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Vault Girl 2 Days Ago - Acme Muster Point

With word of the situation in Texas growing more dire, it had been Lieutenant Rexus of the Militia, a former Brotherhood of Steel Paladin who had approached the President with a proposal to send aid to the Alamo Citadel; one of the last standing great pre-war installations.

The expedition force had been a hasty affair, with many Militia Squads pulled off patrol duties in order to help form an active combat unit which would be led by Lieutenant Rexus who had been designed the Field Commander for the Expedition; a title that had replaced Marshal now that the Sheriff's Department had been formalized.

Vehicles were supplied, many of them familiar barely running pieces of crap that had survived the Mexico Expedition while several more including a handful of armored vehicles were recent acquisitions from the Siege of El Dorado when Enclave forces had been overwhelmed and ultimately surrendered.

A brief address had been given by President Caine, Colonel Sanders, and Colonel Romero about the importance of this mission and that if the Alamo Citadel were to fall to the Mutant Horde, it would more than likely destabilize all of Texas which would have dangerous ramifications for New Mexico.

It was expected that the Alamo Citadel would have sufficient supplies and long range communications had been sent in advance, with no response as well as an advance scout team led by Sergeant Joe Caine.


The journey into Texas had been arduous, with several vehicles breaking down along the way and at least two of them being straight up abandoned.

The road from Acme into Texas was clear of hostiles thanks to the Militia and once the Expedition entered Texas it seemed fine close to the New Mexico Border.

The further in they got, the more abandoned settlements were passed and few signs of life were found.

There was an attack on the group by raiders who thought they had found easy prey, not realizing they had come across an actual military convoy consisting of hundreds of soldiers drawn from across New Mexico, a force just under a thousand strong including mercenaries from Jack's Town, and Whitecloaks from New Rome led by Centurion Ashur of the aforementioned city on the western border of New Mexico.

In the distance, a massive 'citadel', a pre-war installation loomed, taller than many buildings that had survived the bombs dropping. It was impressive from a distance, with Vertibirds launching every so often from the upper spires.

The closer the group got though, the more apparent it became that the location was not as glorious as it seemed from a distance. Entire sections of the wall were destroyed and there seemed to be nobody manning the western approach.
Rexus Rexus heads the pack, as it were. He's not wearing his power armor, saving it for combat and such. Since he is at the front of the group, he is first to spy the Citadel. "Well, there it is.... looks like there's work to do." he says to no one in particular, gazing across the battered and worn walls.

     The main body of El Dorado folk are flanked by scouts and skirmishers.. helps keep any bandits away from the plodding group.. taking their time so as not to damage any equipment or injure anyone. The vehicles are weighted down with gear, most everyone else is walking.
Kaydin     "And that is why the NCR will be forever superior to the legion. Paper money is alot harder to make ammunition out of." Kaydin argues with Ashur for probably the upteen millionth time since they started the journey to texas. The event has been fairly quiet except for the raiders who thought it would be smart to attack a convoy of armed guns. Yea kaydin thought that definatly was the greateast plan he has ever heard and when the building can be seen towering over the others he just scoffs. "Trust the brotherhood to turn it into a temple of some sort." He says as he checks his guns.
Vera Vera says, "Wow...thats a big's like some kind of castle of old...or a mall." She just stares at the place for a moment. "Travel to far away lands, see interesting sights, kill things...well, two of them so far. Were doing good if you ask me..." She looks to Rexus, "So, do you have a way to contact them from out here?..I'd hate to just walk in there, and they get the wrong idea about us.""
     Krysta wasn't anywhere near Rexus and so did not hear him. She had not been ordered so she stayed near the mercenaries. She walked alongside Devlin in her salvaged power armor, mostly silent. Well to everyone around her she had been silent the entire way. But the comm let her talk with Devlin now and then. Hard to read a woman covered entirely in armor who's then silent to boot.
Matt Lonestar, was of course, asked to provide wagons and such for this crazy expedition. Matt was entirely too happy to come along though, Texas being the homeland and such for him. Quite a few of Lonestar's caravan guards are residing on Matt's Wagon. Harmon and Iris Lark included.

Matt is riding a motorcycle out in front of the wagon, keeping up with the group but generally being a slow puller since its just the one motorcyle.
Davidson     A long, low whistle escapes Davidson's lips as he gazes out at the Citadel, one foot lifting up to rest on a heavy rock - he's up near the front, scout that he is, often ranging a bit to keep an eye out for any dangers that might be luring. "Damn," he comments, "That's a sight, isn't it? Haven't ever seen one of those 'birds in flight myself... just wrecks."
Kaelyn Being a stealthy type and all, Kaelyn was out being one of those said scouts. She even had some fun with one of the bandits while on the way here, having suspended them through telekinesis as she and CORA had a polite conversation on why they should not attack heavily armed military convoys and the dangers there in... Of course she'd love it if she could like use her abilities more frequently or at least be assured they were going to cooperate all the time. It wasn't long before said bandit fell out of the telekinetic hold, and then ran away screaming about red-eyed pointy-eared witches, to which Kaelyn ended up in a huff...

"Soo still inna huff Kae Kae?" Asks CORA who gets glared at a bit, before Kae sighs and shrugs "Am not a witch, I wasn't casting spells..." To which CORA replies "But you did hold him there and talk to him... Then pointed him other directions when he tried to line you up for a shot..." Kae then shrugs "So? I didn't shoot him..." CORA then shrugs "Yes but you shot half a dozen of his buddies..." Kae pouts "They don't count..."

When Kae sees the fort they're supposed to help reinforce she blinks looking at the thing "Kinda looks run down dunnit..." CORA then pipes up.. "Nuclear war does that to things..."
Garrett Smith Although just arriving into town, Garrett had then promptly joined the denizens of this new settlement on a journey to the Alamo. Normally he wouldnât go on such a mission with strangers, but after receiving kind hospitality from the community he felt he had a duty to serve. Plus, after Iris had tended to his wounds upon arrival, he felt indebted to help the cause. âJust hope you folks know, Iâm not exactly the fastest draw in the west. But I figure bodies help more than anything.â
Harmon Harmon is lounging on the back of the wagong as they begin to roll up closer to the Citadel and a tinge of excitement in the air gets his attention, "The hell? Place looks like it's been through some shit." he remarks, using his hand as a visor to squint for a bit better of a look at the structure before banging on the side of the wagong to get Matt's attention and yelling at him, "Oi! There are hole pieces of wall missing. The hell are we supposed to do here if the horde attacks?" the gruff old combat medic not seeming too happy about the possible looming predicament they're in.
Ashur The Whitecloaks fly across the countryside in chariots; their engines roar in operatic unison as they drive, their ramshackle vehicles an odd sight indeed: great bowls of tin and aluminum and other recycled scrap attached to scavenged car and truck wheels, pulled by motorcycles controlled by tightly-wound ropes and jury-rigged foot pedals.

Ashur, himself, stands within the largest of them, arms folded across his chest, that massive cape billowing in the wind. His chariot has been spraypainted gold and black, and it is pulled behind the well-cared for motorcycle of Eden, his driver -- unlike her man, after all, she has a host of skills that aren't monomaniacally dedicated to punching things.

Hell, she's the one who helped repair and set up this entire chariot cavalry.

As the Citadel looms and the group slows, Ashur goes where Eden directs them, watching and waiting. When they pull up alongside Kaydin and the Ranger once more bickers about the NCR, the bull snorts, the sound suppressed by the engine's keening and his own helmet.

"Paper money is too delicate, and worthless on its own; gold, silver, these things are valuable, they have weight."
Devlin     Sitting beside a mix matched suit of power armor, Devlin sits beside Krysta in the back of one of the several pickup trucks that had a tent stretched over the bed to shield the riders from the sun. In his lap was a wide blade and within his hands was a wide mallet which he used to flatten some sections of the wicked blade though beside him was a sharpening stone to refine the edge. This was largely the core of his travel.. maintenance for his sword, his armor and Krysta's.

    Once on foot Devlin stepped into his power armor but then augmented the settings, stressing his body under it's weight rather than use the fusion core. One of the few systems online was communications. Keeping the broadcast internal and short wave, he tuned it to Krysta's frequency to ask, "A longer assignment.. How does it feel to be a Mercenary again rather than a Settlement Guard? Also.. How are the burns in that suit, tolerable?"
Tesla Tesla watches the vertibirds being launched from the high spire, musing aloud, "I could totally kit one of those up... if I recall correctly, the come standard with a 5 mm minigun, open walls on both sides to allow for combatants up to even those in power armor to be able to fire from the vantage of height..." She rides along on the shoulder of her trusty AWOL Mk. III, aka Leeroy Jenkins. Another fine figure of Pre-War history, much like the aforementioned Colonel Sanders! "Imagine doing a drop from that, in full power armor. The shockwave alone would knock most folk off their feet."
Iris Lark Iris sits in the wagon her arms folded in front of her as she keeps an eye on their surroundings. She glances at Harmon and smirks, shrugging a shoulder. "Fight or flight, we're not going to have too many options when the time comes, unfortunately." She checks her gear and sees that she has enough supplies for healing and lets out a sigh. "This is going to be another Mexico, isn't it?"
Rexus Rexus gives a brief nod to Vera. He steps out of the road.. trail.. path... whatever you want to call it. Yes. I'm sure they're still monitoring the local Brotherhood channels..." he says as he takes out a small radio, tuned to one of the Brotherhood distress frequencies, using one of the older codes... hoping it checks out. "I'm not sure they're expecting help but... they will be receptive I am sure..." Helps that the leader has a reputation with the Brotherhood as it stands.
Lucette     Everyone needs a Guardian for field trips. Lucette came along with the trip out to Texas. She ensured Agro was brought along, riding in vehicle herself if she wouldn't be able to keep up. Either way, they're cross the border far and to the point of contest. Luce takes this time to stretch her legs and back, working her arms and wrists afterwards.

    "If it's another Mexico, then success means keeping home's heroes their best. If we can't back up our friends then we're in deep trouble." she remarks to Iris. "I sent that letter to the Mayor, by the way. Never got a response meself."
Vault Girl The vertibird that had been seen launching from The Alamo Citadel did a low-pass over the group before short-range radios crackled to life, "Alamo Citadel to incoming convoy, please confirm your identity immediately."

The vertibird swooped around and was coming in for another pass, likely weapons hot in case the situation went south.
Davidson     A smirk twitches to Davidson's lips at Tesla's words, and he slants a look over her way. "You just want to get your hands on one of them yours-- uh..." As a shadow fals across them, he looks up, and up, "...hey, uh. Command-- Field-- Rexus? They know we're coming, right?"
     Krysta turned on the comm directly to Devlin's suit so he was the only one who could hear her. "I'm sure we'll be drafted again whenever they actually look at my files. I doubt they'd want mercs to take credit anyway. they want to gain recruits for the militia. So what better than 'we saved the alamo. sign here.'" She shook her head faintly though no one could see that. "By the way, that roman troll? Stay the fuck away from him on the field. Last time I went to help he punched a mini-nuke and hit us all with radiation. He's impossible to predict or control in battlefield situations."
Vera Vera says, "Well, the know were here.....least this ones not shooting at us...well yet, the days still young..but I got high hopes..." as she tracks the path of the bird through the sky."
Rexus Rexus looks up at the Vertibird as it swoops low, raisin a hand to wave as he speaks into his radio. "Paladin Rexus Morev, of the Eastern Brotherhood with allies." And yes, the Brotherhood can check their codex, he's still listed! "We are here to reinforce the Citadel against the mutant attacks..." he adds, just for clarification.
Matt After awhile, Matt sighs heavily. "Hells glory, its never looked *that* bad, even when the Raiders held it." Not like anyone can hear him over the purr of the nuke engine between his thighs. Only reason Matt came out at all was to check on his family. Mutant Hordes don't exactly bode well for small ranchs.
Iris Lark "I did what I had to do in Mexico, and I'll do what I have to do here." Iris assures Lucette, her arms slowly folding over her chest. "We'll see how it goes." She settles back in the wagon, seemingly unconcerned with whatever is going on ahead with the vertibird.
Kaydin     "The Brotherhood does know we are here to supply them, not rob them, right boss?" Kaydin says in radio to Rexus before looking back to Ashur and then gestures to the place. "So what do you think? Think the brotherhood will share their toys for boots on the ground?" He asks Ashur as he looks to the vertibird as it swoops in.
Vera Vera hmms, and continues to watch the bird overhead..."I really hope you don't owe money in there to anyone." she says as she looks to Rexus.
Garrett Smith "Well, just in case they decide we're the bad guys, just want to say it's been nice meeting you all." Says Garrett, followed by a laugh. "There's enough folks around us in that power armor to show we're nice and friendly to the Brotherhood, right?"
Harmon Harmon whistles a bit as the vertibird makes its first pass, "Helluva way to get around. Beats hoofin it." he muses to himself before looking to Iris, "Yeah, I wasn't around for the last expedition. But I'm pretty sure I didn't bring enough banaids and bourbon." he says, actually sounding a little light hearted and downright jovial.
Tesla Tesla flashes a grin in Davidson's direction and calls out, "Well YEAH... I mean... I'd totally learn to fly for one of those babies. Especially if I could put Leeroy on the gun... well, once I have all his artillery installed." She pats the bot affectionately and offers a wave and smile towards Iris and another towards Ashur.
Devlin     "Roger.. He is the one who fractured my arm for doing my job. He's a creature that berserks, little more" is said in turn through the private channel to Krysta. Devlin could hear the loud speakers over the high speed blades of the Vertibird and chuckles softly. "Another client to take all the fame when we do the job but they first will meet us with guns to our heads to bombs around our throats.." Shaking his head, the armored mercenart continued the march until orders were given to the contrary, he couldn't evade a vertibird so he wouldnt worry or try to.
Ashur "Their ideology demands no gratitude," Ashur responds, tilting his head back to stare up at the vertibird. Seeing something look down on him, even when it's just a machine, sits like a lead ball in his stomach. His right hand curls into a fist. "They believe themselves alone worthy of all technology; it is not even a principled stand against it, but mere gluttony." He turns his head and stares down at Kaydin through that bulletproof Corinthian helm, his breathing loud and metallic. "Strip what you can off their dead, and expect no thank yous."
Vault Girl There was a long silence as things were verified before the transmission resumed. "Confirmed. Welcome to Alamo Citadel Paladin Morev, we've been expecting you. Your forward scouts got here earlier in the day and headed south. Head through the Western Gate, and park your vehicles in the bay." The radio transmission ended and the Vertibird waggled its wings at the group before flying off into the south on a continued recon mission.

Not far ahead the Western Gate loomed, a handful of men and women in power armor standing guard on the walls.
Kasumi     Kasumi isn't sure how she got talked into things. Basically, an old contact in Lonestar had talked to her at the Saloon, and then made an offer to her. THe woman took the job, to get a few creds. She sighs a little bit, as she just sits in the corner with her weaponry.
Iris Lark "We drove through the horde when we went to Mexico." Iris replies to Harmon, and she gestures towards the Vertibird and the citidel. "This easy trip when compared to that. No missles, no being splashed with acid." She waves to Tesla, summoning a smile for the woman before she tosses her rucksack further into the wagon. "I hope we brought enough supplies."
     Krysta checked her rifle again. Never hurt to be prepared or to make sure it was all in proper order. She had miraculously been cured of her burns along the way. Must be that Texas Real-o-sphere where the fabric of reality changed entirely. "That's how it works, right? Whatever." She didn't comment on what it was like being that close to a nuke exploding.... She doubted Devlin would enjoy remembering the first time. "Well... Let's keep an eye out, Devlin... We might be here to help but I don't trust these people and I doubt they trust us."
Davidson     After the wing-waggling and the departure of the Vertibird, Davidson breathes easy again--a chuckle under his breath, a shake of his head to dismiss the initial worries. He pushes up to his full height to start ahead as the group moves, calling back over to Tesla, "Gotta admit, I wouldn't mind the view from up there."
Kaydin     "For once Ashur, We agree." Kaydin says as he checks his guns and makes sure everything was set before moving with the rest of the group. He then turns to where he see's Davidson. "The problem with vertibirds is they will break down and you cant get out and walk." Kaydin says with a smirk before looking to Tesla. "Got a weapon darling? Or do you wanna rely on Leeroy the whole trip?" He asks curiously.
Vera Vera says, "Prefered parking...thats good...though I'm feeling a bit...underdressed..all these mecho suits around the place. Its like some kind of weird club, where everyone dresses the same." As she settles back, for the ride the rest of the way in."
Rexus Rexus gives a brief nod, pocketing his radio. "You heard'em, park the vehicles and we'll sort out barracks and accomodations." he says, gesturing to the lead vehicle to head off towards the parking area. "Squad leaders, get your men settled and report to me. We'll have to figure out work details and guard shifts.... everyone's going to be pitching in, there are no free rides here."
Tesla Tesla gives a nod to Davidson and grins. "Yeah, I'd love to see how high they can go. Really test its capabilities." Riding a long a little further, she laughs at Kaydin's question and shakes her head. "Thanks but it wouldn't do me any good if you did. I'm a shit shot, never learned fisticuffs, and I don't cook for fear of cutting a finger off. I'm mostly here to make sure all the tech keeps running while you guys do the fighting. Leeroy will watch my back while I work."
Garrett Smith "So, what's the plan exactly?", chimes Garrett, "I think you folks know what you're doing, but I could definitely use some reassurance. I don't think I've ever been part of a skirmish so organized before, don't want to end up like those raiders who came after us, you know?" He looked around at the well equipped convoy, hoping for good news.
Devlin     "They shouldn't.. I used to kill them under orders. Not like they didnt try to kill me in kind" ends that line of talk as they approach the foretress. Devlin shifts now, grumbling at the force needed to move just enough to begin studying the defenses of the BoS soldiers though he quickly noticed that their numbers were rather weak compared to what they had boasted. "I wonder how many will be dead before months end.."
Eden Eden slows the motor to stay with the group. Looking up at the vertibird, and taking in the citadel. Her head turns back and forth between them. She hears Davidson echo her own thoughts. "I can't wait to be up there either! I would love to fly in one of those, just once..." Eden parks the motorcycle than goes to the carriage to rest next to Ashur while the all decide what to do.
Kaelyn "Weeeee look at the whirlybird!" calls out CORA then Kae blinks and looks at her wrist with the funky pip machine on it... "I so gotta find you a body." She mutters to her self to which CORA responds "Then I can spread my own manor of joy everywhere!!!" Kae then sighs "Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe not..." CORA meeps and flails her avatar's limbs!!! "Just kidding..." Responds Kae...
Kae watches the whole talk with the Vertibird and tilts her head "Well looks like they're not gonna shoot at us yet at least." Kae makes her way back to the main group of folks and pauses as she hears Vera then ummms "Amma thinking the whole mecha suit might be a tad bit overrated maybe?" She responds with a slight smile...
Kasumi     Kasumi sighs a little bit. She's getting paid to Ninja things. She shakes her head a few times as she waits to hear things out. The woman has been silent the whole time, basically being the little Ninja girl she is, hidden away until others speak to her, or she needs to ninja stuff!
     Krysta scoffed faintly. "Good question. Who knows, Kyne. More than they want and fewer than we need." She walked alongside Devlin still watching the flanks for issues.
Rexus Rexus watches the men and women filing past, getting situated. Garrett's a newcomer so he gets a little special attention from the Officer. "Plan is to get situated and organized. We'll be defending the Citadel but, got to get these defenses into shape, get our recon done and make all the other preparations...." It's a long list of things to do! "We'll get our engineers and techs working on the defenses.. scouts will be scouting, rest will be on guard duty and patrol duty till further notice."
Ashur "I have been in one before," Ashur tells Eden, stepping out of the chariot's carriage when she pulls into their directed parking space and the other Whitecloaks follow. "When the Enclave took me for experimentation. There is something fun about being so high up -- you see the world in a new way." He reaches down and pats her head. "I got pushed out in the air. Should you ride in one, wear a seatbelt."
Harmon Once they reach the western gate and begin to file out Harmon would sigh and half-roll off of the back of the wagon before standing up and stretching his back, "I'll work on getting our supplies squared away and documented before checking in with the recon commanders. I'd be more useful out there helping scout and patching guys up than trying to work on a wall. Never was very handy." he admits with a chuckle as he grabs his gear and a rucksack of supplies. Time to work.
Davidson     "You've really got to learn to use -some- kind of weapon, girly," Davidson says with a shake of his head to Tesla's words, "You can't rely on that big metal friend've yours all the time..." The rifle shouldered as they head for the gate, craning his neck to look around at things as they go - taking note of entry points, landmarks in the distance, traces of bombed-out roads...
Vera Vera gets out of the vehicle when they get to the bay, stretching out her arms and legs when she does..."Maybe they'll loan us one of those birds when were done, so we'll have an easier trip back home..."
Kaelyn Kae glances at her trusty old assault rifle it's well maintained but well yah well used too... Kae tilts her head and smirks "Mebbe some better guns... Another nice assault or battle rifle would make me quite happy." she says quietly to her self...
Tesla Tesla blows a raspberry at Davidson and sniffs before commenting airily, "I happen to be learning how to make and use explosives, thank you very much. I just haven't had a chance to craft any up yet." And that is about as close to 'combat' and the techgirl is willing to get. She pats on Leeroy and smiles at the bot. "Besides, Leeroy has been a wonderful companion so far. He got me from New Vegas to here!"
Matt The wagons come in first, after the scouts. They roll forward ALLL the way in and turn out to be easily accessed. Mostly for easy unloading of goods and food and such. His motorcycle rumbles then gets turned off as he dominates and pulls his goggles down. "C'mon, you guys sat for a solid 2 days. Get these wagons unloaded!" Laborers jump down and get to work.
Kaydin     "The man has a point. Someone may try and seperate you from him and then you will be in trouble." He says as he looks to Tesla and then shrugs as he begins to move about helping other people out. "Something tells me trying to report back to the NCR will be trickier then usual." He says as he watches the people in power armor and makes sure other people are here.
Eden 'Do you think they'll take me for aride when this is all done? Probably not, but it would be fun." Eden leans over and kisses his hand. "I'm gonna go walk around a bit. I wonder how much work is needed... I just want to check it out a little bit. besides, I need to stretch." Eden turns and starts to walk around a bit, ust taking in and noting things in her own mind.
Vault Girl As you travel through the Courtyard you notice it is filled with several dozen minor buildings including hangars and barracks, or what once were. Now they along with hundreds of tents serve as home to the refugees that have fled Mexico and the over-run parts of Texas seeking safety. If the Citadel was to fall, there are possibly tens of thousands here who would die.

Soldiers wearing combat armor with the BOS Texas Logo guide the group towards the Citadel and the Vehicle bay. Some refugee kids begin to run alongside the group of you, asking for candy or anything that can be spared.

There are no cheers from the refugees, they already have lost hope.

As you are lead into the vehicle bays you see that it houses more broken vehicles that are inoperable than working but there is still an impressive armory of vehicles held at this location.

Many of the vehicles are repaired pre-war cars and trucks, but there are actual working armored vehicles, including tanks and what appears to be a half-repaired US Army XM-S01 Prototype Walker just like the kind the Enclave used to assault El Dorado.

A Brotherhood Paladin waits to greet Rexus, exchanging words with him before offering a salute and departing.

Welcome to Texas.

The location of the battle had changed for now..

..but one thing had not.


War. Never Changes.
Kaelyn Kae notices the walker curiously CORA then pipes up "Didn't you like rip a turret off one of those?" Kae then pokes at CORA... "Quit bragging..." then CORA pipes up. "But it was so awesome!! Probably one of the biggest telekinetic events ever!!!" Kae then shrugs "Somehow I doubt that." she says and then glances around again curiously, the woman sighing... "Wow so many have lost hope and stuff... "
Tesla "People have tried to separate me from Leeroy before. Leeroy tends not to like that and- ... OOOOOOOOOOOO, ALL THE MACHINES!" Tesla squirms down from her bot's shoulder and races over towards the broken vehicles, heedless of the people unloading supplies, eager to crawl all over them and get into their guts.
Davidson     "Well, we've lost her," Davidson observes in dead-pan as Tesla goes scrambling off to look at the technology, his head shaking just a bit; a smile edging up at the corner of his lips, though it fades as he gets a better look at the expressions of those walking around the courtyard. "Mm. Things are pretty grim," he comments more quietly, "This definitely isn't going to be a cake run."
     Krysta looked around and eyed the various vehicles. Too bad Qwillis wasn't there. He could get those up and running in no time. She would explore when she got a chance...
Kaydin     "Thats why we are here. To Restore hope." Kaydin says to Kaelyn. He then looks to Tesla and looks like he is about to say something but doesnt. "Yea someone is going to have to watch over her arent they?" He says to Davidson before looking about. "I will check out the food situation, see if I can help with cooking duties."
Eden Eden is walking around different vehicles taking note of how many seem to be in good condition and runs into Tesla. Grining she says "You love them too, huh? Well, a lot of work to be done here! Should be fun."
Garrett Smith "Damn! Imagine how many caps you could get for all of these bad boys!" After stating this with a bit too much enthusiasm, Garrett looks back around at the countless refugess, some of which returned his stare with disdain over the remark. "But, if we sold them all, couldn't help out all these nice folks could we! I think Tesla has the right idea, we should check out the equipment before use." And with that, he went over to inspect the armored marvels that have managed to remain functioning after centuries.
Matt Matt takes the time once caravan hands get moving to head back to his own wagon and offer a hand up towards Iris to help her down. "I'm pretty glad you decided to come out here with us, Harmon. This is already looking way worse than I thought it was gonna be." He'll glance around the inside of the place. "Looks like a mess in here."
Tesla Grinning back at Eden, she nods eagerly, eyes sparkling. Very kid in a candy shop. "Hell yeah! This is going to be amazing! I can't wait to get my hands all up under these chassis, stroking all that hardware, playing with the wetware... getting all over them and learning every inch.. make them purr like a molerat and roar like a mutant."
Kasumi     Kasumi just shakes her head, and looks over at the group. "I shall take my leave to the temporary quarters. There is much that I must prepare for.", she says. Of course, she's been spending all her time lately training, and trying to get herself back into the shape she was before being frozen...
Harmon "That's no joke. I was expecting bad but this... This is really bad." says Harmon to Matt as he unloads a few more items and stacks them to the side for the hired hands to sort and haul in

"But as bad as it looks just means they need our help that much more. May be able to do some good for these folks, I've seen what hopelessness can lead to." he says as he looks over some of the BOS soldiers and the area in general.
Kaelyn Kae tilts her head "Loooooots of vehicles..." She mutters curiously.... "I might can help with some I think." she says and rubs at the back of her neck... CORA then pipes in "Probably Maybe? you been working on your technological trainings?"
Iris Lark Iris takes Matt's hand and jumps down from the wagon, glancing around as they get settled. She wrinkles her nose as she gathers her gear from the wagon and slings it over her shoulder. "This isn't going to be pretty."
Rexus Rexus listens to the other Paladin, frowning. "Alright, well, we'll do what we can till he comes back.... shore up these defenses, push patrols out and make the best of it." he says, getting some maps and other sundry items to help plan the defense. "We'll do a command brief after everyone is settled and rested.. get this organized."
Ashur Ashur glares at the children who bother him for candy, brushing one pest away with a muss of his hair that turns into a shove. "They should have forced these people out," the curmudgeon complains, following behind Eden at a distance. She can manage on her own for a spell, so long as he's vaguely within eyesight. "Should the Horde lay siege, they're nothing but useless mouths to feed, and vectors for disease."

He scoffs. Damn useless tired, huddled masses. Do the decent thing and die off already.
Vera Vera just stands there, and watches the many of them moving about the vehicles in the bay. "It's like watching children in a candy store."
Devlin     "Now now, if too many of them die then they aren't that useful. These toy soldiers can be hold off the creatures from entering our lands before we have defenses established." Now letting Krysta take the lead, Devlin begins to take his time, studying the wrecks that littered the outpost. A faint grumble forms in his throat as he sees most of the devices were civilian in nature save for one thing.. a Walker. "How the hell did they get their hands on that series?" is asked almost angrily at the sight of the mechanized technology, luckily the only one to hear the outburst was Krysta though those close to him might hear some of his helmet muffled words.

    The soldiers and the Refugees appeared to not interest Devlin, if anything, the fact that there were civilians only made the man annoyed when they moved so freely to act as beggars. Glancing to one side, his eyes were on Krysta at the moment, wondering just what she had been lost to, seeming slightly relieved when she was focusing on the mechanized battalion rather than the civilians. "We may be able to salvage some of the parts, think we could trick the civilian children into crawling through the smaller sections to pick out parts for us?"