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Ashram Huge ol' defense of a huge ol' fortress full of people, of course Ashram will show up in that locale. Currently he's leaning against a wrecked wall of the peak, cleaning and checking his revolver and rifle, his eyes focused on the insane view below. If anyone could see the mutant horde approach, it would be him and his incredibly strong sight. He's a coiled spring nearly ready to pounce but honestly, he usually looks like that anyway.
Elsie *BAM* *CLATTER* "Frick." Surelda's trying to get some of the radio equipment up and running. She came out here with Ashram as her escort, though Matt will likely be very displeased one he realizes she's done so. But there was talk of a need of a radio person, and well, she's a radio person! Right? Well, she can work the radio. Setting it up may be a bit beyond her. At least, from the looks of things now.

She's got a few ammo crates and regular crates of equipment around her, one of which she's knocked over and spilled. There's cables, two large rechargeable batteries ... it's a mess. What's more, Surelda seems shaky. She has been ever since the news of the mutant horde arrived. Must be scared, poor meek dear that she is.

She works on plugging the transmitter into the battery packs.
Ashram The revolver looks okay, and it's the lesser of the two weapons anyway. The rifle takes more work, digging into the cracks and the residue and the remnants of his near daily fights. Ashram peers over at Surelda and shakes his head again at the sheer chaos she's creating. "Getting stuck? I wouldn't know a thing about it. I could probably rig up a good explosive device from all of that... not what you're after, though."
Elsie "No, it's not," comes Surelda's quiet voice from behind an open trunk. She's taking out a few more peices of equipment and stacking them beside her, and then she begins to stack them on the trunk. That'll be her table, it seems.

The silver-haired young woman is dressed as she always is; with a blue spagetti-strap dress, fitted through the bodice down to the drop waist, where it has a high-low effect and a ruffled front that can be tied up for a higher or lower effect. Most of that goes unseen beneath her grey hooded cowled poncho cloak, courtesy of the Lone Star trading company. Boots cover her feet, and she has a small backpack on.

"And I'm not going to die here, and not by an explosion," she tells him, matter-of-factly. As though it's something she knows, not necessarily something she intends. She pauses in her work though to look up at her neighbor and co-worker. "You think this'll be bad?" As always, she speaks quietly. A far cry from the sassy flirt she portrays as Lady Silver over the radio waves.
Ashram Ashram watches Surelda in a mixture of curiosity, confusion and wariness. In his line of work he's well acquainted to surprises from every corner, and the worry Surelda exhibits never bodes well in a rough battle. "The front could use traps set up..." He rubs at his half-week of stubble. After a moment he shakes his head and returns to the matter at hand. "It certainly doesn't look good. If I squint I could swear I could see the Horde coming in but it might be a mirage playing tricks on my eyes. Been staring out into the sun too long."
Elsie "Well you'd best go scavenging, then. Mr. Ward would throw a fit if you used the radio equipment for a big boom," Surelda informs the man, with what is perhaps the slightest whisper of amusement. Those big black eyes of hers are on the man as she slips an audio jack into the large box, and out comes a loud spray of angry sparks, the sound fizzling through the air. Surelda yelps and falls back, rubbing her hand and shaking out her arm. She glares at the technology. "Wish we had someone better suited for this part of the job out here for this, but the best guy on the radio is a one-legged old man," she grumbles, looking from her zapped hand back up to Ashram. "Don't say anything," she grumbles. Because there's so many jokes available right here, as she managed to make a self-harming device from the technology that she was just swearing to protect.
Ashram "I should dig around and see what I find, a little later. Gotta be some stuff out here you don't find most places." Ashram raises his eyebrows with skepticism when she zaps herself but otherwise shrugs it off. What kind of stuff has he SEEN? Geez. He barks a laugh. "Hah, yeah, hard to imagine a one-legged old man remotely surviving out in this mire. You'll figure it out. When the chaos hits in full force I'm going to need a spotter."
Elsie Surelda rubs her hand and arm a bit more, stretching out her fingers. She leans forward, back onto her knees from her ass where she landed, and continues working on the machinery, trying once more to get it to work. "I can do that," she reports to him. "Though I probably should have picked up some goggles before we came out here, if that's the case. Maybe someone packed an extra pair in the rest of the gear," she suggests, poking at a few dials.

Once more, she pauses to look up at Ashram again, this time concern flooding her otherwise pale features. She draws the hood of her cloak up against the sun. "When do you think it'll all go down?"
Ashram "Good, I am glad for that. I imagine your line is going to be swamped when the tide comes in, and I understand that, but try to keep a private line open to me." Ashram smiles at her; while of course she's attractive, there's also the instinctual protectiveness in the vigilante. "Hmm, maybe. I'd be pretty surprised if we didn't lug along a whole bunch of gear in the boxes. It's the ass end of a siege but it's still a siege." He exhales a long breath. "That's a good question. I'd say in a couple of days. The Horde wants to assess our strength before they come in for what they hope in a killing blow." A wicked grin creeps across his lips. "It'll hurt but it won't be that, because we're all here and raring for action."
Elsie Surelda's not raring for action. She's not an action-rarer. Nope, she's going to hide up here and hope they don't sling giant boulders at the tower or some nonsense. You never know - there was that spider mech, last time. She nods at the man and his smile, plucking up a notebook from beside her. SHe opens it to a marked page that is only half written on. "What frequency?" She asks Ashram, looking up at him again from her position on her knees. "For your line. We can just use the Lonestar line if you want. Though that might get confusin' for the guys back home." War is hell. Business still has to go on, though.

"And ... do we have an exit strategy?" she finally asks, her voice a bit quieter, a bit meeker.
Ashram Ashram squeezes his lips together, stares at the broken ceiling and thinks for a moment. "105, on whichever... band, is that the word?... you prefer." He pats the radio carefully held onto his belt. He's wearing his riot armor and his trenchcoat, too; the armor's too valuable to leave it laying around in an insecure location, though it isn't all strapped and ready. Looks heavy enough, still, though he's got the muscles to handle it and more. "I think somebody brought some beaten-up wagons or cars or somesuch in case we need them. But if we have to get out in a hurry the Horde will have an opening that will eventually come to us. We need to stop them up here, before they get a handhold."
Elsie "Sure, that'll work fine," Surelda says, making a note of Ashram's request in her little notebook. She closes it with a snap and sets it aside.

Surelda is sitting on her knees with some crates and boxes of radio equipment, wearing her usual attire with her hair braided in two flat buns behind her ears while Ashram is leaning against a wall, looking out over the hoarde that can be maybe-sorta-almost seen in the distance.

The silver-haired addict turns her attention back to the technology propped up on a crate in front of her, and she flips a few switches. The device hums to life, and a little dial flutters upward weakly once the backlight starts to glow. "Oh!" She declares. "That's positive."

She starts to play with a few switches and dials, black eyes lifting once more to Ashram. "Well, is there a way for me to get out? If we're overrun, I can't do much to help you, ya know. Not that I'm being a coward or anything. But I'm no front-line fighter or Brotherhood fellah or anything of the sort." In case THAT weren't obvious.
Ashram Ashram lifts an armor-clad fist in the air. "Yeah! That's a start!" He looks down the long stretch to the main area of the citadel. "I think your best bet is to have a close eye on the way the wind's changing, so to speak. If they make inroads you might want to scram before anyone else. It's quite a trip down to the bottom there, and if I'm anywhere near the front line I won't able to get back here in a hurry to help YOU out." He brushes a hand on his stubble again. "Who's the commander of this operation? Rexus? Have a line to *him*, too, and set up a time to click back to it. I can help you get a sense of how it's going."
Elsie Surelda's brows raise slightly at the suggestion. She flushes slightly; it's easy to see in those pale cheeks. "Would you mind doing that? Asking him about a frequency to keep us connected," Surelda suggests. She bites gently on her lower lip.

"It's just that he doesn't particularly care for me, and I really don't think it would do for me to be around him very much. If you wouldn't mind." She blinks owlishly at the man and then, waiting for his answer, she suddenly busies herself with the electronics.
Ashram Ashram looks away a moment when she starts to blush, since he sees so well he could probably practically see her pores opening up. However you feel about him he has an unsettling gaze to be under. "I will if I'm able. It's in my nature to drift to place to place, even in a siege of this scale, and I'm not sure exactly where I'll be any particular time. But if I happen to meet him I'll sure do it." He laughs. "How many radio lines can you handle at once, anyway? A dozen? Dozens? More?"
Devlin     Speaking of the Brotherhood, a man who walked into the facility wearing one of their suits of armor that had not been one of their ranks began to approach the pair quietly. Not covered in the suit of honed mechanics at the moment, Devlin was able to stay relatively light of foot comparatively. Dressed down largely, the man was still relatively armored, protected within several sections of combat armor that bore no affiliations to the Brotherhood, nor to the Militia.

    Looking down at his wrist, Devlin began to adjust his pipboy, examining the device as he adjusts the radio signals while keeping it at a low volume, allowing it to search for signals semi-automatically. The process was slow, but with the onboard computer doing most of the work, it was fairly painless. "Just what are these two trying to do?" After a few moments, Devlin began to move in closer, no longer hiding his presence as he listens in to just what was being said.
Elsie Surelda shakes her head quickly to Ashram, looking at him again as the topic has moved off that particular man. She doesn't seem to have a problem meeting Ashram's gaze once more. "No, not so many as that. I'm just one person. I'd only really feel comfortable regularly maintaining a couple. If it's quiet most of the time I can scan between them. But when things get crazy?" Once more, she shakes her head. A few silver wisps slide free of her braids at the back of her head, just visible from beneath the hood she wears. "I'll do one for you, one back to Lonestar HQ in El Dorado, and one for the military-militia-thingies, if they want them. But yes, please ask." She'd rather not deal with Rexus again if it can be at all avoided.

The sound of footsteps causes Surelda to sit up quickly, like a nervous critter hearing a potential predator out of sight. She turns at the waist to look and see the source ... it's a man and his pip boy, apparently. "Oh," she breathes, relaxing slightly but not totally at the sight of the familiar man. "It's you."
Ashram Ashram grins widely, since he was in part curious, in part simply messing with her. She's not superhuman... is she? "I'm glad to be one among many in that series of lines." He turns his head toward the sound and tightens his grip on his revolver. Tense, turbulent times. "Who are you?" He looks to Surelda and upon her recognition the grip loosens. "You know him?"
Devlin     "Yes, me" is answered back to Surelda as she seems to recognize him. For his part, Devlin moves a hand up and close to his chest, lightly patting along the left side of his ribs, motioning towards something within his jacket. Shifting his gaze to the side though, Devlin looks towards Ashram, not seeming to be worried about the other man, nor worried about the revolver he held in his hand. "Now now, you are in a military facility, with a itchy trigger finger.. Who should be the one truly explaining themselves?"

    Purposefully, Devlin doesn't seem offer the man an answer to either of his questions for several long seconds. Lowering his hand, he brushes back the split of his jacket, exposing a holster to Ashram, the housing of a notably tuned laser pistol. "Unlike your ballistics, this is tuned to pierce through armored targets, like yourself. Like most of the armaments here, you should relax 'comrade'." A soft smile rests on his lips before motioning with his head towards Surelda to say, "She knows what I do, and what I am willing to do if someone shoots me."
Elsie When Surelda turns back to Ashram, her brows are lifted. She raises a hand against him, shaking her head. "No, it's alright. I know him," she assures the man, but as Devlin seems to not want to make introductions for himself, she won't presume to make them for him. "He's a mercenary," she explains to Ashram. "Probably hired on for all this mess." After watching Ashram to make sure he's as comfortable as can be, with the boys showing each other the length of their junk and all that, she twists back to watch Devlin as he approaches. Her keen eyes note the way he pats his pocket, and she lifts her pale face to him slightly more in interest, but that's the only recognition he gets, just now. And while he may not be asking //her// to explain herself, the mousy woman does anyway. "I'm trying to set up the radio," she reports.
Ashram Ashram nods in a decently agreeably gesture. "Too much eyeing the Mutant Horde, I suppose." His eyes zone out and zone back in, adjusting to more human contact. "I'm Ashram Wallace, an independent lawman from El Dorado. Some call me a vigilante. Whichever." He shrugs. The pistol makes him nod and whistle approvingly; he wears riot armor, currently straggled about on his person, but it would tear through it pretty well all the same. "We're all going to learn what we're willing to do during this siege."
Elsie Surelda lowers her head and focuses intently on the technology in front of her.
Devlin     "Kyne Devlin, most call me Devlin though.. easier to remember and say, easier for people to snoop less into things they shouldn't as well." A chuckle bubbles up as he listens, his steps take him closer, only pausing after reaching three meters from either of the pair. "I'm a mercenary as Surelda has said, though I am also an arms trader, hunter, bouncer, range instructor and many other things.. for the right price."

    Turning to look to the side, Devlin nods lightly twice, once to each of them though his eyes now follow Surelda. "This time, I'm also here as a Courier. Packages and letters, things like that." Closing his eyes, Devlin motions with his right hand towards the scattered equipment to add on, "Maybe you'll hire me next as a mechanic, tuning these things just right for you.." The smile on his lips hikes to one side, forming a smirk as he adds, "..for a price."
Ashram "Hah, you're a man of many skills! Mine go toward the inflicting of violence against bandits and criminals; guns, heavy guns, triggering and defusing explosives, I can go undercover if discretion is necessary." Ashram shrugs. "Mostly I'm not subtle." He glances at Surelda and her nose down in the radio machines. "Maybe. I think she'll get it working herself soon enough. Odd place to learn it the hard way but you have to start somewhere."
Devlin     "Maybe she will have it fully working on a day , maybe she won't have it working until two weeks from now." Shrugging his shoulders, Devlin continues to simply watch Surelda work, not taking a step to get closer and aid her himself. "As for my many skills.. The only thing that matters is caps. Have enough of them, and I'll take on just about any assignment." Closing his eyes, Devlin's right hand lifts up before swaying from side to side gently in the air as he lists, "For the Law, against the law, for the Brotherhood, for the Gunners, for Raiders, against Raiders.." Looking back towards Ashram, he opens his eyes, a chuckle bubbling up from him as an idea crosses his mind. "Some times charge more, though there are some things I won't do. I don't think anyone's found one of those yet those.. noone alive that is."
Ashram Ashram nods slowly at Devlin, sizing him up with those sharp eyes of his. "Anything for the right price, eh, and nothing you haven't found you won't do?" He smiles with a cool, calculating look. "It looks like we have much different approaches toward life, then, though you do hint toward some principles beyond the endless pursuit for caps alone. Eventually, if we both survive this crazy shindig, I could see us having good long chat about this... if we don't find ourselves at each other's throats. Maybe both at the same time. Wouldn't be the first time that's happened to me."
Elsie "Hey!" The little mewl of protest comes from the silver-haired girl with her hood up, bent over the equipment. She lifts her pale face with a frown toward Devlin. "I'm getting there," she informs him with a pout. "Sides, I figure you're about to clean me out on caps for those letters," she notes, somehow managing to sound both sour and pleased at the prospect.

That fact doesn't stop her from turning back to the radio equipment and muttering, "Jerk," as she continues to work.
Devlin     Lifting his right hand, Devlin extends a finger, asking for pause as he clarifies. "I said noone has found anything I won't do, that still lives." Watching Ashram as he spoke, he lifts his hand close to his helmet and grips a unseen hat to tip towards the other man. "I guess I also need to work on hiding the fact I do have some lines, a distance from other's, but I still have them. I don't think I have much to fret though."

    It was then Surelda stole his attention for the moment but with it she earned a choked laugh as Devlin took a moment to catch himself, though it ends with a wide and teasing grin on his lips. "Followed you across a few states to bring them to you, I do require traveling fee you know?" Lowering his hand down to his hip, before adding "I was tempted to peek at them though, a few look to be love letters you know?"
Ashram Ashram laughs. "True, true, that's an important clarification. Still, it'd be interesting to know where those lines start and end, if only for self-preservation factors; it'd be useful to know how likely we'd be in opposing sides." He shrugs. "I'm familiar with the intricacies behind allegiances." He chuckles at Surelda's and Devlin's interplay. "I have faith in her skills. If she can't do it alone, they're be other tech people coming around, I'd think. Hear tell a lot of the city's more active people are coming to protect the citadel." He sighs, stands up and holsters his two weapons. "All right, time to drift about again. I'll be around, watching and listening."
Elsie Surelda looks over from her kneeling position and nods to Ashram. "Give me an hour or so before you try to test your frequency," she tells him. "I'll be up here mostly, or wherever they send me to sleep if they won't let me sleep up here." But she'll try to sleep up here, you bet your tush she will. Then her eyes flit back to the technology--just in time to electrocute herself again. "Frick!" she yelps, yanking her hand away from the knobs and shaking it out as the neurons up her arm light up with unpleasant sensation. "Why do you keep doing that!" She shouts at the radio. Don't worry though, Ashram. She's totally got this.
Devlin     Devlin only offers Ashram a grin and a wave, not letting him have much more information for the time being. "We'll see, we'll see. Try not to die, I know I'll be returning to Jacktown in a few weeks though, unlike a good amount of those who came here to help." Turning back after hearing a shout, Devlin firms his jaw, not allowing himself to laugh this time.. but it was clear his body had other thoughts. Walking over closer to Surelda, Devlin would crouch low and toy with his pipboy, moving through the files of information, trying to bring up one that best suited the radio communications array she was working on while humming a idle tune.
Elsie He's laughing on the inside. She knows it. He knows it. "Jerk," Surelda repeats when he appears beside her. She gives him a glare, but it hasn't got any teeth to it. Apparently the sassy side of Lady Silver comes out, a bit, in certain company. Though, in truth, Surelda's too sweet to keep up the charade long. So, rather than admit defeat or go back to electrocuting herself, she sits back on her rear and crosses her legs beneath that same skirt, that same poncho. The hood remains up for now.

"I'll figure it out," she tells him, with uneducated confidence. "S'poze you want the money for those letters though, yeah? Is that what we're calling them?"
Devlin     Glancing over his shoulder as Ashram left, Devlin nods lightly to himself. Extending out his right arm, showing off his pipboy's schematic on display, the screen showing off a black background though the coloring was an azure blue, not the normal Vaulttec Green. Using his left hand, Devlin lowers a hand to pat along Surelda's hidden thighs with a soft chuckle. "Could say that but.. Lets do a walk around, this needs to be quiet. if you want I'll even let you use my Pipboy afterwards for research material on the radio communicator." Withdrawing his hand from her thigh, he moves it to his knee, pushing off to help him stand up.
Elsie "Alright." Surelda is very comfortable with the secrecy around drug deals, and this instance is no different. At least, Devlin isn't the strangest person she's gotten her chems from by far. She does look to his hand when it pats her leg. She retracts it slightly, but doesn't do enough to pull it away entirely. That would require her moving her whole body away in a roll or something, and that'd just be strange.

"You really want to pick that fight with Ashur, huh," she observes, but takes his hand to stand all the same.

Her eyes track to the Pipboy, first with curiosity, then with intimidation. "Gosh, those words are small," she notes, leaning forward and squinting at the glow. She shakes her head and stands up again. "Take me an hour to read all that, and I figure you charge by the minute, doncha?" She smirks slightly. "Which way, then?"
Devlin     "I don't care about Ashur. What I do doesn't matter, what you tell him does. If you desired, you could tell him I met you here, drugged you against your will, then raped you.." Looking down towards her, that same smirk was still on his lips, not appearing to be worried about his words at the moment. "He would take your word and would seek to kill me, even if I never so much as came within a foot of you. So tell me.. why should I fear anything about him?"

    When Surelda took his hand, he tugs her gently upwards, bringing her smoothly to her feet. When she was done looking at his wrist, he shifts, lowering his jacket's sleeve, hiding it once again. "Maybe, though I charge less for viewing than you trying to hire me on. As for the way.." Shifting his gaze, the man began to look around the room before taking a step forward, "This will do," is said as he continued on the path, the start of a new patrol.
Elsie Surelda gives the man a little look. "I wouldn't //lie// to him about something like that. I wouldn't lie to anyone about that. S'just horrible," Surelda says, a touch defensively. She's not necessarily the brightest crayon in the box, and in this case his point seems to go over her head. Bending, she collects her HK and slings it over her shoulder and then walks after Devlin. Sure, she should be setting up the radio. But drugs, man....