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Vault Girl 1 Day Ago

It was no surprise when the suicide mission consisting of two Vertibirds worth of Brotherhood Paladins and Knights along with the Whitecloaks and Ashur left. Paladin Burleson, the man who had been the first one to greet you upon arrival was in charge of the mission.

The Brotherhood were people to. When the Vertibird took off, there were weeping families, wives and husbands, children, and parents.

It was known they would not be returning.

When the mission was launched, Elder Bowie finally revealed what the goal of the mission was..

....The Vertibird's flew in over the bulk of the Mutant Lines, using jury-rigged stealth boys, almost all of the stealth boys in Texas rigged to them.

During their initial approach into The Mutant Horde's battle lines, the pair of Vertibirds were safe with nothing but a shimmer to show their approach through the rapidly approaching night skies.

The rocket launcher's fired in perfect unison as the Mutant Elite Guard took aim at the incoming Vertibirds.

The Abomination at the center of the Horde was more than just a processing center for living matter, it was the largest such creature seen of its type in all of the years since the discovery of The Horde.

It was The Master of this tendril of The Mutant Horde and its psychic powers allowed it to detect the incoming Vertibirds before they could reach it.

Both planes would crash, but the power armor protecting all of the inhabitants would allow them to survive.

Seers may have envisioned what happened. The frenzied final moments as Ashur and Burleson fought side by side to deliver the rigged Fusion Charges to the Abomination of Abominations and disrupt The Mutant Horde. One by one, those who had went on the mission fell. Even Ashur, was consumed whole by the Abombination, the Hero of El Dorado and New Rome, the husband of five, and father consumed whole; his screams a terrifying thing to hear but nobody but mutants heard them.

In the last moments of his life, Burleson activated the detonator and the explosion could be seen all the way from the citadel...

Early Morning

Reports had begun to come in. The Mutant Horde was growing erratic. It was no longer waiting to attack it was racing across the desert like madmen ready to throw themselves at the walls of the Citadel....
Elsie Surelda, a maybe-wife-thing of Ashur's, was awake most of the night at the peak of the Citadel. Part of that was to maintain the channels of the radio, but the rest? The rest was popping pills and huffing Jet, a bit more than she needed just to keep her level. It was all reflected in the personal of Lonestar's best radio personality, Lady Silver, who seems more muted in recent transmissions.

For those who may have spent time up around the radios over the course of the last night, she's been quiet, pensive. Whenever anyone pried? "I can hear the scream from the top of the pyramid." Okay weirdo.

But as the light comes, and reports begin to crackle over the radio, Surelda is back in action and keeping herself busy. She's sending runners with alerts, relaying information from one information channel to the next, and otherwise staying too swamped to say anymore weird shit. She's here now with a radio pressed to her ear, listening to other reports and giving them out to anyone who seems to be even moderately responsible for organizing bits of the defenses.
Shiloh      Shiloh has been hard at work in the Vehicle Bay for the past few days, working with the Walker Mech to try to finish the repairs where Elder Bowie's techs had left off. She wasn't working alone, of course, Qwillis, Zaxelin, Sanbella, Iris, Rexus, and Kendar were some of the contributors in the efforts to get it running.

     Earlier today they had just finished checking on its power state after jumping it with a car's battery and then made steps to replace a belt and cooling fan in the engine. Coolant and lubricants were also gathered to make sure that the mechanical beast wouldn't be locking up or overheating anytime soon. They also finished checking the states of the joints in the limbs to try to ensure fluid motion whenever it had come in.

     When people start to come into the bay looking frantic and running with a determined energy from the reports, Shiloh turns her attention away from the work and frowns with a worried expression, "Let's hope that it was enough..."
     Krysta had heard the blast, more than seen it, but she was busy working with Devlin who was trying (futilely) to teach her the mechanics of her power armor. She would just have to jump between Devlin and anything coming at him so he could fix her power armor for her. But she hadn't been idle either. Other than ending that near riot, she had worked on the walls and made plenty of bombs. Now she was resting. The explosion being near enough that they could hear and see it from the citadel meant the actual fight would not be long and she was planning to be rested for it.
Esscast Esscast ran from the armory wearing bullet belts and weilding his iconic bullpup lmg. he moved to a trench before setting up preparing for the worst. He himself was not ready for this day but hes willing to lay down his life to make sure others may live.
Vera Vera has been moving around the citadel, not really doing anything in particular. Just helping out where she can, and with what she can. So many people here already seem to have things planned out, and knew what to do. She happened to be on one of the walls when the explosion took place. Glancing out across the horizon, " thats something you don't see every day. Thats gonna piss someone off for be ready for the aftermath."
Zaxelin Zaxelin hadn't been in the state long, picked up outside the Alamo by Sanbella, and lead to the clinic inside. She was treated by Iris, met Davidson, and lead to the vehicle bay, where she met Qwillis and Shiloh.

The Walker was a magificent spectacle, and had yet to realise its potential in the defence of the Alamo. Zaxelin assisted with resoldering the flimsy wiring to ensure power-flow, regreasing the axles and hinges, and polishing the plating for that extra spot of morale support.

She had hopes she'd walk away from the Alamo feeling accomplished, but word of the Brotherhood's sacrifice and the frenzied Mutant Horde reached the Vehicle Bay, and she had hoped her work isn't in vain, and that she'd leave the Alamo at all.
Iris Lark Iris nods to Shiloh and moves to head to the medbay. There were always some cuts, bruises and other wounds out here since they arrived and it was always best to keep busy. She doesn't stand with the others watching the carnage or waiting for reports, she instead prefers to remain busy, and that she does.
Rexus Rexus was in the Command Center, having spent most of his time pouring over maps and reports, trying to put some semblance of a plan together. In the morning, the plans were sent out, orders issued and all preparations made as good as they could be done. Having donned his newly repainted power armor, he hefted up his minigun and plodded out the door and down towards the courtyard. The El Dorado Militia members give pause as their Commander trundles by, offering salutes and other pleasantries. Rexus speaks calmly to them, a reassuring voice from their Commander as everyone readies for the big fight.

     Even the Texas BoS members give their assenting nod to the Paladin from the Capital Wasteland, the insignia of the Eastern Brotherhood of Steel newly stenciled on the Commander's power armor.

     News from the Mutant camp doesn't quite come as a shock. He's been fighting Mutants for ages and nothing surprises him terribly much anymore. Either way, Commander Rexus remains in the courtyard to re-assure those with doubts, a visible presence as the Roughnecks form up for the battle ahead.
Devlin     With closed eyes, Devlin shifts his head from to the left then to the right slowly as he begins to settle into his layers of mechanized protection once again. With the coming sun came additional warmth that was pleasing to the contrasts dew laced breeze though the enjoyment was short lived as the cries of the creatures in the distance became ever increasingly distracting. "I wonder how many will die today.. wonder how many of those civies will kill themselves out of fear.." Scoffing, Devlin held back a chuckle at the idea of the chaos most who came to the Citadel would soon experience.

    A slight smirk tugs at the mercenary's lips, his pale violet eyes appearing to take on a more pale blue color as the light drowns out the subtle color. Moving his right mechanized hand along his waistline, his fingers curl around the grip of a modified laser pistol, drawing it from it's housing in a smooth motion.

    "Last time they died, save two. How many will die this time, just save two again?" is asked aloud in a soft, curious voice. The other sentries along the wall would likely see the mutters as what most were experiencing when they spoke aimlessly, verbalized madness.

    Moving his left hand upwards, Devlin covered his cropped bleach blond hair within an augmented helmet that clashed with the rest of his mechanized attire, the two series of armament was far from seamless even though both showed signs they had once been bestowed to a likely long dead Brotherhood Knight. Tapping the side of his helmet, Devlin began to alter the communications within the suit, attempting to broadcast out to another suit on a encrypted frequency. "Krysta.. This is Kyne, I repeat, this is Kyne. Do you receive me?"
Kendar Kendar was down at the medbay, tending to the woumded and making sure that the medical supplies were accounted for. Like many other, he heard the large explosion... and he had a very bad feeling about it.
B B worked mainly with the refugees, offering whatever help she can. Here a couple of stitches, there child minding while the parents got a bit of shut eye. She's been liberal with her stash of booze, sharing it around in hope of improving morale, but monitoring it enough so there weren't any drunken brawls. The blasts got her attention, and it wasn't long before she was reaching for the rifle on her back and heading out of the courtyard to see where she might be needed now.
Kaydin     Kaydin had been with the scouts, talking over the plans with them before the word of the explosion came and he looks off into the distance to try and find it. He makes his way out and adjusts his helmet to be more comfortable on his head. "So what now?" He asks on the radio for those nearby, looking off into the distance as his duster blows with the wind.
Davidson The last few days before all hell's broken loose, Davidson Harris has been in a frenzy of drawing; sketching out maps of the surrounding area, taking reports from patrols and marking them down - updating, and re-updating, based on the news he'd recieved. He went through a lot of paper, but hopefully the work is worth it - new maps going out with the patrols now, and he'd sent up a specific map to the Command Center based on Rexus's request - a certain area marked for deployment of power armor troops where they can do the most good based on their predictions of where they'll be coming in.

Dark circles grow beneath his eyes from a lack of sleep, but even he acknowledges the sacrifice of Ashur when word comes through. "Guess we'd best get ready," he says when told the mutants are coming their way, grabbing another paper to work on another copy of his map for the patrols. It's not much, but it's what he can do, and the cartographer's damn well going to do it.
Shiloh      Shiloh tries to beckon Zaxelin down from where she was in the midst of polishing, "Come on down, I don't think we'll have much time to put on finishing touches...we need to figure out where they're going to need us. Might need to find Rexus or something or...maybe he wants us waiting here..." Shiloh sounds very out of sorts as she looks at the people coming through to making sure that the vehicals that are working are going to be ready to go when they're needed. "Maybe we should head out to the courtyard..."
Rusty     For those that once had Seniority, having to re-earn it elsewhere was difficult at best. So when Deputy Marshal M. Max, senior to one recently returned Deputy Marshal Rusty Wayne, spoke of the Texas mission the Deputy Marshal in the Black Armor realized he was just voluntold. Ostensibly here as a representative of the Department. What Rusty could have done without was the ever cheerful approach by Deputy Marshal M. Max informing him to 'have fun storming the castle!' Rusty plots revenge, and needs Seniority. Surviving such a mission should help.

    Though he arrived later than others. For his part, Deputy Marshal Wayne has been out on short-range patrols hosted by the Citadel to assist. Out all night, back after early morning, a full 24 hours if not longer. Outside of a quick shower, or sponge bath, he's essentially sleeping in his armor, which he may possibly do at home as well.
Harmon Having put in plenty of time in the medbays helping injured soldiers and civilians alike Harmon had broken up the repetition with an advanced recon patrol, calling up his old ranger skills and was in the field at the time of the blast.

All the men in the patrol winced at the explosion and there was a silent understanding of what was likely going to come next. The team made a b-line for the citadel, getting into the courtyard and dispersing in order to deliver intel and receive new assignments.
Elsie The radio crackles in Surelda's ear. "What now?" she hears in Kaydin's voice, if she'd know that voice amidst all the others on the different channels. "Hold until further orders," she informs. "Be prepared though, sugar." Yeah, radio-Surelda's a bit sweeter than everyday, shy, and usually high Surelda. She removes the transmitter from where she held it close to her lips and continues to scan the horizon and to scan the different radio channels, desperate for information.
Vault Girl Thanks to the radios that have been repaired by Surelda and Ashram, communications flow freely between the battle lines and even the scouts in the Vertibirds who are currently performing aerial reconnaissance of the incoming Mutant Horde., "Too many to count out here, this is it, they're all in a frenzy." The lead pilot reported before the sounds of gunfire could be heard followed by a mayday and the inevitable expected silence as contact was lost.

On a computer screen that was repaired, Elder Bowie is watching the display blips with interest, trying to co-ordinate the battle effort from the Command Center in the absence of Burelson.

Nodding to Rexus he says, "I need to be out there, handle things in here Paladin." The bearded man retrieved a heavily modified bumper sword from its resting place in the command center and began to walk out in his X-60 Power Armor.

Moments after he left, a transmission came in from a far-away source, heavily garbled but seemed to be coming from Brotherhood Members sent by 'Elder Maxson' on the East Coast who had been waylaid by The Enclave.

Reports began to come in about improvised explosive devices going off among The incoming Mutant Horde by Motorhead Biker Scouts who raced ahead of the incoming attack, risking their lives.

Through the west gates, many of the repaired vehicles are leaving with the children from among the refugees to be taken to El Dorado and insure that no matter what happens, the kids will have a chance.
Vault Girl Events were a result of the following requests:

- Hello! Surelda, escorted by Ashram, has come to Texas in order to be the radio girl between Texas and El Dorado, and to manage local radio capabilities. I have been rping (scene 964, currently in the works as of this writing) that she has some equipment from El Dorado, and I am willing to supplement that with resources and/or karma, depending on costs, however you see fit. Please advise on what next steps you need from me.

- The SOED and others showed up at the vehicle bay to start fixing cars. We picked out 4 that we fixed, regular cars for logistics. Helping people in PA move, supply runs, etc. Qwillis donated 15 karma, Iris donated 15 karma and Tesla donated 100 res for working to get those up and running. This is in scene 965 that we did the work on it too. Most of the non military vehicles are running somewhat and can also be used for potential evacuations if need be. There are also some repairs that have gotten more military vehicles in working order. That Mech also still needs repairs...

- Qwillis, Krysta and Devlin worked in the control center to repair and restore computer systems. A few of them were worked on and fixed by Q and Devlin helped with restoring OS on them. Krysta also made bombs to help with upcoming issues. They're IEDs.
     Krysta once inside her armor clicked her comm. "Loud and clear, Kyne. What's up?" She waited quietly, paying little attention to anyone else around her. She was encased in her armor and seemed to pay no attention even to the Lt. She moved in her armor finally, going to stand beside Devlin's suit and checking her weapon.
Sanbella      Sanbella came to the Alamo hoping to find the home of her ancestors, perhaps even discovering any surviving Texas Ranger, but all she found was The Citadel occupied by strange people from distant lands and a formidable enemy that threatened to swallow Texas whole.
     The Ex-Ranger worked to help The Citadel's defenders as best as she could, not wishing to see the little that remained of her heritage fade away. She did the best she could, helping repair the tank embbed in the wall, quelling a rebellion and working hard to fix the walls of the fallen fortress.
     Ever since she arrived, she was filled with a mixture of happiness at seeing her ancestor's home and dread at the premise it's going to be destroyed, but when she heard the explotion while warming herself by a campfire, she was overwhelmed with fear and despair. Her remedy was drinking the remaining moonshine she got from B and even then doubt gripped her heart and mind alike, mumbling to herself about how a visit to El Dorado seemed very tempting at this time of the year.
Esscast esscast stands in his trench aiming down sights of his lmg before pinging his comms "hey everyone whatever happens today i want you to know its been a honor serving with you all" taking his thumb off the button he lights a cigerette "may the gods be with us"
Vera Vera finds her little spot on the wall, and makes herself as comfortable as she can. Double checking her gear is in working order. She starts humming to herself..stops and reaches up, scratching some inivisble out in front of her, then goes back to humming again.
Elsie The radios are alight with activity. Surelda is busy switching between channels, sending information back and forth, relaying it across proprietary frequencies (you bet your ass Lonestar has a dedicated one here) and generally responding to the crushing hustle and bustle.

But she pauses, for only a moment, to turn and use her vantage point to look down and beyond to the north, to see the fleeing caravan of innocents. She pouts, pursing her lips unhappily: she should be on that thing! But there's nothing for it now; she steels herself with a deep breath, reaches into her pocket to shake a pill from a container, pops it, and goes back to work.
Devlin     Unconnected with the command center on his main channel within the command center, Devlin could not hear that was being said within nor could he hear the long range communications. Without the central command issuing orders over load speakers nor over broadband communications, the man was left amused to watch the horizon begin to shift every so faintly from the high perch.

    'Hmm..?' is sounded a few moments before he could make out just who was talking to him, Krysta, the voice causing him to relax a little more than he already had been. "It's beginning.. May be a while before the distance is closed but.. the earth is moving, wiggling unnaturally. It's them more than likely." Glancing around himself a few times, Devlin shakes his head gently before tapping his foot gently a few times.. as gently as a near quarter ton of weight could possibly perform. "I am at the wall point we scouted before.. We'll be waiting for them here, the others can stay foolish trying to intercept the...m."

    The man became distracted, something opened the gates and was leaving. Arching his brow, Devlin taps his helmet a few times before twisting his wrist, activating the VATS subsystem to target onto one of the children within the transports before disabling the system. "A waste.. A waste of resources. Why does this branch care so much about noncombatants that are worthless?" A scoff escapes the man loud enough that not only Krysta could hear him, but those close to the armored man could make it out as well. "We should have just left them in the tunnels, we could've used that fuel.. or the fusion system as suicide bombs."
Kendar Kendar's bad feeling, oh yeah, that got way worse. Coupled with the entire evacuation of childre are being guided away from here. Kendar's focus is still on the wounded, but he and the others know that it is inevitable, the Mutant Horde will come. And when it does... Well he expects there to be a lot of body bags.
B B makes her way to the wall and finds her way up along with a good many others going up to take a look. Her gaze is turned towards the caravan of children headed to El Dorado. Silently, she murmurs a prayer that they get there safely. Then she looks the other way, across the wasteland to the distance, lips pressed in a grim line. She looks a little out of place there, up on the wall flanked by others with both more experience and armour than her, but she doesn't let that stop her from settling in for now.
Iris Lark As activity in the medbay dies down and more people go to watch the action on the walls, Iris finally gives up attempting to stay below and comes out to the courtyard to join some of the others. She folds her hands over her chest as she hears the hushed murmurs as people talk about sending the children away. She nods to a few people she knows and then, like the others, takes up a vigil. Not much can be said when death draws near.
     Krysta snerked inside her own suit. "Because they're sentimental. Children are the future don't you know that?" She snickered and shifted as she moved closer to his position. She would end up beside him and peer at the advancing horde. "Think they'll run across our little present soon?" She chuckled again, this time as though trying to hide her excitement.
Rexus Rexus gives a firm nod to the Elder, "Ad Victoriam." he says, banging his fist against his heart in salute. He looks out across the Roughnecks and smiles. "Man the walls. Keep your eyes on the civilians." he says, leaving the details up to the Sergeants as he turns to re-enter the Command Center to take charge of things in the Citadel. There are plenty of computers and radios for him to keep in touch with whomever he needs to.
Shiloh      Shiloh rubs a shaking hand over the top of her head and shakes her head to herself. "Just...wait here then, okay? Just in case someone stops by for us." She asks of Zaxelin, gesturing for her to try to wait, "I'm going to try to find Rexus or...or maybe Q. One of them will probably know what to do...I'll be back after I get word" She's heading out of the vehicle bay then and trying to make her way up to the command center, trying to weave and avoid the busy bodies. She tries not to get in the way and gently wraps on the edge of the doorway, "Rexus? Are you busy? Was wondering if you knew where you wanted the Walker. We've made progress, but we haven't had the opportunity to run any official tests yet...I have really high hopes though!"
Zaxelin Polishing the armour of the Walker, Zaxelin is caught worried by the buzz of activity, briefly glancing to Shiloh. "Oh, yeah, I'll stay here and... try to squeeze in more work. Lemme know what happens."

She whips out the toolbox, cracking it open to do some tightening, some more inspections. Zaxelin waits for good news, biding her time and fighting the urge to run, the old Mech her only anchor to the Alamo right now.
Vault Girl Many of the civilians who were almost going to riot earlier have put their efforts elsewhere thanks to the arrival of all of the alcohol that B distributed.

With Ashur's blessing, the drunken mob of civilians had been preparing to ride out on New Rome's motorized chariots, using all of their equipment left behind along with equipment repaired in the armory.

Along the walls, there are civilians ready with Molotov cocktails ready for when the mutants get closer or try to breach.

Thanks to Harmon, there are clear lines of evacuation for many of the civilians who are following in the wake of the evacuation of the children heading for El Dorado. Given their numbers, it was unlikely that anyone would mess with them.

His recon missions combined with the scouting of Davidson has helped skirmishers and guerilla fighters, some of them from among the group Esscast has trained to setup in favorable ambush spots when the Horde approaches.

In the distance, a massive dust cloud could be seen, the only sign of the approaching mutants other than the first wave of explosions that had been seen.
Davidson As the dust cloud began to come into view, Davidson found himself up upon the wall; kicking a few stones that he'd set himself to make sure they're stable, he eases himself in a lean against the stone and brings his rifle up, using the scope to peer down into the distance at the rising dust cloud.

"Still can't see anything clearly," he mutters audibly, "But dollars to donuts, that's them..."
Vault Girl Actions are a Result of the following requests:

- B brought 100 alcohol for morale boosting, 25 for medical supplies (yay ignore wounds benefit!), and 25 for Molotovs. Please take 150 units from me. :)

- Harmon will be dividing his time between recon missions and general doctor duties in the Citidal. I'm prepared to spend resources and Karma to help out not just the BOS soldiers or the expedition troops but also the common folk refugees that need help. The hopeful outcome is the scoutig/recon patrols I can help save some troops or locate things to give us a tactical advantage or even take care of smaller groups of mutants. As for the medical side It's to keep our fighting force as strong as possible, raise the spirits/hope of some of the refugees and maybe even convince some to take up arms and help when the fighting starts.

- Kaydin, Krysta, Marius, Melinda, Sanbella. They had to deal with the civvies who have been further and further upset at more people coming finally almost riot. Krysta shot the instigator and they were able to talk sense into the civvies. If it can count for morale, I'd offer that. Otherwise, there was background work on the wall while this happen.

- Davidson, while he's out scavenging and scouting near the Citadel, would like to use his art and tactical skills to start mapping out the area around the Citadel - marking dangerous spots due to wreckage/steep areas, signs of enemy patrols, approaches that the enemy might use or that we can use for sneak attacks, etc and distributing the maps made to patrols going out and tactical command sorts. I'm not sure what sort of resources or karma it'd cost, just trying to help out the best I can!
Kendar Clearing out the last of the wounded, Kendar stormed out of the medbay. Making sure his father's revolver was loaded, He made his way up to the walls where most people were. Noting the people he knew, he set up right behind them, his gun holstered, but his medkit is out and he is ready to immediatly start helping people if things get messy. "Hey guys?" Kendar spoke up. "Can i just say, that I am curremtly shitting my pants, right now. But there literally no one else I'd rather be fighting with." A smirk appears on Kendar face. "Let's show 'em what El Dorado can do, shall we?"
Rexus Rexus finishes his work in the Command Center, for now. He takes along a radio operator with him, just in case someone needs him from a distance. That done, he heads out of the Command Center and up towards the walls. Those big stomping armored feet plod along as the big galoot trundles up to the wall to join the forces already present.

     Glancing back, he scowls as he sees some of the lesser-willed folks hanging back, "Come on you apes, you want to live forever?" he waves them up towards the walls.
Esscast Esscast stared down the sights from his lmg cocking it without hesitation. he put the but of his cig out on the trench wall contacting the groups of gurrila fighters he trained he says "dont waste ammo fire in a volly when you can see the green of there skin then repeat one after that fall back to a safer position over"
Shiloh      Shiloh blinks in surprise when Rexus wanders off and frowns hesitantly as she steps aside to allow him to go on his way. She shakes her head to herself and would make her way back to the vehicle bay after double-checking to see if Qwillis is in his bunk or not. When she returns to Zaxelin, she admits, "I'm...not sure where to go right now. We'll just have to see.." She scratches the back of her neck and looks up at the Walker with a frown, "Best to stop working on it, it's gotta be ready to move. Not even sure who's gonna crew it...haven't even talked about that yet."
Devlin     Tilting his head slightly, his expression was masked through his metal helmet, it was unsure of Krysta could still feel the glare within Devlin's eyes or not. "They are useless without training, they are little more than savages at that point." Lifting his left hand, Devlin waves the mechanized limb rather bored at the notion, "They will sooner or later. We walked less than half a day's travel away from here. If they are within range to trigger those, we'll be getting ready to begin a slaughter soon." Looking down, Devlin lifts his right hand and begins to make adjustments onto his pistol, charging the cells for fire.
Sanbella Sanbella drinks the last drop of her moonshine and gets up, holstering her revolvers and walking towards the wall with a service rifle in her hands. She was drunk enough to not suppress her fear and follows after Rexus, "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Come on you all, let's rock!" The Red Ranger waves towards the people behind her and rushes towards the wall with a drunk smile.
Vera Vera hears Rexus's loud voice behind her, as she is already at the wall..."You know, I was thinking about living forever actually...if thats an option, I want to sign up for it right now. Is there some paperwork I need to fill out or something?"
Davidson At Vera's words, Davidson leans back with a bark of laughter-- calling over, "Hey, pass me some've that immortality paperwork while you're at it, eh, Commander?"
     Krysta could practically feel the glower from Devlin and indeed she kind of felt the same. Those that had armed the civvies made her wonder but she would not speak against it openly. Why screw with the morale? If they could light up a couple of mutants .. that was good right? They were bound to die anyway.
     Rexus' words... well she sweatdropped. There was no other way to describe it. She turned to peer out again over the landscape and settled in with a yawn. Waiting was not the best part of a battle.. She did want to see all those energy cells light up though.. so she tried to pay attention.
Rusty     Boots up on the wall, all the flurry of activity re-awakens Rusty. The boots come off the wall, and he rises from his makeshift chair-bed to stretch. Red lenses turn facing out of the citadel, and then back in. Turning on one heel, Rusty weaves his way through the throng of readying people. Eventually he finds Shiloh, and taps her on the shoulder. If she doesn't stop him, he'll actually give her a hug, in gear, on-duty. Not very like him. The speaker to his helmet crackles. "You shouldn't be here, yet. Well. Uncle John would be angry, but proud. -Two- generations of the Wayne family defending people... to the last." Reaching back he draws the service rifle from the back of his duster. "See you around, kid." It is clear he's about to move back out to the wall.
Vault Girl Elder Bowie grabs Shiloh by the arm, "Come on girl." He had been finishing gearing up for combat, a walking armory with his bumper sword held casually in one hand, "You're the one who fixed up that mech, right? Well, someone needs to pilot it. Looks like you signed up. Who the hell wanted to live forever anyways?" If Shiloh wanted to run now was her chance? Bowie wanted the mech in battle and it needed a crew...

Thanks to the Medical Bay that was setup and properly staffed, many of the wounded Brotherhood Soldiers are back in the fight and there is somewhere for the wounded to be taken if they can be saved. If not, battlefield mercy was the best they could hope for.

"This is the Armored Fist. We are in position and awaiting orders." The commander of the armored battlegroup waiting to the North of the Citadel reported in the position Davidson had located and Rexus had ordered them to.

More explosions could be seen in the distance, hundreds dying, maybe even thousands, but as they cleared through the dust; you could see why it was called The Mutant Horde.

Through the explosions and gore, with the dust of their numbers trailing behind them there were thousands upon thousands of mutants running on foot. People who had likely been turned in recent months, people who had once lived in Texas.

People like the refugees who were praying to be saved.
Zaxelin Zaxelin stops working, heeding Shiloh's words, and packing away her tools. "So... Do we just wait, then? How long do we have, anyway?" She collects the toolbox, and climbs down to ground-level, rejoining the other mechanic. "I'm not really able to do much else, I don't even have a gun."
Vault Girl Actions are a Result of the following requests:

- I would like to set up a temporary medbay/clinic in the Alamo Citadel, if there isn't already one. The medbay/clinic will be free to use for everyone, but monatery donations will be accepted to keep the medbay/clinic running. Kendar is able to setup a Medical Clinic in the lower levels (be sure to let folks know!). This has been paid for with your Archetype free clinic. This is why it is so damn good, normally a clinic is just a building or a room at one of the clinics on grid. Get to healing!

- Alright, specifically i'd like to send the mobile vehicles and tanks outside the Citadel and away for a brief time, let the mutant army close in to attack the walls before giving the signal an having the vehicles attack from their rear.

- I wish to arrange a minefield along the main marching lanes of the Mutant Horde. Before this is acted upon, I would like a cost assessment to know if the plan is viable. Krysta will be aiding this plan with her Perception 5, Explosives 4 and Perk: Demolition Expert.

- Devlin and Krysta arrange a minefield along the main marching lines towards the Mutant Horde. Heading out in light armor rather than Power Armor, the pair make the trip as quietly as possible. The core of many of the improved explosive devices are broken down 9mm rounds, and overcharged Small Energy Cells, rigged to over charge by Shiloh.

- I want to help with repairing the Walker Mech in the vehicle bay. I'm not sure if the Scientists of El Dorado/Qwillis have started work on it, but Shiloh would take stock of what the Brotherhood's technicians have done and try to pick up where they left on. She would use what scraps of metal she's found while out trying to repair the Southern Walls along with whatever tools are available in the Vehicle Bay. She would use her Technology (6) to learn more of the Mech's model and its damages, Scavange (5) skill to find more parts if she needed them, then her Repair (6) and her Jury Rig (6) skills to work on trying to get it up in working order. She has the Mechanic, Grease Monkey, Gearhead, and McGuyver perks that may help her. Willing to pay whatever resources and run whatever scenes I may need to do to see this through and sorry if there is a lot of irrelevant information here but I just wanted to be thorough!
Shiloh      Shiloh turns around to see who's trying to get her attention and she's left blinking in surprise when Rusty wraps her up in a hug. She smiles up at him gently and reaches out to wrap her arms around him in return, as much as she can get while he's all bulked out in gear, "Hey Rusty! I haven't noticed you around here." Her lips curve into a sad frown at the mention of John and she nods her head slowly, "Yeah...I figure that if he was here he'd only not forgive me if I didn't make it make it back too though, alright?" When she's grabbed, she stumbles in steps but manages to keep up with the Elder. "Y-yes I helped with the repairs." She says but her eyes grow abit wide at the mention of being a pilot. "I! If...uh...there's no one else.." She waves at Rusty when she leaves him behind and calls over to Zaxelin, "Come on, looks like we've got something to do and we're moving out now!"
Sanbella Sanbella joins the others in the wall, noding at Krysta with a grin after recognizing her as the woman that stopped the rebellion and made a man's head explode like a watermelon, coating her in the instigators blood. She looks out at the distance, trying to see if anything was close enough to shoot at. Sighing, she puts her helmet on and clutches her rifle. Sanbella too was not a patient woman. "Can I count on you to snipe the enemy if they get too close again?" She asks with a friendly tone.
Iris Lark Iris watches as Shiloh is bunedled into the Walker and winces as she watches her and Zaxelin get moving. There is a lot of craziness going on and the best thing the medic can do is stay out of the way, so she does. She watches folks move out and get armed.
Kendar Worry. Concern. Kendar was not only feeling that for himself, but for the people around him as well. All of them are currently risking their lives to the fullest extreme right now. Out there, lays an army and yet here they are, fighting for what is right. Kendar releases a chuckle. Things were once so much simpler.
     Krysta peered at Sanbella, though her entire body was encased in that power armor, she was still wearing her duster which annoyingly had her name on it. She snickered and keyed for external comm. "Snipe? Probably not. I have an automatic for a reason." She hefted the gold-plated monstrosity in her armored hands. She wasn't unfriendly, just keyed up.
     She turned and then... glorious. Energy cells and landmines blowing up mutant after mutant. She hefted one armored fist in the air and whooped, both on external and internal comms. Bahahahahaha... She loved when things went boom. Especially when she was responsible. Like when she got that car to blow its reactor.. That was fun.
Zaxelin "M-me? In... in there?" She gestured to the Walker, her mouth slowly gaping as the moment of truth lurks around the corner like a feral ghoul hungry for some roast mole-rat. "We're gonna pilot it?"

The thought of combat scared her, but a realisation intrusively creeps into her mind. What safer place for her, than at the controls of a large armour-plated war machine? If anything, it'd boost morale and cut down the horde, in one fell swoop.

She grins at her new pilot-partner, packing her things together, double-checking one last time. "There's one last thing to do, Shiloh... We need to name it."
Rexus Rexus stands atop the walls, squinting at the gathering horde in the distance. "Armored Fist, hold your positions until the mutants have attacked the citadel. Then attack from their rear." he intones into the long-range radio.

     This is a modern Rorke's Drift by the looks of it. Hefting his minigun, he plods up and down the wall, "Aim for the big ones, boys. Don't burn out your barrels and call for ammo before you run out. Cover the trenchline and be prepared to help'em over the wall when they get overrun." There's no IF in that statement.
Davidson "Damn, looks like we don't get the immortality waiver today," Davidson banters over in Vera's direction - batting her a wink before settling back in with his rifle, sighting down the scope and waiting for the battle to begin. Just keeping an eye on the approaching dust cloud, and hoping that the deployment site he found would give the Fist an edge...
Devlin     Turning to the side, Devlon only then seemed to notice that Sanbella was there at all, let alone close to Krysta, as such the initial request was lost to him. "She's asking for sniping lessons now of all times?" is asked more than slightly confused. Shifting his gaze between the two, only to feel a faint pressure and hear a deafening laugh within his speakers. Turning around.. he notices why.

    Barks of laughter radiate from within the suit of power armor that stood beside the duster cloaked one, it was becoming contagious, freakishly so though luckily his was more.. 'sane'.. Devlin watches through his tinted view as a chain of explosions cause minor nuclear destinations to chain react steadily. "Ah, the music has now truly begun in full!" is said with a rising tone. Stepping forward two paces, Devlin places a heel onto the raised lip of the sentry wall, looking over the edge and into the distance, taking in the sight for several seconds.
B B sees many a familiar face up on the wall, molotov in hand. She nods to those who call to her but never lets her attention drift far from the dust cloud and the horde running their way. Stomach in her throat, she bites her lower lip and turns to rest the length of her gun along the top of the wall. They're still far to far away to shoot, and her hand is more than a little unsteady as she lowers the goggles down over her eyes. Perhaps the moonshiner's been dipping into her own stock.
Esscast esscast sits there heart pounding 90 miles a minute as he waits for the mutants to get withen fireing distance one there he will give them all he gots
Shiloh      "Yeah, guess so!" Shiloh tells Zaxelin, despite confidence lacking in her voice. "We'll have to see how it goes! I.." She's just about to confess that she hadn't even opened it up to get a look at what the cockpit might look like, but she cuts the thought short when she realizes that it might not be the -best- thing to admit to in front of Elder Bowie. "Oh a name? Well...I kinda like the name got any suggestions?" It was kind of hard to be creative under the pressure of the moment.
Vera Vera frowns, "Yeah...guess you need to put in for that, ahead of time. I'll have to remember next time were in one of these situations." As she gets her carbine ready, "Knock over the little space ship, win the Unicron!"
Vault Girl "That thing is fucking huge."

"What the hell is it? It's huge"

The last two Vertibirds out on recon were reporting back with panic, "Citadel. We see something else out here, something different. Oh god. It sees us."

"Evasive maneuvers! No! God no!"


Elder Bowie began to walk in front of the Scorpion-Mech, expecting Shiloh and Zaxelin to follow him, "Mech Team. You will position yourselves inside of the Southern Gate and hold it until the gates are closed. Godspeed."

Dozens of Brotherhood Knights and Paladins began to form up on Bowie as he marched towards and through the southern gates, the Elder eventually arriving at Esscast's location. Patting the soldier on the shoulder, he said to Esscast, "Hold this line soldier, the world depends on us."

Bowie's words as dramatic as they were, were on an open comns to everyone, "The Mutant Horde that approaches intends to consume us. Not just kill us, but take all that we are. If we fail here today, we will become part of it. Our lives, each of our lives means something and must be spent wisely."

Throughout the trenches soldiers were preparing for the orders to fire as explosives and landmines tore apart more of the approaching mutants, "Do not die afraid, die knowing you fought for something bigger then yourself. A future for everyone and freedom where none would be known. This is your finest hour, do not hesitate."

"Weapons, ready!" Bowie called out.

"Ten." He began to countdown.
Zaxelin "Well, it's pretty... big, like some of the wildlife. What about something like... Gigascorpion?" She tries to keep up the conversation and follows Elder Bowie, before getting cut short by the orders. Her worries about the battle washed from her mind, still daydreaming the walking weapon's name, design, and potential problems she still may have to fix.
Esscast esscast nods to bowie before asking the man "if you have any spare explosives on you could you hand me one in case the overrun this position i want to give them a going away present"
Sanbella Sanbella grins wider at seeing the detonations, gripping her rifle tighter as her heart starts beating faster and faster. She felt like she was in Hoover Dam again, fighting back the waves of legionaries. She nodded at Krysta without looking at her, too focused at the incoming mass of mutants and how the mines and cells sent chunks of them flying. She looked at Devlin, hearing him talk about music... and she could only agree. It was a sweet music that got The Red Ranger pumped to fight. Slowly, and unable to control herself, she started chuckling lowly before blowing into a full, dark laughter. "Let them come! LET THEM BREAK AGAINST THE WALLS OF ALAMO'S CITADEL!"
Shiloh      "Okay we can compromise then, like...Giga-Scorps." Shiloh offers to Zaxelin nervously, before she straightens up from her idle small-talk in the moment to listen to Elder Bowie closely. She had to give him her full attention afterall and she needed to take this seriously. She nods her head after the orders and decides with a timid voice, "Understood. We'll do our best." She peeks at Zaxelin and starts to try to climb into the Mech there, manuevering until she manages to find one of the pilot's seat. " about you man the system that controls the guns, I'll just...try to make sure we can move."
     Krysta cracked up. "She wants me to shoot them in the head like I did that dumbass the other day, Kyne." She snickered. She might wear Militia fatigues, but she was apparently more Gunner than military when bombs were going off.
     She looked at Devlin and chuckled as he laughed too. Maybe he wasn't as boring as she thought sometimes. But that vertibird.. well small as it might be to see with her eyes, she watched it go down. That wasn't good...
     Bowie's words on open comm got Krysta to calm down some, focused on the battle, she raised her rifle and waited.
     On external comm she spoke to Sanbella who seemed to have a bit less armor than Krysta and Devlin. "Don't worry. They'll aim for us tin cans first. Be ready, though, to run if one of us tells you to. You might need to bring info elsewhere." She keyed her private comm and thumbed her hand back toward where Bowie was. Only Devlin would hear her. "Ready for the Long Night, Kyne? We get out of this and I might just give you a present."
Davidson Words of inspiration rumble over the comms, and battle-cries and exhortations to battle and courage roar from throats across the wall and down below in the trenches, and a grim smile just tugs up at the corner of Davidson's lips as he watches the mutants start to hit the mine-fields and traps that they'd set up across the field. He's never found religion, and there's no patriotic or idealistic cause for him to die for.

So he'd just have to live, wouldn't he?

"Not the last horizon I'll see," he murmurs to himself, taking a deep breath to steady his nerves.
Elsie Surelda, from her perch, hears all that is spoken. She switches channels and quickly relays it back to the mothership that is El Dorado; no doubt the Lonestar radio team will make sure word get out as to what is happening here.

Then? She steps away, moving to the overlook from the radio spot. She picks up a portable radio and hurries down the steps several levels, to a lower position window where she can more easily sight the oncoming threats. Then? It's out with the HK. One hand steadies it on the window ledge, the other speaks into the radio. "Silver is set up; will report movements as I see them."
Vera Vera closes her eyes a moment, "This is not the end....this is not the beginning of the end..." as she opens her eyes again, "This is the end of the beginning."
Rexus Rexus braces with one foot against the parapet, leaning into the weight of his minigun as he levels it at the approaching horde. "Steady!" he calls to the others around him, "Hold your ground. Not one step backward! This ends here!" he barks, glaring through the vision slits of his helmet, letting his minigun start to whine to life, those barrels clanking around as the gun revs up, ready to spew out molten death.
Vault Girl "Five!" Bowie continues his countdown as the mutants approach. The incoming horde hitting another line of explosives.
Rusty     Calmly taking his place upon the wall, then propping his left boot up onto something that is now a foothold. The old Service Rifle comes up and is aimed as his left elbow rests upon that bent left knee. Inhale, exhale. Deputy Marshal Wayne stands there as calmly as he can. His right hand reaches up to tap at the controls of the helmet, the red lenses brighten. His only regret, is that after all these years, he cannot smoke in this helmet.
Zaxelin Zaxie grins at the mech-pilot, "Walking is easy with two legs, six is probably even easier." She climbs up to the arachnid-tank, finding the hatch inside, and slipping down.

She seats herself infront of Shiloh, the staggered design taking advantage of the mech's length, like an attack-Helicopter made of legs, tail, and guns. "You know how to turn this thing on, Right Shiloh?"
Kaydin     "Take em down." Kaydin says as he readies his rifle and watches the goings on. He remains silent and for now just waits, finger ready to pull the trigger. The lenses of his helmet glowing as he watches and waits.
B B glances over to Davidson. Always one with a flask, she fishes it out of her pocket to hold out to him. "Nor the last sunrise this morning," says she, fixing him with a grim smile. *BOOM!* More flesh turned to meat as the mutants hit the next line of explosives out beyond the wall. She flinches and looks away, knuckles turning white from the death grip on her weapon. "You watch my back, I'll watch yours," she continues to Davidson.
Esscast esscast leans into his bullpup preparing his body for recoil as the horde aproches "smoke em if you got them ladies we dance with death tonight!"
Sanbella Sanbella breathes sharply at seeing the mutants getting closer, her heart calming down as the battle got closer and closer. "Ahah... I can't promise you that, sis. This is my grandma's home and I'm fighting till the end... Hey, once this is all done do you want to grab something to drink? I know this girl that brews some sweet moonshine." The Red Ranger looks down at the horde, unable to keep her mouth shut as adrenaline courses her veins. She prepares her rifle.
Devlin     "Die knowing.." is almost groaned from Devlin, though he catches himself a second later as he realized he was speaking out loud again, luckily he managed to stay on the internal channel. "That speech.. the same speech the old COs gave, the same one the Sargents gave, I'm wondering if every one of them is part of a damn hive mind and fail to realize this."

    Shaking his head gently, he flicks his comms to a broadcast over his speaker systems, leaving in with a dulled monotone rather than one of any definition. "You will stay behind us, if we need to fall back, cling to one of us, we can drop to the ground without needing to worry about the damage to our legs, we may even crush a skull by the time we land."

    Turning forward again as the counting lowers, Devlin lifts his pistol with a slightly bent arm as he takes aim at the shambling horde of flesh that charged towards them. Forgetting he was on open comms until it was too late he asked, "Only 'might'? I'm living through this day, and so are you even if I have to drag you over one shoulder and your friend there over my other. Is that clear?"
Kendar Kendar, didn't even noticing it, steps towards the end of the wall with the rest. Taking out his revolver, he examines it for just a moment. Finally, with a determination in his eyes, he point the gun towards the incoming horde, just waiting for the signal to fire.
Davidson Davidson lifts his head a bit, looking over to B - and he flashes her a grin, reaching out to accept the flask. He raises it up in a salute, then takes a swig before wiping his mouth with the back of his hand and offering it back, "Done and done, Blue Eyes. Let's keep close and let those walking tin cans take the fire, and just do what we can without getting a shallow grave."
Shiloh      "Yeah, well, let's hope so. A lot of it is dictated my the machine itself so it'll just be like pushing forward..." Shiloh decides and nods her head over at Zaxelin before tells her, "Yeah, I know that much I think.." She looks down over the controls and starts trying to go over the steps that were necessary to get it powered and on. She's most likely faking her way through a great deal of it, using a pairing of common sense and past experience trying to get it repaired. "You be ready to aim and fire, alright? Just try not to hit the walls or anyone on our side."
     Krysta snickered. "Oh, I see... So you WANT me to give you some flowers. I'll remember that." Not that she had meant flowers, to begin with. But some banter went a long way as the Elder was counting down to the mother of all chaos...
Vault Girl Another line of explosives decimated the incoming mutants and when the rest began to pour through the order came, "FIRE!" Bowie's order rang clear across all channels moments after the mutants were racing at the trench lines.

The amount of firepower being put out from the defensive lines put the siege of El Dorado to shame, the armored units to the north providing long range support as they launched mortar shells and explosive rounds into the air.

The Mutant Horde was coming? Could you prevent them from over-running the trenches.

Special Encounter: Everyone gets a single attack roll to represent multiple attacks and may burn as MUCH ammunition as they like to try and stop the Mutants from over-running the trenches. You get one chance, make it count!
Zaxelin Zaxelin grins wider, "The tail on this thing is like a watchtower, we're gonna tear hell on anything with that kinda vantage~" Betraying her cocky banter, the GS's second pilot isn't sure of how to work the controls either, hoping it won't cost them dearly when the fighting starts.

She fiddles with everything unmarked, doing her best to make sure the controls are secured to the console, and memorizes every backup switch in sight. "Are there any comms on this thing? I don't wanna get caught swearing if the consoles start exploding around us."
Esscast esscast could be called davie crocket at this point if davie crocket was wielding a .223 lmg as he reloaded and fired at the oncoming horde with a output of 120 bullets using his combat training as he aimed to get the most out of each belt
Vera Vera starts firing on the horde, staying in single shot mode. Better to pick your shots, rather then just fire willy nilly. She tries to slow down the mass, aiming for the legs of the horde coming at them. If one stumbles and falls, others will trip over them. Who knows, maybe a few will break there neck as the fall..or at least block the path for some time.
     Krysta unloaded into the crowd, her weapon's reports turning into white noise for her after the first few rounds. She would empty one mag entirely before snapping a second in and continuing to mow down the enemy.
Rexus Rexus lets his minigun pick up the revs before it starts belching out lasers. He walks the spitting behemoth of death across the oncoming mutants, cutting a swathe into their ranks with those red lances of death. "Get some!" he shouts, more to himself than to anyone else. "Get some Baby! Ha ha!" Anyone who runs... is a Mutant, anyone who stands still.. is a well disciplined Mutant.
Sanbella Sanbella takes position and starts shooting, aiming at the incoming brutes while laughing maniacally, mag-dumping her Service Rifle into the mutant wave, reloading and repeating the process. "NO GUTS, NO GLORY! GIVE ALL YOUR GUTS!" She was mad, full of worries. Firing her gun and feeling the recoil helped her cope with the accumulated stress and ease her feelings. "WHAT A LOVELY NIGHT! GRANDMA'S HOUSE IS FUCKING AMAZING!"
Elsie "Stay off the comms if you're not using them, please." That means you, Devlin. Mute your barking dog or whatever it is.

And then? Surelda sets aside the radio and rests her cheek to her complex HK. She inhales deeply and begins to exhale ... and then the weapon pops, pops, pops on semi-auto as she sweeps the field before her from her vantage point above, sending rounds into thick, mutated flesh in a cold and calculated manner.
Shiloh      "Let's hope! Keep an eye on those monitors and I'll keep us honed on them! I uh, dunno if the comms have linked up yet to what we're using, we haven't had a chance to work on that. So, let the curses fly I guess if you need to!" Shiloh calls over her shoulder to Zaxelin while she brings power to the machines. The consoles flicker to life with a dull green glow that gives Shiloh and Zaxelin both access to cooridinates and a feed of the enemy's position from the front and tail perspective. She leans forward in her seat and waits tensely for the cue that Elder Bowie gave them. When that cue happens, Shiloh's hands are on the control and turning the Mecha-Scorpion to position it on where their enemy is the most concentrated. Zaxelin manning the guns, Shiloh focuses on keeping their rate of fire as precise and effecient as possible. Sparks shower and fly from the weapon and the sounds the guns make are deafening, hundreds of bullets flying out from the pinsers and tail by the second.
Davidson The order barks out over the comms, and Davidson leans back forward against the edge of the wall. "Here they come," he mutters, to B, "Just hold tight and keep low, and we'll all see another sunrise over a new horizon yet..." There's no automatic fire from his rifle, just a steady pause - shot - pause - shot as he picks out targets, breathing steadily, just focusing on what he can see through the scope. Living for each shot, instead of worrying about the larger battle - trusting others to cover that.
Iris Lark When the call to fire comes, Iris fires and fires and fires. Plasma, lasers and bullets make a noise so loud that if she wasn't concentraiting on attempting to kill with the rest of the folks, she would have covered her ears. Eventually the noise dies down and everyone seems to be watching to see how effective the strike was. People yell, scream and jump around the walls, but others stand still - waiting to view the aftermath. Those who went to Mexico know better than to celebrate without seeing what was wrought.
Kendar The deafening effect of dozens of guns firing is quite impressive. Kendar of course added onto it with his own revolver. Bang! One shot there. Bang! Another there. He didn't even look to see if he hit the target, because he knew that he needed to get another shot off as soon as possible. As soon as he uses up the bullets, he loads up a new stack. Double checking the people surrounding him, making sure their all alright and haven't gone deaf from the whole thing.
B B takes the flask back, gulps down a sip and tucks it away before she joins the firefight. Her shots are careful, aimed as best she can given the rapidly closing distance, picking one off here and there. She sucks in a pained breath, physically feeling blow after blow of bullets hitting those she wounds on the battlefield. Gritting her teeth agains the pain, she continues firing until her clip is empty. She crouches down, trying to gain what cover she can as she reloads her gun and tries to catch her breath.
Devlin     "Damn things are coming in hard!" is broadcasted as Devlin uses his left hand to hit his right arm, it seems that the comm lines holding Surelda's voice either didn't reach him or he simply ignored it. What could not be seen was the pipboy was now connected with the internal HuD of the powerarmor allowing its operator to begin tracking several different targets at the same time. Giving up his mobility even further, Devlin lowers himself down to one knee and adjusts his arm under the computer's guidance.

    The semi-automatic pistol, already tuned for F.E.V mutations began to fire several times a second, steadily before shifting quickly to target another mutant. Not being above shooting the same creature multiple times, the computer kept the man from repeatedly shooting corpses or the crippled, leaving those for the trench fighters to handle personally.
Zaxelin The Mutant Horde comes surging towards the citadel, as Elder Bowie gives the order to fire, and a cacophony of fire erupts from all over the Alamo. Zaxelin struggles with the controls, as the mechanical monster's tail arcs unnaturally, while Shiloh marches it into position. The monitors flicker with life as the Mutants rush in, before Zaxelin pulls the triggers... and the tail spins up.

The mutants are met with a sudden stream of fire from the old-world machine, as the tail bellows a deafening roar, cutting them apart and knocking up clouds of dust and gore. And stragglers that closed in were pummelled and knocked aside by its giant metal claws, as the tail continued to spin up bursts of death into the crowd behind, damaging the gate's would-be assaulters.

Zaxelin doesn't speak, only cackling madly inside the vibrating shell of the walking weapon, a legend of the wastes in the making, the Gigascorp.
Rusty     Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exha-hold breath. Squeeze trigger calmly. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat again. Rusty has been here before in a manner of speaking. He's too focused to be concerned with the bit of fear he has. He's buried that fear deep down and has turned to the task at hand. Shot after shot on semi-automatic fire. Take aim. Apply trigger as many times as needed. After he has burned through two magazines worth, he checks his fire for the moment to evaluate.
Vault Girl The insane drunken civilians in the New Rome Chariots race out to meet the horde, crying out an assortment of battlecries, none of them matching up. Alongside them are Motorhead Gang Members and Brotherhood of Steel members who were unable to contain themselves in the trenches any longer.

As all hell reigned loose upon the incoming mutants, they kept coming.

Ambushes and skirmish groups that had positioned themselves earlier laid waste, creating a killing field in the rocky approaches to the citadel.

At the Western Wall another assault of mutants had begun, but they were fewer in number and with Eden manning the repaired turret that made up part of the wall it was a tough fight for the mutants as they exploded wholesale.

More bullets then some states had after the great war had ended rained down from the walls of the Alamo Citadel, and from the trenches; mutants dying in the thousands as they raced forward with reckless abandon.

Plasma blasts from the Scorpion Mech decimated incoming ranks, but there didn't seem to be an end to the incoming horde. Already the first line of trenches had mutants inside of them and Elder Bowie, like many in that part of the battlefield were down to fighting in melee combat.

Professor Einstein from Acme came up beside Iris with a securitron with a head-in a jar for it's head (Doctor Van Doberstein) and Old Gregg in tow. The trio had come along for the trip and seemed to be carting along some kind of bomb, "Ah, Iris my girl" Einstein said to the young woman, "Would you be interested in helping us find a volunteer to get this bomb out somewhere amidst the horde so you can shoot it and disperse the nerve toxin within?" On the bomb was written 'Science is #1'. 'FEV Exterminator Payload Prototype'
Iris Lark Iris turns to glance around, a frown on her face. "I can ..try." She says, moving to where she can be seen on the battlements. "I need a volunteer to get a bomb to the horde. Who wants to go with glory?" She calls out glancing around as she waits to hear an answer, any answer.
Esscast esscast began using his lmg like a beating stick as the mutants began entering the treches he even went as far as to pull one into the trench to beat it sencless with his bear hands totaly forgetting he had a working service pistol and laser pistol
Kaydin     Kaysin makes his way over to Iris and offers to take the bomb. "I will do it. Got to outshine Ashur somehow." Kaydin says as he takes the bomb and begins to run for the mutant horde, grunting as he leaps and dodges corpses and mutant bodies to try and get it as far into the horde as possible.
Rusty     Shooting continues with a sense of urgency now. The greenskins keep coming, and Rusty continues his solemn duty to Burn the heretic. Kill the mutant. Purge the unclean. The Inquisition Arbi- No. Wait. Wrong franchise... The El Dorado Deputy Marshal continues firing, even if just a little faster now. Aim shifting rapidly enough to make John Wick proud, though the results are varying as it is Supermutants, and some need a little more acute lead poisoning of the cranium than others.
     Krysta switched on her comm to broadcast so Iris. "I got a rocket launcher if you got someone to use it." And off goes the comm and more bullets were fired. Krysta liked her automatic.
Elsie From her vantage point, Surelda sees Kaysin as he starts to make his run. The comms crackle to life. "Runner going through the lines. If we lay out the ones around him, he'll get deeper into their mix." There's words for that. Smart, strategic words. Surelda doesn't know any of them, but the point hopefully gets across. Pew pew. Covering fire for Kaydin!
Sanbella Sanbella Continues firing her gun, looking to her left and right to make sure Krysta and Devlin were still standing before aiming her gun at the nearest mutant, spraying lead until it ceased moving. She loved to be in a war again, feeling the rush as her weapon's recoil tried to send her well-trained arms flying. "Aim, unload, reload, aim..."
Iris Lark Kaydin starts to run and Iris takes aim, squinting as she catches sight of the bomb in his hands. She fires off three rounds from her plasma pistol, striking the bomb in his grasp and causing it to explode, sending a vile green cloud wafting through the mutant horde.
Davidson "Keep steady," Davidson says lowly, for his own benefit as much as anyone else nearby, "Just keep breathing... keep focused. Shoot, pick a new target, move on..." As there's the crackle over the comms, he sweeps the rifle's scope - spotting Kaydin, he works to give the runner some cover, taking pot-shots at the mutants to drive them into cover or into an early grave. Anything to help the man get deeper into enemy lines.
Vera Vera watches as someone seems to be running towards the horde..."Ok, now thats a bit...unusual" As she continues to pick off things.
Rexus Rexus waits till the battle is properly joined. "Armored Fist, free to engage the mutants." he calls out to the distant armor group, now is about as good a time as any as the horde lunges at the trenches and walls of the Citadel.
Kendar Kendar sees Kaydin run off into rhe crowd carrying the bomb. "Seriously?" He proclaims as he starts focusing fire on the mutants around him. "I guess we're doing this now!"
Rusty     Blinking behind the red lenses, Rusty stares at the sprinting Kaydin. Under his breath is a muttered. "What the f- oh." Putting two and two together after a moments hesitation. After all, a volunteer was called for, and someone is running towards the mutants. Onlya complete idiot or waster would try to parlay with supermutants at a time like this. So Rusty's aim shifts to support Kaydin's Run potential ascension to Carrousel.
Devlin     Lifting the laser pistol up as what little moisture was in the air causes wispy smoke to trail off of it which he waves in the air slightly, attempting to let it cool off. Turning the laser pistol to the side, Devlin begins to take out the drained cells but he doesn't discard, them, slipping them into a compartment along the hip, planning to see about collecting a new charge within them at a much later date. "Just what are they planning.. Krysta, do you still have the launcher 'armed' near by? We night need it to break open a route before long. I haven't seen any rockets along this wall."
Sanbella While reloading her rifle, Sanbella notices the firing-focus to shift towards a peculiar spot in the battlefield. She notices someone running towards the mutants, carrying some kind of bomb. "What a crazy man, I did not knew we had suiciders in our forces." She aims her service rifle and joins the others in giving the man covering fire, aiming to either incapacitate or vanquish any mutants that got too close to Kaydin.
Vault Girl Elder Bowie and the men in the first line continued to fight with all of their courage and all of their might, as Supermutants joints the battle alongside the normal mutants. In a matter of moments everything was quickly going to hell.

Bowie and Esscast found themselves back to back as Bowie yelled for those in the other defensive lines to begin falling back.

As a massive brute tried to engage the pair, Bowie gave his life for Esscast, his arm lopped off as he pushed Esscast out of the way. Esscast, fell in the trenches, knocked over and falling unconscious to the sight of Bowie fighting the Supermutant King; a beast at least 20 feet tall to a standstill on his own.

Bowie succumbing to his wounds as the beast falls.

As Kaydin runs into the trenches he finds himself fighting for his life, but Iris' shot rings true.

The bomb explodes and a greenish gas begins to disperse through the area.

Where it hits mutants? They stop dead in their tracks, paralyzed as the gas attacked their nervous systems.

The Armored Vehicles moved around from the rear and along with the firepower of the Scorpion Mech quickly put a dent in the mutant forces.

Van Doberstein declared in his computerized voice, "Splendid. Now Iris, my dear. We require a Vertibird to return to Acme and begin synthesizing more of this, it will take several months. Would you be so kind as to help us steal one?" It was an entirely casual thing to the formerly-evil Scientist who might still be mostly evil.

Old Gregg huffed some Jet and declared, "I knew it would work dudes, anyone else need some jet?"

Einstein crossed his arms and declared, "Magnificent."

The Battle for the Alamo was far from over but the mutants had been routed for now.

The Horde still numbered in the tens of thousands and this was only the first day of the siege....

In the distance a blood-curdling roar could be heard, a roar that carried through the winds of rage and fury. It had come from something massive.
Iris Lark Iris nods vaguely to Van Doberstein and then she blinks and stares at him for a moment. "You want me to..ah..uhm..." She lets out a nervous laugh and glances towards the vertibird hangars. "You want me to help you steal a vertibird? Can't we just ask them if you can use one?" She looks faintly nervous and slightly amused. "I ..don't think I've ever stolen anything that big before."
Rusty     It is over. For now. Rusty has stopped firing as the FEV Nerve Agent does it's stuff. He's only guessing at what he just saw though, yet since humans are not dead itmust be something that affects supermutants only. In theory. Turning to set himself down to lean up against the wall, he takes stock of his wapon first, ammo second. Thirdly, he actually removes his helmet regardless of people around, just to be able to light up a good smoke as a reward.
Sanbella Sanbella watches the leftovers of the battle, breathing slowly to calm down. Her ears ringing even with the protection of her helmet, she turned to the defenders and gulped, noticing just how many were hurt. "There's... still hope." The Red Ranger was certain of it, she climbed down from the wall to rejoin the rest of the forces, searching for somebody to patch her up, her mind clouded and hazy from the adrenaline of breaking such gigantic wave.