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Qwillis     It takes a while to get to the bunker. It's quite a distance from the city of El Dorado to that bunker and behind a rock cluster is the actual bunker itself! Qwillis, every other step that metal impact from the one leg counter point to the booted step of the other, leads the way to that door and after cycling the system, has the door rumble open to lead them in. "Welcome to the bunker. As you can see.. I'm still working on the energy system. I have it about 95% done."
Victoria "What in the holy bananas." Victoria will murmur as they step into the bunker, eyes widening as she takes off her sunglasses to tuck them into a breast pocket of her coat, "This is cool." Earlier discomfort is gone, the walk here having given her the chance to shake off her feeling of unease, and just the coolness of the place brigs her out! "How long did this take to clear out and get functioning?"
Tesla The trek out is kept lively by Tesla, who hitches a ride on Leeroy's shoulder, then keeps up a steady stream of lively tunes on her violin along the way. Why walk when one can ride? As they approach, however, Tesla is quick to clamber down and tuck her instrument away again in favor of the scientist jumping to the forefront. "Oooooooo... I like this. I like this alot! So what are you missing for the energy system? Are you running electric, nuclear, fossil fuel, maybe steam or wind?? We had hydroelectricity up in New Vegas, but I'm guessing you don't have a mini Hoover Dam to run it that way..." She glances all around, curiosity plain on her face.
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles to Victoria with a small nod of thanks. "It took me a month to bypass the lock on the door. Another two days to get the door open far enough to get inside." Q looks around then. "I've been working on it since. The generator was not easy to get in here, re-worked the electrical to get the door able to open on it's own as well as a few of the top floor rooms lit."
    Q looks to Tesla with a warm smile. "Fusion. It's a fusion generator that I currently have offline. The polarity neutralizer was offline and I've tried several bypasses without success. I have to get it online before I can engage the elevator that's further inside and really explore.. So it's pretty shallow for now."
Victoria "So. Crazy." Vic will murmur, taking a moment to walk around and check things out, "So once you get the elevator going, we can look at the rest of the place? I can only imagine how huge it'd be." A glance down to her feet as if trying to see through the floor, "I definitely am not your electro-lady. I just ..mess with your brain and body. Also I make a mean cup of tea."
Tesla Tesla grins back towards Q with a nod. "Excellent! The neutralizer... have you isolated where the issue is? Maybe the voltage is running at too low of a frequency for the power circuit to pick up? Or the Discharge needles could be configured to output the wrong type of ions. If we can figure out where the problem is, we can know where to start with the repairs." She taps a finger against her lips briefly, musing aloud before brightening. "Oh! Or maybe we're trying to run the wrong voltage! If the neutralizer is configured for DC voltage and its only getting AC, that could do it!" Suddenly, she whirls and offers a bright smile to Victoria. "I love tea! We'll have to have tea sometime. Or, well, once I have a proper teapot..."
Iris Lark There is a gentle, brief knock at the door before Iris walks in, one hand on her cowboy hat so it doesn't fall off as she makes her way into the vault. She pauses when she gets inside, glancing around briefly as she notes the progress that has been made. "Good afternoon." She says, walking slowly towards the three as they speak amongst each other. She comes to a stop near Qwillis, and folds her hands in front of her. "Iris Lark." She introduces herself, tipping her hat briefly before she pulls it off of her head.
Qwillis     Qwillis nods to Vic with a warm smile. "yes. I don't know how far it goes. I haven't been able to retrieve that information. Each floor has a physical lock. So even if one fails, the next will catch. To keep those lower down safe from problems."
    As Iris steps in, Qwillis smiles her way with a nod. "Ahh.. hello Iris. Glad you could come." He'd motion to Vic. "Victoria and.." he'd motion to Tesla then. "Miss Nikki Tesla. We were just going over the start of the Scientists of El Dorado."
    Qwillis chuckles a little and smiles to Tesla then. "As for that? The first part is getting a replacement piece. It was a bit of melted metal when I found it. overworked. I'll be happy to work with you to find the details after I finish making the replacement. It's not that simple of a piece to replicate afterall. But that's further in, in my lab."
    Q motions to Iris. "Iris here is a wonderful woman. She's very intelligent and an amazing doctor. She helped me with the upgrade on both arm and leg that I now use. I would be a lot slower without her and I know it. While she may not have formal training in science, she's intelligent enough to get it.. oh.. and she's also a good cook." Q chuckles with that last part.
Victoria "I can actually help you with the tea pot - I make pottery. All my stuff is back in my hotel room, but that's what I do. Make pottery, tea and chems." That's Vic. Serving all sorts of vices. "My last venture was run over, so I'm out this way now." A twitch of her upper lip will occur as she speaks, flickering a few more times as she raises a hand to her neck to squeeze and gently scratch at flesh as Iris comes in, "Oh, hey. Vic." Introducing herself briefly, "Just Vic." Lips will press together as she listens to Qwillis about Iris, a faint look of appreciation crossing her features, "So she's more useful than any of us in here, so far." Vic will joke softly, starting to step back towards the door, "Look, I gotta get back to my hotel and it's a hike back. When you said rooms and a lab, did you mean a room for us to live in, or work in, Qwillis." Gotta get that figured out.
Tesla "Ooooooooo... I'll take you up on that! Maybe I can trade you some tech for a teapot. Then we can have tea!" Tesla flashes a grin towards Victoria before doffing an invisible hat towards Iris. "Hello! Glad to meet you, I'm sure we'll see more of each other than you'll want. I love adventure, but I'm not the best shot and I tend to come back with various injuries. But I come back! So there's that." Looking to Q, she chuckles, and offers, "Well if you need any assistance in replication, I'm happy to offer my soldering skills!" Looking back to Iris, she grins, "So I'm Tesla, like he said. And this," she thunks on her bot's housing, "is Leeroy!"
Iris Lark Iris flushes as Vic speaks about her being useful and she clears her throat slightly. "I am happy to meet both of you, and I hope to be at least somewhat useful here." She eyes Tesla, a smile growing on her face and she nods along to her words, her head bobbing a few times. Turning to gaze at the robot she tips her hat again and smiles. "Afternoon Leeroy." Now focusing on Qwillis she glances around. "Nice to see things coming together around here, is there any way that I can help?"
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles to Vic and nods in response. "A room to live in, and a room to work in, Vic. So you're welcome to get your stuff. If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask, ok?"
    Looking to Tesla, he'd nod a little. "I'll take you up on it. I can show you my partial work in the lab and see if you have can try to get it the rest of the way. I'm going on information in my pip-boy, but it's not quite lining up on calculations."
    Q turns his attention to Iris and smiles warmly. "I'm glad it is as well. We still have plenty to do. We'll also be delving into the lower levels when we get the elevator going. I know you don't want to deal with the Dunwich stuff.. However, we still have a chemical set to set up as well as probably get medical facilities set up in one of the side rooms? So we're prepared?"
Victoria "Wicked." Vic looks quite happy with that answer and will lift a hand up and salute to the trio within the bunker, "I don't need help, I'll be back either tonight or tomorrow with my stuff! Nice meeting you, Iris, Tesla. And thank you for the opportunity, Qwillis." Twisting 'round, Vic will head on out back to the wastelands, "And I'll take you up on that trade, Tesla!" Tossed over her shoulder, woman disappearing.
Tesla "Sweet! Teapot for tech, its a deal! We'll figure out what you need or want when you're settled." Tesla offers a hand out towards Victoria, intending to shake to seal the deal. Her head turns to grin at Q and she bobs and nod at him. "Sure thing! I haven't been able to tinker on much other than Leeroy for months now. I'll be SUPER excited to get back to working on some real science again!" She offers him a thumbsup and another grin before glancing back to Victoria.
Iris Lark "It would probably be a good idea to have things on site if something blows up." Iris agrees, and she opens her rucksack to peek inside. "Do you need caps to get supplies?" She asks, peeking over towards the elevator that was mentioned. "It sounds like you all have a lot to do thus far, and things will be busy around here. It's good to see." She seems to be catching on to Tesla's enthusiasm, and a wide grin appears on her face.
Qwillis     Qwillis watches Vic go, then looks to Tesla and Iris, nodding. "Well.. With Miss Tesla's help here, we will probably have the elevator going soon. From there? yes. We'll need scraps, resources to get things working.. Oh.. Iris?" He'd point to one of the side rooms. "Have you ever worked with an auto-doc? I was hoping to get your help to get it going actually. I think we can get it fixed it will be of a benefit to anyone we try to help too, right?" He'd muse a little. "We're going to get a distillery going with B.. and probably work on the chems to see if we can get some that are not harmful generated."
Tesla "Yes! That's the spirit! You're good people, Iris." Tesla is indeed an enthusiastic sort, all big smiles and manic energy. She holds up a hand to Iris, intending a high five. "C'mon, don't leave me hanging!" There's that bright smile once more! Q gets a thumbsup with her free hand and an eager nod. "Yeah we will! That elevator will be up and running in no time! Then we can dungeon dive and check out the rest of this place! Who knows what we'll find! Its exciting!"
Iris Lark "I already cook clean chems, but any further research into that would be nice." Iris remarks, nodding back at Qwillis as she walks to peek in at the auto-doc. "I'm not great with robots, but I can probably help with its directives once it's repaired and its hard drive and software were repaired." She turns and folds her arms over her chest as she studies Qwillis. "I can help with resources, and scraps. I get a lot of both from the store." She hikes her shoulder in a shrug and smiles. She blushes and smiles at Tesla, nodding along with her words.
Qwillis     Q chuckles and would give Tesla that high five with the metal hand. He'd smile her way and nods. "I look forward to it. One thing I can offer is don't share the location too much, unless you can see it's someone interested in actually helping us. We've already been attacked once.. I'd rather not have a repeat."
    Q smiles to Iris then and nods. "Thank you Iris. The help is appreciated and I'll let you know as soon as we got it to that point to get your help. I figure having the best medic I know help? Means it'll be able to help even when you can't too, right? Better for everyone."
Tesla Tesla beams across at Iris and chimes in, "I'm sure we can get the hardware fixed up and running if you can get the software set to the right parameters. Collaboration for the win!" She laughs delightedly when Q finishes the high five and grins at him. "Rockin'! I have some Resources I saved from my travels, if I can toss some of them towards the bunker, just say the word. Meantime, I'll get to work on that neutralizer, see if we can't get the parts replicated. Get the elevator running again so we can go explore the depths of this place and see what other hidden treasures await!"