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Iris Lark Today has been absolutely horrible for Iris thus far.

First she arrives at her shop to find that someone had broken in the night before. They didn't take anything, they simply made a huge mess, dumping feed and other things on the floor. It looks as if someone walked along some of the shelves and just made a mess.

This was after a freak storm last night downed a tree near her home in Avalon. So in the middle of the store stands Iris, hands on her hips and an absolutely dismal look on her face.

Hopefully the day will get better.
Tesla Tesla has managed to get herself in a pickle despite having only just arrived. She's got a variety of cuts and scrapes, bruises, and it looks like she got a little burned to boot! Not that she's complaining. Giving Leeroy strict instructions to stand guard outside the shop, she enters the room only to be halted in her tracks to stare at the chaos within. "Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn. Someone was sending a message. Pissed off anyone lately?" Without further ado, she starts moving around the room, picking up the bigger things she can find, trying to set things back to rights. "You know, I was going to come see if you could help /me/, but it looks like you need my help more. Got a broom? I can start sweeping if you want to go through what's still intact and figure out what can be salvaged and what has to go..."
Iris Lark Iris chuckles softly and walks over to the corner to grab a broom, handing it to Tesla. "I'm sure I've pissed someone off, and honestly.." She sighs and glances around, her nose wrinkling. "..if this is the worst that they could do, I'll be okay." She pats the plasma pistol on her hip with a wry grin.

"You need help?" She asks as she moves about, picking up things and putting them back where they belong. She purses her lips and moves behind the counter to pull out a garbage can.

"Well while we clean, you can tell me how you got scratched up, were you somewhere dangerous?"
Tesla Taking the broom, she starts sweeping up the mess on the floor, chuckling and nodding her agreement to Iris' assessment. "That's true! Lets hope this is the worst they can do and not just the beginning. This is a tactic I'm familiar with... very 'mafia'.. very Three Families. You want to send a message to someone, you mess up their home, their business. They still don't listen, then it starts geetting more personal. 'Accidents' to the people you care about, getting worked over by some brute of a hitman..."

Looking up, Tesla offers a sheepish grin. "I was exploring the area outside of the city with Leeroy and we got hit by a pair of bandits. One of them grabbed me and started trying to haul me away. I maanged to use some chemicals I had on me to light his coat on fire, but I kinda got singed in the process. Then the other one came after me and Leeroy was able to get to him, but I took a bit of a beating first. Nothing too major, no internal bleeding or ruptured organs that I can tell. But its not super comfortable and if you can help me out with some of the burns and cuts, that would be awesome."
Iris Lark Iris quirks a brow as Tesla explains the mafia to her. This is something she hadn't considered, she honestly figured this was another chem dealer getting fussy. She glances around again, her eyes narrowing.

"I'll have to keep a wary eye out then." She says, her voice quiet and contemplative. She watches Tesla as she explains the cuts and bruises.

"I can help you with those, no problem. Especially since you're taking the time to help me, thank you very much for that, by the way."
Tesla "Good idea. I mean, it might not be anything like that, this isn't New Vegas... but after all that hullaballoo with the Courier and Mr. House.. there /are/ more people making the exodus to other parts of the country. So you might see some of the 'mafia' types start showing up here, trying to grab power and position... well, like this." She spreads a hand open and motions to the mess. "They prefer to use scare tactics since its more efficient, less resource-costly. But they'll pull muscle if they have to, and without hesitation." She offers a wry smile towards Iris.

The grin reappears shortly after, an eager nod given. "Sure! Hey, we're working together, right? Means we gotta take care of each other. Besides, bumps and bruises are uncomfortable.. but its not like I've been shot or anything. I can deal with some discomfort." She flashes another grin and keeps sweeping together spilled bits and bobs. "You have someone that can help you keep an eye on this place? I can have Leeroy swing by now and then at night if that would help. Make sure nobody is trying to get in again?"
Iris Lark "I'm looking to hire someone, but so far it's been a bust." Iris admits, and she walks over to Tesla, taking the broom and putting it aside. "Let me take care of these scrapes and the like now, because I'm sure sweating on them when they're not tended isn't helping."

She pulls her rucksack off her back and sets it on the counter with a thump, pulling out several things. She pours a bottle of alcohol mixed with water and dips a rag in it before she cleans each scrape carefully, talking while she works.

"I've seen some strongarm techniques before, so I think I can be ready for them. I just..ugh, I try to aim for pacifism if I can help it." Iris grimaces as she opens a crock of salve and sniffs at it to check for freshness. "Every time I try to hang up my gun, something happens, and I have to pull it back out again."

The wounds are quickly cleaned, salved and dressed and Iris steps back, handing the broom back to the other woman with a wry smile. "I joined Lone Star recently, hoping to settle into a life of a quiet trader, but damn if the roads aren't still dangerous. At least most of the Science work ya'll are doing won't involve me shooting anyone."
Tesla "You mean help out around the store? I can do that. I'm sure Q would be okay with that. I mean, we're opening up the bunker and all, but there's only so much work we can do on it at a time, you know? So should give me some free time that I can spend here." Tesla makes the offer without hesitation, flashing a grin as she relinquishes the broom. Moving to where she can lean against a counter while Iris gets her stuff ready.

"Oh, yeah, heh, it stings a bit but its not that bad. It was worse last night." Tesla offers a chuckle and lifts a shrug, then hisses out a breath when Iris cleans up the cuts. "I don't blame you, either. I'm not really a big fan of engaging in violence... and when I do I tend to send Leeroy in for the close quarters and I stay back out of the 'action'. I'd much rather negotiate and come to terms." Taking up the broom again, she grins at Iris.

"Thanks for that. I really do hate to bother peole with this stuff, but I never quite got around to learning first aid myself. And good! Hopefully Lone Star will help cover your store so nobody gets in again. And I would be absolutely happy if we didn't have to shoot at anything worse than a radroach or molerat with the Bunker. I mean, knowing bunkers, there's probably some feral ghouls lurking somewhere on the lower levels but... nothing we can do about that, right?" She lifts a shrug and gets back to sweeping up.
Iris Lark "If you want to help out sometimes, I won't say no. We sell general goods, like food and the like.." Iris says, glancing around and then she lowers her voice and adds. "We also sell guns, armor and chems..the latter is what brings some of the drama. It's a competative market."

She moves towards the back of the store and picks up some fabric on the ground, folding it and setting it back on the shelf before she moves towards the cooler, picking up the water bottles that have been scattered and plugging the machine back in.

"There are some mercenaries and guards attached to Lone Star, but they're really for the caravans that we run through the territory. I couldn't ask them to watch this boring place for silly people." She shoots a thoughtful look at Tesla and grins a bit. "Oh, I'm sure we'll find ghouls, but I'm not as afraid of them as I used to be. Come to think of it, I'm not afraid of much more than death."
Tesla "Excellent! I wouldn't mind at all, might help people get more acclimated to my face and presence in town. The quicker I can get away from being The Stranger or The New Girl, the better." Tesla flashes a grin towards Iris and chuckles at the chems part. "Yeaaaaaaah... that's always a thing. People always gotta fight over chems, like there's not enough demand for everyone."

Sweeping up a bit more, she gets the bulk of the broken or spilled stuff off the floor, moving to do the corner and around the edges of the shelves, working a little more carefully to help pull the dust and debris out from the hard-to-reach places. Grabbing a rag from her own pocket, she mops up a small spill of something that looks like it would get tacky if allowed to dry, then keeps sweeping around the edges of the store.

"Oh I'm not afraid, perse. I'll die when its my time, and until then, everything else is just awesome stories to swap over a beer or some food. But I'm also not really 'combat ready'. Explosives tend to not do so well in confined spaces... especially spaces people want to be able to salvage and use later on. So my one 'thing' is kinda useless down there. At least Leeroy can be helpful. I really lucked out coming across him on The Strip. Did you know the Securitron units come with /four/ different weapons systems? And they have an auto-repair program so they 'heal' damage much like we do!"