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Shiloh      It was late in the night in Texas, and really the only people out tonight are the few dedicated members that are assigned to the night repairs and the patrols. Shiloh is not necessarily one of those people, but she was having a hard time sleeping. It was really hard for her being far away from home, and she was beginning to feel restless. So, she rolled out of her cot and wandered around the Citadel. She decided that her first stop would be trying to find where Qwillis was at. She hadn't had a chance to bump into him as often as she would like, and she wanted to see if he was as much of a night owl as she was right now. When she does find him, she smiles at him tiredly and greets him warmly, "Hey Q? How've you been? Been hearing that you guys have been hard at work! Wanted to know if you wanted to come down with me to check on that Walker in the bay. I can't really sleep and I need something to do..."
Qwillis     Qwillis, for his part? Was actually not anywhere near where the rest of the people were bedding down. Actually he had a small cot up in the command center that was set up and most of the time he was working on the computers. When Shiloh would find him, he'd stretch a little and chuckles. "Ahh.. yes. I know what the mutants can do. So I'm trying to make sure I can get as much done as I can.." He'd smile and climb to his feet, nodding. "Let's go ahead and go. See if we can't get some progress on it."
Shiloh      "I've only seen a few of them but...they were all pretty terrifying." Shiloh confesses to Qwillis, frowning at the thought while she would lead the way and walk with him to find the Vehicle Bay. "The first time I think was when Ashur got riled up over in Jack's Town and wrecks the place...I mean, I think that counts. When...he got all big like that. I...I wouldn't have been able to tell the difference between him and just any mutant. Then the other time was when Matt invited me out on the trail to New Rome...There were um...Centaurs and super mutants out a lot of acid on me.." She shudders at the thought but lets the thought pass when they step into the bay and can walk under the shadow of the Walker. "Elder Bowie was saying that their techs hit a snag when it came to trying to repair looks like it's structurally sound at least, so I guess we might need to check on its power source maybe? See if it's getting enough power or not?"
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles faintly. "I got mauled by some mutants.. three of em tore me up pretty badly.. I was lucky to survive it really. That was while we were in Mexico too." He'd frown then with a small sigh. "Otherwise.. I've seen them out and about. It's not been enjoyable."
    Q nods at Shiloh's report about the mecha and looks up at it. "Power source. OS, there's a few other mechanical spots to check too."
Shiloh      "I've only heard stories about what the trip out to Mexico was like for people.." Shiloh tells Qwillis, glancing at him with a sympathetic expression. She reaches out to gently pat his shoulder, "I'm glad that you got lucky too. Otherwise I might not have gotten to meet you in person then!" After Qwillis offers his suggestions, she asks him, "Maybe it could be a snag in the joints or the wiring too....I can check the power source to start and if she starts up, you can work on the OS? I have to admit I'm a bit less familiar with systems and stuff. I've played around with them before, nowhere as often as vehicles and stuff..."
Qwillis     Q flashes a grin to Shiloh. "I was messed up.. but I still managed to repair that APC so that we could get home.. In charge of the motor pool and all that.." He'd nod to Shiloh, then starts climbing up the machine, metal hand over hand. "Check the power source. I'll see if diagnostics can't give something. The pip-boy is an amazing tool for it.. We'll hopefully have some in the bunker once we get further in."
Shiloh      "I do...think I remember us talking about that sometime?" Shiloh tells Q in an effort to remember that, "Or maybe I just ended up hearing it somewhere around. I mean it was a pretty big deal afterall! Pretty much saved everyone's skins. Maybe it was Iris that mentioned the story to me..." She considers it while she tries to get a ladder up so that she can climb up and be in reach of its back. She gets gets a screw driver and works on opening up a panel until she can get back inside where the power source is housed behind armored plating. She calls down to Qwillis to ask him, "May you bring me some insulated gloves if they have any around the bay? And a Pip boy is something I've been trying to keep my eye out for actually! Just Private Wayne has taken a bit of a priority for the time being."
Qwillis     Q smiles to Shiloh with a small nod. "Iris prolly.. she's the one that helped me keep alive.." He'd chuckle, then glances around. Hopping down, he'd move over to where he knew some of the tools was at and got those gloves to toss up to Shiloh, before he'd move to a different part of the mecha. "Alright. Hmm.. who is Private Wayne?"
Shiloh      Shiloh catches the rubber gloves tossed to her and pulls them onto her hands in short order. This way, she won't risk getting a good zap if she does have to start it up so close to the source of electricity! She leans forward and starts to work on checking it over for any breaks in the connections or possible erosion that might be keeping it from powering up. A frown crosses over her face at the sight of a potentially exposed wire, but she continues the conversation through her inspection, her words echoed by some of the innards of the Mech, "Private Wayne might be better known as Mr. Gutsy. An old uh military made robot that was kinda like those Mr. Handy models that hang out around rich people's houses. He isn't armed like they usually are, but most of the other parts are there..."
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles over at Shiloh with a nod and continues his work. He'd get into the engine block and finds a spot to hook his pip-boy up to. From there, he'd get to work reviewing the data and then starts typing on his pip-boy. "Hmm.. I see. Well, sounds like him and Leeroy will have a lot in common then. Wait until you meet Nikki Tesla, Shiloh. She's also got a robot that works with her."
Shiloh      "He's...not really ready yet." Shiloh sheepishly admits to Qwillis over her shoulder while she gets some electrical tape from her toolbelt to wrap carefully around the section of wiring she's concerned about. "So I dunno if we'll much in common as you may think. Still, I think I may have met her before? Is she really energetic and uh...loud? I think we met at the wall when we were working on the tank, just didn't...exactly exchange names. That was a pretty rough afternoon for me. Still had an infection from that bullet wound I got defending the bunker and the fever had gotten pretty bad at that point..." She finishes that up and relays down to Qwillis, "It's looking like there isn't a lot of corrosion in here, so that's good, the wiring that I can see is in manageable shape's that diagnostic check looking on the Pip Boy?"
Sanbella Sanbella looks around her, watching Iris and Davidson leaving after giving her and Zaxie a tour. She pats Z's back with a soft and warm smile, "So, what are you doing here? Are you planning in getting that war-machine working again?" She points to the walker with her thumb, seeing the others still working on it and hearing their talk.
Zaxelin "If they let me, sure!" Zaxelin hurries over to the Walker, her boots echoing in the cold night, as she approaches the maintenance crew toiling after-hours. She stops short, and calls up to Qwillis and Shiloh: "Hey! You guys in charge of the big bot?"
Qwillis     Qwillis continues that work on his pipboy, nodding a little at Shiloh's report. "Alright. I can see where there was a partial scramble of the OS. I'm rebuilding it." Yes, the entire OS it seems. But then again.. that's kind of what Q did at times.
    At Zax's calling up to them, Q would lean out of under the hood of that mecha. He'd look at Sanbella and then Zaxelin and shakes his head then calls down. "No. We're not. We are, however, the best bet of getting it going. We're working ont he power system. If you want to help, see if you can find some power source from one of the cars. We may just have to give it a jump."
Shiloh      Shiloh glances at Zaxelin out of the corner of her eyes, managing a weak smile for her. "Oh, it's like...Elder Bowie's I think. His Tech's have gotten it up and standing but they his a snag...just figured we could take a look...." She glances over at Qwillis, "Alright that sounds good just...lemme know if I can help I guess. After I get done here, I'll just get a look at the joints and limbs." She tears some more tape out and works on carefully binding it around more gaps in the wires.
Rexus Rexus had heard there was some clanking and bodging going on in the vehicles bays. Of course, the big plan rests a lot on how well these vehicles run, so the Officer decided to come have a look. He's not poking his nose into anyone's repairing business.. just... getting a feel for how things are progressing. "How are... things going?" he calls to the tech-minded folks from his spot on the ground.
Sanbella Overhearing the smart people talking, Sanbella silently starts looking from vehicle to vehicle, hoping she can distinguish between a working power unit and a broken one since she only fixed guns before. But alas, The Red Ranger does not find anything that looks remotely like it still works and mumbles to herself, feeling defeated.
Zaxelin Zaxelin rushes off, eager to assist in the repairs, as she dives into the nearby cars for parts. She digs around, cherrypicking for less worn components, as she finally pulls out a choice armful of batteries to use.
"Hey! Red Ranger! Come help me out with these batteries quick!" She enlists the help of Sanbella, bringing them parts back to the Walker, and its dedicated team of fixers. "Hey guys, will these juice it? I'm not sure how much you need."
Qwillis     Qwillis nods to Shiloh with a smile. "Well, once it's complete.. ah.. like so.. Ok.. now we have to reboot the computer.." He'd frown and looks it over, unplugging the pipboy. "Hmm.. think you can rig up a cross over to 320 volt from 220 volt Shiloh? There's a bypass we'll need to do here I think.."
    Q would tap a part, then leans out again as Rexus calls up. "Hmm.. most people can't sleep I guess.. Ah.. Commander I believe? Yes. We are doing. The tech team got part of the system running. They hit a snag with power, so Shiloh and I are working to recover it." Metal hand would point out at Zax and San. "Those two are getting power units so we can try to jump start it. Well.. hope we jump start it and not blow the whole bay up. But.. you know. Science and all."
Shiloh      Shiloh looks down at Rexus while she works and tells him, "Going well. Just trying to pick up where Elder Bowie's mechanics left off. It looks like it can stand on its own fairly well, it just might be missing some parts that may need replacing. This power cell needed a bit of patching and Q's fixing the operationg system now...we're probably going to need help though if we want to try to get it moving a step or two to see if it's running properly. And we haven't really looked at the state of the weapons system either, but that's probably going to stay a guess...we can't do any test runs or fire off any guns or rockets around the Citadal..." She looks down at the batteries Sanbella and Zaxelin bring over and nods to Qwillis, "Yeah, sure.." She points down to another rung of the ladder and requests, "Just set it down there." When the other battery she needs is in place, she works on carefully arranging and connecting the wires so that the jump can be attempted.
Sanbella Sanbella
places the batteries where they are needed, smilling at being useful in bringing back old war-machines back to life. She looks at Q and Shiloh while tilting her head to the side, "So, just how powerful you think this walker is? I never seen anything like this before." The Red Ranger takes a step back, staring at the 'Mech' with a grin, wondering what kind of noise it's guns would back. "It seems really powerful... I like it!"
Zaxelin Zaxelin grins from ear-to-ear at the sight of the walker, wondering how much effort it might take to get it functional. "If it's pre-war, and it's in that good a condition, we're talking some unrivalled firepower. No wonder the Brotherhood would want it back online." She giggles to herself, "Anyone would want it for themselves~"
The diminuitive mechanic closes in on the Walker, inspecting it up close, poking around, and getting a proper feel for its design.
Rexus Rexus listens to all the techs have to say, considering. "Think you will be able to get these up and running before the assault? My plan is to send them out on a flanking mission.. into the wastes so they can get behind the Mutants and cause havoc.. but we'll need crew for them.. and for them to actually be able to run and move over some distance with relative speed..."
Qwillis     Qwillis sighs and shakes his head. "I don't know the answer to that." He'd shift and look at the jump Shiloh sets up, then looks at Zax curiously as they'd poke around the walker some. Finally, he'd shrug and smile to Rexus. "We'll do what we can, Commander. That's all I can offer."
    Q motions to Zax then. "Hey.. mind passing up the jump that Shiloh did? Let me get it hooked and we'll try to get this power unit going.. That will go a long way to verifying the rest of the systems."
Shiloh      "Can't really say for certain, but they aren't really something to underestimate. And if I had to guess, it's probably post war. The Enclave had a lot of them when they came into El Dorado and they did some serious damage...they might have the means to just make them as they need them...or maybe they did just find an old out post or warehouse where they could access them. It's hard telling..." Shiloh says, frowning to herself at the mention of the Enclave. She waits for Zaxelin to walk back around from where she's wandered away to and passes over the end of the jump that Qwillis is asking her for. "There, things look like they'll be good on my end. The differences in voltages -shouldn't- matter too much, but like Q said, we'll have to see. Whenever it's ready on his end just give me a three second count so I can get down from here. The insulated gloves might not be enough protection." She nods over at Rexus, "Going to try what Q says and we'll see. We've still got time to try at least."
Zaxelin Zaxelin reaches for the jump, pausing as Shiloh wanders about herself. "Post-War or Pre-War, we'll still talking about a giant robot tank thing." Grabbing the Jump properly, and climbing the (presumed) scaffolding of the scene, she passes the cabling up to Qwillis for the test. "Is there a minimum safe distance? I'd rather not smell like bacon for a month."
Rexus Rexus gives a nod as he listens to Qwillis, "Well, do what you can. If anything we can use them to plug any gaps in the wall if the vehicles aren't able to move long distance." he says. The chatter amongst the other techies goes way above his skillset though, and not one to distract them... heads off back towards the command center to leave them all in peace.
Sanbella      Sanbella takes a step back, watching the tech-savvy people mess around with the tank and prepared to call for a medic if the voltage was too high for Zax to handle. "Well, let's hope we can get this working and actually moving, I'm still sad we could not fully repair the Eastern Wall tank." The Red Ranger watched with excitement at the walker being worked on.
Qwillis     Q takes the jumpers from Zax, nods and moves back to that spot he had been working at. The hood opened, he'd work inside for a few moments. "Alright.. there." Leaning back, he'd keep hold with just that metal arm, his metal leg braced against the machine. "Alright, Shiloh. I'm clear. Try it. Oh.. everyone else? Get down. Just in case I was wrong on the voltage and it blows up please.."
Sanbella Sanbella grabs Zax and walks away from the walker, hiding behind a nearby car and giving the thumbs up at Q. "Go ahead! I think we both are safe!"
Shiloh      "Uh, sure. Yeah, alright." Shiloh tells Qwillis, nodding her head and waiting to give everyone else the opportunity to duck down. "Alright, calling it in" That's when she triggers the jump cable and creates a shower of sparks and light near the points the batteries are hooked together She keeps her head turned to avoid looking at the light directly and makes sure that the sparks don't end up catching on her clothes. That could lead to a fire that she just wasn't able to put out right now! After it's passed, she would look to Qwillis and let him see how the Pip Boy says it responded from their efforts.