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Ashur It's barely half an hour past dawn when Ashur meets Eden deep in the wasteland; there she sits, beneath a poorly-shaded tree, her sweet-ass motorcycle purring like a kitten and the scrap chariot New Rome had helped her make rattling behind it. The Legionnaire moves slower than normal, clearly winded, and his regal power armor shows dents, scorch marks, and heavy splatters of blood.

He's also missing his cape.

Stripping off his helmet, Ashur steals a kiss from the biker girl. "I can't come back yet," he tells her, sitting with his back to the tree. "One of the assassins snatched my cloak; they're only a few minutes behind me. A ring of fire separated us, and--" He waves a hand, ignoring the stitch in his side. "I'll meet you back at the Citadel, Eden. But this place will be too dangerous for you. Shoo."

He'll listen to no arguments. But Eden, being much smarter than he is, will surely fetch help!


Only later, when the group arrives, will they hear the sounds of conflict.. a few hundred yards off to the west, where there's an old dirt road and a small country church, white-painted and with a pretty brass bell in its tower. It stands alone amidst a sea of yellow grass, brown dirt, and clouds of bugs.
Eden Eden slows to a stop on her motorcycle when she views the church. "This is where when we left. Everybody ready to go in? I'm gonna head around back of the church. unless someone has better ideas. I"m not good at the strategy stuff"
Cassandra Cassandra was getting ready to make a patrol anyway. She was just polishing the lenses on her helmet, and making sure she had some extra ammo stashed away in the pockets of her duster. The outfit is iconic, the brown and well-worn leather duster over the combat armor and blank-faced high tech helmet of an NCR Ranger. But, in Texas? Whatever the story of how she got here, when Eden came rushing into the citadel looking for help, Cassie grabs her gunbelt, slings her magnum on her hip and her rifle around her shoulder to help look for volunteers.
     And now, as they get outside the perimeter and into the danger zone, Cassie has her weapon at the alert, waiting for... there! "Anyone else hear that?" She looks around to the motley assumbled group, pointing in the direction of the church a few hundred yards from the road. "Let's go!"
     A brief nod to Eden, gesturing and saying, "That makes sense. Two of us come in the front, the other two circle around. I'll go front."
Kaydin     Kaydin was getting ready for a patrol when Eden came in asking people to help her. At first Kaydin was going to let her go without any aid, because ashur doesnt need it. Then he got to thinking and decided in the end, rescuing ashur would be the sort of thing to unnerve him. So he comes along. "So Where is he?" He asks, duster blowing in the wind as he watches the church and reaches for his rifle.
Kendar Kendar was delivering some supplies to his new clinic. Of course that got quickly interrupted by Eden, calling on help. Not one to leave other people behind, Kendar joined her and the others. After Cassandra told them of her tactic. "Not sure how helpful I'll be in a fight, but I can come with you." He said, eyeing Cassandra.
Ashur There is little time to discuss tactics beyond the most basic; the air rings with the sound of battle, concentrated most heavily in the church. A listless group of three boil-ridden and gnarled mutants hovers in the front yard; around the sides of it, two Centaurs patrol in idle fashion, their hand-feet paddling along as they leave slick trails of ooze behind them.

One of the mutants bumps into another. There's a bit of a slap fight that ends when a tentacle with a mouth sprouts from the first's right hand, and plucks out the eyeball of the second and eats it.

Above the church's entrance, a massive wooden cross hangs, reaching all the way up to the third story belltower. The door is shut and barred.. but there's a hole in the side wall leading in, where someone clearly tried to dive through the window and missed. Once the enemies are cleared, the group can safely move on!

There's no cover during this approach. Grass makes for poor defense.
Cassandra Cassandra leads the person coming with her as the others split up, the group hoping to flank the mutants from two sides. She moves through the grass crouched and moving at a steady Ranger's pace, keeping the upper half of her body as still as possible to avoid messing with her aim. Very carefully she takes careful Aim with the Service Rifle, and makes the opening shot. Right as the mutants start to squabble she takes aim at a Centaur, the more dangerous of the mutants, and puts a bullet in its thighs, the gun report ringing sharp through the area.
Ashur The split up group attacks the enemies from all sides! Cassandra and Kendar take the direct approach, moving into the shadow of the cross that stretches through the grass; cocky, Cassandra takes a shot at one of the wandering chimera, drawing it toward her and her companion with an inhuman shriek and a burst of acidic bile that wounds them both! The commotion draws the attention of the mutants in the yard, who, opponents provided, are suddenly energized and swarm all over the both of them!

At least Eden, with a clever shot from the church's flank, puts that one tentacle monster out of its misery, while another basically belly-flops onto Kaydin and makes sweet tentacle love to his battered leg.

Inside the church, there's the sound of smashing wood, and something distinctly glass spraying like hail across the floor. The sounds climb higher and higher, until, finally, two figures erupt into sight in the cramped belltower -- the power armor clad Legionnaire, and some motherfucker wearing his cloak!

"Give me my god damn cloak you cunt!"

Sometimes, Ashur's shit-talking is poetic and profound. Other times it's just blunt anger at a cunt. The two of them grapple high above!
Cassandra Cassandra is splashed with mutant bile, and watches as Eden drops the Centaur. "God fucking damn it!" She screams in frustration and anger. Now she's going to be all sticky and goopy. She gets hit by a mutant in the head, rolling back but most of it fails to get through her thick helmet. Sort of pushing the regular mutants back and sweeping them with the stock of her rifle, she sees the Centaur pounce on K and takes careful aim. Times seem to slow down for a moment as she takes a deep breath in, out, and then puts a bullet right in the back of one of its heads. That'll slow it down a little.
Eden Eden props her motorcylce against the back wall ang peers around the church- only to see the Chimera attacking. Thank god she is at a good angle for this! Aiming carefully, she steadies herself and fires. Right in the mouth, Damn good shot! The creature's head explodes as the bullet goes through. A tight grins, and she starts moving forward to the front. This firing from the back seems to be a good plan after all!
Ashur The air echoes with gunshot and the sizzle of acid! Clouds of insects are already swarming the dead and dissolving chimera, while the second battles it out with Kaydin, soaking up lead with its jiggly, tentacled flesh like some sort of meat magnet. Back around the front, the crowd of ravenous mutants lunge as one at the Ranger and the medic.. only for the two to side-step in tandem and send the creatures sprawling at the foot of the church beneath the massive cross.

The whole church suddenly shakes. High above, Ashur and the black-skinned supermutant continue to grapple; the supermutant pulls a plasma hold-out pistol from its thigh holster and opens fire, searing through the Legionnaire's armor!

"You motherfucking fucker!" At this point, Ashur's blindly raging and barely coherent. "Give it back!"

Ashur ducks low beneath the mutant's next swing and shoulder-checks him up, up, INTO the church bell from below, which swings and BOOOOOMS loudly. The chain suspending it breaks and it falls onto the supermutant assassin -- only for Ashur to rear back, slam his power fist into it, and send bell and mutant both tumbling off the tower!

They fall, beast and bell, and land with a sickening crunch and ear-splitting peal of thunder on the three mutants, literally pancaking them. Their guts are just fucking everywhere.

The bell is still ringing when the assassin stands back up, grabbing the edges of it and flipping it off him! He's busy this round, but next .. !
Cassandra There it goes. Maybe she just needed to get warmed up? Because now that the battle has gotten into full swing with all its chaos and glory, Cassandra seems to be hitting her stride. Dodging out of the way of the mutant horde she dives out of the way. Her duster flaring behind her, she whirls around and takes a knee, firing a shot that plunges into the torso of the Centaur on Kaydin, finally dropping the beast dead. And then she spins around, taking a second quick shot at the still dazed Supermutant Assassin, who manages by a hair to dodge just in the nick of time!
Cassandra Cassandra watches as Eden starts moving into the building, "No! Eden, Ashur can take care of..." But the man's wife goes in after him, of course. Cassie sighs, she can't let the little mechanic run in all alone. So, putting the hot barrel of her rifle up against one of her wounds to cauterize it, hissing as she pulls a hankerchief for a makeshift bandaid arouond a different wound, she moves to follow inside, bringing her rifle back up at the ready.
Eden After firing and missing on the Chimera, that bell comes heading straight for Eden! She tries to jump away, but winds up rolling along with it. Knocked to the ground and winded, Eden takes a moment to breath as the mutant heads back inside the church.... back toward Ashur! Knowing her gun is empty, she reloads as fast as she can and runs toward the church, forgetting completely the warning Ashur had given her earlier. It is too dangerous.. but she can't even stop herself
Kendar Seeing the 2 woman move into the church, Kendar, with a pained expression, moves in as well. As he walked inside, he noticed that the Super mutant utilized cover, so he did the same, finding a wooden pew near the enterance.
Ashur The group floods into the church. The black-skinned mutant has hunkered down behind a wooden pew near the dais, lingering in the judgmental eyes of Christ on the cross above. The adrenaline of the fall has faded, and now the assassin must content with the fact his leg bent all the way in the wrong direction and bone is sticking out. It grits teeth so hard gums bleed, and takes a quick pot shot at the sound of footsteps, slinking back down after. A few stray shots go wide and miss it.

All around, the people gathered can see a fight *already* happened in here. A few of the pews are shattered, and the actual podium has been toppled over. There are corpses of mutants and chimera abound, broken and slaughtered, their acidic blood dissolving the wood flooring and leaving sink holes. A small staircase leads to the next floor and the sleeping quarters..

Up above, thunderous footsteps can be heard, and a string of vulgar and sexually explicit curses, including one threat to 'fuck you in the ass so hard your dog dies'.
Cassandra Cassandra moves into the church a little later than the others, easy enough to dodge that first plasma blast. As she sees Eden open fire and do a little damage, and the K man take cover, she snap a shot of her own off. Rising the rifle she takes aim and shoots, just barely missing as it thunks into the cover the Supermutant is taking. See, that's pretty handy, and she moves to slide behind a pew herself, throwing herself to the ground in case there's reprisal....
Eden Eden is first in the church and immediately starts firing at that cloak stealing bastard! She hits him, but it doesn't do much. Hearing The footsteps she grins as she drops under a pew. No more worries... He's on his way.
Ashur "Give me back my cloak!" Ashur bellows, storming down the stairs. He has no idea who else is in the area -- until a familiar voice cries out in pain as the final shot of the supermutant's plasma pistol sears a nasty hole right through the meat of Eden's arm.

The wall at the base of the stairs shatters, pulped wood and plaster spraying into the air -- and there comes some four hundred pounds of steel and muscle, the near-seven-foot behemoth of a man roaring metal through his rebreather, literally leaping off the bottom step outward. He achieves enough lift even with that massive armor that a luchadore would weep, wrapping his brawny arms around the black-skinned creature's neck, slamming into its back and knocking it out of cover until it sprawls on the ground, Ashur choking it like it owes him money.

"And keep your filthy fucking hands off my wife!"
Kendar Kendar seeing a small window of oppertunity, flies out of cover and unloads a round into it's torso. "Take that ya big bastard!" He shouts, quite happy that he finaly managed to hit something.
Ashur Ashur and the ebony mutant grapple and roll on the ground. The assassin's bulbous face swells as the blood and air are cut off, and it begins to punch the Legionnaire in the side of the head with its massive ham-fists. Donk, donk, donk, clanging against the thick steel of the T-45b repetitively. "Eat your god damn children," the brute growls, his shit-talk, at this point, pure inanity. "I'll make you fucking breakfast!"

This continues until the others, thankfully, unload enough burning ammunition into it to make it a twitching corpse. Ashur stands, heaving angrily, and begins to stomp its head over and over and over in a blatant temper tantrum.
Eden Seeing the black skinned monster is finally down, Eden rolls out from under the pews and makes her way up to it. She leans over the creature, unhooks the neck strap and rolls it over off the cloak with her foot. "Tsk tsk, all dirty, now I'll have to wash it" Eden gathers it up and jumps up on a table (which muight be the altar) behind Ashur to hook it back around his massive neck. "I brought you some help, hope you don't mind too much." She whispers, and jumps back down.
Cassandra "Jesus, Ashur." Cassie looks over the mess, watching the others unload their bullets and thumping the lead into the body of the supermutant. "It's just a cloak." She doesn't actually know, and then shakes her head, looking back over Eden and Ashur. She can't help but to smile seeing the two of them together, then blushes and looks away, saying, "We should get back to the citadel!"
Ashur With the beast defeated, and the mutant patrol dealt with, the injured group will make their way back toward the Citadel to lick their wounds.