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Iris Lark It all started when someone came in with injuries from the night before. He was treated, just like anyone else, and then suddenly instead of getting better. He got worse.

The healers and doctors scrambled to find out what was going on, but nothing they did caused him any relief. He only got worse.

Now Iris and several others are looking over the supplies, the things they thought were safe and guarded and are finding a lot of disturbed medications, tainted blood and worse. Most of these things will have to be thrown out and that will leave them short for the coming battle.
Qwillis     Qwillis was called in as one of those general scientist. He'd ask Serena to come with him too as they'd show up at that med bay to go over what happen. Staring at how the things had been messed with, Q balls both hands into fists. "Why? Why do this to innocents? That crap on the missive? They ruined the things then claim it's from someone else? This has got to stop." Shaking his head, he'd look from Iris to Serena. "I swear.. I hate fighting.. but this? This is starting to piss me off.."
Sanbella      Sanbella wandered across the Citadel Courtyard, seeing that the wounded and sick were increasing in number by each day. She felt plagued by their misery and decided to help however she could. With an afflicted heart she walked towards the medbay, wondering how she could help the people that took refugee inside her ancestor's home.

Arriving at the medbay, she cleared her throat and put on her Ranger Helmet, a little fearful she herself could catch something if she was not careful. The Desert Ranger looked around for the doctors and spotting them near the supplies she decided to approach the one she knew best, Iris lark. She seemed to be the most competent and in charge of the medbay to Sanbella so it was only natural The Ranger would address her first. "Excuse me, Doctor Iris? Uh, it's me Sanbella Sidower. Can we talk about... this situation?"
Serena Serena had been a bit all over the place to say the least. This was completely out of her element and comfort zone but she was willing to try. People needed help, right? And with people now starting to suffer even more from these sabotages, it was starting to just piss her off. When Q asked her to tag along she did with no problem. As he started to get upset she just put a hand on his chest and then looked at the tainted supplies. "We need to just burn it. Anything medical and they find it...might try to bring it back in. way to kill anything infectious and tainted." She'd look around and then found a couple of rags but juts reached down at her shirt and started to rip off a piece of it. Tying it around her nose then she would look up at him. "We need to take the bad stuff outside....not do it in here."
Vuk Where Iris is? Vuk likely isn't all that far behind, I mean he -does- seem to be like a puppy and follow her at times. "Enclave." He says suddenly to those pondering, his voice washed by strain of being tired. "Aren't they enemies of the Brotherhood? As I understand, they have very advanced medical sciences. Why would they not use such measures here?" He asks, running his fingers through his hair. "It's far cheaper for them to purge many here with such measures then risk further open conflict."
Iris Lark Iris blinks at Sanbella and she offers her a smile and a nod. "You're welcome to talk, sure, but we need to figure out what is good and what isn't while we speak, there are people who need help." Vuk's voice causes her to jump and she turns around, her eyes wide. "You scared the shit out of me, Vuk, where have you been?" She shakes her head before he can answer and turns back to what she was doing, which was testing chems to make sure they weren't tainted.

"We will burn the blood and equipment that turns out to be bad, the chems have to be disposed of in another way, or the smoke may ..well..anyone who breathes it in.." She simply shakes her head again.
Qwillis     Qwillis nods a little to Serena. "I'll trust you to be able to burn the bad blood and equipment." Looking over to Sanbella, Q nods his head in greeting, then eyes Vuk. "How? If they're that hated? how the hell are they inside a BoS facility? That's bull crap. Someone here did it and is trying to scapegoat them."
    Shaking his head, Q would get on one glove and start working as well, going to assist Iris with sorting out good from bad. While he didn't have the medical knowledge she did.. he does have the chemical knowledge. "The one thing I can say, Serena? If we can launch this stuff into the horde surrounding us and then ignite it? Maybe we can use it as an attack anyways.."
Sanbella      Sanbella quickly raised her hand, concerned. "Wait... is burning it a good course of action? I mean... if the supplies are infected and we make a big fire... would it not become a deadly smoke? And... I want to talk about helping the people, Miss Lark. I'm not a good doctor or even nurse, But I want to cure their suffering anyway." The Ranger then looks around her, surprised to see more people arriving in the medbay.
Vuk Vuk's eyes are rather emotionless as always when Iris mentions he scared her. "It's a large place, I haven't found time to annoy you yet my Beloved." Then he looks at Qwillis. "There is also tens of thousands of refugees pouring in. It is easy for the Enclave to place men in this place. I would not be surprised if there is agents of the mutants in this place. It is old, whom knows how long they have worked against it."
Sanbella      Agreeing with Qwillis, Sanbella speaks up "Enclave? This far away? I doubt it. And I doubt the Brothers of Steel are behind this, I seen them die to protect the people inside this fortress. Someone is screwing us up and trying to pin the blame in our canned friends."
Serena She'd look over to Q and nodded a bit. "I can do it. Just send me off away from the area with it and I'll go do it....." A tilt of her head and she would sit on the floor next to him. "Just pass me all the bad blood and stuff...." Pulling her hair into a ponytail she'd just lean back on her hands then looked over at the others she didn't know. Staring at Vuk with those blue eyes she'd look him over for a good bit before looking to the one speaking to Iris. Almost the same degree of watching before she would hear Qwillis. "That's fine. We'd have to wear protection to do so. Or I can go in closer. I tend to take things a littler better than most...."
Iris Lark "I told you to stop calling me that." Iris responds, but she's distracted so it doesn't really come out with any bite. She runs a hand through her hair and looks troubled for a moment as she gazes over the large amount of supplies that have been tainted or worse. She glances sideways at Qwillis and frowns. "This is bad." Then she nods towards Serena. "Wearing something on your face, that will keep fumes from getting to you will help a great deal."
Qwillis     Q just snorts. "We've had people watching this stuff. So it's someone purposely being malvolent to a lot of innocent people." Shaking his head, he'd glance at Vuk with a frown, then glances over to Sanbella with a nod and finally starts carefully organizing stuff for Serena to take. "Iris? We'll just have to add to the list. But the plan that we discussed? It just became more important I think."
Vuk Vuk clears his throat, adjusting his holster for his side arm as he does. "I can dispose of them safetly. I have access to my own power armor and it doesn't take much training to start a fire. I will find volunteers to help keep the civillians from trying to steal as we relocate the goods. There is several old vehicles that are unlikely to be battle ready any time soon, but can still be pushed down hill. I will see to this." he says with an incline of his head to Iris.
Sanbella      Sanbella listened to the other talking and nodded to herself, crossing her arms. "We are going to need to find more supplies... I don't have much, but I can donate them to this just cause and..." The Ranger flex her right arm and taps it, smiling beneath her mask. "I can donate blood to replace what was infected. And if you need me to help with anything else, well, I'm more than willingly to do so! And if you need hands to burn the supplies, I'm also up to help with that." She taps her mask's filter.
Serena Standing up she would just stretch then dig around for a satchel or something. When she found one she started to place all the bad items Qwillis started to pile up for her in the bag. "I'm going to start burning this stuff. I'm gonna step outside....dig a whole or something ways off and start burning it...." In her own world she'd try to shove as much as she could up in that thing and then looked up at Sanbella at the mention of helping. "If you want to stand by it to make sure it all burns and I'll stand further back...." Slinging that bag over her shoulder she'd look to Q. "I'll be back for some more....we'll save that other stuff for later."
Iris Lark "More dangerous as well, if someone is working inside to make things more difficult.." Iris presses her lips together and her gaze drifts from Qwillis back to the supplies. She turns and tries to smile at Sanbella but it comes out more as a grimace and she gestures towards a bed. "Have a seat, and we'll ..I'll .." She gazes up for a moment and then she sighs. "..I'll take some blood now, and keep it with my supplies. They're always on my person so I know they're not tainted." She gestures between Vuk, Serena and Sanbella. "If all three of you want to work disposal, work together, who knows what might be going on."

"I'll ..keep trying to find things that can still be used.."
Qwillis     Q nods a little. "Well.. This was enough that I'm not going to hold back anymore.. So I'm ready for the next try." Looking to Serena, he'd smile a little and nods. "Just.. be careful. It is dangerous." Glancing over to Sanbella and Vuk then, he'd nod. "I'll keep studying this stuff. See if I can recover anything.. I wish we were back at the lab. We might be able to salvage at least some of it.." Shaking his head, he'd get to work doing his part, while Iris would work with Sanbella.
Sanbella      nods at Iris, "We can see to the blood donation after we cremate the supplies... we don't want anybody running off with them, after all. Might be a good idea to start a...uh... event to collect blood from healthy individuals." She looks at Serena and gets ready to follow her. "I don't know much about burning things, but I can dig a deep enough hole. Plus you're probably going to need more muscles to carry all of that contaminated shit."
Vuk Vuk will gesture at the apparent volunteers to move things. "Pack it up carefully, don't try to move it your self, it could have mechanisms to prevent it being relocated from this locale. I'll carry it to the vehicle bay and get a few junkers to pack full and send down into the mutie hordes. Knowing the muties? They'll try to eat what doesn't blow up or spill over." Probably true, some of them muties are dumb. "And if we had a lab? It wouldn't matter, time is not on the side of any here, yes?"
Sanbella      Sanbella nods at Iris, "We can see to the blood donation after we cremate the supplies... we don't want anybody running off with them, after all. Might be a good idea to start a...uh... event to collect blood from healthy individuals." She looks at Serena and gets ready to follow her. "I don't know much about burning things, but I can dig a deep enough hole. Plus you're proprably going to need more muscles to carry all of that contaminated shit."
Iris Lark Iris nods, but she still looks distracted, her arms folded tightly over her chest as she works something out in her head. "Right, blood drive. We'll do something about that after we help Einstein and Von Doberstein." She murmurs, maybe to herself, but it can be heard. She opens her rucksack and roots around inside. "Be careful, there are still roaming squads outside of the walls, so if you *go* outside the walls..." She looks pained for a moment. "Just be careful, please."
Serena Looking at Qwillis she would give him a warm smile before nodded. "I'll be fine. I'm still really worn out from that last thing so.....I'll take it easy...." She'd stare at Sanbella and just blinked a bit. "We're burning it. No need to leave it still in one piece..." There was a shrug before looking to Iris. "I will be fine. I have to come back and rest anyway. Last time I did anything....I still have a migraine...." Shrugging she'd just sigh a bit she'd then tilt her head. "Let's just make it quick. I do not feel like getting fussed at by Qwillis for being reckless again...."
Vuk Vuk cocks his head a bit at the words Iris mutters. "Medical staff are doing other things now? Also, why not use a Vertibird to fly the supplies away from the Alamo and jettison them into the wastes?" He queries.
Sanbella Sanbella gives her gauntlet a kiss with her gas mask's filter and reaches for the supplies, making sure they are neatly packaged and safe to grab. She starts stacking them up inside unused cardboard boxes and picks them up, waiting on Serena. "... Ah! By the way, name's Sidower. Pleasure to meet you."
Iris Lark "Medical staff are dealing with injuries." Iris says, turning to blink at Vuk. "I thought you were going to go help them dispose of things?" She takes in a deep breath and shakes her head. "We don't have permission to use the Vertibirds, that's why later we're going to be.." She presses her lips together and closes her eyes, fingers on her temple, attempting to find relief from a headache that won't go away. "I ..I'm not sure what to do next." She turns and kneels near a cupboard, opening it up to check the supplies inside."
Vuk Vuk gestures at the two discussing digging a hole. "Well, when the idiots wishing to see this place turn into a diseased pit of death stop wishing to dig a hole, and start helping move the tainted and corrupted supplies to the vehicle bay so I can carry out a plan to relocate the things into the supermutant lines. I will. Until then, some one should remain here, to ensure a hole is not dug near the Alamo, or inside it. Which will only further spread the infection. Groundwater will be tainted, vermin will dig up that which remains and sequester with it in the tunnels. The best solution is to send it rolling down to the Mutie lines. Preferably ablaze. It'll be glorious." Fire. Fire is good. "As for Muties...who knows what can infect them. Some still look some what human, some do not. I am not sure all of that which we label part of the Super Mutants are truly..part of the super mutants." He muses outloud.
Serena Serena would stare at Vuk but just started to walk outside. Hearing Sanbella she'd look over at her and smiled sightly. "I'm Serena....nice to meet you." With that she would just make her way out of that med bay with a wave. "I'm going to burn stuff...." So matter of factly about it but...she was gonna go burn it and at least have fun with it.
Qwillis     Q slams his fist on the desk, staring at Vuk. "THEY ARE NOT IDIOTS!!" He'd snap out at the man. Staring hard for a long moment, he'd get to his feet and step away from the desk and that shallow dent the metal fist had left in it. "You don't have all the information. Wasting chasis that can be used to help defend things is not valid. Serena will be able to burn it down so there is no left over residue to cause problems. Now, instead of presuming to tell the scientist what they're doing wrong, how about you help make sure they don't get jumped while they secure a sight for the fire she's going to use?"
    Q looks out after Serena, then shakes his head and starts pacing for a moment, metal click of one foot echoed by that booted step. "Seriously Vuk? For once in the time I've known you? Shut up. This is serious. Everyone here has been put in mortal danger beyond what was already going on and why? Because someone decided that political agenda was more important than life!" Q shakes his head and glances to Iris. "I'm going to prepare for later. It will have to work and I'll make sure it does. One way or another."
Sanbella Sanbella's eye twitched under her Ranger helmet, her ego insulted and making a tad pissy, "Hey, Tincan, do you own the flying machines? No, the BoS does. And we just lost like six of seven of them the other day. Do you want to risk losing another one too? I can see how GLORIOUS it will be. A bunch of jerks throwing rolling barrels that a baby can crawl away and then proceeding to shot down your helicopter. Get real and get out of our way, why don't you use that Tincan of yours for something more useful?" The Ranger moves away, following Serena while mumbling to herself with her mood sour.
Iris Lark Now is about the time when Iris holds her hands out and frowns. "All right, all of you, out. Out out out. You're going to start upsetting the patients and that is something I won't have." She hisses otu a frustrated breath and her eyes narrow. "I am not a scientist, and what I know about disposal of medical supplies can be placed in a small bag. We didn't exactly have lessons about it in the Legion."

"Go your seperate ways. If you can't work together then don't. You're all to leave this bay though. Now." Iris turns away from the group and goes back to work, her shoulders showing the tension that she must be feeling right about now.
Vuk Vuk is impassive as ever, though light flickers briefly in his eyes, it's just exhaustion, nothing more, right? "Some of us here know about these things for we lived them. Setting the reactor to explode would be a surer way to stop the Muties here, but I doubt any one thought of pulling out before they encircled this ancient fort. It would be far more logical to end the Mutants in that manner, expedient. The Brotherhood will not give up this place that easily, they wish to hold onto the Technology..not the people who flocked to it. They could have been relocating all these people before it became this dire." He says and glances at Sanbella. "The Brotherhood might be Tincans, and they might think they can control the Vertibirds. The people outnumber them, they should decide if they wish to stay here, or use the precious vehicles to escape before the Supermutants destroy many of them. Think of your choices. I must go prepare for battle. My armor requires maintence." He says quietly, maintence, on things so old it has seen several rise and falls of empires. "Good luck Beloved. Hell is about to fall on this place I fear. FEV tainted Hell.." He says before his eyes go back to their dull lifeless state and he begins to trudge out. Another soldier on the line..
Serena Serena came to a halt then as she heard Qwillis and that tone. Facing Vuk she would stare at him and just smiled. "I'll burn you last...." With that she'd look to Iris and nodded. "I am sorry if being here caused and issue.....I'll stay out." Looking to Qwillis she would nod. "I'll go do this then stay out of the way from here on out." Shrugging she'd just make her way out and then yawned as she motioned for Sidower. "Let's just make this quickly....I'm going to go back to where I've been hiding after this." And poof, out she went.
Kaydin     Kaydin walks into the med bay to bring some food down to the patients that he made. Mole Rat stew with little alphabet noodles. He offers Iris a bowl before looking to the argument as he watches the goings on. For the most part he remains silent, passing bowls of stew about the patients. "I should be dead. I was ground zero for the toxin explosion. Hands stopped tingling after a while." He says as he passes food.
Qwillis     Q just shakes his head, stalking off out the door. He'd let Kaydin in politely on his way through. Nope, seems Q wasn't going to try to argue tactics with the one in the power armor. While Serena and Sidower went one way, Q went another. He needed to go talk to someone.