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Rexus It is about mid-day in the desert, the sun is shining but it is a bit chilly in the air. Either way, thanks to Davidson's scouting reports, a small valley has been located.. with a road running up the middle. Perfect ambush country! Relatively steep hillsides close in round the windy road that follows an old riverbed. Lots of big boulders and craggy ridges with even a few trees dotted about for cover.

     Rexus has led a small party out to set some surprises for the Mutants that are expected along in a few hours. Leading a small team of mules laden with explosives and other nasty bits, he's taken along a handful of others to go about planting their charges and other bits. The group is in the middle of the canyon, with the Officer having drawn the rough idea of the plan in the road with a stick. "We'll set the charges here... then once everything is set we just hang out along the edge of the canyon and wait for the boom... survey the damage and we can head back.... nice and easy."
Davidson "Let's just hope these mutants aren't that perceptive," Davidson comments, crouched down beside the plan scrawled in the road with the stick, "They usually aren't, but these seem a new breed... hah." He looks down the canyon, rifle held down and unreadied, "No point in being pessimistic about it."
     Krysta followed along in that power armor, ready to shoot the hell out of anything that challenged the group. If Rexus wanted her planting bombs and mines she would have to climb out to work properly, of course. She kept mostly quiet, though, listening and waiting. Keeping an eye on their own flank... If /they/ found this place, it was possible others had too... That was her thinking.
Rexus Rexus smirks, "I doubt it. We're far enough away they wouldn't think of it... and they aren't known to be overly bright. We'll set charges to go off first at the rear... then the front.. box them in a bit... with some surprises in between on timers so... maybe five or ten minutes after the first the second will go off and finish off any stragglers... anti-personnel mines and anything.. with fire.. will work best on mutants." The group go about unloading the mules, setting the mines and other containers of gasoline and oils. "Maybe a napalm mixture of Krysta is up to it.... uphill so it'll roll downhill into them..."
Davidson The rifle's slung back over Davidson's shoulder, the safety snapped into place, and he steps over to unload those packs from the mules -- the containers of gasoline off to one side, the mines gingerly set where they're unlikely to go off by themselves. IEDs are notoriously dangerous to handle, after all. "Sounds like a solid plan," he affirms, "The rear explosion should drive them forward, into any surprises we leave, and then the front boxes them in. And then we just set everything on fire."
     Krysta sighed in her armor and then slipped out of it. This left her in a loose t-shirt and shorts. What skin was exposed showed an impressive level of scars. Some were from battle, some appeared extremely deliberate and others were surgical in nature. The woman slung her rifle and moved over to Davidson, her expression neutral. "Let me deal with those. Have you ever even done this before?"
Rexus Rexus gives a nod to Davidson, "That's the idea. And hopefully this'll slow them all down if they are constantly checking for traps along the way... even if we don't kill any of them.. which is still entirely possible." he says, heading to the roadside to begin digging. "Don't dig in the road, the disturbed earth'll make it too easy to spot, we'll go to the side of the road for these."
Davidson Davidson drops back a step, sweeping one hand towards the explosives invitingly at Krysta's approach. "Have at. I'm no demolitionist, I'm afraid."
     Krysta shook her head. "Just don't want the map guy to blow his hands off." While they dug the holes Krysta would look over the mines. Once a hole was dug she would bring the mine over and carefully set it into the hole, covering it with care. The pressure plates were temperamental after all.
Rexus Rexus continues working at prepping the holes. "Let's um... work.. carefully... so we all don't blow up... we'll do this side then the other... then no one goes near the road till we're ready.... Davidson.. you want to set out some tape or something for a safe path to the hillside?"
Davidson "I'd rather not blow my hands off either," admits Davidson in wry tones, stepping back to let Krysta start to gather the mines as he moves to the side of the canyon; digging out a roll of sticky home-grown tape from his bag, "Can do. Wouldn't do to forget where we can walk on our way out, eh?"
     Krysta looked up at Rexus. "Hey, Lt. You want napalm? I need styrofoam and diesel." She continued working with the mines, only taking breaks to peer around them again when they were still digging. At one point she was sitting there arguing with a mine itself, tinkering with something... She pulled out some tape and wrapped the top of the mine over the explosive charge with BBs she'd stripped from old shotgun shells previously. She was doing this in what appeared to be random configurations throughout the field.
Rexus Rexus nods to Davidson, "Precisely." he murmurs. He mops the sweat from his brow as he goes about digging another hole. "Yeah.. no styrofoam... diesel and water should do... make a burning oil slick or something..." he mutters, "Next time we'll bring better equipment." Oh well, not all is lost. Many hands make quick work and they are getting near the finish.
Davidson "That's the one problem we're running into out here, lack of time and lack of supplies..." The 'safe areas' are taped off, Davidson keeping a careful eye as to where the holes are being dug and making sure the safe path out won't be easily found by the mutants. Of course, they can always sabotage it on the way out too. "And hopefully there won't be a next time."
     "Always going to be a next time." She buried that mine and moved to the next. As for an oil slick... She stood up and looked around at the terrain. She had a few moments anyway. Narrowing her eyes she turned her back to the main hillside and then peered outward... "You bring your maps?" She asked Davidson. "I got an idea but I need them to go over a hill."
Rexus Rexus shakes his head, "Just a hodge podge job.. ain't got to be pretty." he says as he stands, covering over the last of the mines with dirt, hoping the sun'll bake the sand so it'll be less noticeable as freshly-disturbed. "Ok, mines are all set... no one wander around in here unless you want to get a quick vasectomy... or worse."
Davidson "Yeah, I got 'em," Davidson hangs the roll of tape on a hook on his belt, and pulls one of the leather tubes from his hip pouch - tugging off the cap, he unrolls it and steps over to show Krysta, head tilting, "There's the canyon and the hill there, I've made notes about elevation to the side."
     Krysta bent over the map and traced a finger over the base of a smallish hill. "That would be a good place... dig a trench there. Put in oil and diesel.. cover it with brush. When they get to it, light em up. The hill will help disguise the trench too."
Rexus Rexus comes over to survey the plan. "Rather make it run down the road.. there's no guarantee they'll walk up the hillside anyways... and we don't have enough fuel to light up all that area just.. enough to get the road for a hundred meters.. if we're lucky... don't even know if that will work with this dry dirt."
Davidson "They'll have to. After the front and back of the canyon both go off... they're going to try the hillside," is Davidson's opinion, bringing one shoulder up in a shrug, "I'm not the tactician here, though, so whatever you two think, I'll start digging."
     "With dirt like this just spreading oil won't guarantee it'll spread and burn hot enough to kill anything. But mixing oil and diesel and directing them toward the trench like Mapguy says... If we have enough for 100 yards of road there's enough for a trench at the base of a hill." She backed up and shrugged. "But hey, I'm just a private and you're in charge. Your call."
Rexus Rexus shakes his head, "We'll burn the road.. not the hill. If anything this stuff'll eat up the corpses and the gear that's on them.. so they can't re-use it... just get it to blast down the road and that will be fine." he says firmly, motioning the others to lend their shovels to the effort.
Davidson     "You know," Davidson observes dryly after a moment or three of regarding Krysta steadily, brows lifted a bit, "I do have a _name_, Scargirl." If she's giving him a terrible nickname, he'll do it right back! The map's tucked back in its toube, and he steps along over to grab for a shovel - moving to the road to put his back into the digging effort. Mines, he's not familiar with. Digging? Oh yeah.
     Krysta shrugged again and eyed the road. She wanted to tell herself it wasn't her problem if the CO wanted to allocate resources in such a way but it still annoyed her. She frowned, clearly having doubts of some kind (she wasn't a very good liar) but she did not speak about them. Instead, she took several mines and started trying to wire them together.... with the supplies available making oil blast over an entire road was not going to be easy....
     She tried to hide her flinch when Davidson called her Scargirl, but failed. It took a few seconds before she spoke again. It took her that long to focus. "Oh, yea? What's that Mapguy?" She sounded annoyed.. but then smirked up at Davidson, apparently she wasn't annoyed with him. "I'm Krysta Parker."
Rexus Rexus leans into it, getting the holes dug and the barrels of diesel in place. They are roughly uphill and the narrow valley will help channel it a bit but this is more of a finishing touch than a killing blow, to be fair. And far enough away from the other mines so the diesel isn't set off prematurely. "We'll set timers... ain't going to risk a command det on these... and no one's hanging round here to do it manually, you probably won't get out." he mutters, getting the last bits in place, "Make sure to cover your tracks so none of them get nosey if they walk along an see footprints."
Davidson A foot against the shovel's blade drives it into the earth, and then up to throw the dirt--thrust, repeat, a repetitive motion that Davidson's clearly used to. "Davidson Harris," he offers with a sidelong look, a smirk of his own, back to Krysta. "Good to meet you, Parker."

Once the trench was dug, he glances around, "Alright. We can scatter the dirt over the footprints as we back out, down the safe path, and remember to rip up the tape as we go. No sense in giving ourselves away."
     Krysta nodded to Davidson's offer of a name and continued wiring the mines together before attaching the timing device assuming Rexus brought one. That was her job. She set the blast. Rexus clearly wanted this done a certain way and he was in charge. She had to remind herself once again that this was on his head not hers.
Rexus Rexus gets everything settled. "Right, let's get this done." he says, doing a once over of all the preparations, shooing the last folk up the hill. "Last man grab the tape... and brush your tracks away." he says as he heads up the hill with the others, "Get cozy... they'll be here soon." he says as he sits down behind a rock well below the crest of the hill. "Only one person peeks for now.... ain't no use silhouetting ourselves."
Davidson     Covering tracks? Davidson's got it; taking up the rear after the mules and the other two are up, stripping the tape off, covering tracks and making sure the dirt looks natural and undisturbed. Slow going, perhaps, but it's important they not be discovered. Then he's settling down on the other side, using a broken-out brick as a spot to watch through, rifle resting across his body.
     Krysta put that armor back on when Rexus seemed to indicate they were staying here... This was to protect herself physically and keep people from seeing her face. She wasn't exactly following the logic here... According to the Elder, they still had a few days before the horde arrived.
Rexus      Well, reality is that most ambushes don't catch anything. The luck seems to be with this group though. It's only a few hours till the faint sounds of a mutant column can be heard trudging up the road. They are in a loose marching order.. not terribly organized, more focused on getting to where they are going than to watching their surroundings. It takes them another hour or so to plod into the kill-zone, ambling along as if nothing was the matter.
     That is, until one of the mutants stepped on the first mine. There was no delay..... no audible 'click' and then a pause as the pressure was released.. that's a myth. These go boom right when stepped on. The explosion echoes through the canyon, sending metal in a 360 degree arc. Either the shockwave or the stampede of mutants fleeing in all directions causes the rest of the mines to detonate in a cacaphony of thuds and whumphs.

     Luckily.. or unluckily for a few, Davidson placed his mines.. or dug the holes for them, in a lucky spot. Two Mutant suiciders... Mutants who carry large charges on their back... designed so they can fling themselves against Citadel walls to bring them down.... themselves ignite.... a mini hiroshima-like plume fills the canyon's void... evaporating all the mutants around them.

     The smoke barely has time to clear before the flaming oil rolls downhill... it doesn't add to the casualties but it does incinerate all that is left... leaving nothing but a charred and broken landscape... and quite a lot of mutant dead.