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Owner Pose
Percy     The early morning sun streams down through the cloudless sky this morning, slowly drying off the muddy and wet ground from the downpour on the eve just passed. Having made his return to Shantytown just yesterday himself, Percy had already begun to settle back in. Though exactly what has happened in his absence is still a puzzle he is trying to solve, the man of medicine has opted to try and just continue as best he can by picking up where he left off.
    With a mild yawn he walks out of one of the offices, glasses mostly down the bridge of his nose. With a hand gripping the back of his neck he stretches left and right, the new bed perhaps not doing him in favours when it comes to muscle soreness.
    With a slow sigh he wanders to the front desk, flipping through a few papers and notes that have assembled. Previous patients, ongoing patients, treatments... A whole bunch of other notes too!
    "Wallace, please. We have to stay here until we find Iris." He speaks suddenly, looking down at a small black cat that sits on the desk next to some stacked files. It had 'meowed' in some displeasure. Likely at being here. "Let me get some stuff cleared up here and we can find you something to eat, huh?"
Willow Caine Willow makes her way into the clinic, the slight smile on her face strained, as she moves. Spotting Percy, a slightly wolfish smile appears on her face as she walks forward. "Evening, sugar." She begins, propping a hand on her hip. "I was wondering if you could help me out, I've got a bit of an injury." A bandage has been wrapped around her left arm. She takes a seat and smiles winningly at Percy. "I should remember my manners. Please." She says, holding out her arm with a slight pout on her face.
Percy     The response Wallce The Cat gives Percy after his promise to get things after 'cleaning up' is met with a curious sounding noise, before he flickers his ears up and towards the door. At the same moment the Doctor draws his gaze to the attractive female that walks in. Across the top of his frames, Percy looks at Willow carefully and calmly. Already he's gone into assessment mode, scouring her frame for any potential sign of injury. Naturally, his attention settles on the bandage.
    "That's what I'm here for. I'm Doctor Cooke." He greets in a friendly enough tone, looking at the arm which it held out to him. "I can't see through the bandage. How about you take that off and tell me what the problem is? It will give me some time to prep some tools." Sure enough, he starts to busy himself behind the counter -- getting out various medical equipment. Bandaids, swabs, liquids. All that fancy jazz.
    "Have you been here before, Miss?"
Willow Caine "Nice to meet you, Doctor Cooke. My name is Willow Caine." Willow murmurs, walking past him with a shake of her hair over her shoulder. "Yes, I'm related to the president, no don't ask for favors." She adds, before she turns and grins at him. "Take off my shirt? Why of course." She shows no shame as she shrugs out of the shirt and takes a seat on one of the exam tables. "I've not been here before, no, but I've heard of this place."
Percy     "Good to meet you, Miss Caine. Related to the President? That's quite a line. Daughter? Cousin? Niece?" He rattles off a few relations, before gaping in a bit of surprise as she shrugs off the shirt and sits at the exam tables. Adjusting his glasses back up in front of his eyes, he shakes his head. "Unless your chest is bothering you Miss Caine, no, I don't need to take off your shirt. You can put it back on." His brow creases just a smidgen. "Your bandage." The Doctor clarifies. "On your left arm? That's what you wanted treated, right? Did you want to take that off and tell me what happened? Scratched? Wounded? I know ghouls and mutants are becoming more of an issue lately. Did you get struck by one of them?"
Willow Caine "Sister." Willow says and she holds out her arm, heavy with a bandage. "Yeah, and I'm wearing a long sleeved shirt." She says, fluttering her eyelashes towards the good doctor. She unwraps the bandage and sighs like someone stepped on her cat. "A bullet wound, can't remember who shot me, but I was pretty put out that they did." She sniffles, trying to look like she is extremely put upon. "Don't call me Miss Caine, sugar, call me Willow."
Percy     "Very well." The Doctor replies to the instruction, sitting on a wheeled stool near Willow and scooting forward to examine the wound. "GSW's aren't exactly rare around here, unfortunately." Percy sympathises, prepping some materials to treat the wound with. "Fortunately, in terms of trauma, this looks to be more on the mild side. I should be able to clean it up relatively simply and be able to get you out of here in no time." He sounds confident, if nothing else!
    Wheeling over to the side to get some wipes and liquid from a metal tray, Percy then begins the treatment. Practiced hands move swiftly and carefully, cleaning the wound and then dressing it properly. Wallace the Cat watches from afar. Percy's icy stare is laser focussed, even as he puts on the finishing touches.
    "So I must ask, why is the daughter of the President doing in Shantytown of all places?"
Willow Caine "Sister." Willow says again, aiming a wry smirk at Percy as she shifts to get comfortable. "I don't know, I could get my nurse at the ranch to tend me, but maybe I want to get out and meet people." She watches the Doctor as he works her legs swinging back and forth. "I appreciate your work, and when you turn my arm loose again, I'll even pay you for it." She glances around the clinic again, both eyebrows slightly raised. "This place isn't as dirty as I figured it would be though."
Percy     "Ugh. Sister." Percy frowns at his own mistake, lifting a hand to rub his eyebrows. "Sorry. It's my first night back here and I didn't get a good nights sleep. Those beds have more lumps in them that I remember. I might have been better off sleeping on the floor." He smirks at that, glancing up at Willow when she mentions meeting new people. "I guess as the sister of the President, are you kept under lock and key for security purposes? If your ranch far away?"
    Wheeling back a little, the Doctor smiles. "All done. You'll be fine. Just give the wound some time to heal." Wiping his hands with a towel to clean them off, he nods in agreement as he takes a glance about. "You make a good point. A clinic must be as clean as possible for obvious reasons. As far as we go here, run with minimal funding and the like, we make do. It's not as sterile as you'll see in some of the bigger townships and cities, but it does the job."
    Standing up, Percy makes his way to the front counter once again to jot some things down. "I'll make a note here of your treatment time, Willow. Payment is always welcome, but not necessary here. Just promise to avoid getting shot at in the future, hey?" The man chuckles.
Willow Caine "Lock and key? Heaven's know, I run the Saloon in town." Willow remarks, grinning at Percy as she shrugs a slender shoulder. She laughs as she pulls her shirt back on and buttons it up. "Well sugar.." She says as she pushes to her feet. "I'll try not to get shot again, and hey..if the bed is lumpy again tonight, you're welcome to come crash at the Ranch. I promise the beds there are softer, and the company is first rate." She winks at him as she fishes some caps out of her pocket. "Here you go."
Percy     "You do?" Percy queries, raising a brow in surprise. "Well, that's an impressive feat of ownership on your part, Willow. I'll be sure to check it out during one of my breaks." Taking the caps without hesitation, Percy pockets them. "Thanks very much for that contribution, Willow. The clinic appreciates it more than I." Lifting a hand to rub his chin, Wallace 'meows' loudly once more to get attention.
    "Willow -- sorry. Can I ask you something? Given I'm new back in town, I've lost bearings of where things were. Do you know where I can get the highest quality food around here in Shantytown? Or would I be better off travelling a bit further into El Dorado proper to get guaranteed good quality produce?"
Willow Caine "Well.." Willow says, her slender fingers linking in front of her as she poses while she thinks. "I know of a place in Shantytown where you can eat well, the food isn't bad and the people who work there aren't gross." She gestures out the door towards the east. "It's called the Caboose." She tilts her head and smiles at Percy. "If you're looking for a decent home cooked meal, I would recommend the Ranch I mentioned for a sleeping spot. We've a decent cook there."
Percy     A slow nod in understanding is given to Willow as she makes her suggestions. Percy actually makes a motion to note these down, scribbling the ideas down on a small notepad that he retrieves from his pocket. "Non-gross people are always nice." He comments with a wry smile, jotting down 'Caboose' and 'Ranch'. "Fantastic. Thank-you very much for the ideas, Willow." He raises the notepad up to salute in appreciation. "I'll be around the Ranch sooner or later. I promise."
Willow Caine Willow chuckles quietly and nods, turning to move towards the exit. "Glad to hear it." She tosses over her shoulder, pushing her hair out of her face. "The ranch is out in rural El Dorado, try not to get lost, sugar."