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Sanbella Sanbella sighs under her breath, feeling an anger that's slowly corroding her mood. "Fucking... tincan... who he thinks he is, ordering people around just because he has the biggest armor! BAH!" She kicks the dust, calming down slightly before looking at Serena, watching the quiet woman. "... You said you were hiding? May... I ask why?" She followed the other woman with the tainted supplies, intent in burning it. Now more then ever after she got Insulted.
Serena Well needless to say Serena was quiet the entire walk out there. Even if Sanbella would speak the petite young woman would quiet. It was shocking to see Qwillis upset but she didn't want to embarrass him by saying anything. Licking her lips she would then set down the supplies. "It wasn't by choice. My family never let me out the house until a few months ago." As she did that, she'd tighten that piece of her shirt around her face and slowly backed up. "Set yours down...."
Sanbella Sanbella nods at the smaller woman and places the infected supplies down near the spot Serena picked. She double checks her mask's filters and stands besides the shy woman, looking at her and feeling a little embarrassed by the calm tone of her co-worker. It made her feel a little awkward and Serena's answer made it difficult to decide where to take the conversation. "So... uh... what you think of the outside world?"
Serena Staring at the pile she would slowly raise up her hand as she closed her eyes. Slowly a small ball of fire would form in her hand as she took a deep breath before she finally spoke. "I kind of hate it...." And with that she would thrust her hand out as that fireball flew from her hand to the pile of infected supplies. As it burned, slowly her lips would curl into a smirk. "....but Qwillis has been teaching me how to adapt...."
Sanbella Sanbella looks at the infected materials going up in flames, watching as the fire dances and twists, rises and lowers as the medbay's supplies are consumed by the flames. She sighs at the scene, feeling her mood improve with each crack the impromptu campfire produces. While she enjoyed the sound of gunpowder and explosions more she still appreciated fire for the calming bliss it could bring.

Then she looked at Serena, feeling a sudden warmth out of nowhere from near the girl. Sanbella tilted her head at seeing the other woman produce fire out of nowhere and throw it at the infected supplies, making it burn faster and stronger than before. The Ranger was speechless, rising a finger at Serena before pointing it to the campfire and managing to find her voice again "W-W...You're a mage?!"
Serena Serena was in her own world as she watched that fire just burn more and more. Grinning she would sigh softly before she reached her hand out again, making the first hotter and build before looking to Sanbella. ".....mage?" Sighing she'd drop her hand as she ran her fingers through her long blonde hair. "Everyone keeps calling me that....and I don't know why. I just do what I do...the end...."

Those piercing blue eyes would look back to the fire as she watched to make sure everything was burning. " there more we need to retrieve.....?"
Zaxelin Hearing the voices over the ridge, Zaxelin approaches the pair carefully, hoping for the best while clutching her wrench. She's dinged up from the unforgiving wasteland and covered in bloodied dust, looking worn out from a rough day.

"H-hey, are you guys Alamo?"
Sanbella Sanbella grabs Serena's hands, patting and looking at the palm to make sure of what she had seen momments before. "T-that's... that was fucking cool!... O-oh, no... I don't think we need to grab anymore. I made... sure of it, that tincan was giving me the creeps, so I took everything at once." The Ranger lets go of Serena's hand, rubbing her aching arm. She was not used to be carrying that much weight.

Hearing and seeing the mechanic approach she tilts her head and shouts at her, "Hey! Don't get near the fire! Don't get near, or you're going to get infected!" Sanbella was waving for the woman to approach her, worried a disease could spread if the wounded woman got too close to the fumes.