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Ashur The eastern wall is in greater disrepair than most. There are countless reasons for this: inferior concrete used in the construction, hillier terrain that makes it easier to approach and assail on foot, drunken debauchery decades ago with some raiders, some dynamite, and a dare..

But the greatest reason, without a doubt, is whatever fucked-up battle led to their being an M1 Abrams tank precariously perched within a crumbling gap, its turret jammed and aimed in the wrong direction, its treadss long dead, its armor bent and broken. The dust layers it so heavily you could grow crops on it, and on its left side a number of refugee children have made little doodles and sketches with dust, marker, and cans of spraypaint, leaving it a graffiti-ridden mess.

But that gun? That gun could be useful. And so Centurion Ashur has come, his Whitecloaks spread elsewhere through the Citadel, his tech-head wife in tow, to look it over. He clanks and rattles as he walks in his lovely salvaged power armor, cape swishing and dragging on the ground behind him. "Eden," he booms though his helmet, waving a hand toward the tank. "Have you ever seen one of these before?"

Few others linger in this area, though they'll surely come. The tank is set equidistant between two watchtowers, and.. huh. It seems to be sloooowly tipping forward, more and more.
Vera Vera has been moving through the citadel, checking out the various places....having just beeen up where the birds live and seeing the view from up there. Here she is now, walking along...though it might be hard to tell who she is, if you don't know who she she has her anime wastelander look going...might even be hard to tell, its a she stops near the tank as well...then looks down over the side..."Wow...who ever threw it up here, sure had one hell of an arm."
Sanbella Sanbella Returns to the Eastern Wall after finishing her work in the Western Wall with intent of examining the tank and paying respects to the old war machine. Arriving on the local she takes a sip from her flask of water and watches the people gathering around the Tank, confused and curious.
Kaydin     Kaydin makes his way, helmet on his face as he looks to those gathered about. Seeing Ashur causes him to come closer and watches the goings on. "So what do we do?" He asks as he makes his way over, adjusting his duster.
Shiloh      Shiloh wanders around, trying to figure out where to begin or what to even do. She hadn't been here for very long, considering, and she was still feeling uncertain about being so far from home. Still, she wanted to try to do what she could to help and knew that every hand would be needed for later on. As she walks down a trail, she notices the small crowd starting to gather near the wall and tank nearby, so she diverts her course to approach them quietly. Her eyes skim them over and spot at least a couple of familiar faces before she looks up at the turret for herself to survey the damage. Should Ashur or Eden notice her, she tentatively lifts her hand to wave and then sticks her hands in her pockets to wait and see if any general directions are handed out to them.
Tesla Tesla has spent most of her time in the vehicle bay. To the point that she was finally chased out by grumbling soldier-like people and told to 'go bother someone else'. Which finds her on the Eastern wall and studying the Abrahms tank in the wall! She tilts her head this way and that, walks up to poke and prod at it, seeing if there's any real give to the giant armored vehicle. "I'm wondering if a vertibird or two couldn't airlift that tank out of the hole. Maybe take the turret off it and set it on top of the wall. Then the builder folks can fix the wall and we can get the turret up and running? Unless they just want to, I dunno.. patch the wall around the tank and try to just... point the turret out the wall." She muses along more as she continues to study the structural soundness of the tank balanced in the thick wall. Ashur gets a wave and grin. "HI ASHUR!"
Eden "Well..." Eden says after sizing up the situation a bit. "Can you somehow make sure it doesn't fall if i go up there and check it out?" she says to Ashur. "If me and maybe one other can get up there, we can check and see if we can get it to go in reverse- or even neutral... and pull it back?"
Rexus Rexus is doing what officers do best, supervise! Well, that and plan. He's making his rounds of the walls, noting strongpoints and weakpoints, what needs work and what would be suitable for whom. A clipboard is filled with reams of paper, and his poor pencil is worn down almost to a nub from all his scribblings and drawings. He watches the tank being hoisted into place and repaired, "I take it the tank itself is a write-off, saving the turret?"
Sanbella Sanbella walks closer to the tank, nodding at the people along the way and stopping near the Kaydin and Ashur, "So... what you all are doing with the tank? There's a lot of commotion around here." She takes another sip of her flask, her face slightly covered in dried blood, unpleasant stains of a recent revolt curbed. The Ex-Ranger looks at the tanks and smiles, feeling peaceful while staring at the broken but still awe-inspiring vehicle. "It's a beauty... You'all here to try and fix the war machine?"
Vera Vera says, "seems like a sound long as they got ammo for a shame to waste a bunch of time working here, if we couldn't use it afterwards."
Ashur Ashur prowls like a pacing lion-- back and forth, back and forth, circling the tank until his passage terminates at the immense slabs of cracked concrete on either side of it. After half-circle number four, the ground, when he pads across, seems to sag a little. The dust on the Abrams stirs.

Wisely, the Legionnaire takes a long step back.

"Careful, if you go, little Eden," the brute warns, giving the machine an untrusting glare. "It looks untrustworthy."

He turns his head and sweeps around, seeing that a rather large number of people have appeared -- the waving Shiloh he calls to with a curl of his hand and a command of, "Shiloh, come here," and then he's examining the others. A whole lot of people! He hrmms, and then stomps one plated foot, hard, until the sound echoes like thunder.

"Those of you who know machines and the repair of them, line up there!" He points. "Those of you who do not, line up there." Points to another spot. "We're going to repair this warmachine as best we can."
Shiloh      Shiloh flinches at Tesla's animated and excited greeting for Ashur but tries to muster up a smile to slap on her face for the people around her despite that. It was usually the best way for her to hide when she wasn't as prepared for dealing with people as she could be. There was no need to seem unfriendly afterall, that wasn't the way Shiloh wanted to come across afterall! She looks around and shifts more uncomfortably where she stands before she tries to slink away only to stop midstep with Ashur calling her by name. "Oh, of course, I'll be right over." She tells Ashur, turning back around to stride over and stand beside of him. She lifts her hand to wave at Eden again but remains attentive while Ashur calls out instructions. Her head does dip down during the explanation, but only to take stock of the tools she has on her belt around her waist.
Sanbella Sanbella grins at the prospect of a working tank, imagining how the turret's cannon would sound like if fully repaired. She washes her faces with her remaining water and walks to the position Ashur instructed, not knowing what she's about to do but exited she's going to be part of the group that got an old-world military vehicle working again. "What we need to do, big guy? I'm ready to help, whatever it is!"
Eden Eden waves at Shiloh and at Tesla, now that she's turned around and actually sees them! She grin and excitement matches Tesla's, who obviously has the same ideas of fun she does! Getting in line she asks "Has anyone worked on tanks before? Do we think this bad boy is in working order?"
Rexus Rexus smirks, "I know my way around a wrench and screwdriver." he says, stepping up to the armored vehicle. "If the turret moves it ought to be at a corner.. wider field of fire but... a downward angle might be better so the barrel can depress low enough to hit targets close up... unless we want to turn it into an artillery piece."
Vera Vera hmms, and sorta moves over towards the indicated area...lines aren't good. "I'm not like one of those freaky engineers, but I know my way around things. Helps to get the stuff at the HQ functioning and all that."
Tesla Shrugging amiably, Tesla makes her way over to where Ashur has pointed for the tech-savvy people to line up. "Sure thing!' She waves back at Eden and ups the ante with a broad grin. "Oh! I have! I mean, it wasn't an Abrahms, but I've worked on treaded, armored vehicles before! And bots! Tank-bots are nuuuuuuuuuuuts." Super excited to get to work on the armored vehicle of a model that existed pre-war!
Shiloh      "Worked on cars, bikes, trucks, and vans before...I don't think Private Wayne really counts as anything like that, but he's got the sort of armoring that the tank's built with..." Shiloh lists off quietly after Eden's question, looking down at her fingers that she idly twists and pops the knuckles of. "Disassembled some treadmills, but that's the closest I've come to working on anything with a moving track like that..." She glances over at Tesla and then over at the others, taking in their answers one at a time, content to listen for the time being.
Ashur "The ground seems unsteady, and there's give when I walk on it," Ashur remarks, gesturing vaguely to the cracked area around the tank. The concrete is solid overall, but it is filling a hole, and over time.. well, things have shifted, slid. The Abrams' balance isn't so good anymore. "We need chains, ropes, something we can use to tie it down and tug it in."

That explains the two groups, then: grunt labor and the eggheads.

Shiloh's comment results in a nod and the Legionnaire reaches out to fondly muss her hair. "Good. You'll be checking on the treads, then. Eden knows all about how to drive machines -- she would be best inside it. She rides motorcycles."

This is emphatically not a real qualification, for the record. Ashur's a dumbass.

"Men! Split up, and look for the ropes and chains -- I saw some near the armory. We'll decide how to position it and what to do with it once we've determined if it can even be repaired or not."

He folds his arms and nods at the others. Rexus' ideas are good, and Tesla's always exuberant. Good. Labor needs morale.
Sanbella Sanbella Waits in the area for non-tech savvy people, staring at the other and wondering, almost blushing, if she was the only one that did not had a black thumb. She'd start to mumbles to herself. "Sure would feel better if we had more muscles here..." The Red Ranger walks towards the armory in search for the ropes and chains, still smilling at how The Citadel looks beautiful to her.
Eden Eden stiffles a giggle at the motorcycle comment and looks to the other mechanics. "Well, I probably can drive it, as long as it works, and I guess that means the big idea is to get it downstairs and let it live it's life as a tank again instead of some cannon-in-the-wall setup." She turns and calls out as loud as she can before the others walk away "Chain is better than rope! A lot better!" If they have machines like these around, they have to have big solid chain somewhere.
Tesla Tesla makes her way over to Eden and grins at her. "Want a navigator to help get it out of the hole? If I'm remembering right, these tanks are meant to be driven by a team. I'm glad to jump in and help out!" If anything, she looks eager to get inside the dangerous tank and strap in for a wild ride! Looking over at the turret, she tilts her head and purses her lips up. "Whatcha think? Can we get it on the ground and pointed the right way? Even if we can't move it past the wall, the turret could still be useful."
Shiloh      Shiloh's usual loose bun comes a little undone by Ashur's tousling and she reaches up to push some of the stray hair out of her face with a small grin. His confidence in her was fairly reassuring, but it was still a fairly large stretch. "It's uh, bigger than what I've seen from those treads, but I'll still do my best. I...Guess the main goals I can think of to start with the treads are to see if they aren't going to lock up and get stuck, and...see if it's still flexible enough to get over things.." She looks up at the gap again, "But yeah, looks like we gotta get it down first.." She turns and wanders away to split up and help with finding some thick chain sections that she brings back to Ashur to set in whatever pile is being made.
Vera Vera says, "Well, honestly..if it hasn't moved by now.....I say we just put the chains on the turret, and give it a push. As long as we have the turret secure, it should slips right free of the tank as the tank plumets to the ground.""
Rexus Rexus is a bit more familiar with tanks than he lets on. "Forget the tracks, make sure the engine works. Without power you'll have to turn the turret by hand... and no targeting computers either..." He sets himself to investigating the engine, taking off his jacket and rolling up his sleeves to get good and dirty as he begins fussing around. "And the autoloaders'll work if there's power.. fire faster.... gun stabilizers... even if we turn it into a pillbox it'll be pretty effective."
Sanbella Sanbella Returns while carrying two rope coils and dragging chains behind her, seemingly happy and almost blissfully unaware of the world at large as the Ex-Ranger is just happy to be in the home of her ancestors, helping the people that live inside of The Citadel. She drops the ropes and chains at the floor, waiting her next task with a grin.
Eden Eden grins at Tesla "Heck yeah! let's make sure this baby works then you and me inside! but.." Eden trails off as Rexus jumps up. She goes over to Ashur. "Do you think it's a good idea to have them try to chain the tank to something stable before we all start jumping around on it? Maybe that can be the non-techs next thing. We'll make sure it's running and try to drive it back a bit?"
Ashur Ashur glances toward Vera and then the tank. "It serves as a useful barrier for enemy fire," he points out. "If we push it, then we have the gun, and an enormous gaping wound in the concrete. Still.. the gun is most important. If that is the only way to access it, it's what we'll do."

At times like this, the Legionnaire's tech ignorance betrays him. Literally everyone here has a better idea of what to do than him! But damnit, he'll pretend he's in charge.

"If the tank was easily driven back, I assume they would have moved it by now.. perhaps they fear the wall collapsing if it moves?"
Shiloh      Shiloh watches Rexus head over and rubs the back of her neck while he goes ahead and gets down in the engine. Her cheeks flush and she still glances over at the walkway as if still debating whether or not it was too late for her to flee to another project. Her chest rises with a deep breath she musters and she nods in agreement with Eden about needing some more stability on the tank. "Yes um...I'll...wait to start on the tracks.." Her voice gets softer as she allows, "Unless we are...scrapping that idea...then I can just be...wherever it might be needed I guess...or I can just observe or...something."
Tesla "Ooooooooo, she has a good point. If we just crawling around it, we could tip it through the hole one way or another and just... crush people. That would suck." Tesla stares up at the tank musingly, then shakes her head, "Even if the tank can't be driven, we need to get it out of the hole. The barrel on the turret would hit the wall if we tried to move it on its own. We'd have to bust out even more of the wall to swing it around."
Sanbella Sanbella walks closer to the tank and begins examining the wall, listening to Ashur's talk. While not actually a well-trained construction worker, she would like to help and try to find any structural weakness in the wall. "Lemme check... too."
Vera Vera shakes her head a bit, "If you are insisting on driving it out...why not just go with the most simple plan...right here." She points to the ground beneath the tank, "Build a ramp..let it roll down the ramp."
Sanbella Sanbella rises a hand in the air, "Oi ya lot! Don't go moving the tank yet or the wall is going to fall!" she points to the area where the concrete meets the tank for emphasis. "If we remove the tank without finding a way to support this wall's weight, we fucked. It's going to come down on our heads and leave a glaring hole in our defenses... now... someone smarter than me got any ideas how to solve this?" She looks around, not ashamed of admitting she does not have a plan. She's mostly looking at the direction of the tech-savvy people for help.
Shiloh      Shiloh looks down at the tank and the walls, frowning to herself when she notices a stray pebble start to roll down to the ground below. She looks back up at Ashur then the others gathered around, looking even more anxious than she had in the past. She wrings her fingers out harder and works her lips in an effort to try to vocalize something. Nothing immediately comes to mind, she turns her attention onto Rexus then and tries to address him, "Rexus, I'd...get out of the engine and um, very carefully get off of it...the wall's lost a lot of its um...integrity and it's...looking like that the tank might be the only thing keeping it...up right now. And even then it's not doing a good still looks like it's breaking...It could make parts of the whole wall break apart and people could fall or it could hit someone down below. We need the wall stable first, so it can stay up without needing the tank.." She's quiet after that and rubs at her arm again when Sanbella pretty much relays everything more concisely than she does.
Rexus Rexus sloooowly crawls off the tank, slitering down to the ground and stepping away. "Welll.. if it falls it falls.... shoring up the walls... would be difficult... could just turn this into a strongpoint.... let the tank fall in then cover it up so just the turret is poking out or something?"
Tesla Blinking rapidly at the wall, eyes darting fromt ank to wall, to tank, to the top of the wall, to the tank. She scrambls over to the edge of the walkway and lays herself out flat, squirming around to poke her head UNDER the tank, looking between wall and tank and wall and tank. Scrambling back up to her feet, she hurries over to where the tank rests precariously and pokes at the wall near one side. All the while muttering equations and angles, pulling out a piece of string from her pocket, tucking it into a crack and running it down along the wall, then peering back up at it. Tugging the string free and putting it back into her pocket, she gives her head a shake. "We can't move this. Not yet. Too much risk to everyone. Wall has to be stabilized. We need.. we need some beams. Its gotta be soon, the tank's moving, and when it goes, the wall will go with it. We need to brace the hole, move the tank, and get more supports in there FAST so it won't fall out from under the loss of the tank."
Eden Eden says "absolutely, but to build the ramp, we have to back it up ust a little, and before we do either thing we have to make sure the wall doesn't fall as we try to move the tank. So... Do we have, um, logs? Something to turn this hole into a proper doorway then fill it in with brinks later? Two posts on the side and something across the top stron enough to hold the pressure for a couple days?" Eden sighs as she remembers mutant Ashur pulling up a tree. Never thought she'd wish for him to be a mutant again- even for a jsut a minute.
Ashur "If there is material and time enough to build a ramp that can bear this beast, then that is a fine solution," Ashur rumbles, looking toward Vera once more. "But it is enormous, and we're rather lacking in skilled engineers." The power armor-clad Roman chuffs a little inside his helmet, listening to Sanbella and Shiloh. He stalks over toward the gathered ropes and chains -- it isn't too much, but it'll hopefully be enough -- and gathers one heavy chain..

Only to suddenly hear all the smart people babbling over one another about dangers and risks and 'structural integrities' and logs?

This is a tank. It is a big machine of metal and fire and death! It crushes trees, it does not use them for.. anything!

"Decide then, girls," and there's a little venom in that term, because it's only the women saying we can't work, oh no, get trees and make a drum circle and sing Kumbaya, "what are we to do?"
Eden "OK, Everyone" Eden is shouting. and standing in front of Ashur to get their attention. "Chain this thing in place. We can't do anything till it is held. OK?" She is more than annoyed at Ashur's tone. He wants them to take charge? No problem.
Tesla Tesla stares at the tank for a moment before looking to Eden. "What are we going to chain it TO that isn't more of the wall that's coming down around it? Maybe we should brace up the back end of the tank that's sliding. Keep it in place until we can figure it out. Otherwise, that thing is going to go. Besides, do /you/ want to be the one trying to wrap a chain around a moving tank? One slip and... that's limb loss. At best." She purses up her lips and looks back to the tank.
Sanbella Sanbella stares at the tank, then the wall and then back to the Tank, pondering what to do to save the tank and the wall, unused to this niche problem. She perks up at Eden's orders "Hah! No problem. That I can do!" Grabbing the chains and ropes from before and bringing them closer before getting her hands dirty and trying to chain the metal beast as good as she can until she halts the process, hearing Tesla's speech. "... Why we don't chain it to the giant?" She points to Ashur. "Then we get some pitons and more people to help us..."
Vera Vera says, ", the problem is...the tank is slowly falling out of the wall...solution...we got lots of dunder heads around here in power armor...lets stack them up, and then can hold the tank in place. We can secure it better, after there holding it.""
Shiloh      "I...d-don't kn-kn-know what to d-do." Shiloh tells Ashur, a soft stutter coming through her voice after his stern question. She averts her gaze back down to the floor of the wall and begins to breathe faster with more shallow breaths, the pressure starting to seize around her throat. She could see that the wall itself was starting to crumble and like the others knew now, was aware of the consequences of what would happen if it were to fall. Shiloh looks back over at Eden and Tesla, listening to them discuss the options. Her fingers start to turn tones of red and purple from how hard she's twisting and squeezing them. "We could...try to get both done? Chaining it might help keep it from sliding so we can put something up to block its path..." She weakly suggests, then glances down at the tank treads, "We could um...try to put a thick board or metal sheet under it to level out the difference and give it a more flat surface to rest that's um...not at an angle..."
Rexus Rexus just watches the problem. "Maybe tie it off to a counter-weight, throw it over the other side of the wall and use it to pull the tank back away from the edge?" He's just spitballing now.
Kaydin     "Whatever we decide, we should decide pretty quick, the natives are getting restless." Kaydin says as he looks up to the tank and watches it before turning to Rexus. "I suggest keeing your eye on Krysta. She already killed a civilian for trying to start a riot." He says calmly to the man.
Rexus Rexus looks at all the indecision, grunting as he steps up to the plate. "Right, get the chains on those tow hooks at the back of the track." he points to the tank. "Secure them to something.... someone get some wedges under the front of the tracks in the meantime and... we'll see if we can get that winch on the back of the tank to pull it back. If your a tech get on the winch and get it moving, manual laborers get those chains tied off so we can winch it back."
Eden "Let's do all 3! One group hook in chains to a couple bigger vehicles just to buy a little time. group two look for posts and shit to shore up the wall, group three looks for more posts to go outside and push from the front? Sound good everyone?"
Tesla Tesla grins and gives a nod to Eden. "Brilliant! I call dibs on the crazy tank climbing!" Despite the fact she cautioned against OTHER people doing it, she's more than ready to bobble around on the tank herself. "If I plummet to my death or get squashed, make sure Leeroy stays with the Science Team!" Grabbing up her tools, she starts to whistle a jaunty tune as she heads towards the tank to try and get the winch working. Because MAD scientist!
Sanbella Sanbella speaks up while hooking up the chains, wiping sweat from her forehead. "This shit is like surgery, I don't like how delicate we need to be... Hey, big guy" The Ranger points at Ashur, "Hold these chains and don't let the tank fall. I will search for Pitons and whatnot, okay?"
Vera Vera takes a steps back, "Ok, I do not see this ending well...people crawling around on something, thats falling already as is..."
Eden Eden calls out to Rexus "What did you see when you stuck your head in there? Will it run once we are ready to move it?" Eden runs up to those bringing chains and shows them places on the frame of the tank end to hook onto. Then she runs back and starts making sure the other end is secure. Doesn't need to last forever, just long enough to get some braces in place!
Ashur Focused on labor and letting the nerds work out the proper procedure, Ashur has enough presence of mind to notice Shiloh's flustered actions and nervous tics in all the hustle and bustle. The brute, chain resting over a shoulder, walks over and places his hand to the small of her back. He leans low, helmeted face at her ear, and gives her a quiet directive, before sending her off with a little pat-pat. Then he'll turn and listen to Rexus and the science ladies settle on a plan. He'll do as instructed and chain what needs to be chained, and eventually Shiloh and Sanbella's actions will bear fruit and see a few vehicles come up the ramps to this long walkway -- a couple motorcycles from the Whitecloaks, and at least one thing that seems to be a heavy-duty pick up truck. Anything larger would not have fit.

It's a lot of horsepower to help pull, but with the tank being as heavy as it is.. it's not moving if the tank itself can't help some.
Rexus Rexus gets a move on, hooking the tow-chains to the tank's hooks before stepping back. He moves to the group looking for a spot to tie them off, really anything sturdy will do. "Get all the tow ropes we can hooked up... motorcycles and trucks anything...." he says, doing his best to get all the machines hooked up and organized.
Sanbella Sanbella Follows after Rex, taking the weight off Ashur's should and carefully bringing it to the vehicles, hooking them up while trying to make sure she's not pulling the tank or damaging the wall. "... I don't like how the walls seems so... neglected. We need to do something about the support already..." She shakes her head, unable to come up with a safe solution.
Tesla Tesla is quick to scramble up onto the precarious tank to work on the winch. She's just got it up and running before looking over to Rexus and offering a thumbs up. "We're good to go here! Lets get some braces on the walls and we can start pulling the tank out! Otherwise this wall is coming down the second we pull the tank!" She points to Sanbella and grins. "Find some big logs. Beams. Tress if you have to. We'll need two set vertically in the hole on either side of the tank and one big ass crossbeam to set on top to brace the top of the hole!"
Eden Eden goes to Ashur, once the weight of the tank was slightly more stabilized. "Found a stash of lumber just outside. Looks like they were planning on building or fixing already. Could use your big strong arms to haul it up! We need maybe 9 up here and the rest in front of the tank. Could you get them going on that?"
Ashur With a look down toward Eden, the white-armored bull snorts, claps his fist to his chest in rattling salute and acknowledgment, and trudges off. There goes some four hundred pounds of muscle and armor, moving down the wall-walk and turning onto one of the ramps that leads back down to the courtyard. The sun glitters off his cape and armor so prettily, and when he fades from sight, it's only a short matter of time until he returns.. with one of Eden's requested logs over each shoulder, stomping and surely red-faced beneath the hot Texas sun and his helmet, until he's back with the group.

That's when he'll roll his shoulders, hunch forward, and slam them into the ground with a loud thud, before turning and walking back to repeat the process. She needed nine, after all.
Rexus Rexus has gotten the tank hooked up to the chains.. and hopefully the winch is working. "Alright, start winching it back.... anyone free can lend a hand with the logs and shoring up the wall." he says, looking to whomever is running the winch and motioning for them to get it started.
Sanbella Sanbella spends time in helping Ashur to bring up the logs the best she can, not as strong as the Roman but enough to take one log up the ramp. Gasping for breath, she'd try to help at anything that came up that was within her realms of knowledge, manual labor and bad jokes. She'd constantly look at the tank, fearful the wall would fall down at any moment. She'd keep working and helping nonetheless.
Eden Eden watches appreciately as Ashur carries large objects. sure others are helping now... Eden grabs the nearest person to help her place the side posts in place, then several people join to help place the top posts. After a bit of manuvering and useing spare bricks and whatever else they can find, the wall looks stable enough to try to move the tank into a better position.
Tesla Tesla is sprawled out across the tank at the winch, tossing a thumbs up to Rexus and getting it started. She grips the end of the tank tightly while she keeps a close eye on the winch's motor for any signs of malfunction, riding the tank slowly down. "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
Ashur All in all, it's hours of labor under the hot sun: getting materials, reinforcing the walls, moving vehicles and people, making sure things don't spiral out of control and result in careless crashes (which surely would have happened if no one had bothered checking this matter out, eventually), but when it's done and the tech-heads have had the chance to work on the tank in a safer position, they'll find that while the engines and treads are too damaged for it to really move with any reliability -- it might putter a few feet before it chokes out and stops -- the turret still works and can be manned, and it still serves as an effective bulwark along the holes in the wall to hide behind.

The armory has ammo for it, albeit not an enormous amount, and the crews from El Dorado and the Brotherhood have a few interested gunners. How much help it'll actually be when the Horde arrives remains to be seen.. but for now, that's one step closer to a successful defense of the Citadel!