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Qwillis     The work on the bunker continued steadily. While the others may have had other places to stay, Q slept in his lab and was basically.. always there. Either way, that day came where they were going to finish fixing that power unit as well as get to work on the autodoc!
Tesla Tesla made no bones about moving right into the bunker, literally just curling up on the floor with Leeroy 'standing guard' over her. Its a roof and its secluded and that's all she really needs right now. She's been pitching in here and there as she's able, mostly sticking to helping getting the power up and running again.
Iris Lark Iris comes in from home and without needing to speak she simply gets to work. She can't help fix the power unit, but she can clean, and clean she does. Sweeping, wiping, dusting and storing things. She seems cheerful enough as she does this, someone likes to clean.
Eden Eden comes in with Lilly in a sling against her chest and her toolkit around her waist. She's gotten used to having Lilly with her and still working on her projects. In her backpack is a few blankets she's turned into a makeshift bed. "Hey everyone, so how's the fixing going?"
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles as Iris and Eden show up, he'd wave to them as he'd continue working on that electrical system with Tesla. She was amazingly good at it! "Oh! Eden.. I don't know if you've met her yet. This is Miss Nikki Tesla. And her robot, Leeroy. They're recent arrivals to El Dorado and have joined the Scientists. We're working to get the elevator started so we can start using the rest of the bunker."
    Qwillis muses as he'd pause in his work to look over to Iris. Nodding some, Q motions her way with a look to Eden. "Think you can help her some with the clean up? We recently got what looked to be a medical bay open and I'd love to start getting the autodoc repaired too."
Tesla Tesla leans back, smudges of oil on ehr face and staining her hands. She flashes a grin towards Eden and waves a screwdriver at her. "Hello! Don't mind Leeroy, he's harmless and has /great/ taste in music!" She ducks back in to finish turning the screw holding one of the wires to the board. "That autodoc is gonna be BOSS when we can get it up and running. I'm super excited to see what else this place has to offer when we get the elevator up and running!" Her voice muffles as she gets further into her work, "So what's your specialty? Or are you jack of all trades? Handiest person around? That's always awesome, having someone that can guide the way in all the projects."
Iris Lark Iris perks up and walks towards the medical bay that Qwillis has pointed towards. She gazes at the autodoc that is on the table and she scratches her nose gently. "Well if you can repair it, Eden, I can try to program it to do what it's supposed to do." She looks slightly hesitant, like she's not sure if she's up to the task.
Kaydin     Kaydin comes in with a large Duffelbag full of stuff scrap mostly. He sets the bag down and raises a hand to undo the helmet and pulls it off, revealing a young face. "So I went to the scrap yard, grabbed any parts which looked like that can be used." He says as he looks to Qwillis. "Nice place. I am thinking about setting up a ranger hq somewhere." He says calmly.
Eden "Don't worry, I don't mind a bit" Eden smiles and waves to Tesla. I'm mechanical. Especially like repairing, but I make a few things too." Eden's grin widens as she hears Iris's voice. "Of course I can fix it! I can fix anything. What does it do now?" She laughs "Just kidding. Well, lemme look at it, see where the breakdowns might be."
Tibbie     The young and bubbly Tibbie Gaines has stumbled into this underground bunker on the word that this place needs some sprucing up! It may not be shooting mutants or tripping out in the mists of Dunwich, but by golly her optimism can spin anything into an adventure, and she even packed for it! Today she has a drawstring bag slung over shoulder that looks stuffed.
    "This place sure looks wrecked! But if y'squint it looks kinda science-y!" She says and beams smiles to familiar faces and takes no time at all introducing herself to the new faces as she passes by, not wanting to distract from the task at hand.
    "Name's Tibbie! You'll find me in Shantytown most days, but today I brought y'all a lil fuel for all this cleaning up we gotta do together! Let's get to it!" she encourages the cleanup crew and the scientists while she sets her bag aside and gets to shuffling and squatting, picking up debris with a hum in her throat.
Qwillis     Qwillis looked at Kaydin confused, then looked around. "Uhm.. alright. Want to add it to the components over there, Kaydin?"
    With Tibbie wandering in, Qwillis would actually go over to the door and peek outside, no.. no one else was coming. Rubbing the back of his head, he'd chuckle a little. "Thank you, Tibbie. This is Eden, Nikki Tesla and her robot Leeroy. Iris of course and Kaydin." He'd make introductions around the room to everyone. "I believe the parts that Miss Nikki is installing should complete the main generator. So we'll either have real power.. or we all blow up in a flash of light." He'd smile and nods to Tibbie. "Would you want to help Eden and Iris with the medical bay? It will need cleaning up and maybe some of the parts Kaydin brought can help on starting to repair the autodoc."
Tesla "Rangerman! How's it going?" Tesla pokes her head out again to wave towards Kaydin, flashing him a grin, then glancing over to Qwill on a chuckle. "Or Kaydin. Kaydin works too, I suppose. Look at that! You have a face!" Laughing to herself, she ducks back in to keep ratcheting away at the generator. She even hums to herself as she tinkers away at it. Qwill's comment has her laughing and calling out, "Hey! I've only been blown up twice! And once was TOTALLY not my fault! I /told/ the ganger NOT to press the red button! I can't help if he can't recognize a giant 'self-destruct' button when he sees one!" And with that disturbing bit of oversharing, she goes right back to her work and humming.
Iris Lark Iris turns to see the newcomers and she aims a genuinely happy smile at Tibbie. "Good to see you again, Tibbie, how have you been?" She continues to help clean the medical bay, pulling debris into a container set aside for it before sweeping and dusting. Every few minutes more is uncovered, so there will be a lot of wiping and dusting to do.
Eden Eden starts clearing extra items away from the machine. "Serious mess in here! Hi Tibbie! Wanna help clear the area with us?" Then Tesla starts talking about explosions and Eden is temporarily distracted. She keeps moving items aside with Iris, piling the useless depbris into the container too. Soon the have at least a work area around the machine. With that open, Eden starts looking carefully at the machine. Taking off side panels, analyzing how it all works together.
Tibbie     "You got it boss! Helllooo nursebay!" The brown-haired gal greets the medical bay and returns a warm friendly smile back to Iris and Eden,
"Well I sure been up to wastelandin' troubles, Eden knows! So comin' here and cleaning up is just what I need to get settled back and ready for the whatever's next!" She replies to Iris and assists her in by taking a squat for dustpan duty, the other women there shouldn't have to bend their backs too much if she can help it!
"I bet your brains'is bigger than Ashur's muscles, knowing how all these robot's work an'all!" She compliments Eden with a smile.
Victoria Victoria is late! Oh so late. The olive skinned woman will make her way into the vault, a red wagon pulled behind her, covered with knitted together garbage bags, and a backpack set on top, likely to keep the garbage bags from blowing off the contents held within the wagon, "Hi, sorry, I got held up with a bloody radroach pack." Announced to the room in general before she pauses to see a lot of folks here, "Oh. Popular place. Hello." Half-smile graces her lips as her wagon is squeakily pulled in, one wheel broken and pulling to the wagon to the left, "Where should I start cleaning?" Asked again in general; anyone can direct her to do whatever,
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles towards Victoria with a small nod. "Hello Vic. Let's see.. Kaydin, Tibbie, Eden, Iris.. I believe they may be new?" He'd point out each person as he talked, then nodded a little. "The medical bay just open. So there's a lot of junk and cleaning to do in there. Want to start there?"
    Qwillis would go and get some more tools from the lab, to come back and help Nikki further with that power unit, double checking the installed items against the specs outlined by his pip-boy on that metal arm. "I.. think we might be all set, Miss Nikki. What do you think?"
Iris Lark Iris grins at Tibbie when she moves in to help and she continues to clean and dust, not much for conversation when she's working. She keeps an eye on Eden as the woman works, occasionally drifting over to peek at the autodoc while she's working on it. Finally after a few solid minutes of cleaning and picking up debris she stops by Eden and speaks up. "So do you think that is a hopeless case? If anyone can get it working again, I imagine it would be you."
Tesla Tesla scoots herself backward, swipinng an arm across her forehead and pushing up to her feet with a grin. "I mean, I could add a self-destruct button, but that seems unnecessarily Bond-ish. So yeah, lets fire her up and see what she does!" Pulling her tools away from the geenerator and cleaning up a few scraps of cut wire and debris, she motions for Qwill to do the honors. "This is your baby, you hit the switch." She leans out into the main room and calls out, "No bot is hopeless! The autodoc will live again if I have to Frankenstein it myself!" She pulls back into the generator room, only to pop her head back out and add on, "Er, you might not want me to Frankenstein it! I cannot guarantee that it would be able to fulfill its original purpose. Or that it wouldn't go insane and try to kill us all."
Eden Looking up at Iris, Eden says, "Definitely! There's a broken bit here, but I can weld that back together. Bits and connections have rusted, but they can be easily replaced. Some disconections. It's gonna take some time, but yeah, this is totally fixable! Programming I don't know anything about though, so that's up to you and Qwillis."
Qwillis     Qwillis chuckles in response to Tesla. He'd help to clean up the stuff and muses. "Probably better to turn off the portable for this.." Looking around, he'd call out. "Anyone who has flashlights? Make sure to use them. Portable power is going offline.. holler if you need me to wait?"
    Q would give it a few moments for anyone to call out if the needed a pause. If there's no reply, he'd kill that portable generator, throwing everything into darkness. Once done, his pip-boy flashlight comes on and he'd move to the main system, pushing the button to start the generator quite confidently!
Victoria "Sounds good!" Vic will state, dragging her wagon to the medical bay, and finding a spot to park it. Jacket is taken off, leaving her in a t-shirt, and she'll get to starting to sort junk from useful stuff. As the lights go off she switches the flashlight on her pipboy on with a flick of her fingers, then gets back to work.
Tibbie     Squat and tone and trash and squat goes Tibbie as she's sweeping up dirt and pebbles, sending them into their eternal afterlife in the garbage can. Now with the lights off she simply takes a break and to do some oddball stretching in the dark.
"Fingers crossed everybody!"
Iris Lark Iris goes quiet and when Tibbie says to cross her fingers, she automatically starts to giggle a little bit. "Fingers are crossed!" She says, and she taps on her Pip-Boy bathing the med bay in a little bit of light, and some music, thanks to David Ghoulie.
Kaydin     Kaydin moves the parts to where they were going to be needed. He then puts his helmet back on when the lights went out, his red optics glowing in the dark. "So what now?" He asks as he looks around to the various people, seeing them in the dark.
Qwillis     It takes a few moments of quiet silence.. and then with the low reverberating hum, the fusion generator comes online! The lights all around them would start to life. As well as several additional computer consoles that were previously innert. Qwillis beams at the power unit and nods thoughtfully. "Perfect. Now.. we have the new energy system.. Let's see about helping with the autodoc, then it's a job to re-engage the elevator system."
Tesla Tesla punches a fist into the air and leaps up, twirling around and giving a whoop when the generator hums to life. She flashes a grin to Q and moves to look at the consoles that have blinked on. She's still poking around at them when Qwill calls for them to go help with the autodoc. "Awwwwwww, but this is so cool!" Still, she's smiling broadly as she pulls herself away from the computer's to head over to help get the autobot online.
Eden after a few minutes. Eden pops her head up from the machine. "I think i connected everything. there's still rist. but... do you want yo see if thats's good enough to get the power on?" Eden is grinning. Tjis is the fun stuff for her!
Tibbie     "Hoo-yeah! That's how the brainiest brains get things done!" Tibbie cheers and takes no time at all to find her bag and a metal gurney to work with. Dumping multiple paper-wrapped parcels onto the gurney and giving the dusty table a good brushing off, she unwraps and gets everything mise-en-place, a slab of decadent-looking cooked meat and other typical sandwich ingredients are laid out and soon dealt with by the fast-handed gal.

"May as well get somethin in ya before the bigger job ahead y'all!" She hollers and displays her mid-job picnic on the gurney to the incoming traffic;
thick cured and cooked bacon strips, her families' famous sourdough, and other typical sandwich toppings, pickles, lettuce, brahmin cheese, and even tomato slices! She's even thought ahead and brought some sundried tomato slivers as a vegetarian option, isn't she just the thoughtful sort!

    "Oh geeze! What's the hour boss? I promised Ma I'd be home in time for the next batch of dough! AwwJeeze! I'll see y'all superbrains later!" Tibbie chimes though in a rush as she grabs a bacon slice and her now empty bag, rushing out of the half-functional den of scientists.
"BYEEEEE!" is heard muffled from afar.
Iris Lark Iris watches Tibbie shoot out of the door, yelling as she leaves and it makes her chuckle softly. She quietly watches Eden work, her broom held close to her as she leans in to see what has been repaired. "I'm not great with programming but I know injuries, so we'll see if that helps out when the time comes." She replies, shrugging with a slight grin on her face.
Eden Eden sees the food Tibbie left and is suddenly ravenous! "It does seem like a good time for a break! Eden smikes at Iris annd says "I'm surprosed you havent asked to hold her... do you want to?"
Iris Lark Iris beams at Eden and walks forward, her arms out. "I would love to hold her." She murmurs, and gently taking the baby into her arms she coos and rocks slowly back and forth. "What did you name her? Oh Eden, she is absolutely breathtaking." She leans in and sniffs at the child in her arms, giggling softly. "Babies smell the best."
Tesla "I can program pretty well, so if you two need any technical help in that area, I'm happy to lend a hand. Let me know!" Tesla chirps out the offer as she traipses over to pick through the food offerings. Still oily and dirty from tinkering with the generator, she's careful not to touch anything unless she's going to eat it. She also stays a few steps back from the other girls, moreso at the sight of the baby, looking distinctly uneasy. "That's a, uhhhhhh... great baby you got there. How... how old is it? I mean, her." Yep, never been around children, right here!
Eden "Lillith" Eden says with the biggest grin you ever saw. "She came while i was walking home from Dunwich. So Akane of all people actually helped. and Thank you! im biased but i think she's gorgeous!" Eden takes the opportunity to grab a lil bit of food. Giggling at Tesla, she says, "don't worry, babies this small don't do much yet. she 2 months and you wanna see if that powers up?"
Iris Lark "Lillith.." Iris repeats, walking back and forth a bit with the precious bundle crooked in her arms. "I'm glad she came safe, I was worried about you for a while there." She walks over to where the two are working and watches placidly as she rocks the baby back and forth.
Eden "we have been well, not a lot of sleep at this stage for me, but we are ok." eden takes a bite, and says with her mouth still a little full.. "and i am ALWAYS hungry! nobody told me that!"
Tesla Tesla gives a nervous laugh at mention of the baby, edging back a little more. "No! Uh, I mean... that's okay... I should probably... go back in the generator room and... check out those consoles. Maybe we can figure out if there's a, uh, command to kickstart the elevator. Nice to meet you! Bye Iris!" ANd she zips off back into the room full of electronics and safety.