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Owner Pose
     Krysta was sitting with her back to a wall working on... well it looked like a pipe of some kind. There were shells and little bags of various things around her and wires. She looked annoyed at something as she sat there working. She'd already created a few IEDs... But she needed more....
Shiloh      Shiloh would have been called up eventually, and after spending some time searching for Krysta, she would eventually find her workspace. She stays quiet at first, not trying to distract Krysta from her work right away. Her body leans off to the side to look around the other woman and she examines the pipes closely, before looking over the shells, the bags, and the wires. She steps forward and reaches out to hesitantly peek inside one of the bags to see what she was working with, "H-Hello." She greets Krysta, "I remember...working with you before I think. You were there when Kyne brought us out to try to get the parts for those motorcycles the Militia needed.." A weak grin tugs at her lips, "I remember that the main problem was they just didn't keep the engines clean enough.."
     Krysta did not look up, but she did speak. "Watch it. That's gun powder. I need every bit of it." She wasn't scolding, really, just warning. gun powder, cotton, wires, a jar of something that looked suspiciously like cow shit... She finally finished what she was doing and then looked up. "Aye. I remember you and Einstein were looking for parts." And Krysta had confronted a gunner in the meantime.
     "So. I hear you're good at rigging things. I can make this stuff explode but I'd like to get my hands on something with a bit more punch. Got any ideas?"
Shiloh      Shiloh nods her head at Krysta and is very careful about not making the bag unlevel so that nothing spills after the inspection. She looks around and manages a soft laugh in the form of a giggle after the nickname, "Einstein...well, Q is pretty smart. Definitely more of a scientist than me.." She listens to Krysta carefully and nods her head ather, "I'm decent yes, though, explosives are certainly not my specialty..." Her brow knits in an effort to think and she reaches down to her musket to fidget with the strap until she finds where she keeps her usual battery packs. "I...have these MFC's and SEC's. The MFC's are usually for my musket, and the SEC's are for this laser pistol that I have...would either of those help?"
     Krysta looked up interestedly at the mention of SECs and MFCs. "Actually yea. Especially if we can rig them to explode under pressure." She set the pipe bomb aside and tied off the bag of powder before she shifted and motioned for Shiloh to sit down. She then started pulling out mine shells she'd collected. Duds or stripped, she could use the shells. "Hell, even if you can make me the blasting caps. the cells could.." And she was mumbling something about fusion and cells and feedback, ending with a comment about 'big ass boom'.
Shiloh      Shiloh claims the seat that Krysta offers her and starts to set out ten SEC's that can be worked with. She listens to Krysta's murmering and ideas as they drift and come together into something she doesn't yet understand. She smiles gently and inclines her head, "I can try to do that. May just have to describe the size and shape you may need them to be and I can see what I can do with the materials that we have." She looks around the materials again and decides, "We do have quite a lot to work with right now."
     Krysta nodded and looked at the SECs. She handed Shiloh some caps and then picked a cell up. "Not bad. I can use these. Here, take a look at this." She handed over what looked like a 9mm shell casing but it had wires and such in it. "Blasting cap. Can you make some more of those for me while I screw with the cells?"
Shiloh      Shiloh gingerly takes the casing that Krysta offers to her and she turns it over to inspect it more closely without damaging it. She nods her head up at Krysta and offers her a soft smile, "Sure, I can try to." She looks down and reaches into her tool belt, picking out a pair of tweezers and then setting out a small bottle of adhesive. She leans over and sets down the completed cap so that she can pick out another casing and the wires that she needs. She's focused in her work, her eyes narrowed in concentration while she uses her tweezers for some of the more delicate aspects of the work. "Sure thing. How many do you want? One for each of them?"
     "That would be great." She nodded and turned the cells over, looking at each side. She found the gauge and connectors and smirked faintly, getting to work herself. The two might not both be scientists, but they might fall into the same zone as they worked on their chosen items. As for the caps, well it would be a simple job of copying what Krysta had done and it was quite easy in the end.
Shiloh      Shiloh's tongue pokes out of the corner of her mouth absently while she works, and by the time she finishes one, she sets it aside and starts work on another one. She glances over at Krysta sometimes to peek and watch her work. It was an interesting process afterall, nothing that she's seen personally before. If she might be able to learn a thing or two, then all the better. Still, Shiloh can understand how important silence can be for projects like these, so she's silent in her work for the time being. In the silence, she works effeciently and soon there are ten shell casings that have been repurposed to be blasting caps. "There, did my best to copy what you were looking for.."
     Krysta Shiloh would continue working for some time, creating the components needed for the mines Krysta had in mind. Krysta would put them together later.