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Vault Girl Word had reached the expedition members from Mexico that the Brotherhood's Elder in Texas had returned from the reconnaissance mission, mostly because it was hard to miss six Vertibirds fly in along with nearly every Brotherhood Soldier beginning to work double time.

As you arrive in the Command Center, you find an older man with a beard and an eyepatch in desert camouflage powered armor going over battle plans with a group of Paladins.

Paladin Burleson, the same one who had greeted you on arrival saluted Rexus and said, "Elder Bowie is about to let everyone know what they found on the recon mission, I'm sure he'll be happy to hear what you and yours have planned after."
     Krysta was wearing her militia uniform and duster since power armor was probably a bad idea to walk in inside. The woman's weapon was over her shoulder as she was not about to leave it laying around randomly. She watched the gathering quietly, moving toward the front as much as possible. Then she listened and watched closely.
Vera Vera stands off to the side, listening to things. Not so much out respect, but really she doesn't want to get stepped on, or sent one of the many people wandering around in power armor. "You have to wonder, if they have other suits of armor for more formal functions."
Shiloh      Shiloh remembers looking up at the sky to admire the Vertibirds as they flew by, but she was surprised to be told about the meeting. She admitted that she came here from El Dorado, but she didn't really think of herself as an important part of the team or plan yet. When she steps into the room, she looks up at the older man and offers him a polite smile. Her next plan was to find somewhere to stand out of the way to not disturb the others too much. She notes Krysta and Vera's presence and lifts her hand to wave at them sheepishly before she sits down and clasps her hands in her lap.
Rexus Rexus arrives, clipboard and all, with his notes and sketches for plans. He trudges to the center of the room with the other Paladins and now the Elder. Setting his notes down on the big map-table, he listens to the various reports and thoughts and ideas, looking at the map and all the indicated units and movement concepts.
Davidson There's fresh dirt on Davidson's boots as he walks in, the golden plating of his armoured vest tarnished by wasteland dust; just back in from beyond the gates, it seems. "Let's hope it's good news," he says, in entirely unconvincing tones, moving to step along over to the map table as well; setting down a pouch of leather tubes that hold his own maps and craning his neck to see if there's been any updates on the table.
Iris Lark Iris steps in, staying near the door where she can listen but not get in the way. She folds her arms loosely over her chest and glances between those speaking and the door. She offers a wave and a smile in Shiloh's direction.
Matt Matt is behind Iris, his own rifle slung across his back. He thought he would end up being Lonestar's de facto representative, but so many people seem to have shown up for it that he settles his back against the wall. Shiloh and Iris are here, and Matt ruffles Shiloh's hair in an annoying older brother fashion.
Kendar Kendar was already standing off to the side. To him the Brotherhood are just another more extreme version of the Militia back at El Dorado. However, came here to help people he's not about to back fown now. Kendar shakes his head as he starts listening to the Elder.
Ashur Ashur has only recently returned from his battle with the mutant patrols and his furious siege of a nearby church for his cloak; his armor's still dented and absolutely sodden with blood and guts, his white cloak half red, and he reeks of death -- it clings to him like a second skin. Beneath those prodigious steel plates, his own torn flesh knits and clots. With every step, the ground shakes and he drips.
B B enters, carefully skirting around Ashur's trail. She's clean and plans on staying that way at least a little longer. B chooses a place near the back where she can see everything going on, but not be close enough that she's in the way. The brewer glances around and gives a nod to those she knows so she's not interrupting the conversations of those around her.
Devlin     Choosing to dress down, Devlin arrives with much of the El Dorado militia without his power armor and without the massive blade he's taking a liking to. Without his jacket on, an old world flag was seen sewn onto the back of his Vaultsuit rather than a number. Around the man's hips was a holster housing a modified laser pistol, the grip angled slightly to allow the man easy access to the weapon if the meeting went sour.
Vault Girl Elder Bowie moved to the center of the room, stepping up on a slightly raised platform before speaking in a booming voice, "I reckon most of you noticed we came back with half the birds we left with."

There was a certain measure of gravity to every word he spoke, "Most of Southern and Eastern Texas have been over-run. Our Brothers who remained behind enemy lines, have given their lives to buy us time."

"We've got a matter of days at best before the bulk of'em are on top of us. Won't be no reinforcements coming either, word from the East is that the Enclave has been making hard pushes across the continent." He didn't smile, not even a little, his face remaining a stoic sculpture of granite rock.

"If the Citadel falls, the Horde will likely continue to push north and west. It seems like they're startin' to settle the lands they've over-run, they're not just pushing forward, they're conquering." If the mutants pushed west? That meant New Mexico.

"I'm asking for volunteers for a mission to take out a crucial target in the midst of the Horde. We believe it to be something akin to a biological command and control unit. Nobody who goes on that mission will be coming back, suicide." Bowie stated without any hesitation.

A half-dozen Paladins and Knights including Burleson stepped forward and saluted, no hesitation to offer themselves for sacrifice.
Kendar Kendar just shakes his head. It's a fat chance that he could even survive out in the wasteland for 5 minutes, not to mention a suicide mission. Besides, the people here actually look competent at what they're doing. Best let the experts handle this.
Ashur Ashur snorts and lurches forward, smacking his fist to his chest and then raising his hand. "The Whitecloaks go," the Centurion declares, letting the arm fall as he forcibly volunteers himself and his men. "If we die, we die in victory."
Davidson "Yeah, that's just what I thought," Davidson mutters under his breath as he looks over the map, mentally tracing the routes described; a grimace twisting his lips as he comes to the same conclusion as the others. The mutants will be coming for them next if the Citadel falls. "Nothing but good news." As the volunteers are asked for, he glances up--pausing, before looking back to the maps. Suicide missions, not up his aley.
Shiloh      Shiloh is eager to wave over at Iris but peers up at Matt with a smirk when he ruffles her hair. She reaches up to do her best to fix it as she sees fit, but there's no salvaging her makeshift bun until later. "Hey Matt, how've you been?" She asks him quietly in an effort to not draw too much attention in the room, since the Elder was going to be there soon. She frowns over at Ashur at the sight of him, watching him even after he's found a place to settle in for the meeting. She's just about to speak to him when Elder Bowie steps in and she gives him her full attention. Her lips are curved into a quiet, worried frown at the gravity of the news and she starts to twist and wring out her fingers nervously. She watches the Paladins and Knights that step forward, but does not make an effort to move. It sounded like a very dangerous, combat heavy mission and that is no where near her specialty.
Vera Vera has to ponder that, "There settling the lands...I thought they were more of a kill and move on. Thats rather interesting...little ticky tack houses, with a school for the small mutants." She blinks when so many of the suits jump to volunteer to die...
Iris Lark Iris lets her gaze briefly drift towards the ceiling and she shifts, leaning towards Matt to whisper something quietly to him. She gives Shiloh a quick smile and folds her hands behind her back as she continues to observe. She doesn't speak up when volunteers are asked for, she wants to live.
B B is one of those who hesitate. She chews on her lower lip and glances around, watching people step forward here and there. She wants to step forward, but she's less equipped than most of the other volunteers. So, she stays where she is, worrying at her lower lip and reminding herself why she joined this group in the first place.
Rexus Rexus listens quietly to the brief and call for volunteers. He looks at the volunteers, nodding to them but not stepping forward himself. Far too valuable to El Dorado and the militia elements that've been sent here.
     Krysta listened to the Elder's speech. This was quite interesting. The statement about the suicide mission got a raised brow from Krysta. She wasn't crazy enough to go with the men that stepped forward. She was not surprised when Ashur decided he was going, though... She frowned at that, too. Clearly, something about that act of volunteering annoyed her. She looked at one of the Paladins and smirked. "Well if he's going along he'll punch all the nukes you wanna set off happily." And maybe a few they didn't. She was still rather unhappy about being so close to him the LAST time he had done that....
     She cleared her throat and tilted her head faintly to peer at Rexus then back to the Elder Bowie. "I respect your men brave enough to sacrifice for the cause, Elder. But what about the rest of us? What can El DOrado, militia, mercenary and civilian do to help?"
Devlin     Shifting his stance slightly, Devlin slips into a more formal stance as the soldiers step forward almost at one. Nodding slightly, there doesnt seem to be shock in the man when Ashur and the Legion step up to die aswell. While some of the Militia spoke up for their own orders Devlin chooses to listen rather than be heard.. especially when he only spoke for himself.
Kaydin     "Dying for my country is all well and good, but I rather stick to things that keeps me from being a centaur's chewtoy." Kaydin says as he looks to Ashur and watches him for a moment. "Something tells me you will need all the guns you can get here." He says calmly watching the various people as they react to this information.
Ashur The Legionnaire doesn't even spare Kaydin a glance. "This is a job for men, Ranger," he remarks. "Let the eunuchs remain. I trust you'll chastely watch my women until I return."
Kaydin     "Not too careful or I may show you women one of the great benefits of joining the NCR." Kaydin says to the legionnaire as he looks to the man and then back to the others. "Besides I dont like claiming women that was willing to love a supermutant." He says as he adjusts the strap on his shoulder.
Shiloh      Shiloh glances between Ashur and Kaydin in concern, rubbing at her arm. She looks up at Ashur and asks him, "Are you certain, Ashur? They say that you won't come back.'re already injured from something. You need to be looked at by a doctor and you need to rest. You can still be strong here you know, make a difference in the um...fight. I mean we were all able to fix that tank...and the walls still need looking after too..."
Vault Girl Elder Bowie seemed surprised by Ashur stepping forward along with the Whitecloaks but even he had heard the reputation of one of the most prominent heroes of El Dorado, "With you there, it is assured this will succeed. When this meeting is over, we'll go over the plan. If the rumors are true, you probably have some wives to say goodbye to before you head out."

He didn't divulge anymore details of the plan, they had more than enough men now, enough to stand a chance at succeeding.

Bowie nodded to Rexus and said, "What are you and your people working on? Burleson tells me you've been putting yourself to use. Let's hear it." This was the chance for everyone to discuss their plans and ideas with each other.

And say their goodbyes to Ashur.
Rexus Rexus spreads his papers out. "We've undertaken some scouting missions and patrols, getting a feel for what is out there." he points to various bits on the map outside the walls. "Here.. here.. and here.... light resistance from the reports I've received. We've also gotten to work shoring up the walls, we've repaired one tank and are fixing to use it as a pillbox atop the wall." he points to the part of the wall where the tank is.

     "One of our soldiers had to quell some sort of uprising in the Citadel... still waiting to hear back but it seems to have been dealt with." he adds. "Furthermore, for battle plans I am considering a hammer and anvil maneuver. Ground forces will hold the walls while mobile units mounted in tanks and other armed vehicles will move out into the terrain, selecting a hide location some distance from the Citadel. Once battle is joined they can swing in from the rear and assault the enemy from behind.. hopefully we can crush them between our two forces... otherwise we are just bottled up here in the Citadel with no room to maneuver."
Vault Girl Bowie saluted Rexus and looked to Krysta in particular, and the others now, "And the rest of you? I'm curious to hear what you've got in mind before I ask anything in particular of you."
Davidson A finger raps against one of the leather map tubes sticking out of the canvas bag that Davidson's been carrying, and he glances up with a slight raise of both brows from a dust-stained visage. "I've been working on mapping out the surrounding area in a bit more detail, spotting good spots for ambushes, places they might try and flank us, natural hazards," he reports, "Working on making copies for the patrols and tactical assessments."
B "I brought some provisions to help with morale .. for when people are -off- duty," comes B's response, casually sliding her hands into the pockets of her work apron tied on over her armour. "And some to be used for medical supplies should they be needed. Though, come to think of it, they could also be used as Molotov cocktails. Hmm. Well, supplies can be split however you think they'd be used best. And I brought my rifle. I'm not the most experienced in a gunfight, but I'm one more for this side."
Ashur The idle banter with the Ranger amuses Ashur, and soothes his nerves somewhat. He isn't a robot, after all; the Legion might teach one to hurl themselves at danger with no regard for their own wellbeing (with the threat of execution for any who refuse), but the self-preservation instinct remains strong.

Still, if this mission is so important, so critical, then it cannot fail. Better he die than his loved ones.

The bull pivots on a heel and looks down at Shiloh. "Mm." A pause, a moment's thought. "Where's the fun in that, little Shiloh?" His voice is quieter now, so as not to interrupt the ongoing talks. The plans aren't especially relevant to him; all his life, when it's come to war, his only directive has been to obey and slaughter. Knowledge is irrelevant to that. "I'll get these wounds stitched before we go -- didn't I tell you I'm immortal?" A snort. "Besides, women love a hero. A little bit of me will live on in hundreds before the night is over."

Let the others plan and discuss and reassure. Ashur has an itch to scratch a couple dozen times.
Kendar "Well..." Kendar starts out uneasilly from the side, "I've managed to convert one of the abandoned buildings down at the lower levels into a Medical Bay. That should helps us incase we have any wounded, which I can assure you, we do."
Devlin     Devlin doesn't offer Kayden a chuckle nor does he seem to nod towards Ashur, staying neutral in the verbal pissing match. What holds his attention was Rexus, as while Devlin didnt follow orders without payment, he wouldn't ignore his current employer's words and stances. When he is addressed, Devlin only bows his head slightly towards Elder Bowie and states, "Recon and Observations Elder. Having only just arrived it is unclear what will be the most effective approach to survive. Resources cannot be squandered, sir."
Vera Vera just listens to everyone start rambling off things, like some kind of job interview. Letting her gaze drift from person to person.
Shiloh      Shiloh looks away from Ashur to look over at Bowie after his question. She lowers her head and shrus her shoulders weakly as she rubs her arm, "I haven't really started any projects myself, but just been doing what I can to help the others. I may try to help with repairing the Walker that we've got in the vehicle bay and just trying to make sure all the vehicles stay in order...I have some scraps of metal too, so maybe some impromptu armor can be added to them.." She looks back up at Ashur and doesn't seem very happy with his answer. "The fun is staying alive...I mean, what about your child with Eden? You can't let them go without a father, can you? They would much prefer having you there in their life than just having stories about matter how long lived they are. But I know I probably...won't be able to stop you."
Iris Lark Iris stands near Vera, doing much of the same. She was here to support and do medical things. She helped Qwillis with some things in the vehicle bay but since she isn't a mechanic she doesn't know enough to report on what was done. She lets out a sigh as she watches people chatter and argue.
     Krysta raised an eyebrow at Rexus then shifted to a neutral expression. The pissing contest between the ex-legion and the revolver-happy ranger was entirely ignored. She listened to everyone giving their lists like good little soldiers even if they weren't actually soldiers. Krysta's answer was simple when Bowie looked at her. "Crowd control, Wall reconstruction, and IEDs, Elder." She had not been idle, but a lengthy report seemed pointless.
Vault Girl "Very Good." Bowie said when he finished listening to the last person speak, having given them some small acknowledgement in turn before he began to speak once more, "Our technicians have had some trouble with the 'Mech' in the Vehicle Bay, if it could be repaired, it might be a great asset. I heard you people have some experience with them. Keeping the peace as best as possible, getting the walls repaired, and insuring the mutants cannot catch us unaware. I don't have enough men to send out into the Wasteland, but if reputation proves true, the Samaritans of El Dorado are experts in such things."

He saluted, "If that's all, I'll need the group of you." He motioned towards the volunteers for the suicide mission, "To report at Oh Six Hundred Hours for briefing and deployment. Godspeed."

He went back to dealing with the duties of command hoping that the people who had come from El Dorado would be able to make the difference.
Rexus Rexus nods to Bowie as the group is dismissed. He remains behind of course, at the map table, taking out his protractor and such to begin measuring and planning. A pile of report papers are tugged across, flipping through them briefly while consulting the map.
     Krysta had spent the day before in this very room making bombs and studying the maps. She was there if Rexus called out to her, but as it stood she was merely observing for the moment. Her violet eyes flicked over Kaydin before a small smirk played across her lips and she looked around the room, curious what people were doing. If nothing more was said she would probably just go wander around the walls.
Davidson Davidson tugs off the cap of one of his map tubes, spreading it across part of the table. A charcoal stick's pulled out, and he leans over to watch the area that Rexus is measuring - referencing back to his own map and adding a few notes and adjustments. "You were right about one thing, Rexus," he comments without looking up, "I'm sure seeing a lot of shit I've never seen before here in Texas..."
Ashur "A father can be more useful as an idea than a man," Ashur remarks to Shiloh, after a quiet moment of contemplation -- and even through the filter of his rebreather, the gravitas of his voice is clear, stripped of the previous machismo. "And more useful as conqueror than conquered. I will bathe in the blood of the Horde; it will not step one damned foot on my home."

His smile is unseen behind that helmet.

"Besides. A pretty oracle I know told me I'll die in a wave of nuclear hellfire, atop a mountain of corpses in New Rome; either she's wrong and I'll haunt her, or I truly am invincible until then. Come. Let's go."

With that, Ashur will stalk out. There's no one here he cares to say goodbye to.
Vera Vera gives one last look at the Suicide Squad, then shakes her head as she turns to walk out of the room.
Kendar As the group is dismissed, Kendar looks towards the others. Complete strangers. Strangers that are obviously more equiped them himself. Kendar would need a lot more then a flimsy revolver to survive out there. Sighing, he walks out of the room.
Kaydin     Kaydin moves to Shiloh and raises a hand to her shoulder. "It is okay. He will be fine." He says to her with a confident tone before moving to find something he can do to be useful.
Matt     "Or he won't. But he'll buy the Citadel some seriously needed time." Matt replies as well, moving forward to pat Shiloh on the back a bit. "We've been bedding down on the wagons, if you want to come visit and check in with us. I know you're busy though."
Iris Lark Iris shakes her head and moves to head back to the medical bay, snagging Matt as she passes him. She nods along with his words as she smiles at Shiloh. "Yeah, we'd be happy for a visit, when you've the time." She checks to make sure she has all of her things and then makes her way out the door.
Rexus Rexus smirks at Davidson, "Indeed. I am sure there will be more to see and do as well. Still a lot of work that needs doing, and not a lot of time to do it. Ideally we'd have six months to get ready, like in El Dorado.. here we have six days... only can do so much."
Matt Matt lets Iris walk in front of him, before reaching out to grab ahold of Iris' hip before dragging her back to plant a kiss upon the back of her head. "Cider now, right?"
B B lingers a few moments more, watching people mill about and make their plans before she, too, heads back out to get back to work by helping in any way she can.
Shiloh      Shiloh still frowns up at Ashur depite his answers to her and she looks over at the couple others who pat her comfortingly. She reaches around her to wrap her arms around herself and nods her head slowly despite the conflicting messages. She smiles weakly at Matt and tells him, "I'll be by soon, promise. It'll be nice to hang out...after that if I can't sleep, might just head over to the vehicle bay and see where their tech's work was left off..." She reaches out to hug Matt and then Iris and she heads for the door. She waves over at Devlin on her way out, but she follows in Ashur's footsteps.
     Krysta watched Matt and Iris, Shiloh and the legion man, B was noted. But her eyes went back to Rexus. she waited quietly as people filtered out of the room, thinning the crowd. She would go talk to the paladins later.... But Rexus? The Lt had stated he was looking for more information and so... She walked up to peer at him, violet eyes boring into his skull... "You wanted to talk to me?" Apparently, she'd dropped her formal mannerisms.
Davidson Davidson breathes out a humorless chuckle. "You're telling me. The walls here, and here..." A motion of the charcoal-stick to indicate parts of the Citadel, "Are basically breached, we're just piling rubble in it for now, we don't have the time to properly reinforce. This is going to be one for the histories-- if there's anyone left to remember that history." As Krysta steps over, he tips his chin up in a nod to her, dropping silent so the two can speak.
Rexus Rexus nods in agreement to Davidson. "If anything, those breaches will draw them in... so we can put our heavier guns there to offset it slightly." he says, eyes shfiting to Krysta, "What's all this about a riot?" he squints.
     "Civilians the Brotherhood brought into the citadel made it known they were going to take supplies and leave. One man was leading them to trouble. The Corporal was there too. I simply informed him that he was welcome to leave but he would not be thieving supplies, he riled them up some more and finally I simply executed him. Then I talked the mob down. There was no riot. I did bury the man respectfully out of the compound, however." She shrugged.
Davidson "Long way to go just to die in Texas," Davidson mutters under his breath, laying a ruler on one of the maps and tilting his head - making two small marks, then moving the ruler back to one of the other maps, making a slight adjustment.
Rexus Rexus nods, "Very well." he says to Krysta, "We don't exactly have time to muck around or cater to everyone's needs. Fit in or fuck off, really." he smirks. He looks over to Davidson, "In your wanderings, see if you can find a spot in the hills or something where we could hide our armored force... if we ever get enough up and going to send them out in numbers to hide out and wait for the chance to flank the mutants."
     Krysta lifted an eyebrow at Davidson, peering at the maps specifically then away, Krysta tilted her head faintly at Rexus. "If there's nothing else? I'll go make more bombs."
Davidson Davidson's chin dips in a bit of a nod, glancing up to Rexus and then back down. The coal stick he's holding taps in an area, "I think I saw some spots up this way that might prove promising for that. Next outing I'll go scout the area and see if it'll be suitable for a bunch of guys in deadly tin cans."
Rexus Rexus nods to Krysta, "Go make bombs." he says, looking to Davidson. "Do that. Need to get as much intelligence as we can... wish we could set some mines out but I don't think there'll be enough time."
     Krysta turned away and walked out of the room then. Off to hunt down more shotgun shells and wire. The militia was not the embodiment of command structure she thought when she'd joined it....
Davidson Davidson slants a look after Krysta as she departs, and then he shakes his head. "Well, if she can make enough IEDs," he admits, "Maybe we could at least use those. I don't have a box of mines hanging around handy, though, unfortunately."
Rexus Rexus chuckles, "Well see what you can do. If anything we'll put some mines out on the roads and paths where we can, at least thin the herd but.. i'll leave that up to you two to work on."
Davidson "The less mutants get here, the better off we'll be," Davidson admits with a mirthless chuckle of his own, "I'll work on what I can."
Rexus Rexus grins, "Aye, and if you run out of explosives... dig some pits an put spikes in them.. rudimentary but one less mutant for us to deal with." he says, "Wish I could give you more manpower but.. we're stretched thin as it is."
Davidson Davidson smirks, glancing up, "I scout better alone anyway. As far as traps, well, not my wheelhouse - but I'll do what I can to help our chances." He rolls up the map he was working on, sliding it back in the tube, "We need all the help we can get."
Rexus Rexus chuckles, "Well pass the word. If you find some good spots pass it on to the engineers so they know where to go. And try not to get hurt, we'll need everyone fully rested and healed up when the attack comes, it'll be a marathon."
Davidson Davidson shrugs the bag back over his shoulder, lifting one hand in a vague attempt at a salute. "Will do, and will do. You watch yourself, too, eh?"
Rexus Rexus grins, "As always." he says, nodding his dismissal to Davidson, no need for saluting or formalities here at the front.