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Owner Pose
Vuk The Armory is busy, after all, they need to get so many things ready. So many weapons to prep..munitions to bring to readiness. Grenades to prime..and people have to make shells for that damnable tank. Which is why it was all hands on deck with volunteers right? Vuk knows some thing about these things, so of course he's here Help. Help make sure things go awry, which is why he's currently helping assemble Tank Shells. Sort of. Actually he's ensuring those shells aren't going to quite work as planned. Where as the shell shouldn't detonate until it hits some thing? Well? Vuk is doing quite the opposite. Reversing the detonator caps to the base. So when the round is fired, it explodes inside the breach. Goal? Detonate the tank entirely, hopefully to cause a partial collapse of the wall in the area..
Vuk Vuk fortunately, has the knowledge of explosives to do this, and fortunately few people know what vehicular shells should be constructed like...and thus he leaves others to carry on, a nameless helper who spreads his wisdom, let others keep building the shells poorly. They're just following the instructions of some one else! Discord..what ever shall we do..and then he slips in to the assembly line of bodies toiling away on munitions for rifles and the like. It's not hard to screw up these either. A few adjustments in the odd weapon, a bit of a slip here and there when toiling on bullets, and soon the defenders of the Alamo will find their rifles, their sidearms, jamming up, blowing apart their barrels. Worse yet? Quite literally breaking apart when fired into different pieces..
Vuk Vuk is sowing discord with his instructions and help here and there..and he knows others, his Brothers are here, others to help cause ruin, but he needs to begin tinkering with grenades. Rockets, spike and doctor. People begin to fear throwing these things when they pull the pin, hit the stud, and BANG in their own hand. Rockets that fizzle out in the launch tube, or worse? Detonate in them. This is what must happen, discord, mayhem. Spread lies and disinformation in the work shifts, show them purposely how to do it wrong. After all, he wasn't going to lie to the people he was trying to help save, would he? Besides..he was one amoungst thousands here. No one would even remember who taught them how to do it. And thus the Mayhem commences. Fear will spread, as will losses amoungst the Brotherhood and those who take up their weapons...