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Owner Pose
Qwillis     Qwillis was up in the command center with two computers in parts around him and a third being rebuilt. He was going as quickly as he could as well.. he didn't.. exactly.. have permission here. But.. hey. If it got more working, right? He'd muse as he worked, referancing that pip-boy on his arm often to work out the details to make this system go how he wanted.
     Krysta walked in with a box in her hands. She eyed Qwillis then went to a spare table and sat down. Carefully she started spreading things out around her. She had ammunition of various types and calibers, wires, leather scraps, fabric, bits of cloth, old cans, pipes, you name it. Even some of that gas and a jar of something brown.. that smelled foul. She peered at Qwillis and tilted her head faintly before she began stripping the ammunition, shells, and casings to one side, powder to another, BBs dropped into her pocket from the 12 gauge shells. "Only quiet place right now."
Devlin     "If it's quiet then don't make it noisy using a pinch too much of powder and make things explode.." is said somewhat dryly as Devlin walks in, seemingly like he was looking for her, especially with the rumors going around. "Planning to have extra options next time, hmm?" Tilting his head off to one side, Devlin seemed to notice a rather short person if they were standing, but Qwillis was rather hunched over working on the wiring of the computers, causing Devlin to miss him at first. "I won't ask about the dwarf working.. Wait, I don't think that's a Dwarf..
Qwillis     Qwillis smirks at Krysta and nods a little, then starts to work, only to pause at Devlin's comment. Raising a brow, he'd straighten up to peer over at Devlin. "Definitely not a dwarf.." Is said in dry humor of a response. "Actually, I'm trying to get us more than the joke they have of communications. That starts with the computers. Oh.. and Krysta? I was serious on the ammo. You can have it all if it helps."
     "What? Einstein? He's no dwarf.... And I'm not going to blow this place up.. God." She kept stripping the ammunition, though, carefully separating all the different ingredients. She looked up at Qwillis and nodded. "Different caliber makes a different blasting cap. Actually, I could use some cotton..."
     She began measuring out the powders and working wires into some of the shells and casings. She held up the improvised cap to show Qwillis. Then she went back to working on a pipe bomb. Meanwhile, she looked at Devlin oddly. "Next time. What are you talking about Kyne..."
Devlin     "Einstein? No he's Qwillis.." is dismissively corrected but then Devlin stops and stares at Krysta. Stepping closer, he leans in and asks, "Why would the likes of 'you' know who Einstein was?" is asked, more than slightly dumb founded. Glancing between the pair, Devlin simply answers, "One shot, one kill. No looting permitted." With that said, Devlin draws back his jacket's sleeve and begins to adjust his pipboy, attempting to pull up a similar communications array, wondering if he could be of assistance.
Qwillis     Qwillis chuckles a little. "It's an old saying for someone who is intelligent? Easy enough to hear around Shanty town." He'd wave a hand and nods to Krysta. "Just let me know when you'd like them. I'll have to recover the ammo from my gear."
    As Devlin would adjust that pipboy, Q turns and grabs another computer, offering it to the other man. "I restored this one. It needs an OS reboot. Potentially needs a wipe and reinstall. Or well a rebuild. See if you can get it hooked to the pipboy and going, hmm?"
     "Yea. Qwillis. Einstein." She eyed Devlin then and pointed at him with a screwdriver. "What do you mean 'the likes of me'? Jackass. I was in the custody of a scientist until I was like fifteen."
     She kept working as she talked, though when he mentioned her earlier kill she frowned deeply. "I'm not going to blow up the civvies. Yet. Besides, that guy was going to start a revolt and we'd have a war on both fronts. We can't afford that. Besides.. I buried him." She eyed the two men for a moment. "You know... I heard an interesting rumor about the president. Word is the real reason we're out here is because Kaine's a double agent for the Brotherhood."
     She leaned forward, gently packing cotton into one of the pipes before starting to work the other components in.
Devlin     Muttering to himself, Devlin shakes his head slightly. "Comparing a person to the likeness of a legend like him to a simpler man like Qwillis.." Turning towards the man in question to say, "No offense intended, but there's a massive difference on scale. You have a few decades to improve though," is said, attempting to patch things over as he took the computer from Qwillis and sets it down onto a table. Sitting down in front of it, Devlin draws over a chair and sits down.

    Pulling out a cable from his pipboy and connects it to the computer's side access panel before tapping into his wrist computer, allowing it to update and roll with information. "Yet is a key word I just heard you use Krysta, the only issue I have with it all is explosions make a mess that is annoying to clean up.. if you can, make a concussion blast, scare them away or knock them out, not shrapnel or high explosives.." Looking away from his pipboy, Devlin arches a brow at Krysta before turning to Qwillis to ask, "Kaine.. Exactly how connected are the West Coastal Brotherhood to the Southern planes Brotherhood? I remember the Eastern branches being excommunicated by the Western branches in some sects."
Qwillis     Qwillis pauses, looking to Devlin curiously, then simply shrugs. "It's merely an observation that Krysta has. Not something I claim anyways. So I am not insulted." He'd finish that last part installation into his own computer, close it up then turn it on, while that wire is drawn from the pipboy to install into the back of the computer. Both systems would link up and Qwillis rather rapidly wipes the OS and proceeds to re-write it into his own custom system.
    "Far as I know? They all eye each other warily. It's a matter of leaders wanting different methods and those who follow them repeating it. Like most factions such as that."
     Krysta kept working on her little bombs, She took out those BBs and poured them into little plastic shells and began taping them shit before wrapping a few of them around the outside of the pipe bomb. Shrapnel bomb... She could use that jar of manure to make a larger bomb too.... She might need a stock pot for that though....
     After a while Krysta stood up and started walking around the room. She was paying attention to the various maps, looking to see if there was any mention of various other things in the area. She found some maps laying about and while they were old and might have already been in everyone's computers... She did notice some interesting marks. She picked up one and spread it out better, peering at it.
     "Qwillis... Devlin... What's a Silo?"
Devlin     "A silo is a housing location, could be for corn, could be for missiles.. What's the context?" is asked without looking up once from his pipboy. Letting the computer take on an imprint from his pipboy, Devlin was largely idle, and the boredom it sparked was clear on the man's face.

    Using his left hand, Devlin uses his thumb and index finger to begin heavily running at his eyes, grumbling all the while as he attempts to keep himself focused on the task at hand rather than day dreaming. "A bunker like Qwillis has isn't a silo, as it does more than simply containing a large enough of one type of crop, make sense now?" Turning his head slightly, Devlin turn an <ear> towards Qwillis though he doesn't slow or stop any of his actions.
Qwillis     Q looks at Devlin confused, shakes his head and after checking the computer he was on, unplugs the pipboy. Standing up to stretch, he'd walk over to what Krysta is looking at. "Silos in terms of military are probably actually something we may want to look into. Missiles, as Devlin said. So that means.. potentially a ground based nuke we could use on the mutants." Q pulls up that pip-boy again to start going over the map Krysta is showing compared to what he has on file.
     Krysta raised an eyebrow as Devlin began rambling on about crops. She wondered aloud... "Why would grain silos be on a map in a military citadel?" And Qwillis seemed to be on the same track as Krysta was. Her finger was on one specific location, small and easily missed on the map. Hey, she had good eyes sometimes.