whiskey bottle he held in his left hand, he simply watches as the young woman approaches. "Now now, you're looking as guilty as a young cadet about to be put in a pillory for having their uniform stained," is teased with a growing grin. Moving his right hand forward, Devlin motions towards the seat across from his own saying, "Sit sit.. Relax. You're putting too much stress on yourself."

    Chuckling softly, he withdraws his hand and pours the first of likely many shots before sliding the narrow glass across and towards Camilla. Looking up and into her eyes, Devlin motions with a gentle head motion towards the glass, "Now, what are you doing acting so shy for, also why are you all dressed up? Did I make you that nervous wanting to just have a few drinks with you?"

    Looking at Devlin, there was no tension easily seen coming from him, nor where there notable wounds or slowed movements from hidden bruises.. He was in generally good health, and from his breath, it was unlikely he had a drink yet.
Camilla     Camilla sighs and nods as she moves to join Devlin. She sits down on the seat and crosses her legs, keeping her hands clasped together in her lap.

    She takes a moment to take a few short breaths and then locks eyes with the man, "You really don't understand what the legion did to me do you?" she asks calmly. "I can't help it, especially around men.." she adds, sighing yet again. "To answer your question though, no, you didn't, it's just me being in a constant state of nervousness and anxiety lately..."

    She does give him that quick medical look over, and does look relived that he doesn't appear to be in any danger or being hiding anything.

    Camilla on the other hand, has at least one new and visible bruise on her forehead and does appear to be moving slowly.
Devlin     Leaning forward, Devlin sets the glass aside and cleared the table between them. Soon his elbows were on the table, his palms upwards and waiting for something to fill them. With a lessened smirk, Devlin hardens his tone now to more of an order than a request, "Place you hands within mine." Looking forward, Devlin's eyes appeared to be an oddly shifting blue color within the Saloon's light that stared into her's.

    Giving Camilla several seconds to react, either rejecting the order or to yield to it, he begins to speak again. "Your story, your past.. is unknown to me Camilla. I don't know what the Legion did to you, nor do I know how long you were with the Legion." With a softening smile Devlin says, "I've in this region only 'after' the Enclave ranks were broken and they retreated in a somewhat ruined state."

    As he explains himself, Devlin looks at Camilla but then his gaze drifts up slightly, then to the side, looking her figure over more slowly and carefully, seeking out what might also be effecting her. "Now, do you want to tell me your story? I'd like to hear it, all of it,, even the messy parts that would scare others."
Camilla     Cami looks at her hands and then at his, and the tone of it, the /ordering/ tone, causes her to literally startle in place. She looks down at her hands again and t hen slowly places her hands in his and just stares.

    "I, do not think this is the place for me to tell you what happened to me..." she replies plainly. "It's, we only just met Devlin and I..." she seems to affraid to bring it up now, especially in public.
Devlin     Closing his hands around Camilla's, Devlin held hers oddly gently, as if she was made of thin glass. Shifting his thumbs back and forth, he runs his calloused thumbs across her knuckles lightly, attempting to sooth the shivers and any shutters attempting to be controlled after he shifted his tone. Looking at the man, Camilla would notice one thing, once again there was a unmistakable smile on his lips.

    "You are right, if things are like this.. when I can simply shift my tone and your body moves almost before your mind could slow it." When Camillia began to speak again only to choke out her words, he gently begins to make shushing sounds, gentle steady sounds trying to dispell her focus. "You say we just met, yet your hands are held in mine, not because you want to.. but because I told you to. If I was like those who hurt you, I would order you to tell me."

    Shifting his hands, Devlin sets Camilla's onto the table and extends the shot glass to her. Picking up the bottle, he secures the cap before putting it into a pocket before collecting the two bottles of soda to likewise stash away. Finally, he tilts to one side, picking up the massive blade and moves to stand, orientating the blade to rest along his back until he could settle it into the latching harness. "I will only ask you to, in a place you feel better.. I don't want you nervous around me like this, it doesn't suit you."
Camilla     Camilla sighs and looks away a moment, lost in thought before she stands up slowly and nods. "Alright, if you really want to know, then we can go back to the clinic and I'll tell you there.."
Devlin     Tilting his head away, Devlin turns to look towards Camilla as her focus drifts even further away. Lifting his left arm, Devlin slips it around her back, letting his hand rest onto her shoulder. "Right now.. you seem almost as if something broke inside of you, we're going to have a really long talk aren't we?" Murmuring softly to himself, he says "I wonder if I'm going to be the one who needs a drink before too much longer." It wasn't long before the pair left the Saloon, the tabs paid for as they start to travel towards Shantytown, more familiar territory for Camilla.