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Sanbella Sanbella lookds at the B then at Derk before laughing at their banter loudly while trying to ignore the pain, hoping good company and the alcohool are enough to distract her mind from her the unpleasent feeling "Thanks, you two... I wooould love some meat, Hahah... ah... I did not had time to rest since I arrived. I collected some... stuff from my last evening jog, I'm sure it can pay for the treatment." The ex-ranger is already sobering somewhat from the pain so she would take another sip, this time slowly to not affect her state too much. "You two been together for how long?" Sanbella asks bluntly, enjoying the company.
B B busies herself with cutting off a piece of the mystery meat and plating it for her guest. Sanbella gets the first serving and Derk gets the most innocent look she can muster. What? says a silently arched eyebrow. "Well, you're safe here." For now. "We've got lots of spare beds for all the refugees. I guess you're sort of like one." The next slice goes to Derk along with that innocent smile. The last one is hers, which she takes with her to sit next to Sanbella in nice slow, careful movements. It's not like he can see her shins all banged up under all her armour anyway. She's in the clear.
Derk Derk sets his plate beside his kit as he's busy cleaning out Sanbella's wounds and stitching them up right quick. The stitches are good, clean, neat little things that his pinao fingers seem to do well with, like he's done this thousands of times. It's efficient and in no time at all, he's done. "Well there you go, try not to bathe in mirelurk excrement for the next day or so, and it'll be fine," he adds, a final strip of guaze is wrapped around his handiwork before he cleans up and puts his kit to the side so that he can eat. Though once he's got a half a mouthful of that completed he looks to B, "You're next. So don't you go wandering off, m'kay?" he nods seriously, then eats, giving a smile to Sanbella, "Oh, we've been sort of... working together for a while now... haven't we?" he asks B while answering Sanbella.
Sanbella Sanbella turns to Derk, tugging at his rucksack to get attention. "Say, you said something about... Eh-Di? is that a place?" The green-eyed woman offers the jar back to him, slouching lazily on top of the crate supporting her big frame before rising an eyebrow at B about her comment, "Do I look THAT bad?" She'd take a bite from the meat of slice, enjoying the flavor and moaning lowly to herself, her bulk build almost obscuring B. "I mean... I guess I'm looking for somewhere to settle down after all..."
B B's shoulders sort of slump a little. Busted. So much for her master plan. Perking back up, she picks up a jar of her own and sips from it. "ED? Oh El Dorado. That's what he means to say. It's in New Mexico. A bunch of us are from there. Came here to help them defend the citadel. The horde's been driving a lot of the refugees up from Mexico and if we can't stop them, then we'll all be next. And no, you're not as bad off as a refugee. I just meant .. well, it's not important. Mmn? Oh, we've been together for .. well, it's been about a year now. Long enough that he should know that I wouldn't run off on him, and that it's probably just fate that I'm injured again. I always am. Try to do too much, A says. That's my friend back in El Dorado. She's watching my girls while I'm here helping out."
Derk "Aye, what she said, El Dorado-oh-oh." Derk adds, giving B a nod in thanks, but he smiles anyways, "Ain't too bad a place for settling if that's what you're looking for. Lots of things there for someone to do, can always use a fresh set of hands as well. What sort of things be your specialties?" Derk asks, wondering if that's too forward, but then again, he did just patch her arm. He gets back to his /meat/ and after a few more shoveled mouthfuls, he's done, sliding the empty plate back on the cart so that he can lean back on his elbows. "Just fate she's injured again... why didn't you bring your real protection?" he asks, looking at her once more. "Also," Sanbella, whom he's never been introduced yet, "you look just about like everyone else out here... so don't worry about it. You'll be feeling good soon... if'n you're not already."
Sanbella Sanbella Scratches her head while muttering to herself, "A says... asays?" She squint her eyes and stares at Derek, then at B for a few seconds. "Are you all named after letters? What kind of parent does that..." The now patched up Ranger gives the meat on her plate another bite, trying to keep her bandaged arm immobile as possible for now. "And about me looking like a refugee, that's okay. I left my home after the battle for the dam, I could not endure NCR or its ridiculous politics. I'm just kinda... drifting now. My specialties used to be protecting the people of Nevada like my mother and grandmother." The Ex-Ranger finishes her dinner, setting the plate down and sitting on the ground, her back against the crate. "So, I'm pretty good shoot, hard to kill too... also, I pointed out the wall was going to fall if we tried to remove the tank without placing something on it's spot."
B B blinks at Sanbella. Colouring a little she shakes her head. "Ah .. no. Not exactly. I was tattooed by the guy who bought me when I was a kid. I was the second slave he bought. A was first. C was after me, and so on. We weren't people to him, so why bother giving us names?" She shrugs and says all that without sounding bitter. It's just a fact. "Oh? The wall? Yeah. You're right. We'd have to put something in its place or the whole thing would come down. Sort of reminds me of the wall around Shanty Town, actually."
Derk "Can build a wall, can shoot, and can take a licking, well that sounds like militia material right there, and we can always use another one of them in El Dorado," Luis replies, giving Sanbella a nod, "Derk, by the way," he adds, holding out a hand. "Just in case all the mono-lettered names are confusing you. Don't let that worry you, though, they're all great people, even if they're a few letters short of a word," he gives B a wink and then reaches out to catch her shoulder with his hand, pulling her closer. "I fix people... and well, mostly B."
Sanbella Sanbella @emit The Red Ranger sighs at hearing B's tale and looks down, "Do you... mind if I ask your old name?" Sidower gives Derk another nod, "Sanbella Sidower, Ex-Desert Ranger. And yeah, this girl is a good person! I could tell that just from sampling her booze, which was wonderful by the way." She puts her hands on her stomach, lazing on the ground and watching the fire.
B B takes another sip from her jar. "You know, no one else has ever asked me that. Well, except C. He was always on about holding on to our old names like they were a link to our old lives. I'll tell you what I told him: it doesn't matter who I was, only who I am. And now I am B." She smiles a little, lopsided smile. "And thank you, both for saying I'm good and that my shine is good. I work at both."
Derk Derk gives them both a nod as they come to a finish with the meal, "Aye, she's a good one, good to keep around, and keep in working order," he explains and with the arm around her shoulder, he draws B in closer, then hoists her up and sits her on the cart's edge. "We ain't leaving till you're in workin' order," he tells B, and then grabs his kit, getting back to work now what he's eaten. Sanbella is welcome to stay obviously, but he's got his work ahead of him, B's clearly been hiding injuries and some of them aren't that pretty.
Sanbella Sanbella gently motions towards the Jar, wanting to quench her thirsty for the strong moonshine. "Just saying the truth, it's all. About your old name, it's okay to not hold on to it... but I'd think you should at least have a new name. After all, is that chapter of your life also behind you now?... Ah, sorry. I barely know you, I should not be trying to tell you how to life your life, as long as you're safe I guess that's okay. Don't you think, Doc Derk?" She smiles at Derk, relaxing further near the fire, watching B get patched and feeling cozy with the company around her. She just feels happy to be in The Citadel even with the possibility the horde might attack it at any time.
B B sighs inwardly and dutifully rolls up her pant legs. Her shins are a mess of yellowed bruises mixed with various lacerations, all hidden under a couple layers of gauze. It won't take Derk long to patch her up, but it's certainly beyond her abilities. "I'm not going anywhere," says she to Derk before nodding to Sanbella. "You're right, I probably could use a new name, but I feel like I should have taken it before now .. like when I started my new life in El Dorado. I just couldn't think of anything at the time, and then it just seemed like it's too late. It's okay though. I've been B for most of my life now. I think I'll stick with it for a little longer." She smiles, and stifles a yawn with the back of her hand. "Okay, maybe I lied. I might be going somewhere, like to bed. It's been a long day. Help yourself to more food and drink, Sidower. And you too, of course, Derk." She gets to her feet and heads towards the tent behind her, raising one brow. See? She's going to a safe place .. but not before she grabs her rifle from where it stood next to the cart. Can't forget that, now can we?
Derk Derk nods to Sanbella, "Aye, it's good that she's safe... though she's got a fighter's heart this one... She'll be fine tomorrow, just you watch. Puts herself through so much, if she were part of the Brotherhood, we'd say keep the name, cause it's a lot easier to put a name like that on all the medical requisitions I'd have to do..." he teases the woman who's being healed under his touch. "Alright, you're good. Now get to bed... I'll be along shortly..." he adds, then notes her grabbing her rifle and the aware may notice that he wears a deep frown at such an action.
Sanbella Sanbella Chuckles, getting up to her feet too and cleaning her clothes, still trying to not move her arm "I'm going too, this was a long day for this wanderer... thanks for the help Doc, catch me later and I will buy you some smokes or drinks." She pats the Derk in the shoulder, walking the opposite direction and towards The Citadel proper, eyeing the top of it with a smile.