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Bane      Word has been circulating for a week or so now, a large expedition is being organised to head out and setup in Roswell. The city is not too far away, but still no large scale efforts have yet been made peoples superstitions and the ghouls keeping most away. But Bane is not most, and he needs caps. By now most have heard it from word of mouth or seen the fliers that have gone up around town.

     The details provided are sparse but there. A route in has been established, they are going to setup out of town in the secured area while a couple of teams of scouts move in. After that a 'beachhead' will be established in the city proper and the scavengers will go to work filling the wagons with anything worth their time. The current plan is to work it a couple of days before getting the hell out of dodge. All profits will be divided equally between participants so long as they do their job.

     Now the caravan of wagons, horses and people are slowly starting to gather by the north gate. Some drawn by the promise of caps, others by the adventure and some for the hope of seeing forgotten or rare technologies. Last call for those that are willing to try and find their fortune in Roswell.
Lucky Good ol' Lucky, the Desert Ranger from the NCR walks quietly with the wagons. His SMG in hand as he walks, eyes scouting the area slowly and quietly. "So." He says "Where eve'ybod' be from?" He asks cheerfully.
Jude Jude arrives at the North Gate with a spring in his step and a smile on his face. He trots beside the the wagons, hand moving periodically to the knife on his toolbelt. He flicks his gaze over at the Ranger, Lucky, and bobs his head amiable. "Vault City here in El Dorado, myself. How about?" He pauses a second and then offers, "I'm Jude, by the by."
Kit Davidson Kit Davidson had been called in on his radio as he had been getting to his new post. Kit had made his way on over when he had seen Lucky, the short NCR ranger dressed out in rather crisp and clean khakis, with a pair of neon deely-bobbers on his helmet. "Kit reporting in." he says with a sharp voice, one tinged in boy-scout and do-good.
Stockton Did someone say Caps? Danger? Yeah, that means that means /They're/ here. Stockton, with his trusty sidearms and a toothy smile wrapped around a dark handrolled cigarillo. He stalks on those heavy boots with the cowgirl and the mechanic. Muttering a few soft grumbles that are unintelligible to the group moving with the wagon. They decided to meet them on the path. A scout might tell the forward party that the wagon guards numbers were less than they are now. For such a huge fucker, Stockton is kind of a graceful ninja making less noise the moment they flank the wagons, just in time to hear the introductions. "'m Stockton," he drawls around his cigarillo, head bobbing to the blonde cowgirl, "S'here's Sparrow, an' Tobias." And then he's eyes forward, and around. Mercs, man. Buncha assholes.
Tobias Tobias has his large pack on and his strange goggles have been pulled down to cover his eyes, speaking as he wipes with with a grubby cloth to clear enough grime so he can see, "Ya think we'll see any of them flying saucers? I heard stories that Roswell gots metal in the sky." He had! At the Saloon just the other night...

The large steel frame pack on his back is hitched into place while he walks, he straps the buckles across his chest closed with three succint clicks. "Pleased ta meet yahs." He pushes the goggles back up to expose the clean rings of flesh around his hazel eyes with a series of blinks.
Sparrow Sparrow is here to keep an eye on her friends and of course, offer what help she can. Bluebell walks alongside the two men at an easy walk kicking up dust from her hooves. The blonde cowgirl atop her is smoking, a rolled cigarillo tucked into the corner of her mouth and held in her teeth. Stockton gets a lofted bro but the stoic faced blonde adds, "We're all from round these parts." She explains to Lucky, nodding to Kit and giving Jude a twitch of a smile. It's there but fleeting before Sparrow dismounts and gives Bluebelle her reins, the mare follows behind. She gives Stockton a sneer though at his whisper. "Quit bein' a bad influence."
Bane      Bane rides up and down the veritable parade of people, horses and wagons. His practised eyes scanning over everybody and everything, he is the one that set this up and he will be damned if he is going to let anyone try and derail the entire thing now. He is dressed as always in his armoured battle scarred duster, his revolver at his hip and his lever action held lazily with one hand resting on one of his legs. Slung across one side of his horse is another large weapon case, but that only comes out on special occasions.

     He comes to a stop besides a few of the others finally satisfied that everything is currently under control. He anwers the question neutrally, his voice is deep and gravelly. "Been just abou' everywhere in the wastes. Don't stay still for very long." He tilts his hat slightly to shade his eyes "I don't think we are here for any flying metal. More interested in the stuff that is easy to get too on the ground."

     The caravan moves at a steady pace towards their destination. And all looks to be going pretty well. Takes a couple of hours but they reach the prescouted and cleared location from which to launch their operation. It is a trio of building and in the centre is a pile of rotting ghoul corpses, looks to be a couple dozen at least. The smell is awful, but everything in the wastes isn't gumdrops and icecream. In the distance is Roswell city proper, even from here movment is visible. The place is bloody crawling.
Lucky "Names Lucky Strikes." Lucky says cheerfully with a beaming smile. "I hail from Mojave." He adds with a role of his shoulders.

"Wow. Thi' place .. looks worse th'n some of th' places I've seen back in the Mojave."
Jude Jude smiles at the familiar faces that join on the path. His smile grows as he even gets their names too. He nods amiably at each in turn. "Good to meetcha, Kit. Stockton. Miss Sparrow. Tobias." He lifts a hand, touching the rubber band that holds his goggles atop his head. He listens to Tobias talking about metal in the sky and just muses wistfully to himself. "Loooove to see that." He laughs and shakes his head with a bit of a blush, patting one of the wagons and dipping fast to get a look under to check the axles for good repair. He runs up then to check the rest of the moving parts in the little caravan. He might be all smiles, but he takes his part of the job seriously.

Jude's smile slips as they get to the first stop. His nose wrinkles and he reaches into his belt to get a bandana to tie around his face to shield his nose just a little. "Never get used ta that smell," he mutters darkly.
Kit Davidson Kit Davidson gives a nod to Lucky, "Kit Davidson, newly transfered out here." as he motions towards the direction of El Dorado. He makes to be up towards the front of the Caravan, eyes looking from side to side as they move. As they get closer and the ghouls are seen, he pulls on his gas mask and turned on the special eye pieces of his helmet. Looking for that telltale sign of movement, as he pulls his rifle to the ready. "Never trust a ghoul. Ain't right."
Stockton Stockton keeps to himself and his as they trek along, sometimes he'll flank the other side of the carts to make sure to keep eyes on all horizons. Constantly worried about ambush, the Merc stays quiet and focused. His coat is slung back enough to reveal those pistols he keeps. Ever at the ready and unstrapped. Sparrows disaparaging hiss just earns her a heavy shoulder checking into her, "Never heard you complain about my influence b'fore," he chuffs and gives her a wink before flicking the ash of his cigarillo. It helps mask the smell some but he still wrinkles his nose. "Why limit the pot to just ghouls," he drawls at Kit with a toothy smirk before returning his gaze to the city. "Welp. This gon' get ugly afore it gets pretty."
Tobias "I'm my own bad influence." Who is he talking to?!

As they move along and the smell gets stronger Tobias reaches to the tattered red bandana around his neck, pulling it up to wear as a half mask on the bottom of his face. Bane rides up Tobias tilts his gaze to the man on the horse and his lop-sided grin is swallowed in the scarf even while evident in his tone, "No kiddin', be a hell of a thing to even see!" A friendly nod of agreement to Jude before he snorts quietly, mutttering, "S'fer damn sure.."

Drawing closer still to the chaos garners a hunker in his posture as if the gearhead sought to make himself smaller in the presence of danger. He pulls his goggles back down and his whole face is obscured now making his expression impossible to read. "It's already ugly."
Sparrow Sparrow shifts from the check and shoots Stock a narrow look out of her bright blue eyes. Her weather-wrinkled features draw into a thin expression along with it. Thankfully, there's someone being polite so Sparrow returns, "You too, Jude."

Sparrow pulls her bandana up over the bottom half of her face. She inclines her head to Bane as well in silent greeting before looking sidelong to Tobias. "You wanna use the gun?" She asks him with a smirk, "Just incase you see any space critters?" She still sounds almost disbelieving of the whole thing despite the many credible reports and Tobi's not so credible account. The should though do make the cowgirl's brow's knit tightly. She reaches to her hip to unstrap and loosen her holster. "Rifles on Bluebelle." She tells Tobi.
Bane      Bane looks towards Jude with a small frown "Yes you do. It just takes a little while." He looks towards the corpses "They got me pretty good though, was going to burn them. Ended up getting stitches instead." He racks his rifle and chambers the first round, looking towards the city before turning back to the wagons and a few of the other people scattered around. "Setup here for now, houses are secure, and the area has been cleared of other dangers. Scouting parties head out. You know what you are looking for. Try and draw as many away as you can before we make a beachhead. From there hopefully it won't matter if they find us."

     He rides back to the others before smoothly sliding from his saddle. Everyone seems to be more or less busy, or at least they are making themselves look that way. Smart. His eyes travel over them, a couple he knows. And the others look capable enough. "Ok you can all come with me. We are clearing the road into the designated beachead. There will be some resistance." His eyes slide towards Tobias "And i ma going to need some people capable with wrenches, there is a makeshift barricade across the road I need to be gone."
Lucky Lucky nods as he listens to Bane before checking his gun quietly.
Jude Jude nods, but seems a little sad at Bane's promise to get used to the smell of death. He does know enough not to argue the point. He glances around the group and guesses Bane isn't the only one fairly used to it. He listens intently to the plan, nodding as the directions are given. He does his part without question. A hard worker this one.

When it's mentioned that wrenches are needed, he pops tall and smiles at Tobias. "Our time to shine, buddy!" he chirps enthusiastically. "Reckon we can wreck it afore they get done with a bit of killin'?"
Stockton Stockton glances up at Bane when he tells them to set up camp. That itching trigger finger isn't hearing it though, he simply shifts from one foot to the other while the handy ones at making camp do so. It's the call to action that has him grinning, gritting down on his cigarillo as he puffs on it again. "Sounds like fun," he intones as he turns over his shoulder at the interactions between Jude and Tobias. It's a watchful eye that follows Jude afterwards. "Yeah, don't go gettin excited and gettin yourself killed either." He gives a gruff sound and looks back to make sure Sparrow had his back as they angled towards Bane and their target.
Tobias Tobias does his part to help out when the group stops to set up camp but the offer of the gun has his full attention for a time. "Oh yeah? Yah mean it, Birdy?" Tobias has a broad grin that sets his crooked yellow teeth on clear display as he rubs his hands together greedily, crossing to the horse to retrieve the rifle, "I love playing with new toys." He takes the assuault rifle with a gingerly grasp and his attention flits to Bane at the mention of wrenches.

Tobias slips the gun over his shoulder and takes the wrench from his belt, a sure nod is sent to Jude, "I say we got this, neighbor. More'n nuff good guns watchin' our backs." He spins the wrench over the back of his knuckles with a smooth loll of his wrist before catching it in his palm with a sharp clink.
Sparrow Sparrow is as she often is, bringing up the rear. "If you need to hang back I'll cover ya. Also decent with gettin' people patched up." She reminds people as she draws her gun and nods after Bane. She's ready to move and she has her gun out and held low keeping her eye out to the back and sides just incase anything comes up from behind.
Bane      The path foward is suprisingly easy, the area really does seem to be cleared. It is when they get into the city proper that things get weird. All of those shapes from earlier roaming the streets are gone. The street is empty, except for the large barricade ahead of them. It looks to have once been a cobbled togther truck of some kind. now though it is just a bunch of rusting junk they need gone.

     Bane waves the two handier people foward, the faster it is done the faster they can be gone. And then it all happens at once, feral ghouls may be nothing on humans. But they seem to have their own kind of cunning. They pour out of the building around them, cutting off the easy escape back down the way they had come. Fantastic.
Stockton Stockton approaches the situation like he approaches all combats, like this will be his last. A sneer forms on his face and the mostly burnt cigarillo tucks tighter into the corner of his mouth. There's that almost feral quality to his eyes as he lines the first gun up to the closest pack. Letting one bullet fly, the lead catches a Ghoul right in the throat, tearing away enough flesh to leave it exanguinating out on the ground. The second bullet catches the next Ghoul in the chest, spinning it about in a dead-flop.
Sparrow Sometimes even Ghouls need a little Reason in their lives. The cowgirl takes stock of the odorous insane humanoids that start to swarm them and as Stockton turns to take his shots she turns to the next closest and lifts the reolver, head down and blue eyes focused. The first shot takes out one of the grotesuqe attackeras and the second takes the top of one of the more descicated ghouls head's off effectivly stopping that group from coming.
Tobias Tobias might just wear that huge cumbersome steel frame pack for the cover, when he's crouched over working the wrench his head and shoulders all but disappear behind the mounds. "Get the plates on that side." Tobias gestures as he slides across the truck around to the far side where he can pry screws from the heavy metal plating with quick turns of the wrench. He hops back swiftly so that the metal can clatter to the concrete as he moves effortlessly from one spot to another with his head kept down.
Jude Jude is a little slower on the uptake than his wrench wielding partner, but he's following along to make as short of work on the barricade. He flits around Tobias, trying to work with as much synergy as possible. When Tobias tells him to get the other side, he nods, "On it, Tobias!" He's a touch distracted as the report of weapons and ghoul hordes running in fills the air. He looks around a little nervous, but redoubles his efforts. With a heave, he gets the last of the plates out of the way. He shouts for the benefit of the rest of the posse, "Got the heavy shit done!"
Lucky Taking aim, Lucky fires his SMG into one of the ghouls; a frown creasing his lips as he does so.
Bane      Bane swears as the ghouls come tearing out of the building before sprinting down the street towards them. The memory of their teeth tearing through his flesh is very fresh in his mind. His rifle is raised to his shoulder, his sight linign up one the lead ghoul. He fires once. The bullet flies over the ghouls shoulder. And then the sound of others firing beats at his eardrums and the lead three ghouls are shredded by the combined weight of fire of the others in the scouting party. Behind him he can hear the sound of heavy steel hitting the ground. Good. Once that is done they will at least have room to manuever.

     He swivels on his heel and raises his rifle to his shoulder once again. He fires it twice rapidly, his hands quickly working the weapon. The hollowpoint rounds slam first into the next ghouls leg spilling it to the ground, his next shot tears through the creatures heart ending the poor things life. He can see it out of the corner of his eye now, others jerking as bullets slam into them. But now the creatures are nearly upon them.
Stockton Stockton is stalwart in his continued assault, he just turns his sights to the next advancing pack of Ghouls. Both guns bark and the results are a blown out chest cavity and a sucking wound to leave another dropped down. His eyes remain steady on the incoming swarms, getting himself a little more distance and a clear exit strategy. No need to get himself killed for Caps.
Tobias Tobias rips away at the debris blocking up the road and much of it is left where it lands because the squirrely little scrapper doesn't look fit to be tossing metal sheets around with any finesse. Still though, the removal of screws and the shifting of piles... he's starting to clear them a path with Jude's help. "We're gettin' there!"
Lucky Taking aim again, Lucky opens fire on the same ghoul before turning his attention to another and unloads.
Jude Jude pauses a moment to glance up from his work. He wows at the firepower the small group is bringing to bear and beams as the ghouls fall like a southwestern shower. It inspires him to work a little harder, freeing up the last of the debris. He shouts out, "I think we got it!" He motions to Tobias, "Get up in the door and steer this fucker. I'll push!"

With that, the blockade is moved out of the way. "Got it!" he crows as he puts his wrench back in his belt and draws his knife. Just in case.
Bane      Bane curses as the ghouls swarm all over the party, their fire was not enough to keep them back. And not it is going to get ugly. He drops his rifle and pulls his revolver putting a round immediatly into the back of the ghoul swarming towards their two scavengers. But it does not drop. Tough fucking bastards.
Stockton Stockton rolls that cigarillo to the other side of his mouth, the sun beats down against the wide-brim of his hat, but that doesn't stop him from noticing that the two engineers working on the barricade are suddenly under attack. It doesn't much matter that he's just narrowly avoided the claws and teeth of two of his own dance partners. Doesn't matter in the slightest as he snarls and levels Kindness with the first's head and squeezes off a small crimson bomb in its brain parts, dropping it. The second takes a bullet through the lower back, at least slowing it down.
Tobias Tobias has quick hands and when one of the ghouls make it through the fray he drops the wrench back into his toolbelt and shifts the rifle from his shoulder. *rattatatat* It rips into the ghoul as the faceless scrapper lets out a mad peel of laughter from behind his goggles and red face scarf. The subtle glow from the barrel of his rifle reflects as an umber and gold tinged sheen on his buggy goggle lenses.
Sparrow Sparrow has been keeping herself positioned as intelligently as she possibly can. Attempting to avoid the flailing wild attacks of the hungry mutated zomboids. Each time she's careful to do her best to finish off one of the ghouls before turning her attention to another. Careful to keep an eye on what ghouls might be too close to her. The last shot goes off and Sparrow mutters under her breath and reaches into her pocket with her other hand to grab the loader bullets. "Reload." She lets everyone know she's out and unable to cover from her side for at least a few precious moments.
Jude There comes a time in every scavvers life when he has to make a decision. Should he run in or stay safe? Jude, to his credit, perhaps, runs towards one of the ghouls on Stockton. He stabs the ghoul in the back once. He gives it a twist and rips it free, but stumbles and swings wide on the second. That one shot though? It wasn't half bad for a Vaulter Gear Head.
Lucky After being attacked and getting back up, Lucky aims his gun once more, taking sight of the two Ghouls. Aiming at the nearest, he opens fires then swivels to unleash another set of bullets on the second ghoul.
Tobias When the sound of gunfire ceases and the air grows still for a long moment Tobias lower his fancy borrowed rifle and looks around at the tattered bodies of ghouls. The team all still standing, "Well hot shit! That was damn excitin' wasn't it?" This is hailed in Jude's general direction but its loud enough for the entire group to hear. He adds more softly to the Vaultie, "Pretty good with a wrench, all things considered.." Teasing softly as he trundles past him to start scouting and scavenging the immediate area.
Bane      Bane turns as more ghouls drop, his pistol fires again and tears through the last ghoul dropping it to the ground with a heavy splatter of blood. He shakes his head and moves off towards the edge of the city so he can signal for the caravan to move in. This group of ghouls wasn't as tough as some of the others he had fought here. But there are plenty more of the creatures in the city.

     Returning after moving out and signalling the caravan he looks over everybody as he holsters his pistol and picks up his rifle. He sweeps his hand along his beloved weapon before he slings it. He grabs the feet of one of the ghouls and begins to drag it from the street. ""Lets get these things out of the way."
Lucky Lowering his gun, Lucky looks to the bullet counter and frowns "Gorram Gh'ls. Just wasted nearly thirty rounds on th'm fuk'rs." He sighs and looks around "No one happen t' have some spare 10mm on y'u?" He asks as he slings the gun. At least he still had the pistol. Casually the kid walks over to a few ghouls, poking them with the barrel before idly patting them down.
Jude The last ghoul falls. Jude surveys the area, panting for breath. It wasn't a long fight, but it was more than enough to wear the gearhead out. He shudders as he notices the ghoul ick on him and looks a little green. He gets a rag out of his toolbelt and wipes down his knife and self. His hands shake badly from the adreneline he sin't quite used to coursing through his system. He flashes a wan smile to Tobias and nods faintly.

After he puts the knife away and tucks the rag away, he runs behind the car he helped push. When he is out of sight, one might hear the sound of him being sick for a moment.
Sparrow Sparrow slips the bullets in and looks up to see that the others have cut down the rest. She looks around taking a slow breath through her teeth rather than trhough her nose. Rotting bloody ghoul bodies don't exactly present a satisfying boquet. She lets her gun hang to her side but she doesn't move to put it away just yet. She does a quick sweep of bodies that are still standing. "Everyone good. Anyone need some patchin?" For some reason she asks Bane first. She also makes a 'gimme' motion at Tobias.
Tobias Tobias has his usual scrapes and bruises but he didn't get any new grevious injuries during the fight with the Ghouls. He is knee deep in some rubble and car parts when Sparrow makes the gimme motion for her gun back. He unslings it from his left shoulder and hefts it out to her butt first. "Nice gun you got there, real sweet find..." He nods and then turns back to his digging motion in the rubble. "Hah! Sparkplug!"
Stockton Stockton exhales a slow breath that brings with it a cloud of his cigarillo's smoke as the last of the Ghouls fall at his feet, a bit of extra splatter across his already blood stained greaves. With practiced, rote motions the magazines are dropped from his pistols into his coat pockets as fresh magazines are slid in from his belt, locking the slides back in with mirroring /clack/s. They get holstered then and he cricks his neck side to side while one hand lifts to pluck his cigarillo and drop it on the dirt to crush with his heel, his chin nods towards Jude, "Got some fight in you, good to see," he's honestly pleased and then he's crossing back towards Tobias and Sparrow to check on them, even as momma bird checks on folks, "Later," is all he says before lumbering around to check under debris and scrap, dragging a few ghoul corpses out of the way for the caravan in the process.