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Iris Lark Iris paces back and forth in the medical bay, her arms folded over her chest and her hair in slight disarray. She looks stressed, that is clear, and it's easy to see why. Einstein and Von Doberstein are nearby, both talking to themselves and to Iris about some help that they need. She turns to face the pair of them, her hair swinging out behind her. "I can't *steal* a vertibird, are you sure that they won't just let you borrow one for a while?"

Von Doberstein chuckles quietly, his computerized voice still managing a sarcastic tone. "Yes, I'm sure they'll just hand us the keys and tell us to go have a grand old time. Now Iris, dear, this won't be all that hard. We've plenty to distract folks with. Nobody needs to get hurt."
Qwillis     "Steal a vertibird"
    That's what Qwillis walks in on, glancing from Iris to Von Doberstein. Frowning a little, he'd fold his arms across his chest and slowly walk closer. "Alright.. I'm sure there's a perfectly reasonable explination.. for why this is being talked about?" Q looks between Iris and the other two with a raised brow. "What's wrong?"
Iris Lark Von Doberstein turns to Qwillis, his securitron body jerky moving towards the man slowly, the head inside the glass jar offering a sardonic grin. "Einstein and myself have a need to get some more supplies. Now that we have seen the effectiveness of the bomb we set off at the walls earlier, we need to gather things for a repeat performance." The securitron gestures towards Iris, who stands still, a slightly unhappy look on her face. "We trust this young girl to help us."

Iris smirks at Qwillis and gives what looks to be a gallic shrug before she lets out a sigh. "I want to help you two, you will come back with more of..whatever that was, right?" She glances between Einstein and Von Doberstein, a slightly stern look on her pretty face.
Qwillis     Qwillis looks between the two, then over to Iris. Frowning a little, he'd finally nod some. "I see. So a means to an end. Fine. I'll help you get it, Iris. I don't know how to fly.. but with my pip-boy I should be able to register an auto-pilot to get the vertibird back to Acme and back here? If they're going to help us deal with the horde outside.. then we have to have speed."
Iris Lark Old Gregg steps foward, snering a bit as he looks Qwillis over. "I can fly tha damned thing, we just need to get one. She got an idea ta provide ah diversion. Hope it means she's gonna flash someone." He snorts at his joke, while the two doctors don't look completely scandalized, but they're trying. It's only polite.

Iris takes a breath and stares at the ceiling for a moment, before she holds both hands up. "We'll get them in the air tomorrow, we'll find a way to make it work. Anything that can help is worth it right now.." She glances at the other Doctors. "You need to modify what you had tonight to fit in a rocket launcher or something."
Qwillis     Q looks over at Old Gregg and nods a little. "Fine. That will help reduce the requirements for reprogramming then." Shaking his head a little, he'd muse, looking to Iris. "They got communications back up.. and their computer systems are online. I had to reprogram a few of them. I could easily tell it to provide false data if necessary. Otherwise, how can I help you get them going?"
Iris Lark "Honestly? I'm going to need someone to speak on my behalf if we get caught. They won't let them borrow one, because they don't believe they'll return. So just keep them from killing me if we get caught." Iris looks pained for a moment and then runs a slender hand through her hair.

Von Doberstein chuckles, the sound hollow as he wheels closer to Iris. "Now my Dear. Don't think like that, Once we return, you'll be lauded as a hero. Especially if Einstein and myself can make inroads on some nerve gasses that will work soley on the Horde." His computerized voice lowers for a moment before he adds. "Also, you remember what Sparrow made?"

Iris blinks as she stares back at the Acme scientists and her mouth slowly drops open. "You mean...the vaccine?"
Qwillis     Q tilts his head to the side. "Iris.. I'm going to help. You're part of my team now, remember? That means I'm there for you.. beyond being a friend. So.. I can do more than that."
    He'd pause as Von Duberstein mentions the cure. A small frown is given. "Hmm.. mixing that into the nerve gas to cause a biological reassembly of the FEV virus.. You'd be able to disrupt a vast quantity of them.. if.. there's enough time to get the proper chemical mixture?"
Iris Lark "It's unknown whether we can use it for that purpose, but isn't it worth a try, son?" Von Doberstein says, his kindly computerized voice still quiet. He gestures to Iris and then turns back toward Qwillis. "Can you see now why it's important that we get back to Acme?"

Iris glances between the group standing to the side and Qwillis. "Yes, I suppose I do understand, but I don't know why we just can't get Rexus or someone else to let us take the vertibird properly."
Qwillis     Q muses and nods a little. "Let me ask him. I'll ask as an aside and see what he might say. I think that if I approach him the right way.. he might let it happen. He's taken to respecting me.. especially with us getting the spider mecha fully operational for him." Q shrugs a little. "Otherwise.. we fall back and do it anyways."
Iris Lark Einstein, who has been quiet up until now nods as he steps closer to the other Doctor, his arms folded over his chest. "No matter what, we'll attempt to bring back what we can to try to slow down the Horde." Von Doberstein offers a slightly wicked grin from inside his jar. "We'll show these mutants that scientists are the most dangerous lads of all!"

Iris shakes her head and rolls her eyes as she takes a few steps away. She pulls her pistol from her hip and checks it over because it was used earlier. "Well, boys, we need to make sure we don't injure anyone on the inside taking the bird. We'll set ourselves back, and that won't help anyone."
Qwillis     Q taps his pip-boy. "They use this for orders and communication. We just tell them they're needed to report to another spot. By the time they figure it out and report back? It'll be done." Q nods to the other two scientist. "If I can help, let me know. I've been studying a lot lately within my own lab.. I also founded the Scientists of El Dorado.. So I know if we work together, we can acomplish amazing things."
Iris Lark "We'll need your help when we return. We'll try to modify things so a person doesn't have to run the bomb into the horde." Von Doberstein says, rolling towards the exit with Einstein and Gregg in tow. "We'll see you tomorrow lovely Iris, rest well."

The two scientists and Gregg exit and Iris looks exasperated, and then pained. "Yes..poor Kaydin." She moves to take a seat on one of the beds. "I wonder if anyone has word on him."
Qwillis     Qwillis nods to them and watches the scientists and pilot leave. Looking over to Iris, he'd frown then shake his head. "I have not heard word about him. But.. I'm also not exactly in the military communication loop.." Q would walk over to where Iris sits and sits next to her. "We have to stop this swarm.. Just like what was done before. Massive force to end it.. even if it's not all of it. They have to be stopped. We'll make sure it happens."
Iris Lark "I just wish more work was done on the vaccine." Iris says softly, and she does look slightly miserable and stressed right now. "I'm pretty sure we're going to get caught taking the bird, and even if we're not, they may try to shoot it down." She grimaces and rubs a hand over her face. "I feel like I just got tucked between a rock and a hard place and I've ..well I've been feeling out of sorts in the worst way."
Qwillis     Q nods slowly, frowning a little. "I understand. We all did really. With this horde's attack.. we're stuck here. Win or lose. As for the bird.. Trust me.. I'll deal with that. There's a reason why I spent a lot of time on their computers, Iris. So that I have control, if I need it." He'd lean to nudge her, shoulder to shoulder. "So.. relax. I mean.. we're surrounded and all that.. But.. we got a way to win. It will work."
Iris Lark "I didn't want to come down here." Iris admits, and she sneaks a glance towards Qwillis, hoping not to see censure in the return gaze. "I only did because I couldn't watch so many people that I care about take the risk without knowing what might happen to them." She chuckles ruefully and sighs. "If everyone jumps off of a bridge, would you?" She smirks and shrugs before she replies. "It's clear that I would."
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles a little at Iris. "Me either.. but.. well.. you said it." Q muses, looking down at his hand and metal hand. "I would Iris.. But.. I'd have a parachute." He'd glance over at her sidelong with a small grin. "Because if I'm going to go down? I'm going to make sure it's as controlled as I can.."
Iris Lark "I just want to make it home. I want to see my pig, my shop, my house. I may never leave it again." Iris replies, kicking her feet back and forth as she lets out a slow breath. "I did the same thing after Mexico, became a hermit for a while, just...relaxed and got used to living again." She grins at Qwillis. "You'll have a hell of a time dragging me away from home for a while."
Qwillis     Qwillis chuckles a little. "Well.. I hope you aren't a stranger around the bunker at least?" He'd smile her way with a small shrug. "it's important to live. It's important to remember why the fighting.. why those who sacrifice themselves do.." Q shakes his head some. "This.. just urges me on more. To work with the group.. We.. have dunwich about beat, Iris.. and then we'll work on more improvements. For the city. for everyone."
Iris Lark "You know how I feel about Dunwich." Iris replies and she shudders a bit as she wrinkles her nose. "Well I live, sort of." She glances towards where the caravan wagons are stored. "Moreso lately than before, I think." She brightens a bit at the mention of improvements. "I look forward to that."
Qwillis     Q nods solemnly. "I'm going to try and get a power source big enough to fuel an EMP pulse, without the nuke, Iris. If I can get that? Dunwich will be stopped. It's all technology. So I have a good handle on it." Qwillis smiles a little at that. "Hmm.. you and Matt? I think I heard about you two.. I hope you're happy Iris. That's what I've always hoped you know.." Q looks at his hands and nods. "We get the immediate threats handled.. and we'll.. we'll make it better. I know we can. We have all the talent for it now."
Iris Lark Iris blinks as she gazes at Qwillis, a blush making her cheeks go pink as she ducks her head. "Rumors are something else, aren't they?" She mumbles, pressing her hands against her cheeks briefly before she gets a handle on herself. "Yes, he's..." She pauses and considers her words for a few moments. "..he's very sweet amd mature even if he is a few years younger than I am." She bites at her lip a bit and then she admits. "I'll help with Dunwich, as long as I don't have to go inside of it. The land seems...different, and maybe we can use that to our advantage when it's less dangerous."
Qwillis     Q smiles to Iris with a small nod. "I don't pay much attention to them Iris. Just watch out for my friends." He'd muse, listening about Matt and nods a little. "Good. Because if he does hurt you.. I'm going to have to talk to him.." Qwillis pauses, then chuckles ruefully. "Wow.. sounds like someone I know." Shaking his head, Q glances to Iris and nods. "I won't make anyone go in there Iris. I'm going to shoot it. I can't go in there.. the pulse would kill my arm and leg."
Iris Lark "I'm sure he'll be kind. He has been so far, though I'm still not completely sure what this whole courting thing is about." Iris remarks, a slightly amused look on her face as she gazes at Qwillis. "It just seems like another word for dating." She shifts to cross her leg and sighs. "I hope everyone is okay back home without us there, I mean..the Enclave hasn't been long in retreat either."
Qwillis     Qwillis chuckles and nods a little. "it's a more formal way of saying dating.. An old fashion way. Seeking to potentially marry.. I think." He'd muse, then smiles with a small shrug, watching Iris. "I think they will be. We didn't take everyone. Just a lot.."
Iris Lark Iris looks wary when the M word is mentioned and she leans back on her hands as she silently considers Qwillis' words. Then she lets out a rather large yawn and blinks. "I'm sorry." She murmurs, flushing a bit in the cheeks again. "I should probably find a place to rack out, try to get a few hours of sleep before we try to be sneak thieves."
Qwillis     Q glances at Iris and chuckles. he'd stand, reaching over with that regular hand to pat her shoulder. "Rest here. You'll be fine for a while. I have a few things to check on too." Smiling, he'd offer to help her get settled on that bed, before he'd leave himself. Time to make sure he can back end the computer system.. just in case.