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Davidson Where's there to go after a long day's digging through junk for anything useful than somewhere to get a bite to eat? Well, a diner, which suggests that Davidson must've found at least a few caps since he's not eating at one of the hole-in-the-walls down in the ramshackle sprawl south of here. Rifle slung over his shoulder, filter mask hung loosely around his neck, he walks along in and steps up to the chipped counter, dropping himself down onto a stool before glancing left - and right - to see who else might be around.
Rexus Rexus is up at the counter, eating alone by the looks of it. It may be long past breakfast but... he's still eating it. An average looking plate of eggs, hashbrowns and potatoes with some toast. A piping hot beverage sits in a cup next to his plate, from which he takes the occassional sip before forking in another mouthful to chew down. He doesn't look armed at all, but the weathered and worn militia uniform sets him apart from most working-class folk just here for a quick meal.
Davidson Davidson's chin lifts up in an affable sort of nod over to the militiaman as he's noticed there. "Morn... ernoon? Shit, what time is it," he muses to himself, glancing at the man's plate and then craning his neck back in a lean back from the counter, peering at the window. A shrug, "Whatever, not like I've got any appointments."
Rexus Rexus looks outside, "Probably evening time... so.. dinner... but... ain't no rule about what you have to eat." he says, nodding towards the empty seat next to him. "Appointments? I've never heard of one... usually just run into the people you need or chase them down till they agree to meet with you. Nothin's ever scheduled ahead."
Davidson Davidson breathes out a low chuckle, "I hear some people talkin' about 'em, but mostly the monied folk at the ranches. Maybe those weird folks down in Vault Town..." He shrugs a shoulder, leaning forward to rest folded arms on the table as he settles in, gaze sweeping over the menu, "Generally don't have anyone waiting on me regardless."
Rexus Rexus smirks, "May be swimmin in caps but you don't ever see them around. Neither the Ranchers nor the Vault townies... keep to themselves mostly... as do most folk around here, unless there's a crisis." he says with an amused chuckle, "Then they come outta the woodwork."
Davidson Davidson smirks, glancing over, " ask us folks who know our way around the wastes to protect them, more like as not, eh?" He chuckles, chin lifting up to the woman behind the counter, "Some coffee or whatever's close, and some roasted 'roach." It's an acquired taste.
Rexus Rexus can't help but grimace at the choice. "Brave choice." he says, "I much prefer normal food." he says, poking at his eggs before scooping up a mouthful to chew on. "Could say that. Only want you around when there's a crisis... every other time they don't want to see you at all, upsets their delicate sensibilities."
Davidson Davidson shrugs easily, "I spend a lot've time out there. Don't exactly have a lot of choice of cuisine... and hey, long enough you start to like it." He flashes a dusty grin, "Grill 'er up right and you get a nice crunch. And yeah, well. They can hide in their holes if they want. Couldn't live like them even if I -had- the caps."
Rexus Rexus shrugs, "Beans and cram are my fare for the wastes... don't live off the wildlife unless I have to." he says, poking at a sausage and chewing at it. "Don't get me wrong though, it's a nice life if you're retired and sick of shootin things... just ain't my time yet."
Davidson "Hey, to each their own. Me, I don't think I could survive being a homebody," admits Davidson, offering with a tip of his chin up, "Davidson, by th'way."
Rexus Rexus nods, "Rexus." he says simply, he's not exactly unknown in these parts at least. "Someday i'll do it... when i'm all settled and good and ready for it... till then...."
Davidson Davidson's coffee is finally set down, and he picks it up, raising it in a bit of a toast. "Well, good luck and here's hoping that day comes for you," he offers sincerely, "Me - I'm going to keep exploring until the wastes take me, probably."
Rexus Rexus looks him over slowly. "To each his own. I thought I'd stop here on my way out West but... decided to stick around... you'll change your mind i'm sure. Most everyone does... though a few stick around for a little while before movin on, ain't too uncommon. Most of the wastes round here already been explored, unless you go to Texas."
Davidson "Grew up here," Davidson admits with a shrug of one shoulder, "And just because someone's been there... doesn't mean I have. I make maps." He taps the hip-pouch, "Everyone needs somewhere to come back to, I just couldn't spend -all- my time here."
Rexus Rexus raises an eyebrow, "Maps eh? Ye copy them or make new ones?" he squints, "We're headin off to texas and could probably use some scouts to give me an idea of the landscape an such... gets you out and about.. new territory, new places to discover."
Davidson Davidson's brows both lift a little. "Some've both," he admits, turning a bit more to face the other man, "You got my attention. Texas, you say?"
Rexus Rexus forks in some more eggs, "Aye, texas.. mutants are attackin some citadel and we're headin over to deal with'em. Need some intel and maps to see where I can set up our ambushes an tryint o thin them out before they arrive."
Davidson Davidson takes a sip of the coffee - or what passes for coffee - and he dips his chin in a thoughtful nod, "Haven't been out that way before, and hell, helpin' out is an added bonus." He pauses, "This citadel payin' a reward to save their asses? Not to be an asshole, but a man's got to make a living."
Rexus Rexus smirks, "El Dorado won't do it for free. And i'm sure the brotherhood'll pay... either in caps or items of use... for certain." he says, "And everything be provided that you need... well most everything."
Davidson Davidson flashes a grin, then, "Well, looks like you all've got yourself a scout. I wasn't doing anything pressing anyway, and I've been meaning to break in this new pop-gun anyway..."
Rexus Rexus nods, finishing his meal, "Right then, we're musterin soon to head out so... get your shit and we'll meet back up before heading off. No idea where we are meeting just as of yet...
Davidson Davidson lifts his coffee in a salute. "Will do. Shouldn't take long to grab my bag," he says, tilting back the cup and draining the remainder of the... well, we'll call it coffee.