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Iris Lark All through the day and most of the early evening, the sound of gunfire, bombs and assault rifles could be heard outside the walls. The battles are pitched, and everyone seems a bit stretched thin at the moment.

The newly discovered medical bay seems to be clean and ready for patients, and while a few are laid up here, they're not horribly wounded. One of the people here is Iris Lark, but she's not a patient, she's a Healer and she's working on minor injuries.

She's speaking quietly to a young man as she stitches up his back, the catgut shiny in the ambient light.
Sanbella Sanbella Walks into the medbay with a smaller woman under her arms, a dumb smile plastered in her face. "Don't worry, little girl. We are going to find someone to patch you up! I heard there was an amazing doctor down here." The Red Ranger was oblivious to the age difference, believing that just because the gearhead was shorter she was younger.
Zaxelin Zaxelin wanders into the clinic with the redheaded amazonian, covered in dust, oil, and a multitude of small cuts and bruises. "I hope so, I've heard rumours about junk cuts getting worse fast..." The short mechanic is unphased by Sanbella's presumptions about age, being unable to accurately estimate by herself.
Iris Lark Iris turns when she sees Zaxelin and Sanbella walk into the Medbay. "Oh good evening folks, how are you all doing." She aims a wide smile at both of them and pushes her hair over her shoulders. "So what is the problem tonight?" She pulls some of the supplies closer and folds her arms over her chest. "Scrapes, bruises, gunshots?"
Sanbella Sanbella nods her head at Iris and flashes her a big and friendly smile "Hello miss, I'm Sanbella Sidower. I found this girl wandering outside the walls, she looked a little lost and looks like she got wounded, could you give her wounds a look if you don't have a more serious case to treat?" She pushes the smaller woman forwards, placing her directly in the front of the good doctor.
Zaxelin Zaxelin stumbles infront of Iris, the push a little too strong for her. "I-I'd appreciate the attention... if you're not busy, like she said." Unsure of the situation, the mechanic's eyes start wandering the room, pausing on the sight of the patient's stitched back.
Iris Lark "i'm not too busy, and I'm happy to help." Iris gestures to a place to sit and she pulls the supplies closer. "It's also nice to meet you both." A beat. "So what happened to her, if you don't mind me asking?"
Sanbella "Actually, I would like to know too, Doc." Sanbella takes walks to the side of the other two woman, hands behind her back as she keeps a smile even at the sound of battle raging outside. "What a girl like you is doing outside? What wounded you?" She tilts her head with curiosity, wondering how someone so young just travelled into this contested land.
Zaxelin Zaxelin rubs her arm, clearly uncomfortable regaling the tale of her injuries. "I, uh, got into a fight. With monsters." her eyes avoid any direct contact, the half-truths clearly visible. "Plus... maybe I hurt myself on some metal, some of it kinda rusty, I guess."
Iris Lark "Maybe you did." Iris agrees, taking a look at the wounds before she starts to clean them, a slight smile curving her lips upward. "Regardless, I'll take care of you now." She glances at Sanbella and shrugs, with her eyebrows slightly raised. "So, where are you from, young miss?" She asks Zaxelin.
Sanbella Sanbella Stays silent for now, just watching the other two talk and paying attention to the conversation.
Zaxelin "Uh, Kansas. It's a nice place, but not a lot happens there nowadays. Are you from Texas, yourself?" Zaxelin settles down on the chair as Iris treats her, feeling the occasional sting of disinfectant.
Sanbella Sanbella asks, "So... sorry to interrupt, but whats your name? I never got it." She would look at the wound, watching the doctor patch it up and wishing she was this good at healing people.
Iris Lark "I was actually born closer to New Vegas, in a Legion camp." Iris responds, and she eyes Zaxelin with wary eyes now. "How is it that you got down to Texas?" She asks, wrapping the wounds with a bandage. She grins at Sanbella, and offers her a quick wink.
Zaxelin "Well, I walked. Not really any other way, is there?" The mechanic relaxes as the hard part passes, before glancing to Sanbella, and responding to her admittedly late question, "Uh, Zaxelin Bailey. What's yours?"
Sanbella Sanbella points to herself "Ah, me? Name's Sidower, I was born in Nevada, my family moved to New Vegas before... The Legion arrived. We were Rangers before NCR arrived and copied our looks." She chuckles dryly, searching for somewhere to sit but decides to just use the floor, watching the other two and trying to learn medical techniques from just watching it, something unlikely.
Iris Lark Iris remains quiet, letting Sanbella ask the questions that she wants to ask. She quietly finishes up her treatment of the younger woman and folds her arms over her chest. "So you walked, were you alone?"
Zaxelin Zaxelin pats her arm, checking the gauze. "Uh... yeah. Well, I hired a merc for a couple days to escort me further south, but he ditched at the first town we arrived at." She grumbles for a few moments, before her attention returns to the good doctor. "Is that bad? I mean, I was probably less obvious to raiders, and various patrols, and hungry monsters..."
Sanbella Sanbella nods her head, "Yeah, that sounds bad. It's a miracle you arrived here with all the mutants outside. Do you... have any means to protect yourself? The wastelands are dangerous and you should rely on yourself instead of drunk goons." She gets up and taps Zaxelin's wounds gently, watching the work of Iris before looking at her with a smile "You're an amazing doctor! Where you learned to be this good?"
Iris Lark Iris blinks at Sanbella and tilts her head before her cheeks go pink. "I've been doing this for a while." She leans in and gazes at Zaxelin. "Well be careful down here in Texas, and consider coming back to El Dorado with us when you're done here, yeah?"
Zaxelin Zaxelin slowly reaches into her toolbox, pulling out a wrench. "This is about all I have to defend myself with. I don't have a gun or anything after that merc left." She smiles awkwardly at iris, heeding her words. "Sounds like a plan. By the way... what's your name, Doc?"
Iris Lark "I'm called Iris Lark." Iris responds, offering Zaxelin a smile as she pats Sanbella on the arm. "I work mainly out of a small settlement back at El Dorado called Avalon. If we all live through this, I will personally hand you a weapon to defend yourself with."
Sanbella Sanbella : smiles and pats Iris back, "So... people been telling me about this El Dorado and that I should tag along... can you tell me more about the place, Iris? I'm uncertain if I should go." The Red Ranger looks a little flustered and has a silly smile that never goes away.
Iris Lark Iris leans on one of the counters and she gazes at both of the women, a smile on her face. "Well, what do you want to know, I'm more than happy to tell you." She says, her eyes on Sanbella. "Why would you be uncertain?" She asks, pushing up to cross her arms over her chest.
Zaxelin Zaxelin sits quietly in the chair, watching Iris and Sanbella's conversation, taking note of the situation from their chatter.
Sanbella Sanbella Sanbella sits in the counter and crosses her leg while scratching her head, looking at the ceiling with sad and tired expression as she talks in a lower tone "I don't know, I been traveling for so long... I kinda expected to find Rangers in this place, instead all I found was the BoS and refugees. So now I don't know where to go anymore... or if I'm of any use... all I know is how to fight and kill, that kinda saddens me..." She looks back at the doctor, her voice happy and loud again. "So, tell me more about this Golden World everyone here talks about! Is it any good?"
Iris Lark "Well you can be useful back in El Dorado, we need all kinds, it's a large settlement and it needs every hand defending it." Iris leans against the counter, resting for a moment. "It's a large city, with lots of different things available in it. Places to live, places to work. People who give a shit." She grins slightly and sighs. "I wasn't going to stay there when I first arrived, I was making every attempt to hide, but stay I did, and I don't regret it."
Zaxelin Zaxelin continues to sit the conversation out, not wanting to spoil the sombre mood, despite having zero idea what's going on.
Sanbella Sanbella ties her hair into a ponytail, thinking about this far away land. It seemed like a healthier place to stay at, a place where she could proprably make a difference. She shoots a smile at Iris, leaning towards her and asking a weird question. "And people... to protect?" The Red Ranger rubs her left arm, looking down at Ranger Armour she stills wears. "... Would I be welcomed? I look like I came from NCR and I know most people don't like The Bear and how they try to conquer everyone..."
Iris Lark "There are people to protect, and yes...there are others you." Iris remarks, a smile on her face. "Though they might not advertise it, some did, and they were left in peace if they showed peace." She moves to settle herself to sit on one of the cots. " kind and people will respond to it."
Zaxelin Zaxelin fidgets on the chair, before injecting herself into the conversation: "So... I don't wanna ruin the mood or anything, but earlier on you said something about 'living through all this'. What exactly are we trying to live through?" She looks around for a reaction, hoping she didn't expose just how fresh she is to Texas' local politics.
Sanbella Sanbella looks at the doctor sitting down and rises her left hand, "Miss, can I ask you something?" She scratches the back of her neck, unsure if she should pry about the past of Iris, "Why you did not want to stay in El Dorado? And what changed your mind to make you stay?"
Iris Lark Iris smiles at Sanbella and shrugs. "I was only passing through, honestly. I was newly liberated from a camp and wanted to get as far away from them as possible." She shrugs and kicks her feet back and forth slowly. "Instead I stayed, and now I'm glad that I did." She gazes at Zaxelin and folds her hands on her lap. "There is a large army outside these walls, and they want to tear them down and kill us." She shrugs a shoulder and sighs. "They might succeed, I dearly hope not."
Sanbella Sanbella nods at Zaxie, "It's an army of mutants. Mexican Mutants, as far as I know they want to just destroy us... but recently it seems they changed their plans. Seems like they want to rule us now, forcing us into slave labor... Ah, and Iris? I think I made my mind... I will go back to this El Dorado place" She leans into the counter smirking. "It might be a nice place to visit, at least. Where can I find you once I'm there? You know... since you have miraculous hands and I know I'm going to get trashed eventually!" The red-haired woman laughs, closing her eyes.
Davidson "Got some... 'scuse me... got some more supplies here," Davidson declares as he makes his way into the clinic with a cardboard box of dubiously scavenged supplies, peering over the top to look around a bit, "Where can I drop 'em off? Just point me at a flat surface..."
Zaxelin Zaxelin squirms, the idea of a large battle happening on the Alamo's doorstep, while she's in it no less, doesn't appeal to her. "I don't suppose there's an alternative, is there? I mean, a wrench isn't exactly a warrio-" Zaxelin looks over at the new face, and quietens down for Iris to properly manage him.
Iris Lark Iris blinks and points towards an uncluttered counter as she gets to her feet. She makes her way over to see what is inside before she blinks at Zaxelin. "Oh, anything works as long as you're ablebodied enough to swing it." She says, offering a wry smile before she turns to gaze up at Davidson. "Thank you for all of this, where did you find it?" She starts to root through it, answering Sanbella as she does. "Once you're in El Dorado, I can be found one of three plaes. My home in Avalon. My store in Acme, or the Clinic in Shantytown. If I'm not in any of those three places, I'm probably too busy to be found."
Sanbella Sanbella gets up and gives Iris a thumbs up. "Noted, thanks for the help, Doctor... ah, I need to go out in a patrol so I hope you don't mind having to treat my wounds. By the way, how much did it cost for Z's treatment?" She reaches into her duster, scrounging up valuables to pay Iris with.
Zaxelin Zaxelin rises to her feet, flattered by Sanbella's offer, "H-hold on, I can pay for myself, surely. Especially since you're likely to get into fights more often, right?"
Iris Lark "No charge to anyone while we're here." Iris says, shaking her head back and forth. "We've got enough on our plates without people having to pay to be treated. We're all fighting for our lives." She smiles and gives the woman a slight salute. "be careful while you patrol, adn come back if you've a need to, both of you."
Davidson "Oh, you know, here and there. It's not much, but..." Davidson sets the box down where he's directed; it's mostly full of scraps of cloth good for bandaging, splints and tourinquets, some rough alcohol for cleaning wounds, and the like. Not exactly top-shelf medical materials, but beggars can't be choosers. As she goes through it, he offers an affable nod to the other two, "Yeah, watch yourself. We're going to need every able-bodied person we've got soon enough."
Sanbella Sanbella grins and pats Iris on her back, "Will do. Good luck with your patients, but from what I've seen they don't need luck with you around." She nods at Iris and at Davidson, "I'm not going too far, but thanks for worrying." She gives David a quick salute and marches out of the medbay, entertained with the prospect of visiting El Dorado.
Zaxelin "Well, I wouldn't feel right just taking supplies, especially since I don't see myself on any battlefield. I... don't suppose there's any machinery I could patch up, is there? It's more my forte." Zaxelin stands more triumphantly with that boast, grinning from ear to ear.
Iris Lark "There are some vehicles and other things that people are attempting to fix." Iris says, grinning over at Zaxelin as she roots through the supplies. "Oh Davidson, these will come in handy, we can sanitize all of it." She beans at him and gets to work. "Zax, I'm gonna introduce you to Qwillis when he wakes up, you two will be like peas in a pod."
Davidson "Oh, yeah, they'll love you down in the vehicle bay," Davidson chuckles under his breath, "If you all can get that Walker up and running, now that'll be impressive. Hell, there's some tanks down there too. Get your tools and get to work, nobody'll complain, let me assure you..." A nod over to Iris, "Glad to hear it. I'll keep an eye out."
Zaxelin Zaxelin eyes light up, 'Vehicle Bay'? 'Walker'? She cashed out her luck when she had bumped into the Redhead Ranger. "You- What? Is that common? Where is it? Is it from up North? How many people took a look at it?" She verbally spams the room with her questions, eager to help out.
Iris Lark "I'm not sure ..about any of that, to be honest." Iris replies and she giggles to see Zaxelin excited. "I bet Q would love the help." She grins at Davidson and pats him on the arm gently. "Thank you so much, really." She turns and tilts her head at Zax. "If you want, I can show you?"
Davidson Davidson can't help but grin at the mechanic's enthusiasm, and he just shakes his head. "Hey, we all do our part," he nods a bit to Iris, then steps back, "You'll have to ask the tech-heads about that one. I just find broken shit, don't fix it myself."
Zaxelin Zaxelin clenches her hands into fists, brought up to her chest in excitement. "Heck yes I want to see! I-I mean, if you want to show me that is."
Iris Lark "I'll happily show you." Iris responds, giggling as she gestures for Zaxelin to follow her. "Davidson? Would you like to come as well? We can watch her crawl over some of the cars, maybe tell us some of the parts in them?" She grins as she says this and tries very hard not to giggle.
Davidson "Sure, why not? I can tag along," Davidson allows--a grin tugging up at the corner of his lips at the reactions of the two women, one hand swept to the door, "After you, ladies..."
Iris Lark Iris giggles as they walk through the citadel and the hammering and shots can still be heard outside of the walls. The red haired healer does her best to ignore that and then suddenly they're in the vehicle bay. "Here we are, like I promised." She folds her arms over her chest and upnods towards the Walker. "See that?"
Zaxelin Zaxelin gawks at the tanks, before her eyes catch on the elaborate pre-war Walker. "Look at that thing! It's amazing! How'd it get here?!" She runs over to get a closer look at it, as close as the bay's staff would let her, in any case.
Davidson Davidson shrugs the rifle he's got slung over his back into a more comfortable position as he follows the others into the bay, watching Zaxelin rush over to stare at the half-repaired Walker. "Who knows where the Brotherhood gets anything," he observes with a shrug of one shoulder; glancing over to Iris, he observes more quietly, "Good to see you in a better mood, too."
Iris Lark Iris smiles at Davidson, and she shifts for a moment on her feet before she respons quietly. "Thank you, once I got back to work, push things away, right?" She speaks up as she walks closer to Zaxelin. "Isn't it something? If we can get that repaired, it will make a huge difference, don't you think?"
Zaxelin Zaxelin
continues to soak in the sight of her new armour-plated best friend, before turning to rejoin the doctors. "The... Brotherhood nabbed this? Is this Brotherhood territory? They won't be against me... interacting... with their stuff, will they?"
Davidson "They'd better not," Davidson replies to Zaxelin in deadpan tones, "They asked us here to come save their bacon, after all." A tip of his head to Iris at her words, then, and a wan smile, understanding her point.
Iris Lark "If you can fix it, I doubt someone will get upset." Iris replies, and she moves back a bit standing next to Davidson. "Thank you again for the supplies, they will certainly come in handy." She murmurs as she watches Zax climb over vehicles. "Well I suppose I should find an out of the way spot to settle down and stay out of the way."
Sanbella Sanbella Returns from patrolling the perimeter outside the walls of the Citadel, she did not look any worse than when she left but she holds a hand to her back. The Red Ranger was on her way to the medbay but stops noticing the Iris and Zaxelin were in here. She approaches them while waving with her other arm, "Hey Doc, Hey little girl. What you two are doing in here?"