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Qwillis     Someone has been screwing with supplies! Tools, weapons, it's all been going bad, blowing up in people's hands and everything. This is obviously not useful and has to be something stopped!

    Taking time away from working on the vehicles, Qwillis would gather those who were willing at that east wall. There? They would work on processing through people's weapons. A small line formed, but the techies were at work to go over what everyone has and check for sabotage. If something is found? it'd be fixed. Too bad there's a lot to go through.
Serena Serena was tagging along behind Qwillis this entire Tim. Why? Because she didn't really know what all she should be doing out here. Only reason she came to help was because Qwillis was going. Sighing softly she would pull her hair back into a low ponytail then looked around. Frowning a bit she would shift that baseball bat on her back before folding her arms. Glancing over at Q she'd give him a soft smile then nodded. "So then....what is it you would like me to do? I'm not sure how to help on this project....."
Iris Lark Iris walks in, looking like she has had a hard nights sleep. Her fingers are in her hair, braiding and pulling it into a bun when she spots the sabotage. She frowns and picks up a few weapons, turning them over as she shakes her head. "This is disgusting." She mutters, more to herself than anyone else, before she drops her rucksack on the floor and takes a seat. "I can repair any energy weapons and a few of the pistols and shotguns." She glances at Qwillis and a slight frown furrows her brows. "Why would people sabotage us, don't they want to live?"
Kendar Kendar had a tough day today. A lot of thinking and he thinks his acid burns from the wasteland are finally catching up. Kendar was in the middle of wandering the Citadel when he heard Qwillis needed some help at the walls. Deciding he had nothing better to do he walked over to them. He caught up with the others and observed the weapons Iris had picked up. "Some of those are really messed up." A frown worked up on his face. "What happened?"
Qwillis     Qwillis just shakes his head. "Politics. Because screw everyone. I don't like this group having this space." Q makes a face, then sighs. Looking to Serena, he'd motion. "Try to get the items organized. What's safe, what's not. We'll have someone work with you too, to make sure the safe is safe. Just in case."
    Q looks over to Iris and nods. "We'll get you set up for doing repairs then. I can do a bit of all of it."
    Looking to Kendar then Qwillis frowns and shakes his head. "Someone has been sabatoging the gear. We're going to fix it. Think you can tell the difference on if something is safe or not? Please help Serena with sorting the items while Iris and I fix them?"
Serena Serena would nod a bit then as she smiled. "On it, boss...." Giving him a funny salute she'd then turn to Iris and actually gave her an honest smile. "Hi there!" Well she seemed to be less....unsettling it seems. Sighing she'd just move her way over to some of the weapons then. Looking up to who was to be her 'assistant', Serena would stare a bit before slowly holding out one of the weapons. "What do you think? Might blow up in your face?"
Iris Lark Iris nods at Qwillis as she settles down to sit, a pistol in hand. She quickly takes it apart, cleaning it as she goes and finds that someone yanked on the housing that holds the bullets, Anyone who tried to fire this would be injured, the bullet exploding in the chamber. "People must not want to live if they're doing this." She offers Serena a pleasant smile before she settles into her work. Opening her rucksack she'll pull out some of the alcohol and water that she uses to clean wounds, and uses it instead to clean the parts she's taking apart. Soon she is lost in her own work, only speaking up very occasionally.
Kendar Kendar nods. "Not the best with guns, but I know a faulty one when I see it." He starts walking over the items Qwillis motioned to. "Also seen the results of a faulty weapon... Not too fun." He says with a frown as he crouches near the box of weapons. "Well lookey here." He said as he noticed Iris pull the bullet out. Kendar moves over to another crate and opens it up, finding similar sabotage attempts that Iris found. "Who's in charge of maintaining these guns?" He asked looking towards Qwillis. "Not only are they jammed, their also fairly dirty."
Qwillis     Q just shakes his head. "There's no one watching the firearms. Someone went into the supplies and did this. That's why we're trying to fix it.. That's all we can do now.." Q would take some of the ones Kendar found were messed up to start processing them. He'd sort pistols Iris' way and let her deal with the energy weapons while he'd work on fixing the assault rifles.
Serena Blinking she would just watch and then popped a squat as she started to sort through them. Staring at them she'd just slowly poke and prod at them, pulling anything out that might be harmful to the weapon...etc. Honestly? She was just seeing what looked less jacked up to put in the 'good' pile. Taking a deep breath she would just lean back on her hands then as she stared up at the sky. "Should we try to find out who's responsible?"
Iris Lark "I will not be partaking in that, no. I would be too tempted to shoot them." Iris responds, pulling part a laser pistol and cleaning the cathode carefully before she repairs it, reattaching it to weapon with practiced ease. She lets out an irritated sigh as a lock of hair falls across her eyes, but continues to work, pulling shotgun onto her lap. She unloads the shells and then begins to carefully dismantle it and clean it. "We need guards though, especially in the vehicle bay, vertibird hangar and anywhere we have fuel or food." She glances back towards Qwillis and quirks a brow. "You should speak to Rexus."
Kendar "Agreed. If that guy is loose is going to be sabotaged?" Kendar asks, taking out another assault rifle and begins inspecting the chamber. "The Vertibird hanger, the medbay." Noting that everything is fine, he closes the chamber, and starts double checking the bottom of the gun. "And if he gets real brave, he might just start destroying key defensive locations, including that big ol' thing." He says pointing towards the M1 Abrams Battle Tank.
Qwillis     Q nods his agreement to Iris. "I'll do so as soon as we're done here. They'll probably strike again and I'd hate to see our work go to waste." Shaking his head, he'd take that next rifle and starts checking it, cleaning and repairing the damage done. That next item was a group of grenades that had been messed with. Q was careful to not let them blow as he'd fix them. "Serena, there's too many people here for us to find them easily. So we do need to follow up with Rexus. That would be his task to stop this person."
Iris Lark "Some of us might have to volunteer to guard things, Kendar is right, there is a lot that needs looking after." Iris replies, and she yawns, looking pained for a moment. "I just want to get home, and then I'll sleep for a fucking week." She mutters, rolling her shoulders to settle the shotgun on her back in a new position. She shakes herself more awake, not wanting to be sleepy while she's working with these materials. She sets aside the shotgun and heaves out a sigh. "Most of this stuff needed cleaned anyway. It's too scary to be so particular, but ..I think I'm losing it, honestly."
Serena Sighing she would just go back to Storting through the items. Nibbling on her bottom lip she'd just finish her pile then slowly stood up. Looking over to Q she would stand then as she then nodded. "Maybe I should just....keep an eye out...." Turning then she would fold her arms turned away then as she started to walk off. "I'll shoot up a flare if it's something I can't deal with...."
Kendar "Iris if you're tired I would say go get some sleep." Kendar says taking out one of the few remaining guns in the crate. "We need everyone at their best." He stated, performing the routine checkup, he's now quite accustomed to. "And that includes the best medic here." With that, he flashed Iris a small smile and he continued checking the rest of the guns out.
Qwillis     Q looks to Serena with a small frown, before nodding a little. "Just.. don't get in trouble. ok?" He'd shrug with a small smile. "I'll come find you soon, Serena."
    Glancing to Iris, Q nods her way. "Like Kendar said, if you are tired? It's probably best to go rest. I'd rather simply do more work and see you rested."
    Q glances to Kendar then, nodding a little and he'd start taking the ones that Kendar was getting to. He'd make sure they were good and fix them if they were not.