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Qwillis     There was a TON of things to do.
    The Scientists of El Dorado had joined the group going to the Alamo because while fighters are nice? It's the support team that allows them to keep fighting of course. That includes plenty of the others that were part of the faction and Qwillis was no different. His first love, that motor pool, had him in that bay for a while. Going over everything available and it's the morning sun that sees him facing the garage, back to the base at large with a thoughtful frown. "About time to begin."
Iris Lark Iris is not much of a mechanic, but she is seated nearby, her Pip powered up as she reads up on some of the vehicles that are contained here. Bumps and bruises happen almost everywhere, and her kit is full of supplies in case something goes awry. The Pip on her arm starts a quiet audible narration on how to fix a transmission and she listens as she braids her hair to get it out of her face.
Tesla Tesla was crawling all over the vehicle bay's defunct and destroyed motor pool before people had even finished unpacking supplies. She'd even helped Kaydin get started on repairing a pre-war motorcycle he'd taken a fancy to. After a few scant hours spent snoring in the front seat of a broken-down armored truck and a hastily gobbled down meal of dry rations, she's bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and ready to dive right back in! "You know, if we can get that Walker operational, it'd be a Hell of a great weapon against the mutants. The plasma canon alone could do some serious damage." She hops down from the truck, scratching idly at her head with a screwdriver and looking around the pool. "Its just too bad not of the vertibirds are in here. What I wouldn't give to get my hands on one of /those/ bad boys."
Qwillis     Qwillis looks over to Tesla with a nod, smiling a little. "We'll deal with the walker second. The first thing we need to do is get some of the regular vehicles running. We need mobility against the mutants and while having one unit that can do damage is good.. We benefit more people getting more cars running." Musing, Q looks between Tesla and Iris. "I think the first thing we should do with that stated is start flagging cars we can fix and ones we're going to take parts from. Do you two think that's ok?"
Iris Lark Iris is still distracted as her hands are in her hair. "There are vertibird hangars upstairs.." She mentions, before she shifts her gaze and listens to Qwillis. "You may be right, hopefully we have some skilled drivers like we had in Mexico or .." She's lost in the memories of the bombs and explosions and it causes her to shudder before she speaks again. "I'm sure that will work out. I don't know much about this, but if you bang a finger or get hurt - let me know. I'm doing a quick inventory of things I brought for triage."
Tesla "That's fair. I've already seen a few that are, well, not /beyond/ repair, but far enough that we would be better served by scavenging working parts from them for other vehicles that would require less time and attention to repair." Tesla comments over towards Qwill even as she points out a few that are mangled beyond easy repair. Bodywork is a bitch, and if the frame is bent? Forget it. "Oh I'm sure I'll manage to find some way to get hurt! And its more that I want to be able pry open a vertibird and play with its inner workings than just /see/ one. They wouldn't let me open up a fully operational bird." She chuckles shortly, then blinks. "They wouldn't, right?"
Qwillis     "We do good here, Nikki? They might." He'd flash a grin her way with a chuckle. Iris gets a grateful nod from Q and he'd start checking out the vehicles too. "Iris? Do you have a way to record information? Maybe we can share the plate number for those we find close to recoverable and after we have 6 or so, we can start processing them.."
Iris Lark "Never say never, right?" Iris says to Tesla, a smile blooming across her features. Braid finished, the red-haired healer pulls open her rucksack and starts to pull out bandages, chems, salve and alcohol. She hums quietly to herself as she takes inventory, and when Qwillis speaks up she holds up an empty notebook and a charcoal pencil. "I can write them down or tap them into my Pip." She says, opening the notebook to a blank page. She continues to pull things from the rucksack, check them and then place them back inside the sack, in a particular order. "Just call out when you've got one."
Tesla "I hope so. Those birds are amazing. Hell, I'd learn to fly just to have a chance at one of them. I mean... can you imagine what we could do with one of those?" Tesla responds even as she's clambering around the frame of an old car, trying to get to the license plate. "Oh I never discount any possibilities, however small they might be! If it weren't for the odd ways of luck, I might not be alive today!" Once she has it in sight, she calls out the number. "731 dash HIQ! Offhand, I'd say it needs a new carbuerator, maybe an engine flush. The sands out here have GOT to be Hell on the fluids. The radiator belt is looking a little thin, but if we can't find another it'll probably hold."
Qwillis     Q nods with a flashed smile to Iris. "Writing works for now I think. We'll have to work on those computers and see if we can't restore information systems soon.." He'd check the next vehicle and nods a little. "Plate 593 dash YGI. Looks like sparks are shot, but that should be easy to find ones that are not at least. Also I can see the serpentine belt is snapped. That'll take a little bit to fix but not too bad."
Iris Lark Iris makes several notes in her notebook, nodding while she does. She pulls on her rucksack to close it and sits, with notebook and pencil in hand, making the occasional notes that are called out to her. "Serpentine belt, sounds bad." She murmurs to herself, shaking her head back and forth.
Tesla "I have to wonder how much they'll let us work on the computers. If they want us to restore fully operations, that means letting us into their comm systems and software. We could see things they don't want us to know." Tesla chuckles lowly as she comes up on another vehicle. "169 dash BLR! Needs oil, sparks, and two new tires."
Qwillis     Q pauses, glancing over at Tesla. "Wait.. we're going to ask for permission first?" He'd frown, then simply shrug and moves on to the next one. Peering at it a moment he'd nod. "Let's see.. 215 dash ALD. Radiator needs flush. May have a crack but we can probably find a replacement. Otherwise looks ok initially."
Davidson     The dusty boots of Davidson Harris carry him across the floor of the Citadel and into this graveyard of broken and half-broken vehicles; rifle slung over his shoulder, head tilting this way and that as he checks out the vehicles and resists an urge to start salvaging them. Catching sight of the techies working on one of the machines, he calls over, "How's it going? Any luck?"
Iris Lark Iris makes another note and then she gets to her feet. "I've got to go check some things, and try to find a decently safe place to start setting up triage stuff. I'm going to leave my notebook here for you two to continue with. Just don't lose any of the other pages, it has a lot to do with chem work." She sets the notebook down, offers a polite welcoming smile to Davidson before she makes her way out of the vehicle bay.
Tesla "Are we? I mean... we don't have to. Permission is such a finicky thing. We could always just go in there and start fixing stuff. We did say we're here to help, after all." Tesla seems perfectly fine with following the creed of asking forgiveness rather than permission. Its not like she asked Mr. House if she could keep one of his broken robots, after all. "Hey Davidson! We're cataloguing and sifting the wheat from the chaff. How about you? Scouting going well? Find anything interesting?" She waves to Iris and grins, "We'll keep it safe for you!"
Kaydin      Kaydin walks back into the vehicle bay after going on a scouting mission. He returns to the bike he was working on and looks to the other people present. "Whats going on here?" He asks as he begins to go about repairing the bike. He works quietly and listens for the other people to talk to him.
     Krysta wandered into the vehicle bay. She was wearing her militia uniform, though the jacket was open, showing her t-shirt underneath. She had left her power armor off in one corner of the room. She looked around and spotted Qwillis talking with Tesla and Iris and noted the others as well. Kaydin got a glance and then Krysta wandered over to peer at whatever it was they were working on.
Davidson     "I'm heading out into the waste later, just familiarizing myself with the Citadel for now, making sure I know how to get around..." One shoulder lifts in a shrug, shifting the rifle's strap across Davidson's body, "I'll start mapping out the surrounding battlefields, make sure we know where all the approaches are." A slight turn as others approach, and he calls over, "Hey. Welcome to the grease pit."
Tesla Tesla looks over at Q and grins. "Well that's four that are at least repairable. Shall we start with those and then see where we're at for vehicles and parts? If people are going to be going out there in power armor, we might also think about working on the shocks of a few of these cars or they're likely to rip out the undercarriage at the first bounce." She offers a wave to Kaydin and calls out, "We're organizing for figuring out which vehicles to repair and which to scrap and use for parts!"
Qwillis     Qwillis nods to Tesla with a smile. "That sounds like a good idea. So yes. I agree." He'd look over to the others as they come in and wipes his hand off on his side before waving to them. "Hey. As Miss Nikki said, we're working to get a motor pool for logistics going. Cars, rather than weapons so far. If any of you have any mechanical knowledge? We have parts we need for the four vehicles we called out." Q looks at the last one he was peeking at, shakes his head and goes to the previous one. "I need to flush this radiator.. So we'll need to find coolant here and I know the other one I saw the serpentine belt was busted. So if you see a good one, call it out too.."
Kaydin     "Wouldnt the brotherhood rather you fixed the walker?" Kaydin asks as he stops working on his bike and begins to look about for parts. He looks amongst the vehicles and he turns to Qwillis. "What does a serptine belt look like?" He asks curiously.
Tesla Tesla flashes a grin towards Qwill and gives a nod. "I'm looking for spark plugs, two tires, a radiator hose, and yeah... we need to flush some systems. So fluids will be needed. Oil, antifreeze. Clean water if possible for the radiators. Dirty water if you can't find anything else." With that, the plucky little mad scientist with her white-streaked hair will disappear into the mass of vehicles, starting to crawl under and around in the search for viable parts. "Kaydin! Serpentine belt is a large, thin rubber circle, flexible. Has a tread on one side, smooth on the other. Needs to be probably 79.5 inches around, intact."
Davidson     "I'm no mechanic," admits Davidson, one hand reaching back to scrub against the nape of his neck, "I'll keep an eye out for parts while I'm scrounging around, though, and bring 'em back here for you if I find anything."
     Krysta paused behind Qwillis and peered at the vehicle they were around, listening to talk of parts and serpentine belts... Not her department. She could cobble together something if she had to but sh was better with a gun. "Oi, Einstein." She looked at Qwillis. "Any combustible scrap you can spare?"
Kaydin     "Found one." Kaydin says as he goes about trying to detach the serpentine belt and does so. He then moves to go hand it to Qwillis. "I can do basic repairs mostly weapon repairing." He says as he watches the man before turning to look to Tesla.
Qwillis     Qwillis nods towards Tesla, then worked on that radiator a moment. Glancing to Krysta at her calling out, he'd muse, then nods a little. "See the gas can over there? See if it's filled at all. Gas can go bad. But it still can burn. So start checking tanks, if any of them have anything, we can siphon into that for you."
    Q looks to Kaydin at the offer and smiles as he'd take the belt. "Thank you. It's appreciated. We're looking for good spark plugs. See if you can extract them without breaking the gap.. that's important." Q would bring that belt over to the other car, setting it atop the motor. "Ah.. Davidson? WIth how bad it is in here? Anything helps."
Tesla "Good deal. Here, Davidson can help my with the tires. I need to grab two new ones. It'll be fun to show him how to do it without crushing himself!" Tesla grabs Davidson by the elbow unceremoniously and starts dragging him off into the bounty of vehicles. "So first we need a jack and a tire iron. I've got a tire iron but lets see if we can find a jack anywhere. Otherwise I'll have to get Leeroy to play the jack and that's just... well insulting to him." She drags him along with a cheery grin. "Did I ever tell you about the time I almost died trying to get a new belt feeder for Leeroy's machine gun? Oh man... see, there'd been an old NCR station not far outside of The Strip, outskirts of New Vegas... they'd long since abandoned it you know. Used to be a gas station I think? Anyhow.."
Davidson     About to say something, Davidson's cut off as he's grabbed hold of and pulled away into the maze of vehicles--he waves playfully to the people he's being dragged away from, and then his hand drops back down as he starts to walk more freely. "If you wanted to be alone with me, all you neded to do is ask," he teases, and then he's looking around to see if he can spot a jack, "...oh jeeze. You didn't think it was -realsly- abandoned, did you?"
     Krysta nodded to Qwillis's comment and went to check on the gas tank he indicated. She sniffed at it and recapped it. She could make some cocktails ith that kind of thing. She returned to where they were still chitchatting about someone called Leeroy.. Krysta heard mention of Jack and then Tesla drug Davidson off somewhere.
     She looked at Qwillis. "Well then. I'm going to be collecting shell casings. got any dud ammo on you? I'd help you here but.. I'd be more likely to break the stuff more."
Qwillis     Q watches Tesla drag Davidson off to another part of the room. Shaking his head a little with a chuckle then smiles to Krysta. "I have live ammo if you want it? I keep what I have for my needler and plasma rifle. Otherwise.. What I have is open for the militia to use."
Kaydin     Kaydin begins to go about looking for the spark plugs amongst the wrecks. He moves about slowly and listening in the the conversation about him as he opens hoods and looks for spark plugs. "So there is NCR property inside of Leeroy that should probably be confiscated?" He asks jokingly to the woman.
Tesla Tesla snorts and grins at him, "Of course not! But what I /didn't/ expect was for the feeder belt to be dangling down from a 9mm machinegun someone had jury-rigged to the old neon lettering for the gas station! I ended up dangling twenty feet above broken concrete, handing on by a GUN that was pointed RIGHT at me!" Laughing like its the silliest thing ever, she points out a jack that's sticking out of the trunk of a twisted wreck of a car. "There! That's the jack Just haul it out of there and we'll be in business!"
Davidson     "You're lucky the damn thing didn't fire off... or break off the mount and drop you both to the pavement," Davidson breathes out with a low chuckle, stepping over past the girl to the wreck. He crouches down to take a look at the trunk, then straightens up, bracing a foot on the bumper. "Alright, this is gonna take a minute to open up."
     Krysta shook her head. "I'm not asking as militia. If they set me up with mines or explosives they'll provide it. I'm on my own time right now. See I can empty out the ammo and use the casings for blasting caps. Depending on the caliber I could even make little mini bombs. Like a 12 gauge shell could be fitted with BBs and extra packing powder. Or I could string along a bunch of those and use it for shrapnel blasts. Or a warning system. Er.... Sorry I shouldn't be rambling. You have your own thing to focus on."
Kaydin     Kaydin goes about looking for spark plugs. He continues moving about until finally finds a couple. He the goes about the process to remove them without damaging them. "So you need spare ammo?" Kaydin asks Krysta and looks about his pockets to see if he had any to spare.
Tesla "No worries. Go at it safely. No point hurting yourself to get to it, right? And it did! It went off! Missed me by milimeters! Blasted out my eardrum, too. That was fun to get repaired. The letter finally came loose, though, thankfully. Swung me right down to the ground. Okay, so maybe it /crashed/, but it didn't hurt me and I was able to get the feeder belt!" Tesla grins and looks over to Leeroy with an affectionate smile for the bot that's standing 'guard' so dutifully. To Kaydin, she calls out, "I mean, you're welcome to TRY... but I'd posit that if it had been really important to the NCR, they would have taken it with them. I found pipe pistols, a tommy gun, even a combat shotgun that had been left behind! You'll have to go face down the Kings of New Vegas if you want those back, too. Oh, except the tommy gun. I gifted that to The Chairmen. But sure, have fun trying to reclaim all that!" She grins over at Kaydin and winks.
Davidson     "You -are- crazy," Davidson comments as he gives the trunk a testing tug - twisted metal creaking a bit, but not really moving. So he lets go and leans back a bit to look it over, one hand rubbing against the rough-trimmed beard, "I just want you to be aware of that, girly."
     Krysta nodded to Kaydin's question. "Don't need anything live. You're better to use your bullets in your guns if you have the right caliber. But sometimes people have ammo they won't ever use on them. So I figured I would ask around."
Sanbella Sanbella Enters the Vehicle Bay limping while holding her helmet in her left arm, watching the cars and trucks being repaired with amazement before staring at the gathering of people in the bay, observing what they were discussing from a distance, not wanting to interrupt their discussion but becoming rather curious at the mention of ammo.
Marius      A slim man wearing Legion armor (save the helmet) underneath a sandy cloak appears adjacent to the courtyard entrance to the vehicle bay. He leans on a tall spear, assaying the impressive array of vehicles before him. He lets out an appreciative whistle at the chrome before him before stating in a loud, clear voice to the apparent militiamen. "Impressive. Unlike your pickets - which are shit, by the way. An unknown man in Legion gear makes it to the vehicle bay without so much as a howdy-doo?" He makes a tsk-tsk-tsk noice with his mouth and settles his face into a wry grin.
Kaydin     "I will shoot you later." Kaydin says to Marius. Wearing NCR armor and helmet he moves to Qwillis and hands him the spark plugs. "I dont have any spare ammo I am afraid, or else I would volunteer it to you." He says calmly to Krysta and he moves back to the motorcycle he worked on, looking it over. He looks to the attenae on it and reaches to pull a miniture NCR flag and ties it to the attenae.
Qwillis     Q looks over at Kaydin, then Marius. "The Legionares sent their own group here, Mister. So why would allies be called out or attacked?" Q nods his thanks to Kaydin, taking the plugs and with his toolkit, starts swapping them out for the ones in the car he's been working on. That metal hand is a dull glint in the light as he worked.
    "Well Krysta, you are still someone shooting stuff. I'm happy to give it to whoever. I'm sure you'll see it to a good home, right?" Q glances her way with a smile. "Rather via a gun or not."
Sanbella Sanbella stares at the Legionnaire then at her revolvers, checking to see if they still had any ammo left before putting them away. She approaches Kaydin and Qwillis, clearing her troat and giving them the best smile she can muster on her current tired state. "Sorry to interrupt you, ah, if I may ask... would either of you know where I can find more ammo for my puppies and a doctor for my wounds? I had a bad rustle getting here."
Marius     "Oh, that pack of Legionaries outside lead by that towering meathead? Yes, I saw them. Not with them," Marius says nonchalantly before adding darkly, "Not with anyone." He eyes the much taller and bigger Sanbella up and down, his eyes lingering on her revolvers. "You're about the right build for them. Shame they hate women. Great soldiers but couldn't find their way out of a sack." He walks over to Qwillis slowly, ensuring the pack of NCR loyalists in his presence don't pull pistols on general reflex. "Not Mister. Marius. Ex-Legion scout. Walked here after the call went out back in El Dorado. Looking for someone to ask where to pitch in but everyone's scurrying about."
     Krysta chuckled at Qwillis's comment about her still shooting people. "You're not such a bad shot yourself you know." Kaydin would get a nod and a waved hand. "It's fine. I'm only asking around for spare junk. You'd be surprised what I can do with spare junk."
     Tesla took that moment to walk out of the bay and Marius walked in talking about how horrible the security was here. Krysta looked over the guy and tilted her head. "Well this isn't exactly our base either. You must have missed seeing the big guy we brought with huh? Heres hoping you're more aware of your surroundings than that one. Don't go punching nukes around me okay? Okay. Gotta go, Einstein. Thanks for the help." And with that, she turned and headed off. She had a meeting to go to.
Davidson     There's a sharp, prolonged creak of stressed metal... and then a sharper /crack/ and a /bang/ and then the thump of body on floor. "Ow," comes the muttered complaint, and a few moments (and some rattling and clanging noises) later, Davidson comes back over dragging the car jack behind him, "Got it!"
Sanbella Sanbella gives the Marius a friendly nod. "I'm much better with guns than sticks and stones. The only shame is that I'm running out of lead to keep them..." She'd trail off, walking towards the Western Wall to see what the commotion was about.