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Ashur Ashur waltzes into the medbay after the meeting with the Elder of the Brotherhood; his presence is announced with thunderous footsteps, a drip of blood, and the sounds of his breathing filtered through the helmet. Here, he had promised to meet Eden once the meeting was complete -- here now he is, then, removing his helmet and attaching it to his belt, unlatching his armor that the frame might pop open and sliding out of it as the metal creaks.

The rents in his flesh from the conflict with the mutants are clear: there's a deep gash in his side, above the kidney, and there's searing burns on his back from where the acid-spray of the chimeras soaked in through the joints of his armor. The skin bubbles and chars as he finds a table and sits down.
Eden Eden winces as she sees his skin. She has been watching and learning though, and is glad she can at least help. Looking through the shelves she finds 3 bottles and some bandages. The skin has to be the most painful, and should be the easier of the two things, so she starts there. Opening up one she pulled the salve onto her fingers and gently worked it onto the raw charred skin. Acid burns, don't wash... just silvadene if you can find it. She goes through her own notes in her head. She was glad this Med Bay was well stocked. "Am I hurting you? Does that take some of the sting out?" As if he'd ever complain about the pain, but she does want to be sure she's got things right!
Ashur Pain is pain; all creatures, save some unlucky few, feel it. It serves as teacher and protector, telling them where they hurt, what things they need to avoid, when something is wrong. And though Ashur is a mighty man, his nerves are but human, and when they burn, when they are agitated?

Oh, yes, there's pain.

"I feel nothing," he remarks, as her fingers work on the charred flesh. "The burns, I think, killed the feeling there; there's a pressure from your fingers, but otherwise numb. It is the cut on my side that stings -- but not too bad."

He reaches up with his left arm, curls it behind him, and pats Eden on the arm blindly; the hand flails a little higher, gets her shoulder, then her cheek, then at last her head, where he musses her hair.

"Both will heal, though."
Eden After the skin was coated, Eden covered it over loosely, just to keep anything from sticking to it. The with a serious look started to explore the gash. It is deep. Very deep. This, unlike the burn, needs to be cleaned out. Opening up the second bottle she pauses and says "Sorry, this will sting, but I have to wash it out. Lean forward a little." Holding a clean towl beneath the wound she pour the liquid down over it, making sure some settles into the wound itself. patting dry with the towel. She leans back and thinks. Yes. She has to. Sighing she gets up and pulls out what she needs from a drawer. "This is my first time doing this alone. But it's too deep. it needs help to heal." She threads the needle, douses it in the alcohol and lets it dry. Then starts to work. On anyone else this wouldn't matter. With Ashur, all she can think is she never wanted to add to his scars.
Eden Finally done with the stitching, Eden ties off the end. Of course he made no noise at all. He's so used to this, it probably barely tickles! Eden is very glad to be done with that part anyway. Silently, blinking maybe just a little too fast, she open the third item... and coats the area with a different cream. This bandage needs to go on more snugly. Pulling it a little tighter as she ties off, she kisses the bandaged wound. "That should do it Daddy", she finally says. "I suppose telling you to take it easy would be rediculous, right?"
Ashur Ashur clenches his right hand into a fist upon the table; the nails dig into the meat of his palm, knuckles whitening, as the liquid pours upon the wound and bubbles. There are bits of fabric, detritus, and other things to strip out of it, brushed away by Eden's mending hands. All the while, the Legionnaire keeps a smile on his face, head turned as his body leans to the side for her benefit.

"It's quite alright; I am not so delicate, Eden. But thank you -- I need be strong before this mission."

Mission. He hasn't mentioned a mission yet. And once he's all bandaged up and fixing his toga, he sits up and yawns loudly, then draws the little medic to his lap and bites her lip, kissing her deeply. Without care for shame or public decency, his hand rather blatantly cops a feel of her breast. "You be good from now on, Eden; you stay safe, and when you're back in El Dorado, give Celeste my love. Understand?"
Eden Something is wrong. What mission. Every hair stands on end, and Eden asks, trying to keep her voice calm, "What mission?" That sounded like a different goodbye and she does not like it one bit. "Where are you going. What is wrong?"
Ashur The Legionnaire smiles, scritching his fingers through his bride's hair. "There is a creature in the Horde greater than the others; an officer of renown. It is believed that killing this officer will leave the rest of them in disarray, and help break the attack on this fortress. Failure is not an option -- there have been too many losses already, and it endangers us all. It endangers Rome and El Dorado."

Which means it endangers his wives and his children, and endangers Eden, too.

"I have assigned myself and my Whitecloaks to this task. We will bring about victory."
Eden Hes not telling something. or is sugarcoating it. "so hiw far out is this officer? long trip?"
Ashur "I do not know," he replies. "Behind enemy lines; there is no intended escape. We are dropping in with the expectation of death."