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Iris Lark The vehicle bay in the citadel is fairly large, and since some of the cars that won't able to be used has been pushed to the side, Iris has taken the initiative to set up a small triage area for people who might be injured. The slender red-head is kneeling next to her rucksack, pulling out supplies as she chats with a few other doctors and nurses that have gathered here to help the injured.

Fluffy bedrolls have replaced cots, and at the moment several women are washing and soaking catgut in alcohol to get ready to stitch up wounds.

The whole group seems to know that the worst is coming, and they're quietly getting ready for it.
Shiloh      One of the armored mercenaries from El Dorado steps into the bay and looks around to find Iris' triage, carrying Shiloh by her arm that's draped over her shoulder. She helps guide the young woman over to try to rest Shiloh down on one of the cots which makes her hiss and grit her teeth until she's settled into a more comfortable position. "Found her doubled over trying to help repair the walls." The mercenary relays to Iris, "She's looking kinda pale and clammy but not sure where it's hurting." Shiloh looks over and smiles over at Iris, lifting her hand to offer the other woman a weak wave, "Iris! It's so good to see've you been? Looks like things have been busy here." The mercenary seems pleasantly surprised when Shiloh seems to know Iris by name and pats her on her good shoulder, "Seems like you're in good hands, I'm going back out to supervise now." She turns to walk away and return her work. When the mercenary is gone, Shiloh tries to explain, "It's this gun shot wound I got a while ago, it clipped me in the chest and I've been trying to see if it'll heal on its own but it's just gotten real red and it's leaking I think.."
Iris Lark "I believe.." Iris begins, gazing at Shiloh as she moves towards her to treat her. "...that the last time I helped you, I did tell you that you shouldn't wait before you came to me." She offers the woman a warm smile though, to make the lecture seem less lecture-y. She guides Shiloh towards a bedroll and helps her sit down before she takes a look at the wound.

"I dearly hope that you had the sense to get the bullet out, or was it a graze?" She asks, pouring some alcohol into a bowl of water and soaking a rag in it to clean the wound. She opens the salve and pulls out some bandages.

"Other than all of this, please...tell me how you've been? It's been a while, hasn't it?" She seems serious as she goes to work, cleaning and grinding up some herbs for a poultice.
Shiloh      Shiloh undoes her jumpsuit just enough to show Iris the bullet hole that looks like it has been opened up at least once in an effort to get the bullet out. "Heh, yeah...I'm sorry." Shiloh tells Iris sincerely, looking down at her chest, "There was a doctor there that wanted to try to help, but there was someone else there that got hurt worse than I told her I'd be alright. Went home and had my brother help me dig it out, didn't end up being a through and through...I figured that it would have ended up being fine after that. Seen my paw and John get it out and just walk it off like nothing happened before.." She chuckles and rests her head back, letting her eyes drift shut to get ready for the stinging pain that might come with cleaning the wound. Through her grimace and wincing, she tells Iris more about how she's been, "It has been. Way too long. I've been pretty alright to be honest. I've been at home working on Private Wayne, and out gathering parts for him. I found a great motherboard from an old Securitron that will be a great addition to'll make him seem a bit smarter than he would be otherwise. Qwillis offered me a place in his uh...organization of scientists recently? Which I've been looking forward to being a part of...I still don't think I count as a scientist, but it's still pretty awesome."
Iris Lark "I've been working with Qwillis as well, so it will be good to see you at his bunker. I'm not a scientist either, but I imagine they need medics every so often." Iris replies, as she works, a slight frown on her face as she studies Shiloh. "I'm glad your work is going well though, that's the best we can hope for."

Once the wound is clean, Iris would stitch it closed and then smooth salve on it before she wraps it up. "Just be careful while we're down here, and come see me if you get hurt, even if it seems minor. Alright? I'll be worried otherwise."
Shiloh      "Qwillis is really nice, I'm really glad those awful people weren't able to take away his bunker.." Shiloh tells Iris, looking up at her while they talk and converse, the talking helping her not to squirm as much especially when the stitching process has started. "I wish that you were there. One of their cars got blown up and then Qwillis just about gunned down every one of them while the rest of us were trying to shoot them from behind the uh barricades..?" She trails off, uncertain if that was the right word to use for the cover that he had set up, "And we were missing them a lot...but! I've been practicing too! With shooting these laser weapons. I'm getting much better than I was before...they were kind of complicated...especially that pistol you let me have. But once you figure out the settings and how the lasers will behave, it gets a lot easier." After Iris' instructions, Shiloh nods her head and sits up, zipping up her jumpsuit, "Okay. I will. I promise."
Iris Lark "You promise, and I'm going to hold you to it." Iris replies, and she gives Shiloh an intense and steady look. "I heard about that fire fight, and I worry about how many of them that I've seen and heard about lately. Things are very dangerous, even close to home." She starts to put away her supplies and tilts her head as she regards Shiloh. "So what do you hope to do with the Scientists, I've met a few of them, they're an imposing bunch."

She starts to gather up her supplies as one of the nurses working on another patient mentions the medical bay being cleared out in the building. "Looks like I'll have another place to work." Iris murmurs, glancing at the flurry of activity.
Shiloh      "If I don't can tell Matt that he's allowed to dock my pay for a week as a punishment." Shiloh offers to Iris afterwards with a small hint of laughter. "Or just tell my ma about it and she'll figure something can be a scary woman." She shudders at the thought but it does look like it's a bit put on and exagerated for the sake of comedic effect. She turns her head to watch the nurses start to move things around and nods her head, "Hey that's great, right? More space to work! If you guys need help moving it all, then I can try to move some of the supplies." Still, a frown does curve her lips when her thoughts trail back to the violence lately. "I hope it's not too bad back at's weird being so far away from them. And I heard over here that someone killed a civilian for just -trying- to start a riot..." She dips her head down somberly and breathes out a sigh, "I'm not sure what I wanna do yet. But I'll probably just do my best to help with the more mechanical problems that crop up for them, and just share what I've been doing. I'm sure Qwillis would like to see Private Wayne whenever he ends up being finished. Last time I worked with him, we took apart a laser that had some...weird vibes about it. It was something that someone found over in Dunwich..."
Iris Lark Iris gets to her feet, slinging her rucksack over her shoulder. "The last time we came down south, it was..peaceful back at home, until the bombs dropped." She wrinkles her nose at that memory and lets out a sigh. "I wouldn't tattle to Matt about you, that would just be wrong." She leans in and gently bumps Shiloh's shoulder with her own, but then frowns when she hears about the civilian and Dunwich.

"I stay away from Dunwich, and most scraps unless I have a stake in it, which isn't...polite - but I'm not much for violence even if I'm good at it." She peeks into several rooms, looking for the medical bay. "Just always remember, a few positive people can turn the tide from violence if it isn't necessary, just have to try a little harder, is all.
Shiloh      Shiloh pushes herself up from the cot and wanders over to pick up a box of supplies to carry while she follows Iris in the search to find the new medical bay. "Always seems calm until it's at its worse. That's the worst part about the whole eye of the storm thing..." She leans over to peek inside of the rooms that Iris hasn't gotten to yet, "I agree with you there. Ever since we tried to help with those signal boosters, I've stayed far away...I don't know what those things were, but I didn't want to risk taking the chance to find out...I felt bad just dragging you guys out there and putting you in danger in the first place." She smiles softly and reassures her, "I know what you mean though...if I can help it, I'd rather stay far away from it...I've already kinda proven that I'm no good at it...but that's about all we can do. Try to pave the way through some good actions and thoughts and hope that it starts a wave that follows."
Iris Lark "I don't think any of us are good at it, that place has...something about it that.." Iris shudders and shakes her head, looking slightly spooked for a moment or two. "We're not too far away from Mexico now, and this place looks far better than I actually expected." She glances around the citadel, a slight frown on her face. "I figured that most of these parts would have been destroyed."

"Matt was telling me that his family lives down this way, I wonder if he'll get a chacne to see them while we're here." She glances over at Shiloh and smiles back at her. "I think if we stick together, and try for the best, nobody can fault us for that. Dunwich, here, Mexico, home...all we can do is try."
Shiloh      Shiloh nods her head gently and looks around too, "Does he?" She wonders of Iris, offering a smile, "I hope he'll get the chance. Always good to see family, and it seems like a good opportunity once things sorta...settle down here if they do eventually. Travelling this far out can't be safe on just any ocassion but at least there's people nearby to help if he gets in a jam trying to visit them..." She relaxes at the mention of trying and agrees quietly, "Yup...everyone trying together has to lead to something eventually at least. So how do you think it'll go here? I've seen the walls and they aren't in the best of shape...I think I'm going to try to focus my efforts on the southern wall. It seems to be the one taking a lot of the brunt of the damage. Plus everyone was able to get the gun on that tank in the eastern wall working, so it can be used to fire things down if a time comes it needs to be used."
Iris Lark Iris finally locates the medbay and settles her rucksack on the floor near the entrance. She purses her lips as she turns to gaze at Shiloh, and folding her arms loosely under her breasts she speaks. "Well..truth be told, I think things are going to go well here." Her eyes seem far away as she continues to talk quietly. "Mexico was a whole different animal, we had to actually go through the horde to get to Poseidon, and it wasn't pretty. This?" She gestures around, her face blank. "This is almost civilized."

She walks further in, looking at the different things available as the other nurses and doctors set up shop. "I imagine if we're careful, and if we try hard enough, we'll be able to rout the horde here and keep this old place standing. Not that something else won't come along and knock it down after we've gone home." She chuckles softly and then sighs. "I think we'll be fine, Shiloh, we've got a lot of very driven people doing all they can to make all of this work."
Shiloh      Shiloh looks around and manages to find a spot where she can sit down the supplies she was carrying too. She nods her head and frowns softly to herself, admitting, "I can't imagine like going straight through the horde. I only got a peek of them when Matt invited me along to check on the route to New Rome, and just seeing those guys were terrifying...but yeah. You're right. We've got a nice little stronghold here and everyone's working very hard. Saw that project they got over in the vehicle bay when I came in. That Walker? It looks like it won't be much longer before it's up and running."
Iris Lark "I hope not, because something like that could turn the tide." Iris replies, and she smiles at Shiloh then, pushing her hair back behind her ears. "Just let me know if there is anything I can do to help. You or any others who need it. I'm not the most outgoing person in the world, and sometimes I need to be poked a bit."

"I'm glad you're here, because you will be a lot of help." She glances around and heaves out a sigh. "Back to work, I suppose, there is alawys work to do."
Shiloh      "Yeah, but for...our side?" Shiloh asks Iris, frowning thoughtfully to herself and shaking her head, "I guess I don't know a lot of the politics here. I mean, unless you meant that you hope it doesn't take too long." She chuckles and nods her head at Iris, "I will. I'm not the most um...proactive person? At least I don't go out and lead things on the march typically, but if someone offers me a chance to help then I'll do the same for you." Her cheeks flush in embarrassment, but she nods her head, "I hope so at far I still don't do so...well under pressure and it's been affecting my performance. But we'll see. I'll still keep trying. And yeah, should get back out there. I think I've heard something about people needing help with some explosives and sensors lately. It's...not my specialty but we'll see. Worse comes to worse, I can just hope that my efforts don't lead to any explosions and call that much a victory."
Iris Lark Iris looks amused as she gazes at Shiloh. "Be careful with the explosives, and if you find that you do blow yourself or someone else up, bring them to me." She glances around the Citadel with a frown and admits. "I do hope this doesn't take too long, I miss home already." She jerks her shoulders up to shrug as she settles somewhere and begins unpacking her supplies. "We'll see what comes, and I'll be here with my gun when it does."
Shiloh      Shiloh steps over to hug Iris while she unpacks, not keeping her held up for too long before she steps back. "I will. Hey, if I do mess up, can give you the chance for more glory in a roundabout way!" She giggles and then pats her pistol by her holster, "I do too, a lot...I can't wait to go back and see everyone again. Bacon included! We'll be here with our guns and they won't know what his them!" She starts to head for the door and waves at Iris from over her shoulder, "Thanks for looking at me today, hopefully now it starts to heal instead of uh...festering like it was. Try not to work yourself too hard okay? And I'll be back by to visit in a little while when the work's mostly done for today! Take it easy and be safe!"
Iris Lark Iris is surprised by the hug and turns to squeeze Shiloh as she grins at her. "That's the kind of glory that I don't want, Shiloh. I'd rather you be uninjured." She grins at the thought of her pig and nods to the other girl. "Yes, you still have a playdate with my little oinker." She waves at Shiloh makes her way out of the medbay and smiles. "I'll take care, you do so as well. Don't jump into danger, or else."