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Owner Pose
Ashram As they're walking, Lowry patrols on horseback, while Ashram shows him the explosive locations. Lowry spots movement somewhere ahead, Ashram spots some fresh wounds on his friend's side and motions him into cover. There Ashram helps out and bandages his wounds up -- rather well, in fact -- and scopes out the same creatures in the distance. Looks like a couple of supermutants, two of them full of pustules and ooze, and two... more human looking ones? Guess they haven't mutated to the extent of the others yet.
Lowry "Shit." Lowry says out loud. He draws his pistol when Ashram is done patching him up and adds, "You know what we gotta do." He gives a nod and checks his cylinder. All full. Good. He ropes his horse up and sets out. Slow and steady. Hopefully they aren't spotted yet. Seems like they aren't! "LEt's try to scare 'em off before they set off your traps. Won't do us any good if they know they are there. Hopin' they run into 'em full force when they plan on really stormin.'"
Ashram "Seem to be a ways out yet to my peepers. Let's fire a few shots at them before they see us." Ashram pulls his rifle from his back and sights down the barrel. "They look like a smaller patrol... like our evil little counterparts in this siege. Take 'em out before they can report back to the bigger guys."
Lowry Lowry lines up allbeit a little far for a pistol and fires one off. Miss. He quickly ducks behind cover and awaits what will happen next.
Lowry Popping back up Lowry takes aim again at the first one he sees. BOOM! His reolver fires and he collects in the mid section of the mutie.
Ashram Ashram goes stoic still, eyes on the target, and CRACK strikes a blow.
Lowry Lowry Pops off another couple of shots. Missing the first but landing the second. This bastard should be on his way out!
Ashram For some odd reason, the mutants wandered away from the fighting, distracted by something... or troubled by the appearance of surprise forces. Everyone walked away mostly unscathed, except for a couple of shots that made impact.