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Celeste     The scent of the light rainshowers outside drift into the stables, making the dirt and hay smell earthy and wet. One girl who doesn't mind the heavy scent is Celeste, who currently leans against a corral with her arms folded atop the rail and one boot resting on a lower slat of wood. She has a serene expression on her face as she watches the horses inside as they roll around and take dirt baths. The sight brings a faint smile to her lips and urges a gentle sigh to be exhaled.
Lucky Wandering the streets was a young Desert Ranger kid who slips inside the stables as the rain begins to fall outside. "Ay Caramba! Tis v'y wet outside." He says as his left-hand runs through his hair before shaking his head. Blue eyes look around the place as he steps inside, a hmm escaping his lips as he continues further inside.
Aidan Drake Aidan makes his way into the stables, water dripping off the brim of his hat as he looks around the stables. The Deputy had decided to reunite with some of his lost relatives and heard that one of them liked to hang out here so he made his way in. "Feels nice getting some of the dust from the road off me with this rain." He spots the young lady watching the horses and makes his way over, "You don't happen to know where I could find Miss Celeste Drake do you?" Yeah he doesn't recognize her at all just yet.
Celeste     Yeah, the last time Aidan would have seen her, Celeste was only seven years old. She's changed a lot over the past fifteen years, but luckily for them Aiden might be easier to recognize. As Celeste hears the voice calling to her she looks away from the horses, turning just enough to make sure she's the one being spoken to, she looks over and spies Aidan. At first there is no recognition, but it slowly begins to show in her expression that this man is at least somewhat familiar. Celeste's grin starts to tug back slowly, and as she lowers her hand from the rail she wonders, "..Aidan?" She's heard the other who has entered, and her eyes flick to him briefly, but for the moment she is struck by the possibility of meeting up with old family.
Lucky Patting down his duster slowly, the ranger spies a horse and meanders on over to it. Smiling, his hand slowly comes up to the horse and pets while the other picks up a carrot. "be a pr'ti little one." he whispers "W'nt a carrot?" He inquires of the horse, bringing the carrot up the horse's mouth to feed. The horse takes it and a small grin crosses the kids face "th'ts wh't I thought." He chuckles as he continues to pet.
Aidan Drake Aidan nods a bit, "In the flesh. I'll take it you're Celeste then..." He glances over at the other visitor to the stables and offers the man a nod, "She's a beaut that's for sure." He points out another horse in the stables, "That one there if you're in the market for a horse is the one you want. He's got the look of a decendant from the cowboy's stock. Best horse breed out there." Then back to Celeste, "You've grown up. Glad to see the rest of the family is doing well."
Celeste     A few seconds pass and Celeste is grinning brightly. Yes, it's her cousin. Whoohoo! There is a look of pure excitement on the woman's face now, and as she takes a hop towards Aidan she gives a cheerful laugh, arms quickly wrapping around the man in a tight hug. "I can't believe it! It's true! You're back!" Celeste grins brighter then, taking a small step back so she can look him over. "And you, too. So handsome!" She laughs more, looking happy as can be. Her grin goes lopsided as she watches her cousin, and what he says last makes her smile falter for a moment. "It's.. It's just me. Mom and dad. They.." she shakes her head. "Never quite made it back that day and.." She looks away, focusing on the other male. "We can talk about it later." A smile is on her lips again and she agress with Aidan, "Yep. Best out there. Sturdy and strong and smart as can be."
Lucky "Oh I d'n ride much, prefer my feet in honesty. 'nless I be heading long distances." The kid replies with a kindhearted smile to Aidan. Looking back to the horse, he pets again before stepping away and looks to the doors "Rain be slow'n, best time to go I think." He says to no one as hands slip inside the duster and feet take him to the door and back out.
Aidan Drake Aidan returns Celeste's hug before he shrugs a bit, "I think more rugged than handsom." He nods towards Lucky, "Makes sense. Grew up on and around horses so I'm about as comfortable on one as I am on my own two feet. Good luck out there though bud rain round here can come back aweful fast."
Celeste     Celeste just chuckles at Aidan for a moment, and when Lucky is heading out she calls, "See you," after him, waving as she does. Once her attention is again on Aidan she says, "So.. tell me everything. What have I missed? Where have you been? What.." she catches herself asking too many questions so she slows down and takes a breath. "it's good to see you after so long," she says, deciding to start there.
Aidan Drake Aidan shrugs a bit, "I'm not sure where to start. I got home after the attack and found my parents dead and no signs of anybody else left alive so I'd taken off after the bandits. Took me a while but I found 'em all."
Celeste     Celeste's brows show signs of worry as she listens to what happened, and the story earns a soft frown. She slowly crosses her arms over her chest, and as she focuses on Aidan she shifts her weight from one foot to the other. "Oh.. Wow." she clears her throat and asks, "You did? Found them.. all?" She blinks softly. "How many were there? And.. what did you do to them?" For a moment there is a flash of.. something in her eyes.
Aidan Drake Aidan shakes his head, "Don't worry about how many it was only a few and I killed them all... Explained who I was and what they did before I put a bullet in them."
Celeste     Celeste's brows lift and she sinks her teeth into her lower lip. The young woman looks like she might say something along the lines of 'that's it?', but she doesn't voice it. She takes another breath and says, "I hope they suffered as much as our family did.. Thank you for going after them. I'm glad you were able to return in one piece. That couldn't have been easy.." She shakes her head, hands rubbing lightly at her upper arms while they remain crossed. "Are you going to be staying at the house?"
Aidan Drake Aidan nods, "I've already moved my things into the house. Not that I had much. I'm also working for the Sheriff's Office now as well."
Celeste     "Oh," Celeste says, looking surprised, but pleasantly so. "That's great. Congrats." Her smile warms once more and she glances away, looking over to the horses and back. Once her eyes meet Aidan's she says, "I have a few things to take care of this morning, but I hope to see you later tonight. Maybe we'll have to cook something special to celebrate your return."
Aidan Drake Aidan smiles and nods, "I'd appreciate that. I'm also trying to get the ranch running smooth again wouldn't mind some help with that if you've got the time? I'd like to get some horses and get breeding stock set up and of course some brahmin."
Celeste     This makes Celeste smile more. She gives a quick, short nod as she says, "Yeah, I'd love to help out. I've been trying.. It's not as easy as they made it look when we were kids, but.. we've been managing." Barely hanging on is more like it. "You just tell me where I can help out and I'm there.. I'm pretty good with the horses now."
Aidan Drake Aidan nods a bit, "I've got to try and figure out what we need and what's left there. But I know we'll need 'stock. Keep an eye out for decent horses and brahmin and let me know? I've got some caps I can drop in getting them purchased. Not much but it'd be a start."
Celeste     Celeste gives a firm nod at that. "Yeah. Can do." She gives one last smile before she says, "See you later," and with that she turns back to the corral, stepping up to it and extending a palm to invite a horse over to be petted.
Aidan Drake Aidan nods, "See you later." He offers a nod of his head then he turns to head back out into the rain.