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Iris Lark People bustle too and fro in the medical bay, getting ready for the battle. Bandages are being washed, catgut is being soaked in alcohol, poultices are being made, it's controlled mayhem down here. Iris doesn't look the least bit stressed with all of the bustle, she stands close to Matt, a bottle of cider near her right elbow. "I just have a few more minutes of work and then we can go find a nice quiet place to sit, alright?" She says, smiling up at his face. "I'll have to find Harmon at some point and see if he has any supplies to add to the pile." She purses her lips and mutters quietly. "When the injured start rolling in, we'll need to gather some bedrolls."
Matt "I mean sure...Wait. Is this intensines? Is *that* what you sew me up with?" Matt is having his world rocked for the moment, shaking his head in a bit of disgust. "Of course...looks like I'll be sleeping on the wagon bed without a bedroll again. The life chooses me, I don't choose the life, my love."
Kaydin     Kaydin limps into the medical bay, removing his helmet to reveal his face as he winces. "Think I hurt myself good this time, doc." He says as he limps over to Iris. "My favorite doctor, how are you doing here?" Kaydin asks the woman as he smiles at her, holding his helmet in one arm, watching her.
Iris Lark "You said that every time you came to the Clinic in Shantytown too." Iris remarks, grinnng at Kaydin as he limped into the area towards her. "Find a place to sit and I'll take a look at you, while you tell me exactly what it is that you did." Her cheeks go pink at the favorite bit, but she doesn't comment on that as she gathers her supplies. "Have you met Matt Ward yet, Kaydin?" She asks, stowing some salve in her rucksack before she turns to eye the ranger.
Matt "She's everyones favorite doctor. We have not met...Been too busy to roam about Shantytown too often." Matt adjusts the rifle behind his back a bit before offering a hand towards Kaydin. "I'm Matthew Ward. I'm a Caravan Leader out of Lone Star."
Kendar Kendar was already in the Medical Bay when Kaydin arrived. He was off to the side, simply observing the entire ordeal.
Kaydin     "Fraid I havent met him." Kaydin says as he moves to shake the man's hand and nods. "Kaydin LeGraize, NCR ranger." He says as he watches the man and then looks to Iris. "So I been thinking about asking you out to dinner, whenever you are free from playing cats cradle with people's innards." He says to Iris as he watches her.
Iris Lark Iris blinks at Kaydin, and takes a moment to glance around the semi-croweded medical bay when he speaks up. She chuffs a soft breath out and moves towards him, pushing him by his shoulders so she can look at his wounds. She starts to treat the wounds on his right arm and leg, catching sight of Kendar in the corner. She nods to him before she leans in to answer Kaydin. "It's very flattering for you to ask me, truly, but the reason I wanted you to meet Mister Ward, here, is because he and I are courting. So I won't be able to accept your invitation." A brief smile curves her lips up, as she starts to clean and dress his wounds. "I'm flattered that you thought to ask me though."
Matt Matt looks between the two of them as Kaydin starts doing the romantic overtures and is unable to decide whether or not to step in. He decides quickly enough, stepping back once or twice before finding something to entertain himself with across the room while Iris treats the gentleman.
Kaydin     "My apologies." Kaydin says to Matt and Iris and he nods. He then watches her patch up his arm. "If there is anything I can do to help the two of you out, just let me know." He says as he looks to Matt and watches him curiously.
Kendar Kendar observed Iris' handywork, at first being suprised at the practiced speed Iris was displaying. It was almost like she knew exactly what needed to be done by just a small glance. Needless to say, Kendar wished he could one day reach that kind of skill.
Iris Lark Iris takes a moment to squeeze one of Kaydin's hands before she finishes with the bandaging on his leg. "You're a dear, Kaydin. Always have been." She follow's Kaydin's glance and smiles when Matt comes into view. "He's a really nice fellow, and we'll keep your offer of aid in mind. Okay?" She moves to clean her hands in water and alcohol before she walks over to Kendar, wiping her hands on her jeans as she walks. "I heard you were able to get this place cleared out, it's a great job, will help a lot. Especially when battle heats up." She holds out a slender hand and smiles. "Iris Lark, medic for Lone Star."
Matt Matt knows about how long it takes Iris to work a wound, and comes back in time for the finishing touches, but Iris meanders off to go chat up Kendar. "I came into El months ago? Five months? My caravan got wiped up by raiders and I wandered into Iris' back yard. Then got involved with Lone Star." He nods his head to Kaydin. "I think surviving this is the bare minimum that anyone needs right now."
Kendar "Ah, it was no trouble." Kendar responded, completely oblivious to Iris' raised hand. "The place was just a few small steps away from becoming a full blown Medical Bay." He said with a small smile. "Plus it's seems you'll hopefully make the most out of it. Ah, and before I forget. My names Kendar Samuels. I guess you could call me a Doctor of the People."
Kaydin     "I will do what I can. Aiming to be the best gunslinger the wasteland ever could produce." Kaydin says as he looks to Matt. He then looks to Kendar and waves. "How are you doing?" He asks curiously as he remembers seeing him out with cassandra and Eden.
Iris Lark Iris lowers her hand, her face flushed with embarassment as she nods along to Krendar's words. She folds her arms loosely over her chest and offers a smile in return. "We have two medics with us, the other one is checking on the battlements." She gestures idly towards the upper floors. "If I can can do anything to help here, please let me know." She takes a few steps back, clearing her throat as she moves. She goes back to the prep work she was working on when Kaydin first walkd in. She starts to pull chems from her rucksack, setting them aside.
Kendar "Still a tad bit battered up from that trip with Eden and the others." Kendar said, looking over to Kaydin. "But nothing a good night's rest won't fix." He stated with a smile. "However, I must enquire, do Wastelanders do that sort of thing often?"
Matt "I think we're going to be setting up some sort of gunnery positions in the near future. Lone Star that is." Matt announces to Iris, since shes been stuck up in the infirmary or housecalling since they arrived. "I think the mechanics have been doing tank stuff. I have just been administrating whatever you call tell people where boxes go."
Devlin     Moving a hand to the side of his neck, Devlin begins to walk into the medical facility, his eyes glancing around at those gathered around, unsure who might be the medical officers. Upon seeing Iris among those treating people, relief appears to wash over the man briefly, "Good, at least there's one good doctor here." Walking further into the chamber, Devlin moves a hand to his chin, he unstraps his helmet and removes it, soon attaching it to his hip as he moved. "Iris!" is said with a raised tone, though he couldn't wave due to his hands being busy.
Iris Lark Iris jumps at the raised tone and she turns to see Devlin striding into the Medical Bay. "Uhm, hello." She says, shooting the man a warm smile. "I thought I saw you down here, but I wasn't completely sure." She turns to lean against the counter, crossing her legs at the ankle. "What can I help you with this evening?"
Matt Matt'll plop himself on the counter itself, proper like. He isn't too much help in this environment and was really just waiting for Iris to finish up. "Oh. Hey, its the merc-man himself. You involved in the recentish actions?"
Kaydin     "Hey!" Kaydin says to Devlin and looks to the man as he comes into the place. He moves to a bed since Iris was done with him and moves to rest. "So Whats the plan now. Hole up in the bunker and pray that the brotherhood can keep us safe?" He asks curiously.
Devlin     Moving a hand over to his chest, Devlin lightly pats close to his heart. "I got your letter before, though.. the prices are a touch harsh don't you think for such a care packages? I think I could do without the 'C', but the other two packages need to find another home." Lowering his hand, he bring it to rest onto his hip, but then the man uses his left hand to rest lightly over his stomach to admit, "I could use a few fresh bandages, though that's not here or there really.."

    Turning his gaze from Iris and towards Matt, Devlin nods slightly twice but then a faint smirk appears on his lips. "Evening merchant-prince, I've been keeping myself busy, though I don't want to talk too deeply into the details just yet." It wouldn't be long before his eyes cut to the side when someone shouts, causing him to focus onto Kaydin. "Who said I look towards these 'soldiers' to protect me? As you just heard, I'm a mercenary. I am paid to kill often, I am being paid to be here. I'm being paid to keep them safe," The smirk on the man's lips grows a touch wider as he looks away, making his way to Iris but continues to say, somewhat firmly, "Simple."
Iris Lark Iris eyes Devlin as he tries to wheedle a bit and she shrugs, her face impassive. "Now Devlin, I know I've been generous in the past, but I can't continue to give it away, can I?" She asks, one eyebrow quirked slightly. She turns and starts to put things back into her rucksack as she gestures to the door. "Let's discuss this outside, the last thing I need is any competition in here trying to undercut my prices." She blows Matt a kiss as she moves through the medical bay, towards the entrance. As she passes Devlin she might be heard to be muttering quietly. "Simple my ass."
Devlin     With his smirk now focused onto Iris, Devlin nods towards her as she mentions stepping outside. Taking a step back, he motions for her to go before him saying, "Ladies first and couriers last, always need to make sure a package doesn't fall by mistake after all." Though when Iris moves past him and mutters, the grin on Devlin's lips twists as he tries to keep himself from laughing, though he does so just barely. "Now now, it's simple for me. Does that count for anything?" is asked as he followed behind the surgeon.