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Lee     The ED militia had shown up! The fighters in the base were of course encouraged by such. However, the civilians were just upset. As the militia settled in and started working on things, more and more of those helpless, lost civilians started muttering. As people passed about their food and drink, the people got restless. It's when work was started on repairing the walls that it came to a head.

    "THIS PLACE IS LOST!!" Yells one of the men. Disheveled, dirty. he'd glare at those trying to seal the people into the citadel. There's a group of about 20 men with him, women and children are hanging further back as they'd start yelling at the group (the players) who was assigned to fix that wall. "QUIT TRYING TO SAVE IT! GIVE UP AND LEAVE OR GIVE UP YOUR FOOD AND WE WILL LEAVE!!"
     Krysta was there at the wall as Militia. She was a private so of course, she got sucker punched into working on the walls. Now, it was the crowd that annoyed her the most. Scared civvies were always a pain in the ass. When the guy started shouting Krysta stepped forward, her rifle at the ready but not pointed at anyone just yet. "You want to leave and fave the horde yourself you go do that. You will NOT be taking supplies. You will NOT be stopping us from working and if you don't BACK OFF you won't be walking for weeks either. Okay? Okay. Okay? OKAY." She glared openly.. clearly not happy.
Marius After sneaking into the vehicle bay, a quartermaster had directed Marius to the western wall. As he approaches, he hears the man's desperate cries and walks up, spear in hand but not at the ready. After Krysta's tirade, he sighs frustratedly and tries his best reassuring voice. "Listen, I was part of a whole army that didn't even have firearms." He gestures to the Legion armor on his chest. "I fought at Hoover Dam - twice. I know what hopeless looks like. This isn't it. You've got stout walls, trained soldiers, equipment. We stand a good chance."
Sanbella Sanbella watched the commotion as she put down a heavy piece of scrap metal she was dragging across the floor, her heartbeat speeding up at hearing the crowd's protests, upset they seemed surrender so easily just when reinforcements arrived and angry at the implications that her family's cradle was doomed no matter what. The red haired ranger would rise full height, hoping it would intimidate the civilians enough to make them less likely to attack as she observed what they would do next and muttering to herself how she hated to interact with agitated people. She was uncertain if she should try to talk with the people or just stay quiet.
Melinda As Melinda watched the commotion, she could only shake her head in disbelief and sigh. If there was one thing that had been drilled into Melinda's head as a soldier, it was that no situation was impossible to resolve. Sometimes you could resolve it through words or persuasion, but sometimes you had to use force as well. In this case, Melinda decides to use verbal force to try to get the attention of the man who is causing trouble.

"LISTEN TO ME!" Melinda snaps loudly at the man causing trouble. "I am SORRY if you feel that this is a lost cause, but that does NOT give you the right to be causing this kind of trouble! Now if you wish to leave, that is your personal decision and not mine, but you will NOT steal our supplies! Do I make myself clear?"
Kaydin     Kaydin makes his way over to the wall and looks as the people begins to panic. He makes his way over and raises his hand. "They are right, It isnt hopeless. There is always hope." Kaydin says as he tries to get the people away from the wall. "Come lets go this way please?" He asks as he tries to maintain calm. "So what needs to be done here?" He asks curiously..
Lee     The men grumble as they're just threaten. The guy in the lead picks up a rock and shakes it at Krysta. "So you'd rather kill us ALL?? That's what you're saying! Just say it so we can at least stand a chance by taking you down and getting out of here!!"

    Some of the men look to one another as Marius would speak up, murmuring to themselves. But it didn't seem like it'd be quite enough to really stop them. More people start edging closer, some stepping up with the men causing the scene, but most of them are simply watching on from the sidelines.
    "Give us something more than 'We're here'! Because that? That's BULL CRAP!! I don't know you! Any of you!! Where were you when my house got burnt down?? Where were you when my family was killed!?"
     Krysta kept that dark look on her face. She wasn't above shooting this jackass and her expression would tell them that. Marius's cajoling didn't work. Sanbella was doing her best to not be seen. Kaydin's attempt garnered little attention and this one guy.. just ONE GUY....Leading the mob was centered on Krysta rather than Melinda (who held higher rank). And once locked into that match Krysta would not simply back down..
     Violet eyes lifted as the guy picked up a rock. "Don't be daft. I don't want to waste my bullets on you people. But I'm not going to let you just run off to your deaths carrying our supplies OR the Brotherhood's supplies. You want to leave? Go. You try to take anything with you and make me waste my bullets and I'm going to be very unhappy." That's right. She valued her bullets over their lives at that point. But she didn't shoot yet. Dumbass civvies. "Why don't you put that rock down before you hurt yourself and go panic in a quiet corner like a good boy. By the time you come back out maybe we'll have this wall done or mostly done huh? You're goddamn lucky you were allowed int eh citadel to begin with. Now. Make your choice."
Marius     After his attempt to persuade the panicked civilians blew up in his face, Marius takes a step back deftly and lowers his spear to the ready position. "I swore I was done using this on innocents, but you're making me rethink that policy," he says with warning. "These people just recovered from an attack and marshalled their forces to come protect you. You can let them save you here, die in here now, or die out there later. Your choice."
Sanbella Sanbella groans and facepalms, her temper getting the better of her as she shouts at the crowd. "HEEEEEY. Listen here, you fucks! What the hell you all thing you're doing, a mutiny? Against who, the people sent here to help you? You want something more? I will give you something more, cold and harsh reality. Open your fucking eyes and tell me what you see... since you're a bunch of people blinded by fear, let me tell you what you should be seeing."
Sanbella takes a few steps fowards, her arms crossed and her mis-matching revolvers in full view. She'd stare at the man in the front before eyeing the people in the back, having an idea. "What you all see are the great walls of The Citadel, a pre-nuclear stronghold made to withstand the nuclear fire that swept this rotten world long ago. Walls made to withstand waves after waves of enemies. Walls made to protect the kind of people you all are. And you wanna know what's beyond theses walls?" She'd rise her arm, pointing behind her with an angry scowl on her face as she watched the fear-ridden civilians.
Sanbella Sanbella says, "...Death. DEATH! How far you think you're going to get before the wasteland or the mutants get you? They will catch you before you can arrive to the next 'safe' settlement... oh but what if, maybe after half of us are dead and gone, we reach said settlement? Let me fucking drill it into your heads, there's no next settlement out there you can get to that is any safer then the one you're inside of right now. There WON'T be anywhere else for you to go. What you all are going to do then? Mutiny again and flee in direction of the next 'safe haven', losing more and more with each trip you take?"
Sanbella Sanbella The Red Ranger crosses her arms again, pointing a finger at the men in the front. "Maybe. MAYBE you all think you can do it, endure the journey and survive... but... let me ask you something..." Sanbella would slowly walk fowards, her face red with fury and her voice somber but loud. "Can your family make it? Can your wife make it? Can your son make it? Can your daughter make it?" She'd stop near the crowd, breathing slowly and hoping her words could terrify the people back into line. "Do you think you REALLY got what it takes to survive and protect your dear family by yourself? Can you actually look at your woman and children and say 'It's okay, I garantee we will make it. You will not die. None of us will die.'?" The red haired ranger huffs at the crowd. "If YOU know how it is like outside, why are YOU so willingly to return? No, BETTER YET. WHY ARE YOU SO WILLINGLY TO PUT THE LIFE OF THESES BEHIND YOU IN RISK IF YOU KNOW THERE'S ONLY DEATH AWAITING YOU OUTSIDE THESES WALLS?!"
Melinda Meanwhile, Melinda finds that her attempt at being commanding has failed. She steps back with a sigh. Realizing that others are attempting to negotiate, she decides to let them handle it instead. "I tried offering them with words," She comments. "Sometimes it doesn't work..."
Kaydin     Kaydin watches the goings on and he looks to the various people. He remains silent and reaches for his rifle and adjusts the strap which keeps it from falling. He then walks to the various people and then looks around. "I am willing to fight the mutant menace. I will give my life to make sure you are safe. Do not make me have to chase you all down to keep you safe." He says as he looks to the various people.
Lee     The soldiers on the wall pause as the men all gather on the one that was talking to them. They were glaring equally at everyone really, but it's Sanbella who gets them backing off quite a bit. The men scattering outward at the rant at them, all but the one guy who's been instigating the whole thing from the start. That guy? He'd stare at Sanbella. "You asshole!! THEY ARE DEAD AND IT IS YOUR FAULT!!" He'd all but scream at her, leaning closer. Yeah, seemes that whole thing just pissed the guy off further.
    He lifts that rock, then hesitates, glancing at Krysta. She did say she'd shoot them. He'd snarl and drop the rock.. on Sanbella's foot. "We're going to leave. We're going to take stuff with us and there is absolutely piss all you can do about it. Save us? You doom us. All of you."
     Krysta watched the man drop that rock.. on Sanbella's foot... and did nothing. But when he decided he was going to instigate theft, Krysta lifted her rifle and shot once. A single shot to the head, dropping the troublemaker. She kept her weapon trained on the body as it fell. The poor guy was probably dealt a mercy if what he had said about his family was correct.
     Krysta sighed and lifted her head. That second before sheer panic started she would speak loudly, clearly, firmly. "LISTEN UP. This guy was already dead. He died when his family died. He was about to kill all of you as well. This is the safest location for you civilians right now and running off thinking only of yourselves is NOT going to help ANYONE. IF you want to attack, then come on, I'll deal you the same mercy. OR...." She paused a second. "OR you can tur around and settle in. I know you're all scared but you have three military groups here to protect you as long as you follow the rules. You want to live? Walk away. You want to die? I'll gladly shoot you right here."
Melinda If all else fails, then you take action. Just like Krysta is doing, no?

"You're not going anywhere!" Melinda yells as she levels her rifle at the defiant man. But then Krysta opens fire and Melinda holds her fire. Nevertheless, she keeps her rifle leveled. "Cease and desist or the results will be violent!"
Marius Marius lets out a curse, "Merda!" as he lowers himself and extends his spear awaiting any would-be aggressors to come inside his kill zone. While none do, he silently keeps his head on a swivel, eyeing the civilians warily.
Sanbella Sighing and taking one step back, Sanbella wipes her face of the other man's blood while kicking the rock far away. She places her hands in her pockets, staring at the crowd with anxiety, hoping this does not escalates before giving the dead man a glance and shaking her head. "Can't say you did not had deserve that..." The Red Ranger looks at the people around her, trying to keep a cool air while her heart beats faster inside of her, worried.
Kaydin     Kaydin turns when he hears the gunfire and pulls out his revolver and aim it at Krysta, pulling the hammer back with his thumb as he keeps it on her. "Resorting to Raider tactics dont win any favors. We are better then that." He growls out to Krysta before looking to the crowd. When it seems the crowd wont riot he lowers the revolver, gently easing the hammer close to keep from misfiring.
Lee     The crowd is stunned. Everyone staring as that shot from Krysta echos harshly within the confines of that citadel. That silence had Krysta's voice resonate with a lot of the people there, a subtle change over from that of blind panic to.. just abject fear. But.. well, deadly accuracy was just shown by one of the defenders.. and they DID come all the way from New mexico...
    Instead of attacking, the people started muttering to each other. Quite a few watched Kaydin draw on Krysta, edging away from him as well.. the crack shot might decide he's next! But slowly.. the people started to disperse. Maybe.. just maybe.. it wasn't completely hopeless..
Sanbella Sanbella looks behind her, at the direction of Krysta, then to the others around. "Well... what the fuck are we supposed to do with the asshole now? Do we even have a graveyard?"
     Krysta watched the crowd as they saw what had happened and registered some of what she had needed them to. Kaydin's drawing on her got no reaction or acknowledgment. No fear response. When the crowd began dispersing Krysta turned toward Kaydin and spoke quietly but firmly. "Don't ever draw on me again unless you want me to return the favor. I don't know who you are but you need to brush up on what Martial Law entails for civilians." And with that, she would turn around and check her gun, verify it was all good, and tossed it over her shoulder.
     Next, she bent and lifted the dead man's body heading straight for the wastelands. "Simple. I'll bury the poor bastard. He deserves that much at least."
Melinda The man is dead.

Melinda is wide-eyed for a moment but then her composure returns. Killing is part of the job.

She glances towards Kaydin and says, "Put down your weapon. She had to do that!" Melinda's voice takes a gruff tone.
Sanbella Sanbella Scratches her head, exhales deeply and reachs for a flask inside her duster, taking a deep swing of it before groaning towards the skies, walking back to her duties while pocketing the flask. "Shit's bad, the tension is heavy... Crowd needs a hero and motivational speech."
Kaydin     "Martial law doesnt give you an excuse to kill. Next time you kill any of these civilians and I promise I will put you in the ground." Kaydin says calmly as he holsters the revolver. He then looks to Melinda. "She didnt have to do shit." He says as he looks to Krysta.
Marius The Legionary lowers his spear as it becomes clear that combat isn't imminent. He looks at the dead man and then at Krysta with disbelief. "Sure you aren't with the Legion? I had centurions who would have been proud of you," Marius intones in a way that seems meant as a barb, not a compliment. He walks a few paces to the man and looks down at what's left of his face sullenly. "I'll help bury him. I have a spade in my pack."
Melinda "That's your opinion," Melinda says as she straps her rifle to her back again. "There's nothing else that can be done here. Let it go." With that, Melinda turns and starts to walk away, wanting to get out before things get worse.
Sanbella Sanbella Drags the scrap metal to the wall, dropping it where she's supposed to before joining Krysta and Marius, "Oi? Let me help too. Otherwise his head exploding is going to haunt my dreams, or something... Name's Sidower." She'd take the man's legs, helping to carry him while whispering, "Try to keep the killing to a minimum... kneecapping would suffice... but at least you got them under control, so thank you for that."