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Kendar Being a doctor himself, Kendar could roughly estimate when someone should seek medical attention. However, this time Kendar may have overestimated himself. "Freakin' puke!" Shouts could be heard from one of the back rooms of the medbay. "I swear to God, I am never going out there again." He said, covering his arm with a wet cloth. Course, Kendar though he was all alone and that no one could hear him... Oh how wrong he was.
Iris Lark Iris walks in and hears a yell, pausing with her eyebrows up before she continues on to investigate what the issue is. She peeks into one of the back rooms, sleep still in her eyes, and a smile appears on her face. "Kendar, is everything all right back here or do you need some help?" She blinks and moves forward, reaching out to gently peek under the wet cloth. "What is this?"
Kendar Underneath she could see that Kendar's whole arm was colored an unnatural red. There's no mistaking it, this was an acid burn. "Oh uhhh..." He looked into Iris' eyes in a slightly sheepish fashion. "That's... been made by one of the Centaurs... about a day ago or so."
Iris Lark "I see." Iris remarks, and she gently but firmly leads Kendar to sit down. She pulls a salve from her rucksack and gestures for him to remove the cloth. "This has aloe in it, it will help with the inflammation." She murmurs, smiling at the man as she gets to work. "Before I can put this on though, I have to clean it, and that's going to hurt a little bit." She turns to mix some things, soaking a cloth in the bowl she's pouring things into.
Kendar Kendar not about to attempt disobey another medic sits down where Iris told him to, takes off his cloth and places it on his shoulder. "Truth be told I should gotten checked that out sooner... but a lot of things happened, far too quickly." He said, watching Iris work.
Iris Lark "Well approach me anytime, no matter what. This all comes first." Iris replies, and she smiles at him as she continues to work. A mixture of alcohol water and witch hazel has been seeped and is now being used to clean the burn. It probably doesn't feel all that great. "These acid burns are more important because they can do a lot of damage. I've seen burns to the bone." She grins at him and shrugs. "Looks like you got something on it to stop it on time though." She opens the crock of salve, sniffs it gently before she gathers some on her fingertips.
Kendar Kendar slightly flinches when the alcohol and witch hazel mix touches his burnt skin, but he quickly shakes it off. "Well, water does surprisingly a lot of good things, that includes washing out acid." He said, motioning towards the cloth. "Say, weren't you sleeping? Hope I didn't wake you up." He says, looking over Iris.
Iris Lark "Napping, I haven't had a full nights sleep since we got here, really." Iris responds, as she spreads the salve over the burns now, offering relief with the aloe. "I don't typically sleep much during these campaigns, I'm not militia enough to sack out when and where I can. The explosions wake me up." She moves to clean off her hands and brings out some salve-soaked bandages. "Here we go, this should keep it nice for you until the skin heals. When this gets dirty there are more of these in a large bowl in the back."
Kendar "Hey if we're lucky, this will all be over within the week or so." Kendar says, eyeing the bandages. "I do hope it will. Fairly easy to get tired of the various explosions going off left and right." Deciding that the bandage was a-okay, he turned to Iris and nodded. "Thanks a bunch, that should keep me going until... well until I plan to get shot again." He said with a smirk.
Iris Lark "Don't plan on getting shot." Iris replies, chuckling softly at Kendar. "If you need an escort somewhere, or assistance. Let me know." She jerks a chin towards the shotgun peeking above her shoulder. "I'm more than happy to help, even if it's just running protection." She pushes her hair away from her face and gestures towards the vehicle bay. "I'm going to go help out with some mechanic work, would you like to join me?"
Kendar "I'm game." He says, pushing himself off his seat, stretching his now bandaged arm. "Might as well go do something useful, while I'm still healing." After that he shows off a grin and gestures at the door. "After you, M'lady." The sarcasm is basically rolling off on his voice.
Iris Lark Iris pushes her cowboy hat on her head and grins over her shoulder at Kendar. "Nice." Is all she says, a slight roll of her eyes and the amused smile on her face showing that she enjoyed the joke. "Lets head that way then."