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Kendar "There we go." Kendar said, as he delivered the last of the medical supplies. Looking around his handy work, he can't feel but just a tad bit proud. This Medbay was technically his idea, he was the one that executed it and well from what he saw, it's been a big help. Goes to show what a complete stranger can do. Not getting distracted by his thoughts, Kendar began storing the supplies in their rightful places.
Shiloh      When Kendar starts to work on straightening things up, Shiloh peeks through the doorway to check and see if anyone is in. When she notices Kendar there, she hesitates but gently taps her knuckles against the frame so she doesn't risk surprising the man. "Hello.." She greets quietly, stepping through to stand there with a nervous posture. "Hey. You were there at the meeting, right? Where Elder Bowie stopped by?" She looks closely at Kendar, trying to remember if she knew him from anywhere else before. She was pretty sure that he wasn't among the people trying to help with repairing the tank. Either way, it wasn't too important, so Shiloh moves on to the next polite step. "So my name's Shiloh, it's nice to meet you. Just here to get this old hole in my chest checked up. Iris helped sew it up earlier and cleaned it up some, but I think it's oozed and the bandaging could use replacing..."
Kendar Kendar looks towards Shiloh, trying to remember if he ever saw her. "Ah, yeah, I remember you." He nodded, with a small smile. "The name's Kendar, guess I'll be your doc for today." He pointed to a small operating table. "Please do take a seat, I'll be with you shortly, just have to put away some things." He said, looking at the still unsorted medical supplies.
Shiloh      Shiloh glances at the operating table warily, but puts that feeling aside to make her way over to sit down on the table. "Sure thing. I remember trying to bring by some of the triage supplies that Iris had set up over in the vehicle bay. I know they were so happy to hear that they would be having their own space to work's probably nice to not have to smell all that metal, gasoline, and oil while you're working..." Her fingers gently rub the edges of the table there.
Kendar Kendar smirks. "Well I wouldn't know. Just noticed that the place had no Medbays and I decided to do something about it." He said putting away the last of the supplies. "Speaking of Iris, my God, she is a medical wizard. Don't think I've ever seen anyone so skillful. You guys are very lucky she's around." He noted, as he grabbed some fresh bandages and walked over to the operating table. "Now then you said the wound is oozing? Might I have a look?"
Shiloh      Shiloh grins at Kendar and giggles before she agrees, "We really are...sometimes she must get a bit frustrated with me. Tend to uh...put off the medical visits longer than I should, not really wanting to bother her or the other doctors. The first time it was when these centaurs spit up a lot of acid on me, and I was already dealing with a bite wound on my arm from a ghoul...Iris was there too, and she looked like she got hurt, so I was afraid she already had a lot to deal with.." When Kendar asks to see the wound, she unzips the front of her Mechanics jumpsuit and pulls it aside to reveal her bandaging secured around her shoulder and up under her arm to remain secured on the upper left part of her chest. Its stained with some dark red from dried blood and dull brown-yellow stains from crusted puss. It looks like that shifting the cloth of her clothes over the bandage brings her some pain from the fleeting wince that scrunches her eye up, but she tries to continue her conversation to distract herself. "This was from a bullet...I didn't see her so long ago, and the doctor on the scene couldn't do much. So I just went home and got my brother to pry the bullet out and hoped itd close up on its own. But it hadn't...guess it needed those stitches. And she cleaned it well too."
Kendar "Put off your medical visits?" Kendar said with a grin. "Yeah I know your type. I also happen to understand why you do that, I sort of was in the same situation as you." He gave the bandage a look over, trying to be mindful of moving it since it caused a bit of pain for Shiloh. Noticing the dried blood and the brown-yellow stains. "Oh this simply won't do. The oozing is completely natural, so you shouldn't worry about that." He stated. "Right a quick bandage change and it should be all good to go." He said as he got to work on removing the bandage, still being mindful about moving it too much.
Shiloh      "I don't mean to worry them or anything. I just know that times are hard and supplies can run real low sometimes. This time it was put off for more than a month.." Shiloh says, breathing out a sigh while she glances down at the bandage. "I kept hoping it'd just get better. I've seen my great grandpa John walk it off after pulling a bullet out of a wound all by himself. Like it was nothing. Not sure why I can't. I came here to help, but then I started to feel Sick feeling? I kept sweating and people were saying I looked pale. It's still kind of the same, but feels like I'm kicking it." She presses her lips in a thin line to try to contain her reactions to the pain while the bandage was clipped and unwound. When it's revealed, some clear but yellow-tinged fluid does seem to be building up and seeping from the wound. "Sometimes before Iris cleaned it, when I squeezed it, all this gunk would come out and it'd be real gross but kinda...satisfying I guess? In a real weird way. Like you just know you're getting all the bad stuff out of your system doing that..."
Kendar "Well, first I'm going to need to clean out the wound, so that might sting just a bit." Kendar said eyeing the wound. "You should have your wounds checked out as soon as possible, you're no good to us while you have a fever running." He said, taking out some gauze and a bit of antibiotic ointment. "Currently, your body is actively fighting the infection now, give it some time and you'll be feeling good as new." Kendar started to clean the chest wound, being gentle, yet making sure the entire area is clean. "Ah, and before I forget, chances are the wound will start oozing again, so you'll need to replace the bandage again tomorrow. So do be sure to not skip your checkup next time, alright?" He asked with a small grin.
Shiloh      Shiloh hisses but nods her head in understanding, "I remember it stinging a bit when Iris does it too. And squeezing hurt it sometimes." She chuckles nervously and reaches up to draw her hair over her shoulder to give him room to work. She hisses and drums her fingers on the operating table with a forced hum to make it through the cleaning. "I've been uh drinking a lot of water like people said I should. And when I get the chance, try to get a cool cloth on my head too. ..but I'll try not to put it off. Tomorrow I'll try to stop by again, make sure the bandages can get replaced...I might get just a little distracted working on the Walker, I might have to work a couple of late nights on it with Q..."
Kendar "Good." Kendar said as he observed his handy work. Satisfied, he grabbed a fresh bandage and started bandaging up the would again. "Yeah, do try to not squeeze it, the wound should heal on it's own. Doesn't mean you should be bedridden though." He said securing the bandage around her shoulder. "Feel free to keep on working, but don't put any pressure on the wound. As for the infection, keep on doing whatcha doing, but maybe cut a bit on the late night shifts. Your body needs it's well deserved rest to properly heal." He said putting on the finishing touches. "Remember, if it gets any worse, you should see one of the doctors. We should be around... Probably." He says with a shrug. "Well that's about all I can do." Kendar stated, finally pulling away from Shiloh. "Give it some time, the wound along with your fever will heal, but it still needs time. Do try to be patient."
Shiloh      Shiloh lifts up her arm to let Kendar get the bandage back around theway it was. She smiles at him and zips her jumpsuit back up properly after giving him the time to finish up those final touches. "Alright. No more squeezing it and no pressure on it...and keep doing what I'm doing. Only try to get to bed earlier. I think that I can do all of that. She slips down off of the table and sticks her hands in her pockets afterwards. "Thank you a lot for helping out. It feels a lot nicer having a new bandage. Doesn't feel as stiff against my skin and doesn't feel dirty.." She reaches out to offer him a shake of her hand, "I'll work on the patience thing too. It's good meeting you. Just lemme know if you or the medbay need anything around here and I can try to keep my eye out, alright?"
Kendar With a smile, Kendar claps his hand Sholoh's and gives her a firm handshake. "Ah, it's no worries. It's technically what I came to the Citadel to do, so I guess mission accomplished me." Kendar grabs the now dirty gauze, that he used to clean Shiloh's wound with. "Well I'm positive that you've got places to be and things to do, so feel free to go." He said before disposing of the gauze and starts cleaning his hands. "It's been great meeting you, hopefully I won't see you in the Medbay too often." He finishes with a smirk.