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Iris Lark Acme, when it is fully dark, is slightly spooky. People tend to go home pretty early and sit next to the fire rather than sit out and watch the stars. Miss Iris Lark is still in the general store, the lights bright against the blackdrop of darkness.

She can be seen through the windows of the store, slowly sweeping the floor with a worn out broom. She isn't going slow because she's bored or wounded, she is simply enjoying the winding down of the day.

The doors to the store, back and front, are wide open to allow folks to just walk in, and to let a nice cool breeze flow through
Garrett Smith After wandering for hours through the harsh New Mexico wastes, Garrett wanders down the streets until he sees the first lit home, with an open door.
Iris Lark The wandering man might hear the music coming from the store, it's loud, and Iris is singing along with it. She glances up from what she's doing and she spots Garrett and her face scrunches a bit as she takes a few slow steps towards the door. She leans against the threshold and raises her voice above the radio that's playing 'Paint it Black'.

"Hey, stranger, are you okay out there?" She gestures inside of the store and smiles. "You can come in for some water, or directions if you're lost."
Garrett Smith "Well I'll be, you're the first friendly face I've seen in.... Well, Since I can remember." Garrett said, his voice rasped from the lack of water in the desert heat. He looks around, his eyes fixing on the details of the well kept store.
Garrett Smith Garrett Smith says, "I suppose you wouldn't be able to help me out in both regards? I haven't been able to find my way around here, and let me just say the critters are not too kind to strangers. Hope the townsfolk aren't the same.""
Iris Lark "Come inside." Iris invites, stepping back as she walks fully into the store, putting the broom in a corner. She walks to the cooler in the back and pulls out a bottle of water, handing it to Garrett with a slight smile on her face. "Most people in Acme are a little bit..careful, but they're nice enoough."

She gestures towards a small seating area and smiles again. "Take a seat in any of the chairs, and I'll take a look at your wounds if you would like." She pulls her rucksack with her towards the area she indicated. "I'm a healer, don't worry, I'm not offering to look at your wounds without experience."
Garrett Smith Garrett drags his feet over to the stool, and promptly sits down. He lets out a long sigh, clearly showing relief being able to finally rest after his long trek. He looks back up, and after some time, responds.
"Listen, I'm going to be up front, I might be... light on payment, I'm not going to owe you for this, am I? Sorry to be on the defensive, but it's hard to find people to trust out here. And even harder to hold onto what money you can get."
Iris Lark Iris watches Garrett as he settles down to sit and she loosely folds her arms over her chest as she holds out the water again. "You won't owe me, I am not here to try to squeeze caps out of people as they walk past my shop." She glances back towards the storage room and smirks slightly. "I probably should be, but I'm a pretty shitty saleswoman."

She opens the rucksack and pulls out some salve and bandages. "So where did you come from?" She asks, laying things out so she can get at it easier.
Garrett Smith "Well, you probably wouldn't be shocked to hear New Vegas. And that's true, it took me a couple months to get from here to there, though. Before that, just a little bit of aimless wandering and scavenging. The real shocker is how far I've come, all the way from-"

Garrett stops for a moment, wincing when Iris begins to bandage his wounds.

"Sorry for the interruption. Anyways, was actually born all the way out in what was called Florida before the bombs gave us this paradise we get to enjoy today. Ended up coming all this way looking for caps in Vegas. And well... I'm sure you know how that went."
Iris Lark "By the look of these wounds, not horribly well." Iris remarks, and she offers Garrett a smile as she works. "Welcome to Acme and El Dorado. You probably have heard some really bad things about this place, but I promise, only some of it is probably true."

She chuckles and gathers some salve on her fingertips before she spreads it across a wound. "So you're from ..Flor..florida and New Vegas?" She pauses for a moment and lets out a sigh. "What did you do there, besides gamble?"
Garrett Smith "Much obliged for the services, I certainly won't be forgetting this", Remakred Garrett. Afterwards, he stared out the window, and then continued.

"Well, I was young for most of it. 'It' being my time in Florida. Never met the parents, but a 'nice man' from the Crimson Caravan picked me up just in time to teach me how to haul his junk, and get nothing for it. If one thing though, I learned the value of a cap. And a lot of the routes that traders took frequently. However... That was far East, and hasn't helped me much for well over a decade now."

After one final sigh, he mutters "Yep, been wandering for a long time now"
Iris Lark Iris seems to perk up at the word 'caravan' and she tilts her head as she listens to Garrett speak. "I work for a caraven company here, it's called Lone Star." She glances around the store and chuckles softly. "I also run this store, and I'm a Healer..and I work as a house cleaner." She smiles sheepishly and jerks a shoulder up, shrugging.

"Well, you can ..stay here, a lot of people do. They all come from somewhere, myself included, and end up staying here because....well it's not a terrible place."
Garrett Smith "You run this place? I was wondering who kept it up. I don't think I've ever seen a place so..."Garrett stops for a moment, wondering what adjective could describe the pristine condition of his surroundings, "Almost like the bombs missed it completely. You must be raking in scrap and resource left and right!"

He stops to collect himself, clearly becoming excited at the thoughts racing through his head, and with renewed energy from his remedied wounds. "And who do you trade with? Lone Star?", he pauses again to catch his breath "I think that name sounds familiar. Are they big time?"
Iris Lark "It was a mess at one time, but it's been repaired since." Iris remarks, and she starts to put her stuff away, obviously trying not to grin. "I do get the occasional nice things, and sell some as well." She glances around, a slightly proud smile on her face.

"They send caravans off here and there, I'm a medic for them, and I don't know a lot about the caravanning part." She props her hands on her hips and considers. "I know someone who does, I'll just have to introduce him to you." She tilts her head to the side and grins. "They are the big time around here though."
Garrett Smith "Well who would have guessed that my luck would turn around, right when I get out of Vegas." Garrett lets out a laugh, clearly enjoying his own joke a little bit too much. After catching his breath, and regaining his composure, he continues.

"I crack myself up! Honestly though, the gesture is appreciated. You must be part of the Followers or something. Normally when folks are this nice for this long, I'm waiting for an ambush."

He makes a quick glance over his shoulder, and then back forwards again, letting out a much lighter laugh than before "I trust you though, I have a hunch you're honest and genuine. That's rare. And if I trust you, I'll probably trust your Caravan friend too."

Garrett looks back out the window, thinking of what the other members of this community are like. Thinking of the future prospects that can come out of this little town he stumbled upon.

"Yeah, maybe my luck is turning around after all. Anyways, you said that I could take shelter here, temporarily? It would definitely beat the wastes, that I'm sure of."
Iris Lark Iris shakes her head as she chuckles softly, settling down on another chair near Garrett. "No, not a Follower..." She begins, glancing over at him with a slight smile on her face. "Former slave of the Legion, not keen to go back either."

"You're welcome to stay here, if you like, the weapons and chems are all locked up so you couldn't really rob me easily." She grins at Garrett as she taps the side of her nose with a fingertip. "If you did, I would find you, I can track."
Garrett Smith "Oh, yeah I'm not too keen on the Legion either. They don't outright attack us traders, but they aren't exactly good for business so to speak. Can't sell to corpses and slaves. Speaking of which, terribly sorry to hear about that." ."

Garrett shakes his head "Those sons of bitches make the east coast looks like paradise sometimes. I get doing what you have to do to survive, but my god do they push the envelope." After shaking his head again, he lets out a yawn and continues "Anyways, before I get into a discussion on post-war politics, I think I might have to turn in and think about getting prepared for more work, and meeting that caravaneer friend of yours. You've been more than a help to me, If I come across anything nice and fancy, I'll be sure to give you a discount. Hell, I might even give it to you for free! Not sure what the price is on helping me out like that, but it's probably a high one. Oh, and I promise I won't steal. I'm not exactly very handy with the locks, or very light on my feet. I can talk down just about anyone from a high price though. Some folks think that's stealing, I call it an art."
Iris Lark Iris nods, a grin on her face as she gets to her feet. "Out back is a shack, there is a pretty comfortable cot in there that you can rack out on." A blush creeps across her cheeks, and she fidgets a bit, settling her hat back on her head. "I'll make sure to tell Matt to find you then."
Garrett Smith Garrett can't help but return the grin and nod, "Much obliged, I certainly can't wait to hear back from you tomorrow... About Matt that is". After getting up and walking towards the door, he turns back around to send a smile and wave, and heads towards the shack to rest after his long journey.