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Owner Pose
Kaydin     Kaydin was in the vehicle bay, looking around at the various vehicles. It is then he notices a half repaired motorcycle and picks up a wrench and looks to the bike. He begins to bang the wrench on the bike and sets the wrench down. "Clearly I will need some help." He mutters to himself as he watches the bike.
Tesla "Wow... I haven't seen such a purely male disaply of fixitness like that in my life! Impressive!" Tesla has popped up from inside the Walker to clap for Kaydin, grinning all the way. She hoists herself up out of the Walker and swings from an arm for a moment before dropping to her feet. "Do you want to learn? I can teach you. There's nothing like building or fixing something yourself. Putting your own personal stamp on it."
Kaydin     "Probably wouldnt hurt. I wanna fix this bike up for the return trip home." Kaydin says as he looks to the girl. "I am willing to trade my skills for learning how to fix things." Kaydin says as he turns to look around. "I can do more then fight. I know how to cook." He says as he watches the woman.
Tesla "Okay! Well then. Lets start with the most important part." She pulls a wrench from her belt and clangs it lightly against the engine block. "Engine. Without this, the bike won't go anywhere. So we'll start by pulling it out and checking it over, cleaning it up, and if its missing anything, I'll show you how to replace and repair." She starts working the wrench on the bolts holding the engine to the frame. "I'm.. not really a fighter. I mean, I'll throw bombs and whatnot, but I'm not a 'run into the combat and shoot people in the face' kinda girl. And I don't cook. It takes too much time." She chuckles and grins up at him. "But its okay, I like teaching people how to work on this stuff."
Kaelyn "Sooo whyfore you coming into the vehicles area?" Asks a feminine, rather chipper electronic voice... A tall, rather buxome red-eyed pointy-eared white-haired woman casually responds "Well I know technology and can fix stuff too and am ok with computers?" Kae adds, and taps the screen "Yer fault having packed this brain of mine with nearly every conceivable thingie in the world.. " CORA, the wrist-pip Kae carries, the hiiiiiiiiiiighly modified pip-boy then responds "Well yah you just can't access it all yet.." Kae shrugs..

"Who's fault is that?" She says with a slight smirk, getting a huff from her wrist-mounted A.I. Kae slides over to the walker vehicle now and looks up at the thing curiously, the girl tilting her head... CORA then pipes up "Ya could just like yank a turret off again..." Kae blinks and sighs "This one aint shooting at us."
Kaydin     "I can do basic repairs. One of the things the rangers taught me." Kaydin says as he looks to the woman and watches her. He picks up the nearby wrench and begins to try and help her. "How did you survive in new vegas before leeroy?" He asks curiously of the woman, studying her. When the elf girl comes he waves.
Tesla "Please don't rip apart that Walker! I'm trying to get it operational so someone here and use it against the mutants! I would consider it a gratitude if you would not rip it apart!" Tesla's head pops up to call out towards the woman and her talking pip-boy. No judgment, she's got Leeroy and he talks back to her. Flashing Kaelyn a grin, she looks back to Kaydin with a nod. "Excellent! What do you mean by basic repairs? Oil change? Change a tire? Can you strip a carbuerator? Flip spark plugs?"
Kaelyn Kae glances up at the big thingie above her and looks at her pip-CORA. CORA manifests her avatar to the side of Kae, a flickering blue-green hologram that is also pantomiming looking up at the walker "Soo we gonna try and fix it?" Asks CORA... Kae glances over at the Hologram and up at the walker "Maybe..." she says and umms "Sooo lets have you display a plan on this thing if you've got one?" Kae asks, and a miniature display of a blueprint materializes next to the CORA Hologram and Kae tilts her head as she looks it over.... "Oooh I'm gonna need to really study this." She mutters to her self, then she glances over to Kaydin and Tesla and waves "Wasn't intending to rip anything apart... Besides I can't all on that kind of Telekinetic power very often... "
Kaydin     "Telekinetics are good and all, but it doesnt make you bulletproof." Kaydin says as he looks to the walker and then back to Tesla. "Yea I can do all of that. I just dont know much about technology to make anything new to it. I can probably fix it if I focused on it, but I just know so little of technology overall." He says as he begins to help pull the engine out of the motorcycle.
Tesla "Okay! Then have fun tinkering with it! Its got some GREAT hydraulics to play with and the weapons system is BALLER." Tesla offers back to Kaelyn with a grin and a wave before turning her attention back to Kaydin. Chuckling, she gives a nod and motions for him to help her pull the engine block free of the frame. "Good! That means you have the right foundation. We just need to refresh your memory on the particulars. So we'll skip a complete stripdown and just try to hit the key points. The engine itself looks fine, dirty and probably needs a good fluids flush, maybe some new seals... but its pretty much road-ready. So here. We're going to take off every cap, and if there's a separate rubber o-ring seal, let me know. We'll look for replacements around here while we let the fluids drain. Then we'll send some compressed air through it all, refill the liquids, and cap it back up."
Kaelyn Kae glances at Tesla curiously, her crimson eyes seeming to glow a bit as she studies the hyperactive technocrat person... "Yup, pretty scary weapons system... Plasmas that disintigrate folks, heavy cannon, all kinds of great stuffs... I've looked down the barrels of one of these before." She says with a slight smile.
Kaydin     "Wouldnt be because some jackass tried to use one to siege El Dorado?" Kaydin asks as he watches the woman with the hologram and he chuckles before turning back to Tesla and nods, beginning to do as she says and begins to look around. "You dont like to talk about your past much, do you, Miss Tesla?"
Tesla "Yeah, but its going to be GREAT when its turned on the mutants. Could do some serious damage to their ranks before it goes down again!" Tesla calls back towards Kaelyn and her AI friend. Swinging back around to Kaydin, she blinks at him owlishly, then laughs suddenly. "Oh my! You /did/ ask me about my past, didn't you... I'm sorry, I can get hyper-focused on my work and just... push everything else aside. Well. I was first taken in by a man who went by Gold Tones. He pretty much raised me. Instilled my love of music. We worked The Strip, but we lived in New Vegas itself, so we gave a cut of our profits to the Kings gang that runs the place. When things went south with the Kings, I moved onto The Strip proper by seeking refuge with The Chairmen, one of the Three Families. They gave me room and board and made sure nobody messed with me, and I kept their massive casino hotel running cherry. That's where I found Leeroy and started fixing him up."
Kaelyn Kae ummms... "I'm a mad scientist's experiment started some time before the nukes fell?" She says and shrugs slowly. CORA then pipes in "That's the short of it!!!" Kae then shrugs... "Meh.... Do I needs to say more? Oh and evidently my 'plans' got out as he made more, and well there's a whole colony of well clones of mine living somewhere up north..."