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Owner Pose
Vuk With the continued destruction of military kit and the assurance casualties would mount as weapon failures continued, it became vital to ensure these men and woman couldn't return to duty. Teams of those who wish to see the Brotherhood falter for their crimes against the Free People of the Wastelands were already working. Some were tasked to tamper with medical supplies..others to hit food and water supplies. A good spread of dysenterry would do wonders for crippling the fighting strength of the Alamo, and what good are anti biotics when they just spread new disease? When Stimpak solutions were tainted with rotten blood and FEV spiked serum?
Tibbie Misery loves company and this seemily innocent looking old man had found his hidden pleasure with this small secretive group, misanthropic rage towards all, and now's the perfect time. With the tools for debauchery hidden under his robes he gets to work, first injecting blood bank bags with foul liquids sure to tamper with any human bloodstream. The twinkle in his eye shows he's probably cackling madly on the inside. Being a haggard old man made him nearly invisable in the fortress.
Lowry The citadel is busy. All sorts of folks scrambling to get a number of things done in time. With weapons repairs and tech being brought back to life there is only so much security available.

     A taller man in a green coat and army fatigues is carrying jugs of water when he bumps into a smaller woman. "Apologies." He says to her. Bending over he starts picking up the jugs and she leans to help him. "No worries." She adds as the sleight of hand is introduced and a few drops of some unidentified substanceare poured in. She eyes around the scene carefully. Then, closing the cap she hands it back to him. 'Have a good day." She says before the two part ways.

Vuk Vuk him self wasn't involved in this..he couldn't pass him self off as a medicae, and he was far to busy brooding over another decision, but as word filters in, he updates others on the situation. Wonderful! Oh it's so wonderful! With one group tampering with blood, another can be sent to oversee that pain killers are spiked with substances to react poorly..and the water is being taken care of? Wunderbahr!
Lowry Some ranger types are hauling in crates of explosives and other rnadom things. "Stop." A man with a rifle says. He has them open all the crates and goes through them. One is filled with grenades. He carefully pulls each and inspects. As he replaces them one of the one on the bottom gets a pesky piece of string looped around the pin! ...Accidents happen.
Tibbie this old man really gets around for looking like his hips could pop out at any step, but his eccentric charms have gotten him into the kitchens. Convincing the crew to let him pitch in made his skin crawl, but at this moment it was all worth it as hes now in the food and water supplies. Instead of wrecking any kind of cooling equipment he simply sprinkles shady looking powders on some foods and using his trusty syringes to tamper with any fresh vegetables. The hatred of humanity fueling his actions and the selective group he's found made it all the easier.
Vuk A few younger people, teenagers really, are helping unpack boxes of sealed food..and quick little flicks of needle like knives leave small holes in the seals, not enough to be noticed..enough to let the heat ruin the food in time, botulism is a bitch. Most of it is ear marked for the soldiers actively doing patrols and the like, where they can't risk taking time to heat up food, or risk fires to reveal where they are. A shame about that..a real shame. No one seems to notice they work in shifts, each shift getting a few of the Reaver's little helpers..
Tibbie Our seedy old man is back into the medical supplies, taking extra steps to insure sterilization is non-existent by mixing questionable paste in with salves, diluting achohols with contaminated water and sneaking a few bottles for himself of course. He even has the nerve to wipe down scalpels and stitching wires with a very hideous and wet looking rag, nothing will be left unsoiled with this old man around, with a simple cough and old man mannerisms is all it takes for this sleuthing fucker and the anyone around is far too busy to be bothering feeling uncomfortable with looking at him.
Vuk Thus the ruination of the Alamo continues..small groups of infiltrators spread discord as disease spreads through food..water..the very medicine meant to save people.. Scene end.