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Owner Pose
Shiloh      "How are things looking down there Q? Sounds like things are humming to me. And there hasn't been an explosion so that's a pretty good sign." Shiloh asks down to Qwillis from where she stands up on the ladder to work, before she looks over at the other girls helping. "Can you both start to look around for some lubricant oil, that would be great. We may need it for loosening up the joints and keeping the suspension running smoothly." She lets them head off to look around the Vehicle Bay and starts to climb down so she can have an easier time checking in with the man.
Qwillis     Q peeks open one eye, then both. He'd sigh silently inside that space for the engine and gives a metal thumbs up to Shiloh. "Got it. Looks like the jump is what is needed. I'm reading optimal power output.." Qwillis shakes his head and shifts, peering around the block a moment. "Hmm.. We need a belt here. Looks like a busted fan too. Otherwise? The engine checks out in full."
Kendar "Ah, sure thing." Kendar says as he looks around for the mentioned lubricant oil. He soon finds a small bottle off to the side of one of the more busted up vehicles. "What's that doing here." He silently mutters as he picks it up and shakes the bottle a bit. He hears the swishing fluid inside. "Found the oil." He says an affirmative and walks back over to Shiloh.
Iris Lark Iris walks in as Qwillis speaks about needing a belt and she moves to where other mechanics have been stockpiling supplies from the unused vehicles. Unfortunately she has no clue which of the things lying here are a belt so she props her hands on her hips and sighs. Pushing her hat down on her head a little further she starts to go through the things, occasionally wiping the grease collecting on her hands on the back of her jeans. "Looks like you two have been busy, it's looking good." She enthuses, aiming a smile at all gathered before she leans back in to sort.
Shiloh      "Should we disconnect it for now and see how long we can expect it to maintain the power on its own? Or wait until after we're finished with the general repairs?" Shiloh asks Q curiously after glancing over at the wires there. She seems surprised by Kendar's presence and watches him head off to get the lubricant too. "Oh, hey Kendar. How's it going? Yeah, the more the better, we'll just stockpile whatever they find with it." When he walks back, she accepts the lubricant and sets it down somewhere level so that she can wander around the bay and keep an eye out for a belt and fan. "Any idea what sizes we're looking for, Q?" She calls over her shoulder when she first reaches the stash that people have gathered from outside around the Texas Wastes and the Citadel walls. "Hey Iris! Yeah, we've been burning the midnight oil. But can't take all the credit. They've gotten a lot of work done themselves, they just needed a bit of a hand. How's it going?"
Qwillis     Q looks over to Shiloh and flashes a smile. he'd peer back inside the system and uses that pipboy to try and take a measurement. "Hmm.. looking for a 52 inch belt.. It's going to need to be thick." leaning back out, he'd look around, then climbs down off the side of the machine. "We leave it until we're done. I rather the system be full in power and then we set in standby. If we weren't at war.." Q just drifts off as he'd nod thanks to Kendar, then joins Shiloh and Iris at that pile.
    "Hi Iris.. Thank you. As Shiloh said.. the crew did a lot of work. We just fixed a power flaw." he'd pause, pondering then points out a piece that Iris had just had. "That.. I think that might work. We'll need an 18 inch fan too."
Kendar Kendar looks over both of the mechanics, gives them a nod and walks off to find more lubricant oil, while giving a small wave towards Iris. He starts scanning the entire vehicle bay for lubricant oil.
Iris Lark Iris nods at Qwillis and she gives Shiloh a quick hug before she continues to dig through the supplies. "Well you point out whatever you need and I'm happy to clean it if it needs to be cleaned and bring it to you." She says with a chuckle. "Though, you mentioned a few parts and ..I still have no idea what they are."
Shiloh      Shiloh looks over to try to catch what Qwillis might mean, noticing the belt that Iris has set down just before. She reaches out to pick it up and lifts it up to the light to guage its thickness, "I wouldn't use it for longer-term, I mean, belt this thick might only last for four or five months. But we probably don't have that long before we got company at our doors." She drapes it over her arm then works on picking out some of the possible fan options. Some of the ones missing blades are set aside and others aren't picked because they are too warped or rusted. Eventually Shiloh manages to find one that she's trying to measure how wide it might be in her hand.
Qwillis     Q grins to Iris and moves closer. He'd nod to Shiloh as she'd take the belt. "See that part Iris? Like, a belt that goes around your waist? That's what we're looking for. This one.. will work. But if you can find a better one? no fraying, uniform thickness? Even better. Also.. the fans." Q muses and nods, pointing out another part. "A fan like you'd have on the ceiling or something. Use that to keep engine parts cool inside the chasis. It needs to be 18 inches.. I think that one is too small."
    Q looks over towards Kendar and waves to get his attention. "Hey, Kendar! Start checking radiators. look for ones that haven't leaked and have fluid.. We need coolant."
Kendar Kendar's head turns towards Qwillis as he starts processing the information. "Coolants, gotcha." Moving towards the closest vehicle, he crouches down and inspects the front grill. "Think it should be right here somewhere." He mutters, finding the radiator cap. Opening it, Kendar saw the radiator that Qwillis was talking about. He quickly double checked the coolant and saw, that yes, it did contain fluid and didn't have a hole. So began the tedious process of removing the radiator from the vehicle.
Iris Lark "It doesn't matter if they're all dirty, right?" Iris replies, sifting through the supplies until she finds a belt that isn't quite as run down as the one in hand. She can't find a fan yet, but she keeps digging, setting things that look similar in piles. "I still can't see us having that thing at our back." She jerks her chin towards the Walker, chuckling softly. "So if this works, I'll be amazed." She taps on her Pip and music floods the Vehicle Bay, providing some mood music while the group works.
Shiloh      Shiloh sets down the fan in her hand since it was deemed too small and tries to find another one that may work. She glances over her shoulder to check on Kendar's progress every now and then, but otherwise she tries to stay focused on setting aside potential parts that might fit what's needed. She manages to get a small pile of fans and belts that she tries to place onto Iris' pile too. "After these parts are picked out, I really want to get a look at the limbs..." She tells Qwillis aside, peeking at the Walker Mech, "Just to make sure nothing is locking them up so we don't risk it falling over and causing more damage if we do a test run..." She grins at Iris and nods her head, "Yeah, it'll be pretty great. I think Rexus was talking earlier about wanting to have it flanking the forces or...something along those lines. Sometimes all that battle talk can go through one ear and out the other...not really sure about flanking and pushing and all that stuff." She smiles more from the sound of the music and she pauses just long enough to wipe some sweat from her brow. "Did you hear that Lonestar managed to reach all the way out here? Surelda's coming through and she can tell us about how things are going back at home."
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles at Iris as she'd offer that music, nodding to her in thanks for it. "No.. they can be dirty. The fans have to be able to spin, so make sure the spindle doesn't get dirty.. but the blades don't matter much."
    Qwillis starts going through what they were picking out and nods his thanks as Iris gets a better belt. Musing, He'd look to Shiloh. "Go ahead and get on that now. We'll see what we can find. I'm suspecting we're going to have to fabricate any replacements. Limbs aren't exactly on these cars, right?"
    Q glanced to Kendar to see how he was doing, blinks and moves over that way. "Woah.. hey, Kendar? I'm sorry.. I should of realized you're not a techie.. here.. let me show you something?" He'd grab a bucket as he moved to the car Kendar had found. Crouching down, he'd set the bucket under the front of the car. "Do you see this valve here? Just open it.. the coolant will come out. Gather it in the bucket. We'll come up with a filter for it."
Kendar "Oooh, so that's how it's done." Kendar nods and turns the valve, as the coolant started leeking into the bucket. "Yeah, sorry, haven't even touch a vehicle in... in well ever. Never had a reason to." As the fluid stopped leeking, Kendar showed Qwillis the bucket. "That enough or do you need more?"
Iris Lark Iris nods at Qwillis and Shiloh as she continues to work, getting her hands, arms and face dirty in the process. She shifts along with the beat of the music, humming as she works until Shiloh mentions Lone Star. She turns and gazes at the woman, a smile on her face. "I haven't met Surelda yet, so I haven't noticed her here. I hope she's being safe." She gives Shiloh a once over and tilts her head. "You as well, I hope." Turning to Kendar she grins and quips. "Shiloh here is one of those patients who doesnt' want to bother someone, no matter how many times I tell her to please bother."
Shiloh      "Oh, she probably is. Might be back over that way still come to think of it still doing the radio show. Matt probably helped out a lot making sure she can still get through with us." Shiloh tries to reassure Iris as she cleans off her hands and wanders over to the base of the Walker Mech. "Even when we went on that caravan route to New Rome, she stayed on the radio to check in on us. You remember the voice coming out from it, right?" She would first start with the legs of the machine since those would be the easiest to reach, but even then Shiloh would need to pause just long enough to find a step stool to get higher. She carefully looks over the parts that should be moving and gets a very thin spatula tool for scraping rust and paint from her belt. She very carefully manuevers it in between the gaps and slides it along to see if it encounters any resistance.

     "Just going to see what I can find right now without opening them up. Like you said, we won't be able to make anymore easily, so the more precautions we can take to better." Her spatula does stop and she has to jimmy it until some chunks of rock come out. "We can probably find some air filters from an air conditioning system? If there is one that isn't too dusty, the mesh should be enough to filter out the imperfections we need." She blushes and laughs softly when she catches Iris talking about her as a patient. "Yeah, I gave him the warning when I stopped by to get my bandages replaced. I'll probably need to stop by again tonight for that...and uh...maybe a...couple of other things." She's fairly vague about it, like she's sheepish about admitting it. "It's been rough out there on the walls, so have some more scrapes and cuts..."
Qwillis     Qwillis glances between Iris and Shiloh, raising a brow as he'd study Shiloh a moment. Shrugging, Q would process what Iris is able to work through, nodding as he'd get the parts needed.
    Looking to Kendar, Q grins. "That's a good start. Now I need about 8 buckets like that. Then we have to filter.." Q motions to Shiloh as she mentions the air filter. "The part on the top of the engine? It has a bolt on it. Undo that bolt and the air filters should be there.."
    Q goes to the mecha and starts up it, climbing up to that hood to get inside the engine again and starts working on getting both belt and fan in place.
Kendar Kendar, hearing Shiloh talk about her being a patient, just shrugs in the direction of Iris. "Need 8 buckets? I think I can manage that." He stood up and went off to the side to grab more buckets. With one in each hand, Kendar repeated the same procedure to fill the buckets with coolant. Occasionaly, he would also start humming along the music that Iris' Pipboy is playing. "You know," He started. "I just can't wait to see that thing in action." He said, motioning towards the mech.
Shiloh      "I have a bolt wrench if you need to borrow it. Gotta warn you though, does have a bit of heft to it! It's not too bad once you get used to it though." Shiloh calls over to Kendar after she works on getting some caked in dirt and clay out of another part of the knee. "Looks like some mud daubers tried to get in here..Wonder if we have to worry about them trying to make nests in the Vehicle Bay...we might have to see if they can get someone in here to look around the place." She mutters to herself with a thoughtful frown. "Doesn't look like any of them stuck around or had a chance to lay eggs." Finishing off with the first leg, she climbs down the step ladder and picks it up to carry it over to the other side. She works on the ankle joint first to make sure that it's clear and unblocked.
Qwillis     Q grunts and keeps working on his part. The fortunate part about a metal hand? He can torq nuts with those fingers that would take a regular person having a tool. But he wouldn't really share that with others, no point in spreading potential abilities. Either way, it'd take him a bit more before he'd start climbing out himself. "There. Coolant after we filter it.. and I think the engine will be ready.. I hope." Q looks over to Shiloh. "Mud daubers? Ok.. we'll get a team to check it. Want me to work on another leg?"
Kendar "Nah, it's fine!" Kendar calls back to Shiloh. "This shouldn't take long anyways." He said, as he grabs a pair of fresh buckets and moves back to the vehicles. "Gotta say, you mechanics do tend to get you hands dirty." He says, looking at his diry arms.
Iris Lark "Well Shiloh, when we find a quiet moment, I hope you'll let me or Kendar tend to them." Iris replies to Shiloh, an easy smile on her face. She finds a fan that she thinks Qwillis was looking for and brings it over for inspection. "How about this one?" She asks, tilting her head to the side as she holds it up. "It looks...bigger." She sets it before him and goes back to looking inside one of the crates.
Shiloh      "Yeah, these bugs that like to spit up dirt to make nests." Shiloh tells Q and the others, gesturing around the bay in general while she chips away some more from the joint she's working on. "They're the reasons you'll find those long columns of tunnels sticking to the walls in some places. They like it out here in these desert climates, usually they're just annoying and you don't gotta worry about them being aggressive like other wasps, but they like to sneak into places so they can become a problem if you leave your vehicle out around them for too long." She looks up and gestures higher up on the Mech, "If you could get to the hips, or even the elbows and arms, that would be a huge help. Gotta make sure the hands can grasp things properly." She grins at Kendar and nods her head, "It's why I don't really try to fret too much about getting the stains out of my jumpsuit. Surprised it isn't just black yet." She nods her head over at Iris and tells her, "Sure, I can do that...nothing debilitating, but it's getting painful moving around. Wanna try to keep it under control while we're on alert..."
Qwillis     Q grins at Iris. "Ahh.. Let's see.." he'd pick up the fan, looking it over and finally nods. "perfect!" Grinning, Q would head up that mecha again. "Let me get this installed, Shiloh and I'll start up here.." Getting up into place, that hood would get opened once again for him to work on getting that fan swapped out. There.. the engine was about as well done as possible. Q looks it over, then nods and starts for one of those hip joints.
Shiloh      With the Walker Mech jumped and running on standby with optimal power, the fan and belt replacement in the Engine, lubricant and coolant found for the machine, and the limbs getting worked on; the repairs were starting to snowball underway. Shiloh would work hard to try to finish up her work on the bottom joints and apply the lubricant as necessary where it looks like it risks being a little stiff. Between her and Qwillis it doesn't take long for them to unclog-and-stick the joints for when the machine is working again. She climbs down from her step ladder and takes a step back to examine the Walker closely from afar. "So power source is fixed, engine is looking in better shape, we got the fluids lined up to replace 'em, and the state of the limbs are looking good...I think that may just about cover it? We can run another diagnostic check and see if there's anything else that comes up on your Pip."